Second Quarter Predictions, 2010

Channeled: March 6, 2010



We would say for you to feel better, you must understand what makes you actually feel.  If you are busy feeling what is wrong, feeling what is out of sync, feeling what is not happening, then that, of course, is what you will create more of.  If you are busy feeling joy and busy feeling happy, and spending your time understanding that particular emotion, that is what you will get more of.  We know that you all feel trapped within the dimension that you live, and in that trapped feeling, you tend to repeat over and over again those things that really bother you.  We are saying perhaps it is time to repeat over and over again those things that really bring you joy.  If you can think of it each time you want to bitch and complain, we will say to then end the conversation by saying, 'now that I have that out of my system, what do I wish to replace it with.'  And that can certainly bring you more joy. 


Be more conscious, and we have spoken of this also, be more conscious of what you say, and then be observant of what you do. If they are not the same thing, you must really look at it and figure out what is different from one thing to the other --- the 'what you are saying' versus 'what you are doing'. It will help you observe differently for many of you cannot hear your issues.  You can see them in other people, but you cannot see them within yourself.  So again, joy is about finding it.  It is about living in it.  It is about allowing it in. 

Q: How can I keep in a positive mode instead of falling back into my old habits of 'it's never going to work'?  I want to be more positive. I just need some advice on how to stop letting the negative thoughts override the positive.

We would say to you to use your belief system.  You are someone who has what is called faith on your planet. If you are indeed believing in this faith, why can you not also believe in the miracles that this faith produces for you?  So perhaps each day it is to remind yourself that miracles happen every day and you are one of the people who will be receiving them on a regular basis. Remind yourself that you are deserving of receiving these miracles just by the nature of your existence.


Mostly we will say to stop comparing yourself to the invisible ruler that you use about income and body shape and professionalism. The invisible ruler always finds you lacking.  So throw out that particular ruler and start recognizing what you have that you are joyful about. That will help keep you in the positive, and as we said earlier, then when you are done bitching and got it out of your system, to make sure you replace it with something positive. 


We wish to start, as we always do, with Earth. Now more than ever there will be changes happening. Because science is more advanced than they have been in the past, they are looking at the planet differently, hence the ability to tell you that the tilt is off by 1.26 milliseconds (referring to the change in the tilt of the earth after the earthquake in South America).  What is happening within the planet is she is making choices as to where she wishes to go.  She is no longer being guided or instructed by anyone or thing upon her surface, but rather she has pulled her energy inward. 


We will say, as we have in the past, some of what she will be doing is directly related to the emotionality of the area that needs to be cleansed or changed.  In this cleaning and changing it is an opportunity for Gaia to change her path and direction before the energy comes along to pull on her gravitational areas.  So we will say in your second quarter you will see many more Earth changes than you have seen before and you will see it as something like a chain reaction.  So there will not be a lot of time between the events.  What this does is then affect all other areas that we will be talking about in your predictions. How can it not affect your economy and your transportation and your very living upon the planet?

You will note that she is sending cold to warm places and warmth to cold places.  She is giving herself an opportunity, as we have asked all of you, to change her patterns. In changing the patterns she receives the change of energy without resistance, and therefore it is easier on her as it will be on each of you when you stop resisting.

So it is not just earthquakes, although your first quarter started with earthquakes.  You will find more.  You will also find in this chain reaction other things happening.  You will see when the Earth shifts, it is changing the flow of the air around the planet as well as what is happening within the planet.  Science may or may not notice this. 

In that change of air flow you will see ... we will call what you call them, 'natural disasters' taking form through wind and rain and violent weather.  You will see things that are out of season for the area.  You will become aware of how things are no longer what they used to be.  Areas that always had bounty crops in one particular crop itself will find that that crop will no longer work well within their area, and they will have to change it.

Places that counted on the product that they were producing or making to continue to be the same will be surprised when they discover it cannot stay the same for everything is shifting.  You will see land mass changing, so as some islands may disappear, others may be taking their place.

All of this will be starting in your second quarter.  Understand it will not be finishing in just three months, but rather it will be a reflection of the accumulation of the energy that Earth has been storing in the next three months. Once energy is dissipated, it changes what is going on around it.  So if you stand somewhere and shout, you change the very atmosphere in which you are shouting.  The planet is shouting.  And in her shouting she is rearranging things to make it better for her when the new energies come in with a change of alignment in 2012.  We will refer to 2012 often in these predictions since much of what is happening is towards that goal of being prepared. 

Gaia has a message for all those who listen, and that is to stay connected to her and all will be fine in your world.  To give up connection to her do not be surprised at how ridiculous some things happen.  Now more than ever is the time not to be oblivious to the planet herself and what her needs are.
Those who choose not to listen to what Gaia is saying, will find that their “pockets” will have the most difficult time with the energy shifts.  So if you talk to people who are resisting there is no such thing as global warming, 'this is a natural phenomenon that happens all the time', although that statement is in essence true, it is a way for many to deny what is happening around them.

We see within your country, the United States, that what you call your Bread Belt will have difficulties in this coming season.  The best way to get through those difficulties is not to be so pattern oriented that you do things exactly as you have always have done things, but rather to open to the changes that will be happening around you.  If you ask for the assistance, it will be there.  You forget this. 


We will take you into your economy.  What is happening is your economy now is a giant sieve.  There are holes everywhere.  There are things leaking out, and if you are going to follow the linear thinking of the economy as many are doing, you will find that you will be in the same position as all those others who are still acting and reacting from a place of fear and panic.

You will find in this quarter a change of attitude from a small percentage of money lenders.  It will be what we will call a quiet revolution.  If you believe yourself worthy of receiving assistance from this private revolution, now is the time to be thinking how you would indeed improve things, for that is a large part of what this is about.  So if you have good inventions, it will be the perfect time to be launching them for there is readily available funds to make it happen for you.  It is the time to do those things that bring you pleasure.

We will also say at this time in this quarter is the time to be risking, not from a financial point but from an ego point of view.  It is not so much the risking of doing something new.  It is the risking of believing in what you are capable of doing.  So, T, as an example for you it is to believe you are still very good at what you do, and what has happened does not change that fact.  It's for each of you to look at yourselves and your accomplishments through the years and see what you have done and ask yourself if you wish to do more, and if so, how would you go about it.

There will be ample opportunity for those who can stay focused on their own sense of pleasure and joy. If you want proof of that, look at how many people have come out of the woodwork lately, reclaiming your energies in a different way, remembering haven't talked to you in a long time, remembering things like wishing to reunite, reattach.  It does not mean you need to do these things.  It simply means when it is happening you are aware of the compliment you are being given for you have allowed yourself to learn these things, and you have been observed learning them. 

So, from our positioning, in regard to your economy, you will see overall that things will stay pretty much the same, and in some cases look worse, and yet there will be the small grass roots area that will be growing based on the changes we speak of. 

We will end your economy by saying there will be some fearful shifts on large levels that will add to the panic of your United States.  When these things happen, you need to go back and read what we have said. You are a single planet.  It is hard to separate one from the other, and as the planet is looking at her accomplishments also, it is why it is necessary for you to look at yours. 

We will say to all of you that that the risk we speak of in your second quarter has to do with the trusting of your heart.  This will not be an easy factor for any of you for your species tends not to trust self and puts others, including the economy ahead of self. 


What we are asking is that when these changes come to you that you look at, again, the bottom line, the finalization of the many things you have accomplished, the accumulation of the many things you have done so that there is not an outside influence that makes you less than what you actually are. There will be organizations out there willing, ready, and able to make all less than so that they can win in this change of energy. Even though we do not believe it is winning and losing, it is words and energies that you can understand. 

It will be important in your second quarter to see the difference between organization and manipulation, between going with the flow and following the herd.  As long as each of you stays true to yourselves, there is nothing to block your gain.  The minute you start thinking like the masses, you will fall back into your old patterns and habits.  Does this make sense?

From an economic standpoint, you will find the second quarter on paper looking better than it has looked. Yet at the same time, you will see that people who have been waiting for it to get better are out there being more vocal than they have been. In their vocalness, what they are doing is calling attention to the trusting of self. In the trusting of self without the need to be dictated to many opportunities will be coming your way. 


Let us speak of the concept of food, the concept of survival, the concept of how all of you wonder how you will get through this economic what you are calling downturn.  It is not about cutting eyes and the nose out of the mass of the person before you.  It is not about becoming something you are not.  It is rather about becoming WHO you are. So here again is the issue of trust. 


Your trust issues will overflow on a regular basis.  Know that what is happening in this quarter for each individual is an opportunity to be receiving energy they have never received before. Just like the fact you cannot turn on your lamp if it is not plugged into your wall, you will be unable to turn on your own knowing if you are not plugged into the changes that are happening around you.  This will require understanding of being non-linear versus linear.  So when you see a sculpture that contains twelve feet, and is one person, and you say 'isn't that ridiculous', if you truly want to know if it is ridiculous, you go to the opening for the opening will be giving out different kinds of information than they have in the past

Q:    Do you mean the art opening?

Not just art, but for all openings, all new opportunities. 

We are debating how much more we should give you in this area.  Your aggressiveness by nature sometimes makes you dangerous to be working with.  Your need to be right sometimes makes you dangerous to be working with.  It is the difference between discernment and dictation.

Q:    Are you referring to the human race as a whole when you speak of aggression, etc.?

Yes, because that aggression is not vacant from your species and often comes to the surface in ways that are unexpected.  Your nature keeps you entertaining us with information, but we will say that you will all be receiving information that you will need to be making choices for self in regards to... 


The information will be coming in which is why many of you are awake at different hours in the evening, for the information comes in to more or less download within you at certain times.  Do not fight the times you need to do this.  Do recognize that your openness to be changing will make a great deal of difference in the outcome of all things.  Come away from your judgmental way of being, and allow others to be simply what they are.  Without that attitude what will be happening is you will be finding in various places on your planet a greater aggression.  We would like to see you all avoid that.

Q:    Would saying something as simple as “I'm open to change" during the day, might that help us indeed be open to change?  Posting that phrase somewhere so we actually think more consciously...

It is not enough to say you are open to change.  It is important to say that you are open to change that will assist you on the best path for self. You are not just open to change, you are open to be receiving what is the highest and best for each individual, and that will not be the same thing. 

To say you are open to change means that all would be open in the same kind of ways, and that is not a true fact any longer, for it is no longer being looked at, meaning your planet, as the masses it was once looked at.  It is now being looked at in very individual ways.

So we have spoken of your economy and the Earth changes.  We have spoken of how things relate to one another.  What are the other topics you wish us to speak on? 



Your government structure is changing to such an extent that government will not be as recognizable as it has once been in the past.  There is a foolishness in the country in which you live where your politicians are acting like spoiled children.  It is important that you, as the individual who has elected these people to represent them, that you tell them they are acting like children, and you in turn act accordingly.  It is time for the egos to be removed and the welfare of the masses to be reviewed.  It is time for those who feel that they have all the answers to present those answers in such a way that prove it or to move on. 

You will all need to be participating in ways you have never participated before in order for this information to be heard.  You can either be writing your letters to your representatives or to the papers or both.  But you need desperately to make them aware that you are not stupid, that you recognize in their actions that they are not acting on your behalf.  And perhaps that is the only message that you need send them is to act on the behalf of the people, not on the behalf of the egos of a particular group or consensus in the country. 

So, government will be shifting.  You will find there will be some military coups in smaller nations in your second quarter, areas you might not even know exist.  You will also find that there will be renegotiation of certain treaties between large countries.  Some of these will be made more public than they have ever been made before.  Do not believe that because there are the same people debating, that they will both leave feeling the same. 

Know that governments across your globe are beginning to recognize the power of the masses.  We have spoken of this in the past.  Once the people have organized, it will be easier to get the things you want done. Even though you may not appreciate the organization, it is the area everyone needs to be in in this moment now.  Know that governments across your country, across your world are going to change for the sake of changing.  You will no longer to be able to do things as you have done them in the past.    

We will say that when we look upon your planet we see that government itself is more a facade than an actuality.  To review this, we will say to pay attention to the smaller countries who will be speaking with louder voices. When you see this happening, you will know that you are on the verge of change for all things governmental.  Does that information suffice for government?

Q:    I do have a question about our current president, how he's going to be weathering this?

Something akin to banging his head against a wall, as many other people will be doing.  It will be not in his hands, but in the hands of the masses, so he must be asking the masses for their input.  He will find a way to connect with the masses differently than he has in the past that will assist in these changes.


This is an area where you can see many changes, and perhaps positive in ways that you would not comprehend in the past.  Medicine is no longer going to be looked at in the singular way it has been looked at.  Medicine is now going to be more dimensional than it has ever been before.  You are going to see some of that dimensionality starting in your second quarter of your year 2010. 


As these things start to take place, medicine will discover that they must treat the illness or whatever  is perceived as wrong within the body in a different way than they have in the past.  Part of this will be dependence upon the individual person being in touch and aware of their own physicality.  As these changes take place within the field of medicine, what will happen is that you will see that disease is nothing more than a mis-communication between some fired synapses.  As you notice these things are happening in that particular way, what you will see is that the new ways of healing will be entirely different from the old ways.  There will be less reliance on the chemical enhancements that do not really help without harming.  There will be less reliance on the concept that says only one person has all the answers.  There will be less reliance on the usual we will call it gossip mongering of doctor to doctor creating rather than getting rid of illnesses. 

As these things happen, it will be happening in baby steps within your second quarter. As they are happening, you will find within your own physicality, the reason they are happening is because no one has the answer for what is going on in your bodies. Since no one has the answer, someone must be looking for the answer. If someone is looking for the answer, then the beginnings of this are found to be true.  Does this all make sense?

Because of this you may see some very interesting ... we will call them experimentation's that you can set to music if you choose to.  They will start out as private.  They will end up as more public.

Q:    Where will those come from?

Various people upon your planet in various countries.  Know that in looking at the body's health, what we will be looking at, we collectively of those outside and within your country, within your globe, what we will be looking for is the opening into new dimensions that your DNA is taking.  There are people who have started this movement long before.  You may check them out, if you wish, but know that with your changes, you cannot help but change dramatically in your own case as well. 

You might want to take a look at your menus and decide if you can or cannot live with those selections.  You will find that when you are approaching food or pain killers or any medication, even your vitamins, that your body can tell you instantly it does or does not want that particular thing.  Is there any more on this?

Q:    You had mentioned last time about the magnetics and healing, is that still happening?

There is great confusion around magnetics.  There is great confusion around the electro-magnetic body, but yes, it is still happening.  It's going to be used differently than we had originally seen.  The reason for this is because of the ... we will say judgement that is out there on how things can and cannot work. 
If you wish to be a nosy neighbor, and look over the fence and see what your neighbors have that you do not, then that is not the way to go about understanding this. Rather, look inside yourself to find what you have without the worry or concern of what you do not have. As doctors are learning that your DNA is opening to other dimensions, it means that other dimensions can open to you as well. But not that many will open for they are not brave enough yet to do this work.  Is there anything more you desire on medicine?

Q:    Is our government going to come up with a better solution for health care reform in this year?

Is this where we say "see Government"?  We would say to you it is a nice thought to believe that this is possible, and it is, but not in the current state of affairs. There are too may egos involved.  Change the ego involvement, and you will change the procedure.  Does all of this make sense?

We will tell you there will be certain chemical enhancements coming in also for your world of medicine that will assist in ways that they do not understand, but since they do not understand after all this time what even aspirin does,we are not surprised. 



Perhaps in this category things are more different than you can imagine.  Religion as you measure it today has a greater significance than it did even five years ago. The reason it has a greater significance is because of disasters that have been happening and the fear that puts you back into praying to whatever your Godhead is to help and protect you, versus going into the Godhead that is Self to ask why you created those circumstances.  Therefore we will say you will see religion on the rise.  You will see the organization of these things being put out there in order to create and put out solace to those who have been hit so hard with what you call your natural disasters. 

Understand something that religion and the purpose of it has always been and will always be about power.  If you do not hand your power over, they have no power over you.  Spirituality is about your own individual and personal power.  The concept of spirituality, however, will be greatly jaded beginning in this quarter of 2010.  The reason we say this is because the trend now is to understand the body-mind-spirit connection.  The trend now is that New Age isn't so new, and the Occult isn't so odd.  So what will be happening is you will see a spattering of people trying to rise above preaching their information of spirituality as if that spirituality were religion.  We are trusting in all to not be conned by anyone. If you connect with them heart to heart, that will be an opportunity for each of you to recognize within yourselves your own knowing and the knowingness then leads to the proper action for self. 

There is a need on your planet to believe, for in the modernization of all things, fate has often been thrown aside, for you cannot prove certain things.  You can actually duplicate many of them.  That is another story. 

Spirituality will be on the rise, and as it continues to rise, if you are not a phoenix, it will not work for you.  If, however, you function as the bird, the phoenix, it will be a lovely change in the clouds to show the different aspects of the energies to which we speak.  Is this understood?


Q:   When you say 'function as a phoenix', you mean rise above?

We mean to allow yourself to see what has come before need not be used in the same way, but rather to fuel the fire of what is yet to come, which means from nothing.  Do you understand it in this way?


It is, of course, our favorite category, is it not for how can we not love ET's? 

We are active in some areas now more so than in others.  In our activity of those areas, most do not know that we are not of the planet Earth.  Most think we are like you.  We do not know whether that is a compliment or an insult at this point in time.  We will say that since we are already integrating into your system, we can help some of you who are fighting for their country, who are feeling no good because of something they were told, who are out there on a limb, we will say, without any assistance.  We are always available to assist.  We assist without knowledge as well as with knowledge.  So we will say to you where the ET's are concerned that we are always there when you need us. 

Your ET activity again will be shifting gears.  In some of the places that have been talked about such as places in South America with some very major natural disasters will be heading back to find someone to blame, and it may be our wonderful selves.  The decisions that Gaia makes are decisions that are Gaia's alone.  She does not choose to align herself, but when we do, she allows it to happen.  So know that what is happening here in this garden, you have burrs.  In your lifestyles you have burrs.  In the way you approach the ET concept, you have burrs.  When you recognize that these are nothing more than old fears, they will be pushed and swept away. 

You will never be happy not meeting us, but we will not yet be making ourselves known to you. That is to the enjoyment of some and the consternation of others.

Q:    Could you clarify that?  "We will not be making ourselves known to you"

That you will not perhaps know the ET's who are in your life as ET's.  You will only know them as the people you have pegged them to be, and we are not speaking of the eccentric types, although some of us can be eccentric. 

So where ET's are concerned, there will be a new movement on to once again discover because some of the fear will be 'are they causing these earthquakes based on doing something to the planet'.




We will prepare to depart and say to you that what we have asked of you is nothing we would not ask of anyone which is to remain within your physicality with an understanding that the power you wield is more that just in the dimension in which you are choosing to be aware.  The power you wield goes dimension to dimension, and you had to have the what we will call 'run-in' that you have had at various time in order to recognize your own powers.  So that is why there are occasions when things fail. 

You can call on us at any time to discuss in greater depth what these predictions are like, but what we will say in general for you for this quarter of 2010 is that it is a time of preparation.  It is a time to do some cleansing.  It is a time to go within and recognize what it is you wish to contain, and what it is you wish to get rid of.  If you go about these things in your usual way, there will be great errors or what we would call errors before we get there.  If you choose to open to your own abilities and take yourself seriously in the sense of knowing, seriously in the sense of being connected with the internal workings of self, if you choose to go in that direction, we will be able to offer you food, but we will also be able to offer you a different kind of solace, a different kind of support, but first you must know that you are deserving of this kind of support.  In your deservedness, you have your knowing building.  In your knowing building, you have your ability to go beyond the dimension that seems to trap you, and in your ability to go beyond the trapping dimension, you then have the opportunity to be flying, and that is both in a physical and mental sense.  To smile now is to require too much of your exhibition for you are not yet ready to address these units.

Q:    Can you say that again in a different way, please.

When each of you can go within and look upon yourselves in a different light, you will then be able to invite more of that different light in, illuminating more than one dimension at a time.  With the welcoming of that light into various dimensions, you will discover within self how you are connected to all things, and in that, gain power in a new and different way.