Sue Yarmey / The Many's 2009 Predictions

4th QUARTER - 2009
We wish to start by speaking of your planet. Gaia is preparing herself for change.  =In her preparations, she is planning things that you have not seen before. Not that they have not happened, but they have not happened in your recorded lifetime. You will see multiples of things. There will not be one earthquake happening, but rather in many places at the same time. There will not be one volcano exploding, but many at the same time in various places.  When there are storms, the storms will be hitting every continent. The predictions that are made by your weather people will not be able to come close to what will happen.
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3rd QUARTER - 2009
You all stand now upon a precipice and as you stand there getting ready to jump, there is information you need to know in order to land in a way that is comfortable to you versus landing in a splat! We will say to you that the energy coming to the planet in this next quarter of your year 2009 has already begun here at the end of your second quarter. The beginnings of this energy have to do with what is happening within your universe, within the galaxy and within the internal workings of the planet herself.
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2nd QUARTER - 2009
IThe changes in your second quarter will be great. We mentioned in the first quarter about the split of one reality to another, and it is in the second quarter that you begin to see this division more specifically than you could in the first. Part of this is due to the fact that you have various groups determining what is right or wrong, and you can see this already happening within your world of entertainment that you see on your televisions where you have one person wishing for failure and the other person wishing for success. They are vocal and avid, and yet a very good example of the split we were speaking of in your first quarter. So recognize that from our perspective, from the way we look upon your planet in an energetic way, we have started to see schisms, markings, energetic … we will call them ‘farts', since you think that is a funny word, in the energy around you planet, and each time we see one of these, we recognize that it is that split happening. It is neither good nor bad. It is neither right nor wrong. It simply is the way the energy right now is traveling in any particular direction. Read the full transcript HERE.

1st QUARTER - 2009
It will be very different and yet intense and the same for 2009. There will be surprises. There will be changes. There will be shifts and moves like you have never seen before. The interesting part is that some people will see it very differently than others. Some people will have a different sense of what is happening than others. It will be as if people are living, perhaps, in more than one world at the same time. It will be interesting to see which particular world you choose to live in. Read the full transcript HERE.

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