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Are you psychic? Hmmm... Find out!

Following are some simple yes/no questions for you to contemplate your own psychic senses.

The scoring for this quiz immediately follows. No peeking!

The Quiz....

1. Have you ever met a friend, or answered the phone and said "I was just thinking about you."?

2. Did you ever have a feeling that something wasn't quite right, only to check it out later to find that your feeling was correct?

3. Did you ever go somewhere or find yourself in a situation that made you feel like you've already been there, done that?

4. Did you ever answer a question before it was asked, or say the same word at the same time as another person?

5. Did you ever catch a glimpse of movement out of the corner of your eye only to turn and look and find that nothing is there?

Scoring: Count how many times you said YES.
1 out of 5 No real activity, but viable ability
2 out of 5 Open to development but still saying "coincidence"
3 out of 5 Motivated to learn more about this
4 out of 5 Motivated but hesitant that it's maybe too weird (what would "regular" people think?)
5 out of 5 Very open -- pay attention and use it. The more you use it, the stronger it will grow.


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