The Many
3rd Quarter Predictions
Channeled: June 24, 2009

(Message from Sue: First, let me apologize for how long it took to post this information. Sometimes I think it's better to read this after the fact - or in the middle! I find that the energy is changing with such regularity that it is difficult to keep on top of anything. With that in mind, I will be channeling the last quarter in the next few weeks and hope to have that posted much sooner than this one.)

We are here under a different guise this evening than usual because there are things that must be discussed that are not as familiar to you as we have discussed with you in the past.

You all stand now upon a precipice and as you stand there getting ready to jump, there is information you need to know in order to land in a way that is comfortable to you versus landing in a splat! We will say to you that the energy coming to the planet in this next quarter of your year 2009 has already begun here at the end of your second quarter. The beginnings of this energy have to do with what is happening within your universe, within the galaxy and within the internal workings of the planet herself.


Energy Shifts, Tensions and Stubbornness

When you work with a beaded necklace, and you string one thing after another, after another, if you do not put a knot between these two, they have a tendency to rub together and create friction.

It is friction that is happening now between the planets. It does not appear that they are next to each other, yet they really are. This is because it is the energy that is growing and pushing against the other energy that is growing and pushing against, and the other energy that is growing and pushing against. So it is like your beaded necklace.

Now, we have these tensions building, energy to energy. This does not need to be a bad thing. This does not need to be a scary thing. It simply is what it is. It is an energetic shift in the atmosphere of the various planets as you know them to be. As these shifts are happening, there is an energetic shift within each of your physicalities.

If you can look at what you are calling your chakra points as a beaded necklace, going from your root to your crown, they are now creating tension rubbing against each other unless you are able to allow them the freedom of integration of one with the other. Most of you are too stubborn to allow that to happen.

The stubbornness is what is creating the many deaths that you are seeing now and will continue to see through the rest of your year. Your stubbornness is what is creating the disease that is not being diagnosed by your medical people because it is not a medical condition. It is an energetic one that is being expressed in a physical way. It is your stubbornness that is creating some of the anger - person to person, group to group, country to country - because no one wishes to say that they see themselves in that other person or thing. No one wishes to own what belongs to them and allow the flow of the energy to go one to the other.

And in case you have missed our point, you are stubborn! In your stubbornness, you can learn to use it in a more positive light by being stubborn about allowing instead of being stubborn about not allowing. Besides, you will make people crazy if you suddenly allow for all things. People expect your resistance. They expect you to argue. If suddenly you do not resist or argue, what will happen? The other person will be thrown off guard and wonder what you are up to. What you will be up to is an integration of your various energetic points within your own physicality as well as your integration with the changes happening on the planet, as well as your integration with the changes happening in the universe, and the galaxy. One thing connects to the other. We are telling you this so you may avoid what many people will be unable to avoid.

You have the power to bring better weather since all of you are cranky that it is not as you wish it to be. You have the power to create different circumstances. Even though you know how you do not know how. You do not know how because you are stubborn.


Earth Changes

We will say to you that as we begin to give you the information for your next quarter of your year 2009, it will be important for all of you to be listening to this information not from the position of what is right or wrong, what you should or should not do, what the other person should or should not do, but rather from the position of how will I take this information and adapt it to who I am. That is what will be important.

We will say that there will be many more earth-type changes happening in this quarter. We wish to first speak of the energy coming from the Universe onto your energetic field.

Your energetic fields have been shifting and changing of late. It is why you have more sensitivities than you have had before. You do not have the same barrier keeping these things from you because the influences of the planet are shifting. You can see it as a cutting back some of the power of the planet. As she cuts back her power, your power is also cut back. Because of this, you are more sensitive to some of the energy around you because you have been bombarded in many ways for many years with things that disrupt your magnetic and electrical energy. The things that have disrupted your energy are a constant influence in your lives. As they disrupt your energy and as the planet then lowers her wattage, we will say, you are then caught in a position of being more vulnerable to what is going on around you.

We spoke, when we spoke last, about the jolt that is coming. This is one of the reasons it will come across as a jolt because you will not have the same padding or the same barrier, or the same cushioning as you would normally have and therefore you will be more affected by this energy.


Solar Cycles

You have been paying attention collectively through your science to the solar cycles that have been happening. We mentioned to you last time that there is more going on, but because you do not know how to measure this you see it as a quiet time period. It is not as quiet as you think. As some new flares are coming your way, they will be mostly undetected until they hit the electromagnetic field of your planet. Then there will be an understanding of ‘oh, that was a solar flare' how did we miss it. Science knows in their mind, in their parameters and in their insistent on things being boxed that this is how it is to look when it leaves the surface of the sun. Unfortunately, this is not going to happen as it usually does. So there will be no warning. There will be no sense of ‘we understand exactly what this is and when it will be in the atmosphere'. Rather, it will be ‘that is acting like a solar flare but we did not see it therefore we are not sure what it is therefore what was it, should we be afraid'.

Q: Relating to the solar flares, there's been evidence of the Earth's magnetic field is changing even beginning to dissipate. . . What is actually happening to the magnetic field of the earth?

When we were speaking of her lowering of her wattage, it would be like going into a meditative state when your breathing changes. You have less oxygen needs when you are in that state than when you are wide awake and perhaps running. The earth has chosen to go into a state similar to that in the sense that she is pulling in her energies in order to use them, to work with them in different ways. As she pulls in her energies, so do you. So that cushion we're speaking of is not the same.

So as these changes in your energetic field and the energetic field of the planet start to take place, what will be happening in your body will be a strange sensation of movement that you cannot explain. We have an image in Sue's head of the movie Alien. That is NOT how it will be.

Q: Can you explain how you think it might be?

Since we do not have a physicality, it is a difficult sensation for us to explain.

Q: Is it about feeling restless?

That will be part of it. It will be movement internally that does not feel familiar. When your heart does its flip flop as Sue calls it, everyone is slightly familiar with that yet feels it as uncomfortable because it is not in their minds, a ‘normal' sensation. If there is pain, you would say that is not a normal sensation and therefore something must be wrong. We would say that this is an indication that something is changing but not necessarily wrong. And as an indication, it may appear in your body as a feeling internalized as something. . . Every phrase we can use freaks Sue out. She does not want to hear about things crawling under her skin for that makes her uncomfortable. Yet, it might be a feeling like that. Something moving in your body that seems unfamiliar. There is no entity in there. There is no thing suddenly going to rip through your stomach. There is no creature crawling underneath your skin layer. Rather, it is a feeling sensation of movement that normally is not there. We do not know of any other way to state this having not had a physicality.

DNA Repatterning

Q: How long do you think this might last?

It is not a matter of the lasting of the sensation but the duration of the possibility of change could go on your planet anywhere from a three month window - the quarter we are speaking of - to an eight month window, into your next year. The thing will be as these things happen they will feel less odd to you.

It is as we have said to stop using the word ‘anomaly' for that is when it is unusual. This will become usual. We tell you this because this is part of your DNA repatterning. It is not that your DNA in essence is truly changing, for you are whole and complete as you are, but rather there are layers now awakening to you that creates some dimensionality you have not had the privilege of being aware of until now.

These are things that were not expected to happen for some years yet, but you have prepared yourselves in your energy changes to receive this information sooner than expected. As you awaken, your DNA's dimensionality we will say, what will be happening is you may be looking in the mirror and even though you may look the same, you will see yourself differently. You will be more observant in different ways. You will find that your eyes no longer necessarily look like your eyes.

Again, we do not wish to freak you out. It is simply a matter of the observer and the observed. You will be both those things, no longer one or the other in that ability that you will have to see beyond. You will see beyond in self as well. Perhaps you will be the only one to see beyond just for self. You may not be able to see beyond with others, or you may.

We do not yet know how that will transpire. It will depend on how the energy that will be coming into the new magnetic field will be altering your energy and that will depend on how you allow the energy to integrate with who and what and where you are. A lot of these changes will be based not so much on what science is telling you but more on how you are feeling about self. We need to address that part. We need to be addressing the self.


Working on Self /GREED

We spoke that 2009 was the year of self and that you must all be rediscovering what that meant. Some of you have done a better job than others. In readdressing the self that is within, you have had to see your potentiality and not what others have tried to tag you with. Your potentiality is different depending upon who you are.

We will use the example of your car companies for you had a giant go through great difficulty. If you think what has happened is what they saw themselves as, and what they really were, were two entirely different things.

They saw themselves as 'above' and 'beyond' what would be considered 'normal' for the average person. Namely, their ego and their greed got in the way of their 'knowing' and their responsibility to self - not to others, but to self. They had, and still have should they choose, a responsibility to self that allowed them to remain within their core which has nothing to do with greed and everything to do with manifestation.

What they did was take a section of manifestation and say, this particular section, which relates to the financial aspect, is all that I need to be happy. What they did, was discover it did not make them happy so they needed more of it. When that did not make them happy, they needed more of it.

There is a story in Sue's mind that is about a Native American who ate the people within his village during a time of famine and after this happened, he found he was never satisfied (The Windago). He had to continually eat and eat and eat. That is what has happened where greed is concerned.

Those who have been, we will say, bitten with the greed problem, can not give it up readily. It is something that they must seek over and over and over for they are never satisfied with what they have. It is an insatiable appetite. What is happening to your economy is the pendulum is now swinging in the other direction to show people that it can no longer survive with that insatiable appetite.

For many who have never understood lack - and we do not mean this is a way that says you must starve, but rather in a way that says you must understand for yourself what your power is to attract all that you could possibly desire. All of your needs are always met on an energetic level. How you choose to work with those needs will be up to you. If you take that piece, and only a piece, you will find that, again, you will be insatiable. You will not be able to feel satisfied with any one thing if you take it apart rather than looking at the complete and total self.

We will also say to you that as you are discovering self you need to, for your own satisfaction, give yourself permission to treat yourself well, as well, and not be sacrificial. That is just another piece that will create an insatiable appetite. The person who must always do good, do good, do good, at any expense is as dangerous as the person who must have, have, have at any expense.

The point of the new energy coming in is to bring it inside of self, allow it to mature in a way that encompasses all and then birth it in a way that recognizes the origin that you are all connected, you are all related, you are all the same. The differences that appear have no issues at all. What has the issue is your lack of ability to see that you are all the same. That is one of the places you are going toward. When you are going toward that place you will be healing your economy in your country and in your world. If you recognize within yourself that you are all things, that you are taken care of, that there is no 'lack' per se in any area except what you believe, then you are teaching self and others that this is, indeed, the way to go. If you believe that it is okay for this but not that, alright for that person, but not that person, okay for you but not them, then you will be out of balance and be creating more that creates imbalance.

So when you think of self, you must understand and recognize self in your totality - that includes your emotions, especially your emotions. You have come away from knowing how you feel. It will be important as we have been saying since the beginning of your year 2009, to be in touch with how you feel.

Being in touch with how you feel will assist you in the development of your new economy for you will be able to have more than you have ever had before provided you are aware that you already have it. In having it, you can then disperse it. In dispersing it, you create more. It is, indeed, a law of the universe that this is how it happens. It has become, we will say, tainted in many ways, by the way it has been used in pieces and not totality. It is why it will be important for you to see the totality of things.


Self and Health

It will also be important through the understanding of self, where your health is concerned. We have mentioned that it is your stubbornness that keeps the doctors from being able to diagnose because your stubbornness has said there is something 'wrong' but the universe, as we see it energetically, looks at you and sees everything as 'right'. We wonder who will 'win'.

But it is not about winning or losing. Rather, it is about being. If you choose to be in illness, it will be your choice. If you choose to be in wellness, it will be your choice. It does not matter what the physical issue is. It is still choice that brought you to that place. It is choice that will take you somewhere else.

Where health is concerned, you will see that there will be more experimentation with more natural processes such as the hyperbaric chamber, such as using light therapy, such as using sound therapy, things that can go into the body in a natural way and work with the body to produce a result that is agreed upon prior to the modality being utilized. In other words, if you believe it will help you, you are correct.

Understand as these modalities come into your healthcare system, there will be a great deal of panic. If you are using modalities that people can find anywhere - Oxygenation means to breathe; Sound, you can listen to music; light, you can pay attention to your clothing or the light that comes to you. All of these things can be utilized in ways that take away from the big scientific-type equipment that hospitals and doctors have spent a great deal of money on. There will be resistance, as there always is, to the simple. There is a reason "kiss it, make it better" has stayed. It is because it works! Ask anyone who has managed to make it work for them.

We will say to you, it is a simple principle that many of you will have difficulty with because you feel it must be more difficult. Or, even in its simplicity, it will create difficulty because it is not part of the old pattern but rather a new pattern. So where health is concerned in this quarter coming up, and we have mentioned alternative therapies before, you will be hearing and seeing more than you have in the past, provided you know where to look.

Additionally, you will find in your health area that there are already 'cures' for all things. We find it interesting that people have not demanded. But just as the modalities that are simple will be resisted by those who can make more money, the cures are being resisted by those who do not wish to give up their control over having the cure. They would prefer that it can go on for long periods of time and that is that piece of greed again that they have taken out of context and are making work in a negative way instead of a more positive way.

Q: So you're saying, groups like the drug companies, they're the ones who are benefiting from people just putting a band-aid over a broken leg?

That is correct. But so do your doctors. So do your, we will call it your psychiatrists. So do your religions. So do your governments. We could go through a very long list.

It is when the individual takes responsibility and governing of self that you will be seeing the miracles happening quickly and this is one of the times when this information will be coming through.

You can see this now in your news in Iran. You are seeing individuals finally saying 'I am taking back my power.' You can kill me, but I am taking back my power. In your killing of me, you allow me to go home, to add my energy to others who will take their power.' You will see more of this in more places. It is not that life is less precious. It is that the understanding of the energetic and how it works is more precious.

Your health will be in a new direction. It will be a difficult direction to get started. Your science says an object in motion tends to stay in motion, an object at rest tends to stay at rest. Right now, the understanding of how to heal is an object at rest. It will be up to different people at different times starting to move this object into motion. As they move it into motion you will see very quickly how different modalities will be becoming more - we hate to use the work 'mainstream' but can think of no other - more aware by others.



Where your governments are concerned there is a great deal of discomfort around the fact that ... Wait. Let us change. (new voice)

The government in the United States has shown a new and different face to the rest of the world. The leader that you have chosen is indeed not singular but plural in the fact that he considers himself part of a couple. They are showing, in a way that has not been shown ever in the history of governments, the concept of family and what that concept means to others.

In this concept, what they are doing is showing to each person, what the responsibility is of each person toward another as well as toward self. Much of this has been planned in this way. Much of this was not expected to come about at this time period. Now that it is here, each of you can, on a more subliminal level, be shown examples of change. For your President Obama has spoken that there is no excuse to not be a father. And if that is what you have chosen as your responsibility you must see it through. That is talking about the individual power. No one can take that away.

He has shown himself to be someone who can both be compassionate and yet very strict in how things are done. It is as simple as how he is responding to other countries or as complex as how he is responding with his children.

You have been given a gift on your planet to be able to see things in a new and different light. The light that you are now choosing to see things in vibrates differently than the light of the past. All things are climbing that vibrational ladder. It does not mean there will not be slower and higher for there always are the slower and the higher. It does mean that the majority of those who will vibrate at the same level will be experiencing some of the same things.

In this vibrational change, each of you will be able to go into the place within - what Sue calls your core - going into your core and discovering the power that lies there within.

In the discovery of that power, is what government will now be built on. It does not have to do with one person but with all peoples. It does not have to do with one country, but with all that live upon the planet. It does not have to do with the understanding of a rule or a regulation but rather the understanding within the individual in regard to the vibrational information that comes in to allow responsibility for each individual act.

It is not about denying nor agreeing. It is simply about accepting. It is not about controlling or changing. It is about accepting. It is about being fluid and not being so strict that you fall apart. It is about the fluidity and flexibility of the energies that are coming on to your planet and as they come on to your planet and mingle and mix with you energetically, they feed the planet itself.

If you are not able to work with the planet in this flexible way then she is missing her nourishment. The more nourishment she is denied, the more likely she is to cause havoc. Know that as you nourish the planet you are offering, to those living upon her an easier existence.

You all work in your own, what you call, ecological system, and you have never seen your place it it before. It is time now to be seeing it. Your governments must understand that they are also part of this ecological system. They are not able to rule any longer but rather must be ruled by all. They must only do what all agree to. They must only work in ways that assist and help all. Anything done for the sense of individual greed, anything done for the sense of we will say individual ego, will no longer be tolerated by the masses.

That is your example in Iran. That is your example in other countries as well. You, as the United States has started this energy shift, this vibrational move. With this vibrational move you will see a change in government, not so much in the leadership, per se, but in the way governments are governing. You will see more and more people taking an interest in what the government is saying. You will see more and more people turning to the government in different ways than they have before.

You will recognize that the power that has been given over has allowed governments to lie. Lies will no longer be tolerated. It does not matter whether you will agree or disagree, but you will know what the issue is. That is the change of vibration that is coming governmentally upon your planet. You will see the beginnings already, but you will see some of the affect of these beginnings in this new quarter coming in.

It will be interesting for each of you to be paying attention with this knowledge in mind for it is a subtle change. It is not something where someone takes a banner and goes out with and in the middle of the night hits someone over the head with the banner so that they will listen to what they have to say. It is rather a more subtle difference in how things are being handled in the not so much chain of command but in the chain of heart work. Once one person is feeling it all, people are feeling it. There will be more heart work in government than you have seen before. That will be a change in your government for what is to come.



We have talked about your planet, we have talked about your government, we have talked about your health. It is important now to talk about the changes coming to you as an individual.

The changes coming to you as an individual is to get each and every one of you into your core area to vibrate in a way that allows you to connect on the inter-dimensional levels. That is what you hear when we speak in this way ("electronic" voice). You hear us coming from inter-dimensional levels. You recognize that in this voice there is more than one being represented. You also have this ability. You are represented on various dimensional levels. You are, in your representation, on your various dimensional levels, have the ability to travel in new and different ways, to communicate in new and different ways, to become aware of your creative abilities in new and different ways. We will say to you, in some cases, the older you. . . . that will not be understood.

We will say to you that if you will go back in time and see in those time periods where you considered them not advanced, old fashioned, perhaps not even capable of governing self, they were able in other ways to govern their environment. So there was a time when they could grow crops in a new and different way. There was a time when they had healthy animals in a new and different way. There was a time when they created for self in a new and different way.

In your modernization and in your sophistication and in your abilities to find money and work with money and only care about money, you have lost the piece of you that is able to work inter-dimensionally in your creation of your desires. This is because you have lost the ability to feel. We do not mean on the superficial levels now when we say this. What we mean is on the purely great depth levels of the understanding of the connectedness of all things.

This means that when something happens in one part of your world it is affecting you whether you accept it or not. Allowing yourself to feel that allows you to create differently. Allowing yourself to feel what is happening around you allows you to create in a new and different way for there is enough for everyone for everyone is always working together.


We know that you do not see this as correct and right for your science has shown the individuality of things and yet when you work dimensionally you are not disconnected from anything but rather connected to all things. When you are connected to all things you are able to draw the energy where you need it and work with it as you need it and create for yourself what it is you can focus your energies on in creation.

Sensitivities and Creation

(new voice) So part of what is happening so you can understand is when you are aware of the dimensional shifting you will become more aware of your sensitivities, we will call them.

You are aware of your sensitivities now but what is happening is you are translating them all into anger and frustration rather than seeing the positive side on how you can be creating. So we will say when you find yourself angry and frustrated, you must learn to laugh at whatever it is you feel is stopping you for you feel it is stopping you.

Listen to the words, children. There are your hints on how to handle it. There is nothing stopping you at all for you are part of All. As part of All, nothing can stop you if you are All. It is not convoluted. It is not difficult once you accept. It simply is what it is. With your recognition, your freedom is to do what you choose to do with it and not necessarily do what others think you should do with it. When each of you is doing with it what you choose to do with it you are in your own power. When you are in your own power there is nothing to stop your creation abilities.

The power you have individually is great. The power you have collectively is unstoppable. Remember that as the energies start to shift and change - to not allow in the doubt that would create the feeling of your own failure. Rather, work with the abilities that you have that can change anything.

Crop Circles

We will go from that information to talking about what you have been seeing in your crop circles. Your crop circles have been sending you information about all these things we are speaking of.

Your month of May was a busy time period for crop circles. What was happening in May was information was being sent to you to prepare you for the energy shifts and changes of June. What will be happening, or has happened in June is information being sent to you about the changes happening in July. We will say to you we are constantly recognizing the need to offer information to those who are interested in the information. Those who are interested will be able to understand the symbolism and the information that comes from the crop circles. Those who are not interested will say 'what a pretty picture'.

We will say to you as you check out the crop circles to allow the circle to speak first to your heart and to listen to what it says there before you decide if it is a pretty picture or not. It does matter what crop is being used when the circle is being taken care of. We will not get into specifics at this point in time but tell you that there is different meaning between the barley and the rapeseed, there is different meaning in the wheat. If you will think about what that particular product does it will give you an indication of the information's purpose that is being sent to you. This is something that has not yet been 'clicked' onto. You can be the first in your neighborhood to say I know this!


We would like to make a few comments in regard to spirituality. Because we are saying to each of you will be individual it will be important for you to not judge how someone else is finding their comfort. That includes the major religions that you may not be agreeing with. People will be seeking comfort through their religions in ways they have not before. People will find comfort where the comfort is offered in ways that they can accept. Some people will not be able to accept some of the things that all of you know just as you cannot accept some of the things that other people know. As long as you keep that in mind, the spirituality will be building and growing. It may not be building and growing in the way of your own personal expectations. Instead of trying to change that particular movement, simply change self and you will find that others will discover what they need. That is how you will connect with each other.

In regard to the finances and your economy, we would say, even though this is against what you will hear on a linear level, that it is time for you to do new business. It is time for you to create new creations. It is time for you to put things out there that have not been out there before. If you do this, in that totality we spoke of, there can be no failure. If you do this in the pieces that we spoke of, there will be nothing but failure. If you truly wish your economy to recover, then people must be willing to work within their own centers and understand what that means - to offer out, not in the way it has been the example that has been out there. Not with wondering what this person will think 'if', not with trying to design it to fit 'this' group or this one. Rather to do everything from the inside and allow it to come outward.

Atlantis & Lemuria

We would like to touch upon Atlantis and Lemuria because it is time to recognize your energies are now going beyond what they had. Their energies purpose, when they started to misuse would be true going toward 2012 if you had not, collectively, living on this planet learned the things that you have been learning you would become more like Atlantis and Lemuria by your year of 2012. Instead, what has happened is there have been enough vibrating to a higher level - the hundredth monkey as we have used in the past as example - Atlantis and Lemuria, now you can say "eat my dust". You have gone beyond where they have been. It does not seem so because in myth they were both greater, bigger, brighter, better in some way or another. That is the outside, not the inside speaking. If you go to the inside you will better understand.

ET Activity

You have already noticed that there has been more ET activity and more people talking about it. Like Marcia, when you made the comment about the giant Ouija board thing in the air. We will say that there will be more sitings, yes. More than that, there will be more information leaking to what has been happening before now. The leaking of this information will revolve around certain governments recognizing that it is time to release this information or certain people who now feel a responsibility to educate where they have kept things hidden for the sake of whatever. Your ET activity will be increased. The one thing you will see in this new quarter coming up is that with each - we will call it major planetary changes as your July 7 will be an example - with each major planetary change, shortly thereafter you shall see activity. The activity will not necessarily be what you are expecting. Just as the scientist must come in and measure the affect of something, there are responsibilities the various Seed Races have to come in and measure the affects of certain things. So you will see us doing our job.

Q: Did you talk about July 7th already?

We only told you that there would be a jolt coming and it would be around that time period. That message came to you through a crop circle, not necessarily through us. The July 7th shift has to do with the alteration in the electromagnetic field of your planet. It is hard for us to get one day or date since your planet is not one day or date at a time. We will say around this time period there will be an alteration in the electromagnetic field of earth. Since you are a piece of her, and work with her and feed her as well, as her shift happens, so must yours.



We will leave you with the information that says in this third quarter of your year 2009, each of you needs to expect to do one of three things: to move forward at a very quick vibrational rate; to stay where you are at; to move backward. It will be your choice. If you find yourself in a position that you do not choose to be in, you may want to stop and ask yourself: "why am I here?" Be smart enough to listen for the answer. The answer will be there for you if you are willing to hear it. If you are not willing to hear it, it will then be your choice to stay wherever it is you say you do not wish to be. Recognize the power coming in this quarter will be by your choice. The direction will be by your choice. The manifestation will be by your choice. If it is not what you believe you are choosing, you must then stop and ask why you are choosing what you have just manifested - for it will always be there. There will always be a lesson there for you to be looking at.

So on that note of worries - for some of you will now worry that we have said this - we will leave you to your contemplation and to your next quarter with the understanding also that never will your power be greater if you are brave enough and strong enough and capable enough (and yes, you are all of those things) to call on it. It is not enough for us to know by observing. It is also very important for you to know by actually doing.

We will tell you, happy manifesting. We will tell you to have a good time. We will tell you to feed the planet as she will feed you. We will speak with you again, soon.

Thanks all around.