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Sue Yarmey, Psychic

Since Sue's original teacher was her mother, it is only right to note the healing information and predictive process was first encouraged by this most adept woman. Through her mother's actions, Sue began to learn the psychic abilities she uses today to assist others. This includes her openness to energy as well as her healing abilities. When she wished to study this phenomenon in a more academic way, Sue discovered the Silva Institute of Mind and is a 1976 graduate.

My first remembered psychic experience was when I was 7 years old. I came downstairs in the morning crying to my mother something was going to happen to daddy if he went out. At the breakfast table, when my father joined us, my mother told him that she had received a call from her mother regarding his safety, that she had had a dream about his safety and his daughter had come down to breakfast crying that something was going to happen to daddy. Armed with that information, my mother asked my father if he really had to leave the house that day. His response was to leave the house. When the phone rang about two hours later, my mother picked up the receiver and without saying hello or waiting for any response, she said "I'll be right there". In that amount of time, I had gathered her purse, the car keys and our coats so we could go to the hospital. My father had broken his ankle in three places.

Sue has been a practicing psychic for over 25 years. Since that time, she has been mentored by various adepts and received Shaktipat Initiation with Anandi Ma. Her pursuit of psychic information created travels across the United States to find teachers and various workshops and to connect with the planet and all Earth had to teach.

She has an extensive background in Tarot and auric energy work. She lectures, teaches and conducts one-on-one readings for clients throughout the United States. Sue conducts an on-going monthly "psychic circle" that is open to all. This circle helps people connect with their inner selves, creates an open forum for discussing extrasensory experiences and assists psychic development. Some of the guided meditations from these sessions are available on tape.

Sue believes that we all have psychic ability but the current picture painted of this talent through Hollywood prevents many people from understanding and using it. She is hopeful that her no-nonsense approach to the subject and her logical explanation of psychic functioning assists others in overcoming their prejudice on this subject.

Using lecture, ceremony and psychic exercise, Sue has conducted various workshops with businesses in order to help them better understand their individual communications style and assist their staff in creating a kinder atmosphere.

Sue is available for consultation for individuals, groups and businesses. She was Portland, Maine's original radio psychic and appeared on WJBQ-FM radio (97.9fm) where she had an educational call-in show on Sundays, and also did on-air psychic readings on Thursdays.

Recently, Sue appeared as The Captain's Apprentice on the WBLM Morning Show (102.9fm).

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