PREDICTIONS, Last Quarter 2009
The Many Channeled by Sue Yarmey
September 8, 2009

We wish to start by speaking of your planet.  Gaia is preparing herself for change.  In her preparations, she is planning things that you have not seen before.  Not that they have not happened, but they have not happened in your recorded lifetime.  You will see multiples of things.  There will not be one earthquake happening, but rather in many places at the same time. There will not be one volcano exploding, but many at the same time in various places.  When there are storms, the storms will be hitting every continent.  The predictions that are made by your weather people will not be able to come close to what will happen.

Gaia has pulled her energy to her core, and while she is in her core, she is determining the places that need to be altered upon her surface as well as her internal self.  As she determines these things, they will be based on the energy that she is receiving from these places as well.  She will now be working with all the elements as she has in the past, and the difference now is to bring all things into balance.  The balance cannot be judged by what you think is balance, but rather what SHE thinks is balance.  And when you think of it, if each of your poles is changing in temperature and land mass because of temperature, and that is part of the polarity of your planet, then it makes sense that things along the Equator must also shift to compensate for the pole changes.  And it makes sense that the space between the poles and the Equator must also change to account for all the other changes.  One thing leads to another leads to another.  It does not help that your NASA believes that shooting a rocket at the moon is an answer to anything.

So what we will say to you is that Gaia will be making herself very, very well known in the last quarter of this year.  In making herself well known, she will be shouting at people.  It is like when you send your text messages in all capital letters.  You are shouting.  And she will be shouting, and what she will be shouting is "Pay Attention to Me.  Pay Attention to what you are doing on and in Me.  Pay Attention to how things can work in a more peaceful and less violent way."  The violence that has been perpetuated upon her for all of these years must come to a change.  We did not say stop, but a change that no longer will be tolerated that all things happen according to your species saying this is right, this is right, this is right. 

It must be made known that there are many upon your planet who honor Gaia.  In your honoring of Gaia you will be receiving information if you are paying attention to what Gaia's needs will be.  You will find that you will have precognitive dreams about what will be happening upon her surface.  You will find that you will be able to walk outdoors and have a sense of what to expect.  Do not be surprised if before you walk out your door, you take something that has a need later in the day, but you have not been told that you will need it, such as an umbrella or boots.  You will be more in tune if you are indeed more in tune.

So expect the earth changes to be earth shattering, but never in the way that is portrayed in your Hollywood.  You are coming into the influence now of the change of the planets for 2012.  As each of them shift and move, the changes on the planet are similar to what will be happening within your physical bodies.

We must address your physical bodies in general as we are addressing the planet Gaia for each of you will be having things shaking and moving within as well as on the surface. The reason for this is as your DNA is coming into its full dimensional capacities, there will be a need to restructure the physicality.  It means your internal organs will be different.  Your physical body shapes will be different.  The way you look will be different, and you will be able to note this in people, those people who will not change and those people who will, for you will see a difference.  And those people who are in connection with the planet will be changing.  It is why all of you are complaining about what is happening within your physicalities, for you are changing.  In your changing, you have brought about, we will say discomfiture within your physical body, but it has more to do with trying on clothing that used to fit when you were younger and does not fit now.  Why are you not surprised when that happens, and yet, you are now surprised when you are trying on a new energetic self it does not feel the same?  You must get passed your expectation that this is how I have always felt and therefore must feel this way at all times.  That is no longer a true thing. 

None of you are ill.  None of you are truly in pain, but you are responding in an ill way, and you are responding with pain.  And part of this is because you have not fully opened to the changes that are coming into you, and with your resistance, you create these problems.  We know that while you are in these states of illness or pain, it is difficult to be open, but we will say to you the more open you can be, the less uncomfortable you will be.  For you will be like Gaia, you will find that on the surface of your body, things also will be shifting.  You will look different.  In your looking different, you will start seeing around your world a different value system on the judgment of looks.  Some of you will say it is about time.  Others will hold dearly to the old way, because that is all they know.  So recognize that just as you can change how you look, so does Gaia.  And with Gaia, she will be doing it as you are, and when you start seeing the parallels of these two things coming together, you will better understand the changes that Gaia is offering up.  And even if you are in those areas that must be cleansed, that must be changed, that must be shaken up, if you are in connection with Gaia, you will not be in any danger or trouble, for your intuition and connectedness will help you through this time period. 

Then we will move on to your governments because we do believe the comedy is about to begin. The comedy we speak of will be the 'We can no longer control the way we would like to control for is it not amazing they are not listening to us.'  That one person in power is discovering that they can be overcome by ten.  Before they used fear to keep people in line.  We do not wish to encourage the concept of fear, but there will be so much fear in other areas that the fear that government can place will be nothing.  It will not be able to rule any longer, any government with fear.  As it continues to do so, and as people become the new bodies that they are becoming, they will find that the fear does not work.  It will be amusing for us.  We do not know if it will be amusing for you. 

We would think that you have a good sense of humor and can find the funniness in this, for what it comes down to is that no one can take your power unless you give it.  So governments are going to be discovering this and wondering what they have done wrong, wondering what they must do to gain their control back, so you will see a lot of scrambling.  You will see a lot last minutes changes and shifts in order to try to get control back.  You will see the person who has said for years, 'This is wrong, this is wrong, this is wrong.  Oh, perhaps I was mistaken, you are of course right,' because they wish to stay in good graces with the masses.

Recognize that the masses will be amassing, that the masses will be talking to one another, that things that were thought to be done at higher levels are now going to be done even in the streets of what you call Main Street.  Recognize that there is new power coming to the individuals, and therefore less power being granted to the governments.  When you understand this, you will then start recognizing why things in your United Nations are beginning to be a bit hairy, a bit out of sync with what the United Nations is supposed to stand for.  It used to be these were the nice countries, these were the not-nice countries, now every country is not so nice where their government is concerned, and they must all gather together and say  'what has happened.'  We believe your phrase is "WTF", and they are going to look, and they are going to say we do not understand  why we cannot control these people any longer.  And they will hope that they can blame, and they will not be able to blame for no one will be listening. 
So, you will not see an overthrow in government, that is not what we speak of.  You will not see governments really changing that much. You simply will see governments trying to keep up with what is going to be demanded of them by the masses and discovering that if it is not followed through that people will take it into their own hands to see it is done. 

So in those poorer countries who have been kept under a thumb, you will see that that thumb will be either broken or removed.  You will see in those countries that have been subject to dictatorship, although the dictatorship will remain, it will be done with a new kind of illusion, for the people are no longer willing to allow it to happen. 

So this quarter is about the building of power, and if you think of it as how a volcano starts to work under ground, how all of the gases start to and move and collect, you will recognize that there will be some volcanic things happening regarding governments in your news, specifically in the Middle East and India.  So when you recognize these things happening, when you see them beginning you can sit back and say there is no need really to interfere energetically, I will simply send them love and light to help the masses understand what they must do for themselves and not worry as much about what the hierarchy, what the government, what those who think they are in power are doing, for the energy must come from each individual.'  

So expect your government to both be loved and hated as is usual in your country.  Expect the polarity within your country to become greater, what you call between the 'parties'.  We do not know why you call them 'parties", when they do not seem to be fun.  But you will see the polarity get greater and stronger, and while each is getting greater and stronger, you will find that the masses have found their way to the middle, that they are looking in the center saying 'what about choice.'  They are not demanding anything except choice, and as these demands are made they will eventually have to be met, for that is the only way the energy can go. 

Q:  You were talking about the dictatorships not being what they were, does that also include North Korea?

What will be happening in that particular country will be related to some physical issues upon the planet.  We do not wish to call it a plague, but we will say there is an illness coming to that part of the world that will take precedence over the concept of We-must-bomb-everyone-and-kill-them.  And also relating, the masses will be amassing.

So we will now speak of ET Energy, for it is directly related to both your Earth, your bodies, and your governments.  You will see us more.  You will become more aware of us.  Sue was laughing and saw a television program about visitors.  We do hope they put us in a good light.  But what we will say to you in regard to ET is the perception that we may not be from Out There, but rather from dimensions.  And that many of your scientists have been studying dimensional things, and they will become more aware of what this means.  With this understanding, and with the thinning of the layers between dimensions, all of you will become more aware of  'Presence', we will call it.  We will not yet say you will necessarily see it on a physical level, for some of you will, some of you will not.   Most of you will be aware of something and not really understand what that something is.  Sue said it is a feeling of being watched, and she is correct for there is a certain amount of watching of certain people for the reasons that we cannot yet tell you.  So then we will say to you that it is a cautionary measure to keep you safe.

And in this awareness of the existence of other life than the life you have come to know, there will be both panic and acceptance.  We told you at the beginning of your year 2009, that there would be a split coming, and all of you have been seeing that it if you have been paying attention.  The split comes to a whole new place at the end of this year. 

There will be information released that has not been released before, as we said, for nothing can stay hidden.  There will be communications in ways that never have been communicated, and that will also be informative for some and frightening for others.  We will say to all of you if you are aware of your core being, then you know you are already connected to all things including the ET's that will be communicating with your planet. If you are connected to the ET's communicating with your planet, they are not so out there are they? 

So this is about the recognition of your sameness instead of the confusion and fear of your differentness.  So the ET's message is about your spirituality.  We are not saying that all ET's messages are the same, for that would be like saying all of you are the same, and we know that not to be true. 

So we will say to you all that when the ET information starts coming, and we are thinking it will be probably in your November-December time period, when most of you are hunkered down inside your homes in the winter in this part of the world, and many people are outside in other parts of the world, you will see more activity.  So look to the skies.  Look to see what is happening, and open yourself to the information about the planets as well.  For as you are getting closer to your year 2012, all of you will be making transitions, and in your transitions we are hoping that you will understand self better, and therefore, all other things as well.

Perhaps we should get together with you and create a landing strip in your backyard.  You can invite us in for tea. 

Q:  They have said that Obama is going to be making some sort of a speech in late November that we have been contacted by ET's before.  Is that a possibility?

Yes.  You as a people set up a precedent in your country when they did the Orson Welles radio program and the country went into a panic.  We would hope by now with your communication abilities you are better able to handle information like this so people do not panic, however there are some people you cannot tell otherwise.  K knows this with what she went through with her radio station that even the news can be incorrect.  So we will say that as these announcements come, they will be done in very correct and proper ways.  They will be promoted in a way of "This is safe.  This is safe'  This is safe.  This is safe.'  And when people panic, they will say 'we told you it was safe.'  And then there will be greater polarity than ever before.  For in this polarity the goal is to find the middle, and perhaps if you go to the extremes in both directions, perhaps you will.

Q:    I am thinking of people like my father who would hear that there is more and more alien activity, and he's going to think that he needs to prepare for the end of the world.

He will load his rifle and get his jugs of water.

Q:    Lots of both.

And that is fine.  And there are others who can do that as long as they don't try to start thinking that their neighbor is an alien, although their neighbor may be an alien.

Q:    Can you send some of your people over to hang out outside his house. That'd be funny.

Perhaps to you, but not much to your father.  What we will say is that there will be again polarity in what is happening, what is real and what is Memorex, what is acceptable and what is unacceptable. Because, of course, once this starts, your religions have to be heard from for they, many have been teaching that you are it, you are the supreme beings.  We do believe the phrase is do not make me laugh. So what is going on will be a division of understanding, but it will revolve around the concept, and M, your little part of the world (New Mexico) might be more in the spotlight than it has been before. So that will take care of the ET Activities. 

Where your economy is concerned, we must tell you you are all sheep and follow the rules of the dollar and not the understanding of the energy. We believe the word you have been using in the past is "Sheeple", and we like that word for we see you all as fuzzy little creatures that are being fleeced on a regular basis. The fleecing has to do with the concept that you still believe that money is the god of your planet, that you put your energy into the concept of the dollar, that your value is still based on how much you have, not on what you have done or how you have felt.  So we will say to all of you, part of your frustration that you are feeling when you fall into your fear is that you have not satisfied the requirements of your world.  You have not made the right amount of money.  You have not made the right decisions about your education.  You have not made the right decisions about how much money you make through the jobs that you do.  So you have become a failure in the eyes of your society.  That is part of where you must recognize that is what makes you the 'sheeple' for it is a belief system that can no longer hold, and unfortunately, it must be totally destroyed and rebuilt.  It cannot be patched or fixed.  We cannot allow the energies to go as extreme as they have in the past, and create the problems that have been created in the past --- the things like the falling of your stock markets.

So on the surface, things will look like they are improving.  That is not true, for that is just the illusion that you have allowed yourself to believe in.  Underneath the surface, which is what is important to all, there will be a change of attitude and education about the importance of  what success really means.  This is a re-education to all people upon the planet as to what success really means.  The people who have made your top one hundred-have-the-most-money list are not be the people who will be assisting with this issue. However, these people in the long run will help support the issue once it is started at the grassroots level.  So recognize within yourself those areas that you judge and make yourself the 'sheeple' about. 

Your economy will, of course, be shifting. Towards the end of this year, most people will have a better Holiday money bringing in than was expected. It does not answer the underlying problems that the idol that has been created around the dollar sign must be shifted.  It does not mean that you need to only like good people, for that will never be the case.  It must mean that you go within the self and find within the self those things that make you happy and do not think that the only way you can be happy is by doing those things and receiving the money to go with them.   That has always been the thing that you trip over.

If you are happy in what you are doing, yes indeed, you will be taken care. You must stop thinking the way you will be taken care of is through money.  As long as you believe the money is the end result, you will never have your happiness. You will be limiting your ability to receive energy.  In the long run, that will, of course, include money, but in the short run, it cannot.  So if you choose, if it is your choice to be abundant, to have money, to be able to have these things happening, then we will say in your choice you must pay attention to what makes you feel good about self without the expectation of the reward being a monetary one. 

We cannot stress that enough.  It is one of the areas that all of you manage to screw up every time.  And so, M, when you do a show and you do not make the money, you believe that you have done something wrong.  And when S's phone is not ringing with her clients, she believes she has done something wrong.  That is not the point.  The point is to do what you love to do.  You can have the expectation of living a good life, but it need not be the expectation of living a good life with this much money. 

It is the dollar that we wish to change, not the concept of abundance. With that understanding you will see, as we said, a change at the end of your year in your country to have it seem to be better than it has been but it will only be illusion.  You will start your new year looking at values very differently.  This whole change of venue has created in most companies the idea that they must tighten their belt and do things differently.  There will be less waste.  There will be more attention given to those things.  The unfortunate part is some of the people doing good things will also be changing, such as the organic industry.  They will be doing less organics for they feel people will not be buying from them.  They are incorrect, but that is because they are going about this from the money standpoint and not from the standpoint of abundance.  Again, we say to you, you can expect and receive an abundant lifestyle, but you must not expect and receive it from the money narrowness. It must come from the heart expansion of energy. 

So, M, when you have a show, when any of you have a reason to want to bring money into your lives for whatever reason, you do not ask for the money, but rather you ask for the feeling of success. Ask that you are content and happy in what you are doing, that all things are being done for the purpose of self, for the purpose of understanding and working with self, for the purpose and understanding that self is most important which is why self love must be first on your list. We told you this year was to love self.  As you understand this, then the 'Sheeple' attitude goes away. You can be individuals within the flock, but you no longer are directed just by the shepherd.  You each can have your own mind. 

With this understanding, you will see a huge change in your economy after the beginning of the year 2010.  It is something we will speak with you on at that time, but for now we will say simply allow yourself to go with the flow of the changes that are coming, not to be the 'Sheeple' that you are wont to be, and allow yourself to be receiving abundance on all levels, but do not give it the name "Money".  And you will see all things shift. 

There will be new measuring devices coming to your country, devices that will be able to measure the physicality that is your body not just in your electrical impulse, such as in your EKG and EEG, but also that particular equipment that can measure you on a magnetic level. They will be discovering that your magnetism changes both with season, location, and mood.  With this understanding of the magnetism changes, you will better understand why magnets work with health and healing, and why some people need them and other people find them uncomfortable.  With this new equipment coming that can measure these things, there will be new openings and opportunities in the world of medicine in regard to the diagnosis of certain things that will be happening.  They will find, if they measure a person who is doing energy work or even the preacher who is considered the healer, they will find that their electromagnetism is very different from when they are at rest.  You will then become more conscious of the magnetism of your body and understand better than through your sexual explanations of why one is attracted to another.  That is a piece of what is coming.

There will be some new breakthroughs in what are considered small diseases. meaning that these diseases only affect a small portion of the population and therefore do not get a lot of press as many big ones do.  Those breakthroughs will probably be kept very quiet for again, it is a small portion that cares.  With those breakthroughs, however, when it happens in one particular disease, it will be something that can be applied to the bigger disease that it is related to and will not be heard about until the very end of your year 2009.

At the end of your year 2009, many people will be getting to a point where they are tired of the expenses of the various tests and whatnot that must be done.  So as the masses amass, as we have been saying, there will be changes in the testing of your physical bodies.  There will be a greater understanding on some levels from people who will be coming to the forefront of the consciousness of your country and other countries about how to be more in touch with your own physicality and better understand what is happening within it so that when you seek help you know what you are seeking help for.  There will be better understanding of the connectedness between the mental attitude and the concept of fear and the physical problems that these things create.  All of these things will be a merging of multiple alternative and traditional medicines coming together through your larger organizations who are seeing the writing on the wall and recognize that they must have this information in order to survive.  So more people have more choices which is a very good thing.  And you will see at the beginning of your year 2010 how these things will be set into place. 

Medicine, as you know it is changing quite dramatically, and M, when you speak to your daughter (who is in medical school) you will discover that she is being taught differently than they have been in the past. Part of the teaching has to do with the listening that many of them do not quite understand.  And as this becomes more, you will find that there will be less of a slaughterhouse technique of bringing them in, treating them and sending them out, and more of a company technique of bringing them in and actually speaking with them. 

The change in medicine will have to do with the fact that they no longer will have to count you as they count cows, but rather there will be a situation where you will be an individual and not just one of the people that have to be seen and moved on,  It will be a comfort for many to finally be treated as human instead of as chattle as you come in for exams because you cannot afford that private practitioner. 
As these changes happen within the medical field, it is because they are happening on all other layers.  As we said, when the masses amass is when you will see the changes.

We are not saying that you will be seeing protesting, and yet that will be happening.  It will be done in a new and different way for your Internet is a different kind of communicator than has been in the past. When they try to keep things quiet, they will not be able to do so because there are too many mass communication devices available to the masses.  This has already been proven in certain countries where photos have been leaked to the press because there were the cell phone photo abilities.

 So please be aware that as your medicine shifts and changes, it will be shifting and changing and putting the responsibility where it should be upon you as the individual, knowing your body better.  And there will be a recognition and an honoring of your knowing of your body and you will be treated in a new and different way.  This will take a long time before it really takes hold, but it will be promoted in this quarter of your year 2009. 

As we said get ready for the show for governments, we feel the same about religions.  For the organized, structured religions are going to be questioned on many levels in this last quarter for there will be changes in the world around them that they can no longer ignore. 


All things must change or atrophy and die.  Many religions have been dying a very slow death of late because they have been unwilling to change with how the Universe has changed.  We are not even going to say the people, but rather the Universe herself, for the changes have been quite obvious to everyone except organized religions.  So we will say that religion will have many choices,and the oddity of this is that many people will be going back to their religions because there will be fear around certain things like the ET information.  There will be fear around things like some new diseases that will be on the planet, and we are not speaking of the Swine Flu.  There are new ones to come. 
We will say with these fears, people are going to look towards their God, whoever that may be, and hope to find their answers.  So when a woman said to S in her class that the way she went into her alpha state was to humble herself before God, S's response was, "I am happy that it works that way for you.  It will not work that way for everyone." 

Each individual will be finding their own way to what you call 'worship' in this last quarter.  They will be looking for their spirituality.  Some will  be finding it outside of themselves in an organized religion.  Others will be finding it inside of themselves in their own spirituality.  Still others will be finding it in certain idols and gods that they have created through their money, through their belief system in a person or thing.  What we will say will be different in the end of this quarter of 2009 is that some of the religions are going to allow themselves to be packaged differently, we will say. They will be working with ... we believe you call them ''Spin Doctors" so that they can be seen in a new light. 

Where spirituality is concerned, you are going to see scientists coming out on the side of Spirituality.  You are going to be seeing more Gregg Braden's and more Bruce Lipton's.  You are going to be seeing scientists who have been all their lives working with the unseen world suddenly realize there truly is an unseen world.  With that  recognition that there truly is an unseen world, what they will be able to do is to bring a type of legitimacy to spirituality that has not been there before.  We will say to you, as we would in all things, be cautious of who you listen to for you do not need a new structure, you do not need a new religion.  Spirituality has nothing to do with outside of self. Spirituality has everything to do with 'within' self.  So if there is someone teaching you that if you go out into the wilderness  and you fight off the lion or the tiger, you have then become the person of this spirituality, you can say, 'I am happy that works for you.'  Recognize it does not have to be what works for you. 

It will all be about the individual, as it has been since the beginning of 2009, and this is ... we will not say your last chance, but this is your last quarter to be recognizing the need for you understanding of self and your love of self and your power of self that you still seem to have difficulty with.  It might also be why there is struggle and pain for each of you are still in your own way struggling to understand this, and in your struggles, they are exactly that and they create tension, and in your tension, you create pain or illness or disease. 

We will say to you let go.  We will say to you jump.  We will say to you it is okay.  We will say to you it does not matter.  There is nothing right or wrong.  We will say to you it is time.  It is time.  It is past time for you to simply allow, and to go in the direction of what all of that means. 

So we will say what is happening in the last quarter of your year 2009 will be an uplifting experience for those who wish to be uplifted, and it will be a stuck in the rut experience for those who are refusing to change.  Each of those ways are correct. We told you you will be finding more polarity than you did before.  Each of those ways will be exactly right and correct for the person who is working with them.  So regardless of what you are doing, in your work or in your life, regardless of what you are doing, expect to see someone on the opposite side. You may even be on the opposite side with each other.  It does not matter.  What matters is that you honor wherever you are at with this.  If the other person wishes to join you, say welcome. If they do not wish to join you, do not invite them again.  For it is not about convincing anyone that your way is the right way.  It is rather convincing self to allow the flow to find your own individual way. That is the only point of this last quarter where your spirituality is concerned. 

When you open your hearts, when you connect to your divine self, it will be an individual excitement.  When you then can gather with people and regardless of how they go into their heart and connect with their divine self, there will then be a collective power in that as well. 

Think about what it is you believe in.  Go back into your time when you were raised to believe, and spend a little time consciously weeding your garden.  Spend a little time consciously recognizing what no longer serves you.  Spend a little time seeing how you are being influenced through fear within your media, within your relationships, within your environment. When you see these things, and see them for what they are, which is nothing more than an illusion created by another, then you will be more able to go into your heart and connect with the Divine without the concern or the need to worry about anyone else's way of doing it. 

We would like to see all of you owning the power that you are capable of having. The only way that will happen in when the flow of the energy is through and not getting stuck in different places through your intellectual judgment.