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Guide d Meditations for your personal use:

As with any guided meditation, please find a comfortable place to listen, lying down or sitting. Remove all distractions – turn off your phones, select a time when you are alone. The more you practice, the easier it is to just listen and allow the information to sink in.

Although, when recording The Many , there was music in the background, you are unlikely to hear it. For copyright purposes, I am not placing any music behind the words. If you would like, you can choose your own background music and play while you meditate.

The DNA meditation below is in my voice with musical background.  It was used for the Summer Solstice to connect with Earth and Universe.  The background is a combination of the song "First Light" from the CD, Natural Flute by NorthSound and  "Painting the Ocean" by Robert Norton.  You can find information on these recordings on line if you are interested.

Following that are 2 different meditations that The Many (the group I channel) have offered, to assist in adapting and adopting the new energies coming to the planet. They each have their own special emphasis and I would suggest you listen to them first, consciously, before deciding which is the “right” meditation for you:


DNA Alignment

approximately 18 minutes

my voice, Summer Solstice 2011

DNA Alignment.MP3

This meditation is in my voice and was presented at a public gathering to celebrate Solstice.  This level of "difficulty" would fall in the "not expert, but some experience" category.  The musical background makes it easy to "feel" what is happening.  As always, I suggest you listen consciously before using as a guided meditation.


Alignment Meditation

approximately 15 minutes

channeled November 15, 2010

Alignment Med.MP3

This meditation was channeled during a public gathering, so I see it as a great meditation for those who have little to no experience with guided meditations.


Waterfall Meditation

approximately 14 minutes

channeled November 26, 2010

Waterfall Med.MP3


This meditation was channeled during a private gathering. I would label this one for those more advanced in meditation practices. It recommends that you listen twice a day, morning and evening, and commit to the fluxes in energy.

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