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What can I expect from a reading?

Every reading is different. It can uncover past fears or future triumphs. A lot of what you get out of a reading is what you are expecting. It is important to remember that a reading is about you. If you are interested in knowing what your ex is doing, then you might wish to have someone else do your reading. If you wish to know what the future holds now that you got rid of your ex, then you've found the right reader. A reading tells you where you are going from where you are at. If you change where you are at, you will also change where you are going. With that in mind, if there is something in a reading you wish to avoid, we can discuss how to change it. There is often homework -- exercises you can do after your reading to help things along.

Sue recommends that you record your session so that you can remember all that is said. She has a tape recorder and a digital recorder but requests that people bring their own tapes (standard size audio cassette) or a USB drive.  You may also bring your own recording device.

Available by appointment only.

All readings take place via phone or in person at Sue's residence in Biddeford*.
*Except for the on-location readings, see also events and psychic parties.

Call to schedule: 207-284-9498 or e-mail:

In person / phone readings:

15 Minute (special events only) $30
30 Minute $60
45 Minute $90
60 Minute $120

Special Purchases.

Set Up an Appointment

All readings are by appointment only.
Readings available: Tuesday through Saturday, days and evenings.

First, call Sue Yarmey at (207) 284-9498 or e-mail: sue@sueyarmey.com to schedule.

You will either reach Sue or her voice mail. When leaving a phone message, please give Sue some options on call back time. Saying that you are available one day for one hour may not work with her schedule.

Procedure for a Phone Reading: Please let Sue know what you are looking for and an appointment can be set during the call.

1. Call for an appointment.

Send check* for appropriate amount or select PayPal option above
*Must be received prior to reading.

3. On day/time of your appointment, Sue will call you.
4. If previously agreed, session is taped and then mailed.

If you have any questions, feel free to call or or e-mail: sue@sueyarmey.com.

Do you have a bunch of friends or family who want a reading?
Why not throw a PSYCHIC PARTY?

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