2009 Predictions 1ST Quarter

Channeled 12/10/08

It will be very different and yet intense and the same for 2009. There will be surprises. There will be changes. There will be shifts and moves like you have never seen before. The interesting part is that some people will see it very differently than others. Some people will have a different sense of what is happening than others. It will be as if people are living, perhaps, in more than one world at the same time. It will be interesting to see which particular world you choose to live in.

We will be giving you information in regard to, we will say, the best of all those worlds. We are aware that as you progress within your energy, we, of course, also progress. We are happy to say as you climb the ladder, we are also climbing the ladder. With this knowledge and information, you will be helping others behind you as we are helping you. Although, behind is not quite the right word. But it is the only image we can give you to help you understand that vibrationally the energy moves in a certain way and pattern. Because it moves in the way that it moves in, there are waves before and waves after. The wave itself is never ending nor beginning. So it is hard to determine where the start and end is if it is not ending or beginning. Yet, at the same time, like making fun of your friends when you say you will always be younger than, or older than, it is similar to that. The age really means nothing. But the event around the age itself is what comes in a humorous way to enjoy or not enjoy depending upon the attitude of the person celebrating. So there will be many attitudes for the celebration of this new year, this year of 2009.


We will start with the Earth Changes since that is one area that you always want information on. We will say to you to be prepared for some major disasters on your continent as well as others. By preparedness, we are not speaking about being paranoid and stocking water and food so that you can escape into your basements. By preparedness, we are speaking of becoming aware of the energies that are around you and working with them. Working with these energies in such as way that you will be able, if you choose, to manipulate matter.

Hmm. Doesn’t that sound like fun? That is what you do when you collectively send your attention and intention in the same direction. With this, you have the power to manipulate matter. Because these things will be happening in the ways they are happening, if enough people – your hundredth monkey idea – come together with the intention and purpose of changing something, they will have that ability. Have you not already proven that in your election within your United States? Enough people came together with the intention of changing things and it happened. So many people seem to think that it is an easy thing, what happened in that election and we will say to you it is an easy thing. For the majority of people came together and created that hundredth monkey and manipulated matter so to speak, to make sure this happened in this way. You will have that opportunity when some of these major disasters are happening. You will have the opportunity to be working now more within community than you have before.

Your community needs to have focus, needs to have intention. With your intention and your focus you will have power. With your power you will be able to affect change upon your physical realm. If you take these words in an intellectual way they can make sense on one level. If you take these words in a spiritual way, they will make sense on another level. If you can think of the concept of being energetic and vibrational they will make sense on still another level. But we digress from your earth changes.

So we will say that there will be some major disasters on every continent. It will not all happen in the first quarter of your year 2009. You will see some disastrous results in the early part of your year.

In your January of your new year, expect some major changes to be happening. The reason for this is because you have shifted and you have selected to adjust your energies in such a way that you are now becoming what you were always looking for. In becoming what you were always looking for and in shifting these energies, some energies will not be compatible and will be unable to stay. Do not look at these disasters as horrid. Rather, look at these disasters as an event taking place energetically for purposes that perhaps are outside of your understand at this point in time.

We will say the continents in the first month will be in Africa, will also perhaps be, depending upon, some of your island areas and you can look for something even within your United States. It is always a greater disaster in a well developed area than those that are not. So there will be some happenings in less developed areas that will not get as much publicity or attention as those things happening in the more, you would call, civilized areas.

Pay attention in your first quarter to your weather patterns. They will all encompassing of the seasons, plural. You will see different temperatures at all times. While your northern hemisphere is in its wintertime and your southern hemisphere is in its summertime, you will see temperatures from all seasons within the season. They will not last necessarily for long periods of time, but they will be odd and unusual.


We will also say to you where the earth is concerned, that there will be issues around water – levels going up in some places, going down in others. But more and to the point will be issues around drinking water. You will find on a global level that the water systems are being affected by what you have put into the planet. Again, some of these things will be mentioned publicly and some of these things will be kept very quiet. There will be some issues around the drinking system.

When these things come out will be when certain diseases are also being spread. This all relates to your planetary changes although it seems to encompass other areas besides just the planet.

We will also say to you that your earth will be tilting a little differently than it has in the past. This is normal. You do not have to be worrying about the predictions of the total toppling by the year 2012. Some will be using this new angle as their explanation as to the trading of poles so to speak on your planet by the year 2012. That is not the case. But it is the case that your planet is changing its tilt. As it changes its tilt it will be awakening certain areas that have been asleep and dormant for some time. Meaning that the activities in these areas are more energetic than physical. The activity we speak of will be the opening of certain vortices, energetic places.

Your entire planet is doing awakening. It’s what ones will be found out we shall say in your first quarter.

Q: Can I ask a question? Does the opening and bringing about of vortices have anything to do with Atlantis?

Perhaps we should say to you not Atlantis but Lemuria. Would that not intrigue you?

Q: Yes, that’s intriguing. That’s the other side of the world!

Yes indeed it is.

Q: Maybe that’s why all those earthquakes are happening around Australia now?

And maybe that’s why we don’t wish to speak of Atlantis but Lemuria. Maybe that’s why we are answering it this way so that you will be satisfied with at least some of the information. Lemuria, you know, was more advanced in different ways. Atlantis was mental. Lemuria was heart. What is it you are awakening now?

R: The heart. Exactly. Good point.

So it is more likely that Lemuria can have more to show and help your planet then Atlantis. Although you will always have those who want to have Atlantis rule. Did you not notice that Atlantis was much more popular than Mu? They often did not speak of Lemuria, did they?

That, again, shows that it went in the direction of the mental and not the direction of the heart. So perhaps when you are checking on your seismon site (www.iris.edu/seismon/), you might look to see what land is rising versus what land is going under when these earthquakes are happening. See if something new regarding Lemuria and the information that Lemuria has always had to offer is there for you.

So we will say to you as we mentioned in your last quarter of your year 2008, that activity would come after activity, would come after activity. It would not be one hurricane that would be the issue. Rather, a hurricane and then one immediately following. You have seen that to be true.

You will find now, in the beginning of your year 2009 there will be more anomalies. Again, we say that we like the fact that you use that word. There will be more anomalies than you have seen in the past. We will mention again that it cannot be an anomaly if it is happening all the time. You will see things that you do not expect to see in your weather. Hence why you will be seeing all temperatures in the season that you are in.


The Earth, herself, is shifting and changing. It will be an excellent time if you are interested to be in contact with her for she will be opening more and more to those who live upon her. She will be needing more and more support from those who live upon her as she awakens and looks for direction. It does not mean you need to care take her nor be in charge of what is best for her. That is still her job. It simply means that like anything else, it is always good to have a support system around you. You can be hers.

The earth will be ‘becoming’ in this first quarter. In her becoming, she will be displaying things she has never shown before. There will be archeological finds that have not been there before. There will be information coming about the formation and the actual structure of your planet that has not been there before as she continues to change her look, her feel, her essence. It will be most enlightening to those who have been studying her for years. Often, you do not receive the information until it is granted by those whose information you are in essence studying. She will be opening herself to some new information. Does this all make sense to you?


We will speak to you next, for it is going to be on everyone’s mind, of the economy. It is not just a happening within your country, but rather a global issue.

We must laugh for those who have been in charge it has been like, we believe your phrase is, the fox in the hen house. So for those people who are to be guarding your money and suddenly you realize your money is gone so you turn around and you say to the fox, ‘oh, we understand that you are hungry and had to eat those chickens but wait, let us get you more!’ It is an interesting way that you respond to this global economy.

However, one of the reasons it is happening the way it is happening is so each of you can recognize, indeed, what is value, valuable, what is worthy and what is worthiness. You have all gotten caught up in the greed of how things have been run and taken care of. You have all lost communication with people as you open communication with companies.

One of the reasons the crisis is appearing as it is appearing is to recreate a global community. You use the word but it is no where close to being community. So this issue around your monetary exchanges will force each and every person upon the planet to be looking at things in a slightly different way. You cannot believe that those suffering poverty in another country really care about your global economy or whether you have a new car in your driveway. Those people who are suffering and do not have enough food, they view this global issue much differently than you.

So we will ask you where the economy is concerned not to be checking and evaluating what is being done to make it better for that will be irritating. Rather, we will say to you that it is important with this new global issue that you find your center inside self, you find your value within self, you find your core and stay there for if you do not stay within your core you will find yourself caught up in the nonsense of what is going on outside of self. You will find yourself believing things that are not in any way based in fact or truth. You will find yourself in a situation where you and Chicken Little can notice that the sky is falling.

When you are slow enough to be sitting or standing or lying down, and in your center, you will know that the global economy is not based upon a company, it is not based upon your car industry, it is not based upon your Wall Street, or your exchange with other countries. It is based upon the people who make up these things. As long as the people are being run by the company through fear and greed, there will be a great difficulty around the economy. If you, as an individual, are able to stay within your core self, to recognize your connectedness to others around you, to see the community you have created consciously or unconsciously within your own space; to recognize your part within that community by what you do – the helping hand is not at your expense but at your desire. Should you recognize that, you will not suffer as your species loves to do. You shall not suffer the issues that seem to be created when the very words ‘global economy problems’ are spoken.


What we will say about this is that what they are saying and what you can experience is a piece of the two worlds we were speaking of. In one world, you will have many who will feel impoverished and therefore create it for themselves. In another world that we hope you choose to inhabit you will have many who will look outside themselves and say "that has no power over me" and therefore they will also be correct.

It is a difficult concept to grasp for you all want to think about what economy means. Economy means money. If you do not have it, then therefore you are in trouble. We are saying, instead, if you can see economy spelled ‘energy’ it will change all things. We don’t mean the energy of solar or the energy of oil. We mean the energy that is already inherent upon the earth that you can call upon at any time you so choose.

Sue was watching a movie and she liked a comment that was made: air is all around us and therefore exists. And if it exists, then it means we can use it in some way. We can step upon it to get to where we wish to go. We are saying the same is true of the energy that we speak of. It exists. It is all around you. You can utilize this energy and help it, and allow yourself to help it get you to where you want to go.

Here’s what we will say to you. . . (pause and new "voice" enters)

If there was a curtain that ran down the center of the room in which you live, and you noticed on one side of the curtain there was one window and on the other side of the curtain there was a different window. On one side you would look out and see one thing. On the other side you would look out and see something different. You are, in essence, still working in the same room. This is still part of where you live. Yet each half has a different view to what is going on outside. That is what we speak of.

When you are on one side of the house, you may be thinking about the monetary needs of paying bills, buying groceries, making payments. On the other side of the house you may be looking outside and admiring the Sun and looking at the flowers and enjoying the voice of the birds.

Each of those places are real. Each of those places have energy. Each of those places have power. We are asking you to choose one or the other. We are not saying you cannot go between. But the more you go between, the harder it will be to find one that fits you best. Does that make more sense in our explanation?


We see it has confused you more!

R: No. I understand it. I understand the whole duality of two different worlds. I understand your analogy.


Q: But I guess what you’re saying is that money is energy and energy is all around us. Therefore, money’s all around us. Is that what you’re saying?

Yes. But we like the fact that you are seeing money as the ruler and we are seeing energy as the ruler. We are saying energy is all around you and you can do anything you wish with it.

You are saying energy is money first.

R: Oh. Oh crap, okay.

And that, therefore we have money all around us.

R: I inverted it.

Yes. You are still bringing all things to what we would call your lowest common denominator which is the fear and the greed that is connected with your money instead of seeing that the energy is the energy is the energy and can be used in any way that you wish as long as you stay away from that fear and that greed.

We will say as the time goes on that your economy for many will be seen through fearful eyes. If you keep your eyes closed to the fear, there is no problem. It is a simple statement that will be difficult for some to hold to their hearts and yet, in holding to your heart, all thing will be yours. You must not think ‘all things’ in the way mean monetarily, but rather ‘all things’ meaning all needs are met. If you still believe that the only way your needs can be met is through money, you will have difficulty with this concept.

So we will say your global economy issues are not as frightening as some would like to make them. Yet many would like to keep this alive for in its aliveness they gain power through using fear. When you recognize this, when you take away their power by not being fearful, you will understand the power that you have. When you recognize this, that is when you create all things. It is a most powerful statement to be making that we hope you will read again and again to understand. That will sum up your global economy.

And the next topic of information, we believe we wish to speak to you of science.


(New "Voice") All those things fall under that category of science. What we wish to say to you is that there can be great breakthroughs now for the approach is not as it was in the past. The approach in the past was give me the money, so I can do the research, so I can find the answer. The approach now, because it will be through passion, will be I have found an answer. In knowing that, the support for doing it in a way that is acceptable by many will come.

It will be an interesting turn of events for the rich can no longer be as controlling as they have been for they are not as rich as they have been. As the economic crisis looms for this time period you will find that Science will find a heyday even though the money may not be there in the way it has before. There are certain, we will say contributions, that will be made in the world of science that cannot be stopped.

We will say to you that the change in science for the first quarter of your new year will give the appearance that it is being shuffled aside, it is being made less important. Yet, at the same time, when you see what is going to be happening, it will actually become more important for there will be a greater synergy going on between your science and your spirituality than you have ever seen before. In this synergistic approach of thought process with science, there will be great breakthroughs in ways that have never been seen before.

So the scientists that you have been used to speaking about, that you have read or seen on some level, will help with this, we will call it a revolution in the science field. Note that in the first quarter of this new year there will be information leaked – for it cannot come through standard pathways – that will offer hope for people who have not had hope in a very long time.

You are seeing some inklings of this now in the talk about diabetes. What needs to be determined is that the statistics say that now one out of every three children who is born will contract this disease (I have no idea where this statistic comes from). One of the things that intuitive science – which sounds like a contradiction – will be uncovering is the dietary problems that are creating the changes in the physicalities by looking at what has been in the country for a certain time period, and tying this together. It is the intuitive that will set science on the path that will help understand and change what is happening in that particular area. You will see this coming in other scientific data as well for other diseases.

When you hear of things shifting and moving know that there are intuitive scientists or scientists working with intuitives who know how to pull these things together for the good of the whole while still feeding self. The self that is being fed in regard to these scientists have to do with being able to openly research something that they have been told they should not, could not, would not. There will be changes and paths being made in your medical community because science is becoming more intuitive.

There will also be some changes in your medical community by the individuals who are being treated by your medical profession. People are being shown how they need to take responsibility for their own bodies. This will be a new area of learning. They will call it something so that it looks like people don’t have to work too hard but it comes down to recognizing that the person must take responsibility for their own body and what happens in it, around it, and through it.

Science will be not so much king, but co-ruler with the intuitive and you will see the beginnings of this in the first quarter of your new year. It will be an exciting time when information is being shared in new and different ways.

As with all healing, it must be from the inside out and not the outside in.

You will be discovering that there will be a whole new genre of healing under the guise of sound and vibration. Dr. Ovokaitys will be contributing greatly to the establishment of that. You will not see necessarily in your first quarter but you will see in your year 2009.


(New "Voice") We are not sure your phrase ‘we have government and politics’ is a truism. (Laughter) We will say that your government and politics, for the most part, have you. We will say that where government and politics are concerned, there will be a change in your country that will be reflected in your globe. Your new president will have a job of anchoring certain, we will call them vibrational issues, onto the planet that he will be in charge of....

We will refer you back to when you were working with the web of light (an exercise to connect positive energy to the earth). You were looking at the connectedness of person to person. When the web of light was put around the planet there needed to be anchors around the planet itself in order for the web to take affect. Part of the job of the new president of your country is to anchor this energy in a new and different way than it has been there before. As he takes on the job of anchoring this energy, he must be careful that his personal energy is not diverted or thinned to such an extent that he cannot do the job he was put here for. The progressive political leaders will be recognizing the need for anchoring this light around the planet but they will not technically understand what they are doing. You will still see stupid politicians although in Sue’s mind she says they are all stupid. (Laughter)

We will say to you, you will still see those who cannot, do not and will not understand that, again, just like medicine and other things, and the economy, is that it is the people who create not the business or the company that creates. So your politician will be needing to answer on a greater level than ever before to the people themselves. The people themselves are better organized than they have been before which will be both a plus and a minus.

There are many, far too many, who are easily led. There are many, far too many, who can be convinced of something that is not, perhaps correct and right. There are many, far too many, who can get caught up in something that they do not understand. So a lot of your first quarter regarding your politicals and government will be the fine art of balancing on the high wire without a net. There will be a great deal of taking from here to put there, shifting from this to do that.

There are human issues that need to first be taken care of and that is understood. Yet, at the same time, there is great difficulty taking care of them.

The issues that are first on your agenda have to do with concepts like war. Yet, at the same time, there will be conflict for there will be advise going on that says if they are not in this war, then there can be even greater economic issues. These are not necessarily true statements. There will be statements that will be balanced and in some way juggled instead of paying attention to the human part which is the loss of life. They will be paying attention to the economic part. In the long run, you will lose economically. Until that comes completely to light there will always be someone who will vote for war!

You will see more of the negotiating type process happening in your first quarter where politicians are concerned. You may not necessarily agree with the negotiating policies but it will be a giant step in a new direction.

There will be information released that the country did not know about in regard to the loss of lives in the wars that are currently being waged in your name. When this information is received there will be a swelling of the masses to do something to fix. This is where it is most cautious to take care of the way you respond to things and to make sure you have facts before blindly joining or agreeing. Make sure you read the whole thing before signing. Make sure you are aware of all things before accepting.

There will be a need for advice in the first quarter of your new year. The trick of advice is knowing when to listen and when to allow your own knowledge to supersede. So we will say to all people in regard to politics and government, to follow your heart first and in doing that, show and create the example you want your officials to show and create. In doing that, you will create more than becoming too emotionally involved with what you want to happen now, now, now, now, now.

There will not be great differences with your politicians and your governments. The differences will be with your people. They are learning about their power. That is a good thing to both be seeing and saying.


(New "Voice" – feminine.)

I have been elected to come to you to speak on this subject since it is something that is sensitive and will be reflective of all upon the planet, especially in the first quarter. When there is a great loss of life, when you see people and all living things around you dying, you have a greater respect for something greater than you. The difficulty is, under these circumstances, you also attract to yourself the need to give your power over to that greater power.

It will be a precarious balancing act in the first quarter of your year to remain empowered as distinctive individuals while discovering within self the need for the community that supports and takes care of the issues that have been created through the loss of life and through the loss of things. So religion and spirituality, although they can never come together for that was separated long ago, but each of them will be playing a different role than they have played, perhaps, in the more distant past.

The role of religion will be to nurture and take in those who have no place to go. There are certain requirements when this happens. There are certain obligations that are put upon the individual when this happens. That is the difficulty with religion – that there is a dictation process that happens when you are dealing with them. On the positive note, they will be doing some good works. They will be assisting in the rebuilding both on an emotional as well as a physical scale. In that way, they need to be honored for the sacrifices that will be made by many within it.

However, on the side of spirituality, the difficulty will be the new, more negative, spiritual talk. It sounds as if it is contradictory and yet it is not. You always have those who wish to turn the light on, and those who wish to turn the light out. So you will have some within the community of spirituality who will be speaking with words that sound correct and right. They will be no different than those who have been working with greed and fear. You will also have those who will be calling on spirituality, who will be turning on lights as they go, who will be beacons of light, who will be glowing and attracting others, and having difficulty not becoming the worshipful idol that many will want to make them. We will say, on an individual level, that each person must find within their own heart where their vibration best fits in these changes that you will see in the beginning of your new year.

If your heart vibrates best to the dictation of a structure of religion, then by all means, put your energy there provided you allow your heart to remain within you.

If your energy goes toward the dark or the light in spirituality, by all means put your energy there.

But no matter which direction, your heart, again, must remain within you. All of you will be challenged in this first quarter about your sense of belief and where it will take you. All of you will be questioning your sense of belief and where it can take you. Each time you go through these changes, each time the planet presents to you the opportunity of change, there are changes that each person goes through – some hoping that they can run away from what was, and others excited about running toward what soon will be. It will be an individual choice to determine which direction you will personally be choosing for self.

I say these things to make you more aware of the need to be heart connected again. When you follow light, light becomes you. When you follow dark, dark becomes you. When you follow religion without question you become the dictate of that religion. So it is to make you aware of how easily it is, that you can be swayed onto a particular path when you are not heart connected.

Stay within the heart. Recognize what this means for you as an individual. Recognize what this means ONLY for you as an individual and do not compare or worry about how anyone else will be handling it.

The point of this first quarter in your new year is to be connected to what you already are. In order for that to happen, you must be still enough to be in the moment when it is upon you. You must be still enough within your own soul to hear it when it whispers to you. You must be still enough within your own heart to hear the beat and the pulse that runs through you. You must be still enough within your own mind to hear the voice that is your voice, the voice of your knowing, on your feeling level. That is what spirituality is truly about.

We will say that if you feel in an overwhelmed state, to simply again, be still and go into your heart and you will no longer feel overwhelmed.


(New "Voice")

We will tell you that ET activity is now and will continue to increase. We will tell you that this ET activity as you speak of it will become more varied than you have seen in the past. We will tell you it will also become much more prevalent and public than you have seen in a while. It will be interesting to see the responses of people for the fear and greed piece is still something that is used to control the masses upon your planet.

So if you can be convinced that the ET energies are negative, then therefore there can be panic and greater control. If you can be convinced that the ET energies are positive and light filled, you can still be controlled in a new and different way.

A lot of the information that has been coming through this evening has been about the recognition of heart center, the recognition of knowing without needing, the recognition of working with energy and not the thing that the energy creates. If you think of it from that perspective, then the ET activity will be nothing more than a reflection of who you already are, nothing more than a mirror being held up to show you origin, to show you future, to show you now, nothing more than a chance to be changing through your knowing what it is you wish to change. You can either embrace the information that will be coming, you can run from the information that will be coming or you can simply ignore the information that will be coming.

It was spoken in the beginning that there will be a great duality in this new year, that there will be two different visions, two different realities so to speak. The ET’s will fall into one of them, but not both. Something for you to contemplate and think about.

It is to be all inclusive. It is to be all knowing within self so that you can see outside of self what is happening. The ET’s as you have labeled us and many of us, for there is not one ET, are here for the most part for teaching. It is your choice whether you choose to be taught. It is your choice to determine if what we have will be beneficial to you. We always leave it up to the individual. We must admit we do enjoy the theatrics on occasion as well. So perhaps we will say to you when all things are going in the right direction in about the middle of February there might be some theatrical things coming your way.

Look for us. You might be surprised at what you see. We realize we are not giving you any specific information except that there will be more. The purpose behind this is because it depends on which duality we fall into. Maybe when we get to talking about the second quarter it will be better known and we can give you more information. Between now and then we will simply say, look underground. . . look above ground... look in the sky at night and see what else you see besides what you have been used to seeing and you may be quite surprised at what is all around you that you have never noticed until now.


We wish to give you some basic information for your year 2009. As the changes are happening provided you remain in your heart, the hope will never be greater, stronger, nor able to be manifested in collective ways. Remain focused. Look within inside self before looking outside of self. Recognize the difference between what speaks within and what speaks without. As long as you are aware of those many things that are happening inside of you, you will find that things will be very smooth. When you resist the changes, when you insist on things being the same, when you choose to not allow the flow of the new energy, you will find yourself in difficulties, of all manners of difficulties.

You are the one creating the financial issues, the health issues, the issues around employment and everything else that goes on around you including your relationships. We will say to you if you wish to have all of these things work the best for you, you must be within self, knowing already what the best is for self. That is how it will work. What will be happening around you will be a direct reflection of what is happening within you. Never before has this been more true. Never before has it been so important for each person to have that stillness within that can be reflected and therefore created in simple and wonderful ways.

Your 2009 promises to be a year in the direction that you have all been yearning. It will run and work very smoothly when you are in that center space. As long as you keep that in mind, you can look forward to quite a phenomenal year without the need to be worrying and to choose the side of the room that lets you watch the sun and nature play, instead of the side of the room that requires you to be gloomy. It will always be your choice. We trust that the ones you make will be the ones you feel the best about.

We will be back to visit you again as we always are in different ways, in different forms with different information. It will be more and more interesting to see as the energies flow in new directions and travel at higher vibrations what will be coming in.