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What is Psychic?

Too often, when we use the word psychic, we have visions of Hollywood dancing in our heads. What do you see? Are there sacrifices on an open altar? Do you see women in turbans or gypsy scarves dancing and predicting dire events? Do you see television infomercials that promise the perfect mate and lots of money? In short, do you really know what psychic means or are you allowing the Hollywood/Television interpretation to be your reality?

According to the dictionary, psychic means:

1. Of or pertaining to the human mind or psyche.
2. a. Of or pertaining to extraordinary, especially extrasensory and nonphysical, mental processes, such as extrasensory perception and mental telepathy.
b. Proceeding from, produced by or responding to such a process.

It does not state that some people are psychic and some are not. It does not say that this ability is alleged. It does not add any bells or whistles in order to entertain or titillate. In short, this is a normal process in everyone who has a mind.

Anyone who assists you with their psychic ability has no more answers than you do. The difference is that they are able to 1. Articulate what is happening and 2. See things without your personal and up close bias. There is no magic wand. Use a psychic as you would a good chiropractor -- to straighten out, help make right what is already there. Go for advise from a psychic you trust to help answer questions about the probability of certain events. This is a time to realize how much your belief system has to do with the outcome of any given event. For those of you who have "nothing but bad luck" and believe that to be true, a psychic won't be able to change that. What a psychic can do is show you the many options open to you and point out that there is more than one solution to the place you believe yourself to be stuck.

In a nutshell, here's my general philosophy on psychic readings:

Take what you want and throw the rest away.
The very fact that I can tell you what will be transpiring also gives you the "heads up" to change it. If it doesn't "ring true" for who you are and what you believe, let it go. Please be honest with yourself and your reader. Learn to see the difference of what you simply don't want to believe about yourself versus the acknowledgment of information that really doesn't fit who you are.

I don't do self-fulfilling prophesies.
If I were to say to you something dire: "You're going to be in a car accident", even if you chose to reject the information, it is now planted in your brain. That means that every time you get behind the wheel, you will on some level be expecting an accident. With that kind of action, you will, indeed, create the accident. Thus, a self fulfilling prophesy. In order to avoid feeding the negative, I will reinforce the positive as much as possible. So instead of the accident warning, I can mention that when you are driving on a rainy night make sure you come to a complete stop at a four way intersection in order to avoid any problems.

Ask and answer questions.
If your reader is pumping you for information, you might be with the wrong reader. But if your reader asks a questions like, "What do you do for a living?", please feel free to answer simply and without explanation. As an example: "I'm a secretary." Not, "I'm a secretary working for the worst boss in the world in an industry that I just can't stand and want to get out of but I'm afraid they wouldn't give me a good recommendation." A simple answer is always best. If you're trying to test your reader and you think, "Well, if she's any good, she should know what I do for a living," then you'll be wasting everyone's time on the trivial. It's your money and it's your time. I advise that you spend both wisely. If you are interested in some specific information, please ask your questions. There is nothing more frustrating to the reader than having someone say, "I just want you to tell me what you see about my family." My first response is "In what way? Do you want to know about their health? About their educational choices? About if they like you or not? About their financial issues?" The list goes on. The more specific you are with your questions, the more specific your answers will be.

Readings are personal!
My philosophy in a reading is that it is about you -- not your spouse, not your children, not your co-workers, not your family members, not your friends. If any of these people enter into the total wellness of you, then they will be discussed. Those of you who want to take your reading time to discuss other people might want to look at what you are avoiding in yourself. A psychic reading can help you walk a path of spiritual growth, discover the blocks that have kept you from your stated conscious desires or show you the many opportunities coming your way for change. A psychic reading won't give you permission to change another. The only person you have the power to change is yourself. A psychic reading can make some of those choices easier. 

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