Third Quarter Predictions, 2010

Channeled: June 17, 2010





We always begin by talking to you about the Earth, and there is much to be said.  We will say that there will not be a continent unaffected by her, that there will not be an area unaffected by her, that there will not be one thing you can say is normal where her actions are concerned. You will see a change in all things. We will say it again, in all things upon your planet. Those things you call anomalies will no longer be anomalies.

WEATHER CURRENTS: You will see a change in the air current that goes across the continents.  That change in air current that, of course, will be affecting weather everywhere. You will see a change in the water currents that flow across your continents, with the same result, changing other things.  Part of this will be because of what is happening in your Gulf, and we will cover that in a separate category. For now we will say to note that your air currents are changing, your water currents are changing, and with those, other things will be changing as well.  

HURRICANES/TORNADOES: It will be a very difficult season for your hurricanes, for there will be many looking very threatening, and then having nothing to offer towards the end, and then others seeming so small, and then surprising you in the end by being much bigger than expected.  A lot of that will happen through your hurricane season.  With your hurricane season, you can also be expecting tornadoes in places that normally do not have tornadoes, for this is part of the wind current changing.  Your air currents are not the same.  So expect to find tornadoes in places that do not seem to make sense, in higher elevations, not just on the flat plains.

SUDDEN CHANGES: When you recognize what is going on there, other things will be coming to light as well.  Part of what will be coming to light will be the flash flooding you have been seeing.  There will be more of that. There will be more sudden changes than you have seen before.  These sudden changes can come in many forms.  So you will see rock slides.  You will see mud slides.  You will see the flash floods.  You will see the Earth trembling, but not necessarily with a full out earthquake, and yet those too will be activated.

CONNECT TO EARTH: So the best we can say to you in this particular quarter of this particular year of 2010, we will say to you to expect the unexpected for there will be much.  We will say to you not to take anything for granted for there will be nothing you can take for granted except, of course, your connectedness to your planet which you need to be working on.  You have started it through your ceremonial things with the land.  Do not think she goes unaware of what you do, for she is very much aware of what you are doing in your ceremony and how you honor her.

You need to be connected in greater ways than you have ever been connected with her before.  The reason we say this to you is so that you will always be in a safe place.  It will be important for you to be following your instincts, and if your instincts say get out, then by all means, get out, and if your instincts say get home, then by all means, get home.  You will have the information before anything actually happens.  You must be open to it.  You must be open to receive it, and you can.

So we will say in the United States, it will be one thing after another, but this will not be the only country. Please, again, every continent will be affected.  Every continent will be going through what your continent is going through which is change after change after change.  Things that don't seem to have ever happened before will be happening in somewhere in your history, someone will find the reference that yes it did indeed happen before, but not quite in this way.  One thing after another after another.

So for those nay-sayers, they will be attracting more of this for they will say 'what else can happen?' Mother Nature is willing to show them!  For those of you who look at her and say 'Can we help you in some way through this?', you are the ones who will be communicated to for your own safety.  Do not weep for her for she does not need your tears, but she will always appreciate your support, as she supports you.  

PHYSICAL BODY REFLECTS THE EARTH: You will have a quarter, three of your months within your given year, where the planet will be crazier than usual.  There will be a calming towards the end of the year, but for right now, there is a stirring up. As she stirs herself up, we will say to you to look at what is going on not so much in that particular area, meaning 'are the people good', 'are the people bad', 'have they perhaps done this thing or that thing', but rather what is it she is doing.  Is she cleansing emotionally by using water?  Is she cleansing on an earth level getting rid of toxins?  Then start applying this to your physical bodies, for your physical bodies will be reflecting  more than ever before what the planet is doing.

Expect your own physical changes as well in this quarter of your 2010. Your physical changes will be expelling toxins, so you will find your elimination perhaps what will appear to be compromised, but not really, it will be your body purging itself of these toxins.  You perhaps will find yourself also needful of a ... we believe the term is 'crying jag' for you will be purging yourself of some emotions you do not really need to hold onto.  

Recognize what this really means by what it is she is doing.  So look at your volcanoes and find out about your anger.  Look at your change of currents, and find out about your change of belief or thinking.  There will be connections to you with all of these changes.  Make yourself aware, and it will be much easier to go through with the flow instead of worrying about whether you are doing it right or wrong.  

North Korea (responding to a question)

As we said to you the problem is in all things when you are thinking profit not people, when you are thinking power, not people. You cannot continue that way.  When you look at the conflict between the North and South Koreans, you are looking at power and profit versus people.  The people inevitably will win.  The reason they will win is because they have chosen and recognized in their numbers that they no longer have to nor need to bow down to those in power because they simply are in power.  It is the power of the sit in, so to speak,  where it was discovered if these people collectively simply sat, it changed the structure completely.  The same will be true when you see what happens between North and South Korea. Always vote on the people.  Do not vote on the power or the profit for profit, in this case spelled P-R-O-F-I-T and not with your P-H, as you have talked about prophets in the past.


It will be a time of ... we will say Haves and Have-Nots.  We would recommend that everyone be a member of the Haves because you can -- by your attitude, by your perception, and by your perspective. If you choose to be a Have-Not, it means you have bought into the power structure that works with profits and power.  If you choose to be someone who has, you can be someone who has without needing to put someone else down, without needing to do something that would be illegal, without needing to do something that would in your terms be immoral.  

We will say to each and everyone of you that it is important, when you talk about your finance and your economy, to recognize that it is all illusion. It is something that has been created to keep people in their place. Should you choose to stay in your place, you will suffer the consequences of being part of the Have-Nots.  If you recognize that you are dealing simply with illusion, you can be one of the Haves. Not from that position of power or profit but rather the position of joy, a position of understanding self expression, a position of understanding what you are giving out and can expect to receive back. It will be about equality, it will be about unity, it will be about whatever you send, you shall receive.

It is difficult for many to understand this concept for you fall into and get stuck in the structural illusion of what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is bad, who can make the money and who cannot make the money. 

It is because you have narrowed everything to a dollar.  It is not about the abundance of the paper.  It is not about the abundance of the coin.  It is about the abundance of the energy that creates within the soul and the heart the feeling of a different kind of power which is the understanding of what fulfills why you are here, what fills you up, what you makes you understand that your purpose and your mission are to feel exactly that.  As you become aware of this, all the scales change, and they no longer weigh or measure in the same way.  It is no longer the measurement of having, so to speak, but rather the measurement of being.  It is no longer the measurement of he who has the most toys, but rather he who has the most joy.  It is an understanding that you no longer need to be defining yourselves in an outside way, but rather coming internally to self and finding the value, honoring the value, and in that finding and honoring attracting more to you.  

There will be great doors opening in this quarter to understand this particular way and philosophy. There will be doors opening in this quarter that will make each person aware of their personal power.

Power is not something to have over another.  Power simply is.  You either utilize it or you do not. When you utilize it, it is a direct result of your tuning into what is available to all, not more or less than, not in a superior way over someone, but rather in an abundant way of knowing.

Look for those doors to open to you in this quarter coming in to 2010, and recognize that when those doors open to you, it will be about your own personal fulfillment, and with that personal fulfillment, you will be seeing yourselves in what used to be called the Haves, but you will not be using that language for that will be the language of the linear logical and of those who needed power to control using fear.  The new language will be about fulfillment and it will not longer be about fear, but rather joy.


 We are excited to tell you that things will be changing in health and medicine in leaps and bounds.  More and more of your traditional medicine is looking at the totality of the individual versus the symptom itself.  As more and more are looking at the totality, your holistic health, what they are doing is shifting the way people are thinking about their bodies so that they no longer try to find the god in the doctor to cure them, but recognizing how within themselves they can find their own cures.  So there are new books being written, there are new television programs being presented, there are new people coming to the front of these lines showing you that you have power over your physicality and in that power, you have the ability to heal completely, to heal thoroughly, to heal without the side effects of the medication that often is given to you.  

As this happens, you will see more and more of the medical field by necessity, because of the arguments over your health care issue, by necessity, learning what this truly means. You will find them, secretly in some cases, practicing within a setting that would not normally want to accept this, but you will find that they will be accepting it because there will be no choice.  Again, the people will be speaking.

Recognize that the leaps and bounds that will be made in this quarter are more along the lines of looking at the person in a holistic fashion whether you are allopathic or holistic, looking at the person in totality no matter what your practice and recognizing that when you can help them you will, and when you cannot you will recommend them on to another. There will be no more fighting to keep someone out of the fear of your own monetary gain.  

A large part of that will be sort of like your Miracle on Thirty-fourth Street with Macy's and Gimbels. You can discover that in recommending another person, it is to your benefit, not to your detriment. You will see medicine becoming more aware of what has been happening to their detriment so that they will need to be doing something for their benefit. One of the things they will be doing is recognizing how to marry various modalities, how to bring choices to the individual, how there is not a one-size-fits-all in the field of medicine, how to empower the individual to assist in what it is they are also doing, for it is their body.  They know best. They have not had anyone to tell them this until now.

Expect medicine to become more enlightened, we will say, and work with the individual instead of with the structure and the system. Through working with the individual start designing things that work for the individual, and that will be quite an eye-opener.  When these things are talked about, many of you will sit there going 'well, isn't that how it has always been', and the answer will be, 'of course, it has not.'  But perhaps it has always been for you for you have recognized how you need to own that piece.  

We are excited.  We will not say to you that there will be great cures, for that goes to the outside.  The cures we are seeing are in the errors of the system itself, and that is what we are happy to say will begin to heal in this quarter.  It will not heal completely, but the beginnings of it are happening.



We will say to you as best we can, with out hearts open, that you have always had great difficulty understanding the difference between religion and spirituality.  We will say to you with the many changes happening upon the Earth, there will be more prayer than you have seen in a very long time.  We will say the prayer itself is good.  The structure that it can only be prayed in this way is not so good.  We will say that the understanding of hearts opening to the greater power is good.  The fact that this is the only way they can open is not so good.

You will be recognizing more and more people as they are seeking to heal their hearts, will be searching for someone or something outside themselves that has all the answers and the road map. We will say to each and everyone of you: stop looking outside of self. The only answers and the only road map lie within.  We know you do not like hearing this.  We know that many of you feel that if only if you had this particular map, everything would be fine.  We tell you you do have this particular map.  It does not come from a guru.  It does not come from a priest or a rabbi.  It does not come from a friend.  It does not come from your parental units.  It comes from within.  You already have the map. You must go within to find it.

We will say that as your quarter, your third quarter, goes from beginning to end that there will be a greater increase in people seeking religion.  You will see articles being published about this.  You will also see the other extreme, the other side of more and more people talking about their spirituality and saying why they are not choosing to do it in a structured way.  You will have many lacks of communication one side to the other, one side thinking this is the only right and good thing, the other side thinking well, we will accept what you have to say, but we think you are all crazy.  That is not balance.  If you are going to say you are spiritual, you must be accepting of those who choose to find their spirituality through a different structure than your own for all things are structured, it is just a matter of how tight is the structure.

We will say to each and everyone of you who is looking for your own  spirituality to go within regardless of how you go without to find it.  If you choose to go to a particular denomination, we would suggest to you that you go there on one level to seek your community, while recognizing on another level you must be going into your hearts to find your community there as well.  If you must seek WHO you are, why you are here, what is most important, then that map can only be found within your own self, within your own soul, within own energetic field, for you have your answers should you choose to look for them.

We will say that as far as religion is concerned, it will see an upswing in popularity. We also say as far as spirituality is concerned, it will have greater understanding than it has had in the past.   So in each case, you will see a blossoming of both things for different reasons. We will say to you regardless of what direction you choose to go to always remember that inside will never steer you wrong unless you choose to stay away from it


We do not quite know what to say for it was considered something that would have been announced by now the connection between your planet and the ET's, or what you refer to as ET's.  It was to come out in the latter part of your last year and did not happen because of fear.  We are still expecting it to manifest itself because you are having great difficulties with some of the problems that you have upon your planet that we could assist you with.

The question becomes are you more fearful of  not stopping what is happening or of finding out that someone that is not "human" can help you stop it?  if you were to take a poll today, we do not know what the response would be, but we would tell you that many, many will fear us and find ways to make sure others fear us as well.  

So where ET's are concerned, please know that we have been among you for a very long, long time. Just like you, we don't go around bragging that J, you talk to animals or S is a psychic or M, you're just plain weird.  You do not brag on these things.  You do not tell all people who ask you that you do these things. In living among you for as long as we have, we have learned to say things without saying them. Perhaps the help we will offer will come in that way, but we are at a point where we also need acknowledgment, and the acknowledgment does not mean from an ego point of view, but more from the point of view that says if we are to help you clean this mess up, then we will expect you to be responsible from that point on to keep the mess cleaned up, which means you need to make some commitments.  You are not good at that for you want to be able to do what you want to be able to do.   You do not usually think of the consequences, and yet you bring your children up and tell them that there are consequences. When you become adults you do not have them?  That is our question.

We will say, where the ET's are concerned, there is a great chance that we will become more in the limelight than we have ever been before.  If you are bothering to check your ... your Internet, you are discovering that we are a little more active than we have been.  We are being sighted by many.  The crop circles have increased, and more people are noticing something different in the air.  We will continue this.  We will continue to escalate the knowledge of our being here, hoping that it will become so commonplace, it will be 'oh, yes, them', instead of 'oh, my God, them!'  We will be working on that.  So do expect to see more of us.   

So we will say, where the ET's are concerned, our activity will increase.  We will say, where the ET's are concerned, the knowledge of us will increase.  We will say you will find more and more crop circles giving information, and M and S, you have both spoken of the one where you think you should understand it, and  you are correct.  You are taking in this information on a cellular level for there is a connectedness between us and you. We are connected to all humans on the planet.  Do recognize some of the crop circles are messages that will be coming to you in more subtle ways, almost as if we are throwing switches within you to make you more aware and receptive to what is yet to come, at least on an energetic level.

And this brings us then to our conversation we said we would wait until the end to talk to you about ---your oil spill..



This is very far reaching on purpose.  This is something that has had to happen to awaken you, just as 911 was something that had to happen to awaken you.  In each case, your particular country has been like an ostrich with its head in the sand, playing the game of ... we will say international bully. You have tried to tell the rest of the world how right you are in all things, how your way is the right way, how what you do is correct, and look at how good we are to our people.   Surprise.  You are not as good as you think you are.  You can talk about taking care of people in a monetary way with what is happening,but that is not the point.  There are people whose livelihood has been taken away.  There are people who need to be looking at this not just as oh,my God what has happened, but now that it has happened, what do I wish. There are many people here who must be redirecting their passion in a new and different way.  The money that will be gained does not in any way compensate for what has been lost, for there is a sense of well being, there is a sense of being, there is a sense of identity connected with what these people have done for years and years.

So the oil spill has come in to be something out of your control; to make everyone realize what it means.  So as it continues to spill millions of gallons into your water, it is to awaken you to recognize that you say your scientists tell you that without your water, you do not exist. Yet, here you are, as a people, in a country that says 'we do everything right' polluting the water in such a way that says 'we do not mind if we kill off the species'.  Interesting to think of, is it not!

We will say to you that this will not be readily solved until you are able to we will say 'eat a little crow', as the saying goes on your planet, and admit to some of the reasons why this has happened.  This has to come from your oil companies.  This has to come from your politicians.  This has to come from your parties.  This has to come from those who use fear. This has to come from those who use manipulation.  This has to come from those who put profit above people.  This has to come from those who put power above people.  When you see these people needing to change that piece of self, is when you will see the beginning of this to be taken care of.  

Do not be surprised if this pushes you into some new directions that you did not expect to be pushed in, and working with the ET's may be one of them. We are always more than happy to help, but we will no longer help in the background, for we have discovered when we do that, the... we will say agreements are not always kept in spirit, even though they are sometimes kept in words. 

Recognize that your oil spill must hit the heart of all before the cure can be found. Weep for your wildlife, and weep for yourselves for much will be lost with this.  Recognize that as you become more aware of what is being lost, that energy alone will be a propelling force to find, cure, resolution, and to get back again the waters that at one time perhaps we could call pristine, but even that you have not allowed to remain.   So recognize the ego part in this, and the rest will be easier to take care of.