Sue Yarmey channels The Many in Windham, ME
September 3, 2009

We are here. We see that, in general , this group is empathic, and healers. We do not know if you are all aware of that, but you are. We also see, in general, that some of the questions that you – we will use the word 'harbor' – within yourselves, you may or may not ask. We do not care. We will try to touch on some of the information you are looking for in general, before we go to specific questions.

In touching on this information we are hoping to, we will say, prepare you for the many energetic changes that you are all feeling but not understanding. . . that you are all aware of, but perhaps not really aware of. . . that you are all conscious of happenings around you as if your world is not the same. Guess what? Your world is not the same. Your world has changed. Some of you are more aware of that than others. Some of you are still resisting. Some of you will run, and jump into the void, happily. Others will be standing on the abyss thinking 'oh no, you cannot make me do that'. We will not try to make you do that.

We offer information that will assist you and that is all we can do. It is up to you to make these choices for self. We have stated in many, many different ways, that you must build from your core if you are to assist others. You must be strong in who you are if you wish to move beyond where you have been stuck. You are all phenomenal beings. You are all capable of many more things than you ever give yourself credit for. You all understand the battle with the ego. The ego is not necessarily bad if you will work 'with' instead of 'for' the ego. In understanding this, is when you can move to greater heights then you have ever been at before. Some of you understand this, some of you are still searching. Often your search takes you outside of self instead of inside of self. It all begins within.

One of the things we would like to do in our meditation with you this evening is to open your heart centers, to connect you to planet and universe, to get the flow of the energy that is changing the electromagnetic field of your Earth, and therefore, your field, to be more comfortable within your own physicality then it is in the moment.

All of you are experiencing the odd sleep patterns. All of you are experiencing the occasional, we will call them upset body issues. It can be anything from what you eat – is it not amazing that what you used to love you do not like and yet you are still too cowardly to try those things you used to hate to see if you could suddenly love them. There are opposites happening here. The old way no longer holds what it used to hold. It is not possible to do things the way they have been done before because the energy has changed. If your template has been altered, then what it shows to the rest of the universe must also alter. Trust me, children, you have all been altered!

Sue is wondering why it can't be more fun physically so she can be tall and thin! We will tell you it is not about that kind of alteration. We are not tailors. We are not going to take in nips and tucks. Rather, we will help you find the tools to take in your own nips and tucks if that is what you choose to do. You can do it only from your core self. You cannot do it from outside self. It does not make sense.

Let us speak first of this energy. Let us explain to you that as this energy comes to your planet you are going to see more and more physical changes in the planet, herself, as well as in your physical body. Your bodies are no longer what they used to be. Your DNA is being repatterned. That is the wrong word. It is the word that Sue reads, often, but that is not true. There is nothing new about your DNA. So there is no “re” patterning. Rather, your DNA is now opening itself to all the dimensions in which it exists. In opening itself to these dimensions, your abilities and capabilities are changing, also. The first response to these changes is usually fear. The fear that what if you are going crazy. We like that one best for the 'what if I am going crazy fear' creates a lot of energy that we can work with. It creates a lot of energy you can work with. The problem is you work within a downward spiral instead of an upward spiral. What would happen if you take your 'what if I am crazy' energy and turn it into 'whee, I am crazy!'? Then you would have much to work with! (laughter) It is like using the energy of the child for that is often what happens. The child does not know all the consequences that you know as adults. Because of that, they have more of an enjoyment in change, as you all sit and white knuckle holding on to the way it has been in the past.

As this new energetic wave comes to the planet, and affects the Earth, you will need to be more in tune in order to – we do not like to use the word 'survive' for again, that brings in fear and that is not the point of this. To be in tune so that you can flow with the changes that are coming. The Earth is shaking things up. She is doing it in different ways than she has in your lifetime. In doing this in different ways, she is presenting to different parts of your world different weather patterns. Different, we will say, core issues just are your core is also being shaken up.

If you look at what is happening upon her, within her, you will know what is happening upon you and within you. There are relations, relationships between what is happening to your earth and what is happening to your body. There is information that comes from your crop circles that you have not yet grasped. That is fine. There is information that comes to you in your dreams that you often ignore. That is also fine. When you are ready to act, when you are ready to use this information, then you will understand better the information coming into you and what it means to you as an individual. We will say what it means to you now, to each of you as an individual, is your personal power. We often say that word and have people cringe from it thinking it is a bad thing. We are not asking you to take your power and have it over someone. We are asking you to use it for self. In using it for self, through core, to have that much more to assist with others.

It is a difficult concept for your governments and your religions and your various groups and organizations and your family structures and many, many other organizations come to you and say 'do not do it this way, that is wrong'. 'Do not fly. You cannot fly. There is something called gravity.' And you believe them. 'Do not allow yourself to levitate where you sit. You cannot. There is something called gravity'. And you believe that. Most of you can remember a time when you did this as children. Do not allow yourself to feel. This, of course, is the heart of all things for what is happening upon your planet. You have detached yourself from your feelings out of the necessity to 'fit'. You are all seeking – consciously or unconsciously – your place to belong. You are seeking it outside of yourselves. We are saying home is within.

You were speaking of the movie E.T. and his home was outside, but it was not. When he left the child he said “I will be right here” and he pointed to the third eye, the connectedness to universal energy. Hmm. How do you feel about being connected to things you do not understand? Because you are who you are, the fear factor comes in.

We will say to you that these changes in your planet are hurting you, pushing you, moving you toward understanding more and more about who you are. Some of you looking are not happy with what you find. Your lack of happiness normally does not have to do with the who but rather with the what – that you are not accomplished enough, that you are not important enough, that you do not make enough money, that you do not have enough people loving you. It is the 'enough' problem that happens within your species. Yet, when you go into your heart centers, you are more than enough! Children, you are All That Is! Think on that for a moment. You are All That Is. As such, you have knowledge, abilities, capabilities, you have feelings, you have understanding, you have connectedness like you have never understood before because you have chosen to block that connectedness because it was just you. We are saying you are never alone. You are part of it All. That should make you feel good. It makes some people feel scared. It is, indeed, an awesome responsibility except it is not just yours. If you are All Things, then you are supported by All.

We have some interesting things to tell about Sue, but she would be upset. So what we will say instead is that we would like to open to your questions. Or we can lead you in meditation first. It is entirely your choice. Please understand that what we are working toward, although we can be easily distracted, is the opportunity to assist you in your core work in going into self, in knowing who you are, in feeling part of All, in recognizing the power that that gives you – not in the ego way of “I can then be the boss of everyone” (although we know there are some people in this room who would like that). We will say instead to be the boss of self and feel very good about it. Would you prefer to ask your questions first and move into mediation later or do your meditation now and move into questions?

(a vote is taken and meditation is decided for later and there is discussion of how to go about asking questions)

Q: I've had pneumonia for three weeks. I'm curious as to why.

Why you have pneumonia?

Q: Why it's lingering.

You must know first why you have it. Forget that it lingers.

R: Okay.

For in knowing why you have it, it will no longer linger. You have divided yourself into the person you think you are supposed to be, the person you see yourself as and the person that you believe others see you as. You understand when we say these things?

R: Yes.

It is the separation of those three beings that keep you hanging on to what you feel you must 'cough up'. It is the separation of these three beings that is truly who you are in your totality, in your connectedness to all things that you are working toward. You just do not understand it. Every time something comes along you become that piece, that one third of you. We would suggest to you, to cure (and we do not like that word for you are exactly where you need to be in this moment) but to cure the coughing piece, to recognize the breath piece, to recognize the connectedness we would say to you that it will be important for you to learn to connect and pull in all these three identities into the one that you are. This is with the understanding that you are more than any one of them. You are the sum of all of your parts. As that sum, you need to see yourself as capable and able. Often, although your ego is able to say 'yes I can do that' your emotions come in and have that little whiny noise that says 'no one loves me'. So it will be important for you to love self in order to bring these three pieces together.

We would recommend to you that you do a, we will say a type of breathing that is different than what you are used to. We will ask you to do what is heart breathing. You breathe in through the front of your heart all that you need for your own expansion of physicality. Allow the light to come in and go between the darker areas that are collapsing upon themselves, to breathe in and to separate this darkness. As you separate it, as you breathe out, you breathe out through the back releasing that darkness, allowing it to leave you. You can use any imagery you choose, but it is important for you to recognize that it will be in the solidification of your multiple pieces that you will take care of what is happening now. Do we make sense to you?

R: Yes.

Do you need more information?

R: No.

She says it with such joy (a little TM humor).

Are there others?

Q: What am I to do with the book, the work and Tony in order to shift the consciousness of (cannot be understood on the recording)____ in order to be what I'm supposed to be?

We will say that there is nothing you are supposed to do. There are only things you choose to do. We would also like to ask you why you feel it is totally your responsibility to be making these shifts? If you were listening, we talked about the core self and what you do within first before you can in any way alter what is outside of self.

We will say to you that there is no right or wrong in what you do. There is no 'do this now, do this later'. That is your linear world that you soon will not be part of. As the energy shifts here upon the planet, what you will find is you will be leaving the linear behind you. As you leave the linear behind you, you open yourself to something you are not familiar with and the writing is something that can help you when you stop editing yourself to death. (laughter) When you stop that, you realize you are in the flow of your creativity and not trying to take your creativity and make it something it is not. When you do that, the information that will come from you will be more true to what it is you are asking to accomplish within yourself. When you write now, it is with great criticism toward self. It is 'that is not bad for now, but if this, or this, or this, it would be better'. Do you understand us?

R: I think so.

We can hit you with a bigger club if you choose.

R: Okay.

We will say to you it is time for you to look at your writing not as a sacred work. Look at your writing as a path and it does not matter its end. It does not matter where it takes you. What matters is that in the moment you are enjoying the trip. There needs to be more of an abandonment around what you are doing and less of a control. Does that make greater sense to you?

R: Yes.

Then this is good even though it may not feel that way in the moment. We will say when you have that abandonment toward that structure is when the structure will change itself and become what you need it to be which is more flexible in all ways. When you have that ah-ha moment as Sue calls them, you will then be able to see ahead but not be in a hurry to get there because you will enjoy the flow of getting you there. It is like being on the river in a boat that you do not have to paddle for you know the current is taking you where you had chosen, from the very beginning to go, downstream. Does this assist?

R: Yes, thank you.

You are most welcome. Did it answer your question?

R: Yes, except for the issue with Tony.

Do you want to guess why we did not talk on that?

R: No, you can tell me.

Hmm. We are asking that you tell self. You have taken yourself to a place where you are no longer willing to see things as you used to see them. Yet, you are not willing to point out to people that you are no longer seeing in the same way. Does this make sense to you?

R: Not much, but I have tears. So I don't know what that means so I suppose it will come. I don't have words for it, maybe. My body's responding.

It is definite that it will come. We will say to all of you as an aside for we said we are easily distracted, that what is happening now in relationships is that energy is demanding what you would call within your species something that is called respect. If you are not feeling that the person is appropriately respectful to your energy you are feeling a discontent there. It will happen on many levels in many ways. It will happen in friends that you have had for long periods of time or people you have just met in the moment. It will happen in marriages that have been together for many years and it will happen with people who have never chosen to marry. This new energy has to do with working within that core self. Make sure that the core is solidified. The only way the core can be solidified is when it stands there saying 'this is who I am if you cannot see this, then it is not my issue, but rather your issue'. Does this perhaps explain better to you?

R: Yes. Thank you.

You are most welcome. Is there more?

Q: Am I becoming clairaudient, or am I imaging things?

We would say to you that there is no difference between imagination and clairaudience for what does it matter? If you are hearing there must be something there to be heard.

R: I don't hear. I hear at a distance. I don't hear.

It does not matter. You are trying to put this into a category that you can research and make sure that you are capable of succeeding, creating, making happen. We are saying it simply is what it is. Why not spend your time saying “I'm sorry, would you repeat that”? Why not stretch your abilities by starting to see it as something that is real and not this, and treating it accordingly. There is a great fear within your culture about being put away in the little jacket that ties in the back. If there is no harm being done, if the voices are not whispering in your ear to kill or do negative things, and there is nothing to lose by listening to what is being said, why not listen? Even if it's simply an echo, why not listen. Why cannot you hear what has come before and perhaps that's why it is distant. What would happen on spending time in a home like this to listen to what came before for it is still here. All time is now, all space is here. We are as much in your dimension as you are in our dimension it is merely your attentiveness to the place and the moment. Does this make sense to you?

R: Not completely, but I will think about it.

We would say to you to practice. Start by using what is happening to you as something that is already there and not a bad thing. It is like learning to play the piano. If there are no keys on the piano, can you play it? If there are no strings, will it make noise? But if you learn what keys go with what notes, whether there are strings or keys, you will understand that it is still a piano. We are saying the same is true of any ability that you have. Just because you cannot define it in a way you have seen does not mean it is not your ability – your ability to work with and nurture and grow with. We would say to you to work with and nurture and grow with what you are doing. Does this make sense?

R: Yes. So, basically, I'm on the right track.

There is no 'right' track. There is only your track. If it is the one that makes you happy, we say that it is right and correct for you in this given moment. Does that make sense?

R: I'm not sure. I'll think about it. Thank you.

You are most welcome. Is there more?

Q: I understand the energy change and the world change but I feel stuck in expressing the changes that I feel and know. I would like to know how to break through that block.

We could tell you to make a face at people who question you! (laughter) We could tell you to look at the people who question you and say 'so what?'. We could tell you to recognize within yourself that it is only the self that need know this and you need not teach it to anyone unless they ask. If they ask and will not accept your explanation, so what? You abilities are not yet at their peak. You have 'hot pad' hands that can move energy quite quickly and easily. The difficulty in now is understanding when you use them for a particular purpose instead of simply allowing the flow. The energy that flows into you now is coming in through a funnel that sits upon your head. You only allow a certain amount at a time. We wish to knock the funnel off your head. We wish to say to you to open to all of it that is there without fear of any compromise. Instead of thinking you must direct it all, allow it to direct you as long as your intention is heartfelt. Does this make sense?

R: Yes.

Does it answer your question?

R: I believe so.

We like how people hedge when we ask that. You will, at another time, have your light go on and understand what we say. We hope it is when you knock the funnel off your head.

Q: Are there any specific ways I can knock that funnel off my head?

We could give you several but Sue will not allow us to say those things! (Laughter) What we will say instead is to consciously say to yourself 'I do not need to limit what I bring in'. Then allow the flow. We suggest that you do this often enough, you will understand that it is you blocking what comes to you, not some one or some thing else. In your 'I do not need to block this' you can open your heart up and say because 'I deserve to work with more'. Be a child with a new toy. They don't want just the car, they want an engine in the car. You have the engine you are not using. We are saying allow yourself. Know that you are deserving of having it and surprisingly, it will be there. Does that make sense?

R: Yes.

Have fun! What else? Not a shy group.

(Kris addresses someone and asks “have you thought of anything yet?)

We will not yell at you. (laughter) We hardly ever beat anyone up even though they may think that way.

Q: I'm working with a client that has been pretty sick and appears to be well, but I keep getting this gnawing feeling about her and wondered if you have some insight?

We would say that your “gnawing feeling” is correct. We would also say that this particular issue does not belong to you. You must let it go. It is one of those, 'the operation was a success but the patient died'. You need to see that you have done all that can be done and the choice, now, is in their hands. Do you understand?

R: Yes.

While we have you, we can also say to you, you also wear the funnel. You perhaps should get together and knock it off each other! (Laughter) You can play the bean toss (not sure if this is correct, couldn't hear what kind of game) game and see what happens for your energy can be much greater than it is now. We know that you are not even aware of what that would mean at the moment. The very fact that you are picking up on the fact of your choices versus your client's choices is important to understand. Sue will often deny knowing us if we say things that make her unhappy. Trust us, she yells at us a lot. You yell at yourself a lot for not being better or greater or more this or more that. Open to this energy and recognize within that energy, what your power is. Use that power within your core to strengthen all that you are. In doing all of that, you start letting go of the funnel hat. Does this make sense?

R: Yes.

We cannot ask if we answered your question since you did not ask it. Is there more?

Q: This is actually a question, just out of curiosity. Does your coming through Sue's body harm her body in any way? Or what does it do maybe is a better way to ask?

That is a better way. We have been told we don't always allow her to breathe appropriately. We have, in various ways, when rebuilding and working with her DNA differently than your DNA is being affected. She does change. All of you are also changing. The difference is she has a little more help going on so we have the fast forward button where her changes are concerned. You guys will take a little longer. Other than that, we won't divulge our secret information. (A TM joke!) Does that assist you?

R: Yes.

Then this is good. We hear questions, but we do not hear them (referring to nothing being asked at that time).

Q: I've been involved with music all my life. I'd like it to be able to support me and wonder what that might look like.

We would first ask you if you believe it can?

R: Umm

You cannot lie to us (laughter). We will point that out.

R: What I've been taught, my belief system is no, it can't.

Then you have answered your own question!

R: But I'd like to believe that it can!

So how would you go about that? (silence). Is it not fun when we turn the tables? (laughter)

R: I have ideas, but I guess the follow through with them is not. ., .

Sue wants us to take pity on you. . .

R: Ah, thank you.

So we will say to you, and it is the key to all of you who deny your creativity – if you do not go into your feelings and if you do not work from the core outward, you will not be able to what you call support yourself for your attention is on what cannot work and not on what gives you joy. Yes, we do understand that your species has a, we will call it, a craziness about the monetary system. Since your monetary system has deserted you, you would think you can see it differently now. We will say to you, when you feel what you are playing, what you are saying, what you are feeling within your physicality on a vibrational level then you are in a place of your personal joy. When you are in a place of your personal joy, the rest will be attracted to that personal joy. The same vibration will come to you that you are putting out. If, instead, while you are working with your music, you are then thinking, yeah, but, I have to leave this now to go do this, I must give this up in order to have that, I must make sure of this linear thing before I can allow the non-linear part of my life. Then what you have done is you have taken a thought behind the feeling and you have destroyed the feeling. Does this make sense to you?

R: Yes.

So what we are saying instead is to become vibrationally in tune with your core so that the energy that you send out from the center of who you are goes into the universe and returns to you at the same vibration which will be a form of abundance. It does not mean you cannot write a sad song. It does not mean you cannot write an angry song. What it means is that you must recognize, if you choose to change this, when you are in a state of emotionality that allows you to feel the joy in what you do, that allows the joy to go out on this energy, on this wave, in order to gather up similar energy and return to you in kind. Does this make sense?

R: Yes.

So we will say when you play a note and you feel something else in the room vibrate then it is the same principle. What you are sending out needs to vibrate other things that will then come back to you and make you successful. Now, while you believe you cannot, you are correct. How brilliant are you?

Do you understand?


R: Yes, I do.

Do you understand how to go back to the innocence of your feelings? (pause) When your head and heart are aligned, you will better understand.

R: Okay.

Can you formulate the question you have now for us?

R: No, I can't.

So it will have to wait for another time. Have we given you enough for now to beat you with our big stick?

R: Yes, it's a very big stick.

Yes, and we are happy that we could assist you in that way.

Q: I have a question.


Q: I get a lot of headaches and I need to know where they're coming from and how to take care of them.

We find it interesting that the question is “where they are coming from” as if they are outside of you instead of inside of you so here is your head and the ache is next to it. Now and then it slips inside without you being aware. We wish to say to you that what we are getting is your blockage of the energy at the base of your skull which is part of your spirituality. You have great questions in regard to some of this. You have, we will call it for lack of anything better, lack of faith in your own connectedness to the Divine. You understand it intellectually but you do not understand it yet emotionally. So we will go back to talking about the power of the emotion. The emotion right now brings on, or so you believe, some of these pains that you speak of. As we gave someone else with breathing issues a different exercise, we will give you an exercise. Breathe in through your heart center and then when you breathe out releasing your fears and anxieties up through your head out the crown like a whale and their blow hole, sending all of these things that keep you ruled, regulated, structured away from how you actually feel. Does this make sense to you?

R: Yes, it does.

In doing this, you will be able to start first with them lessening and then finally not at all. So the 'where' does not matter as much as the fact that you allow it to be there. To think of it as outside self will not in any way change it. So your whale breathing will. Does it all make sense?

R: Yes it does, thank you.

Did we answer your question?

R: Yes.

Then this is good.

Paula: It's right around eight o'clock, so if you want to go into meditation, unless there's something that's really pressing that someone needs to ask …

Q: I need to ask a question. I've been experiencing some very severe, painful muscles and joints, and they feel as if something is out of balance. I was wondering if you could give me some insight into what's going on and how I can take care of it?

What we will say to you is that you are separated from self. You are right side and left side. You are not one. Your masculine and your feminine are at odds with what needs to happen in your life. What is happening instead is you are working on one side making sure things happen, getting them done, but you are not allowing things in to assist you with it. When you allow in things to assist you, there is no way it has of going out and actually doing action. Does this make sense to you?

R: Not completely, no. Some of it does.

We will say to you that it is important for you to see yourself on every possible level instead of through your accomplishments. You have spent most of your time wanting to accomplish which is a very masculine thing. There's nothing wrong nor right with it, it simply is what it is. Now is the time for you to be asking to receive from others – time, attention, a hug and understanding – to go into your place of your emotions in a new and different way by allowing others to assist and bolster your energy. You are like the little child. . . . We have in Sue's mind these cards that she used to sew with yarn and these X's she used to make. We feel that this is what you need to do is connecting left side with right side, right side with left side. So we would say to you in the meditation this evening, what we will give you will assist in this. If you will practice it, it will make things better. Your pain is not constant or all the time but rather here and then there, shooting then aching. Do you understand?

R: Yes I do.

Each time this happens it has to do with an issue that you are either allowing to, we will say, fester within your physicality or it has to do with a question that comes and goes quickly. In realigning the right side and the left side you will find that you can just allow this energy to flow and not feel a need to understand it all. Does that assist?

R: Yes it does. Thank you.
Then this is good. You are welcome.

Q: I have another question. I'm working with a client right now. I have certain ways of approaching my counseling and they seem to be at odds with the Guardian Ad Litem that's involved in the case. There's going to be a team meeting at some point in the next month or so and I'd just like to have some feedback about whether I'm missing anything or if I'm looking at this in a way that will work best for my client.

You are taking the best interest through your heart of your client in mind, you are not taking into consideration that you are being lied to. You need to see the difference between the facts as they are given on an intellectual level and the truth as it is offered on an emotional level. Do you understand?

R: Almost.

We will say to you that you are not correct or incorrect. There is nothing that you have missed per se. What has been missing for you is the connection, the knowing that isn't quite there. You are still questioning for the knowing has not yet solidified itself. Because you have that lack of knowing, there needs to be a re-examination within yourself of what you are not reading. That is the emotional thing that goes with the knowing. Do you make more sense from that?

R: No.

We do not know how else to explain it. We would say to remove yourself for a moment from this situation and observe it only and offer advise to the other person who is not you in the better way of handling it. It is time for you to see that you, again, are being lied to. Perhaps that is the only focus you need look at, to understand better why and where. It is not a weakness on your part to accept the lies. It would simply be a weakness if you accept the lies and do not notice them as such. Does that make more sense?

R: It makes sense except I'm not sure who's lying to me.

That is our point, exactly. That you separate yourself enough from this so that you will have a knowing that will have nothing to do with the judgment that is intellectual but rather to do with the feeling that gives you greater intuitive insight. Do you understand the concept of kinesiolgy that is used on your planet?

R: Not well.

We would say to you to investigate that and perhaps use it to determine who is lying the most for you species has a tendency to always lie. (laughter) So we will say it is the one lying the most that you must look into.

R: Thank you.

You are welcome.

Kris: If that's all,we should get to the meditation. Oh, one more?

Q: Yes. Could you tell me something that would help me find peace with my youngest son?

Yes, but you would not like the answer for we will tell you to step away. There is a judgment issue here. There is a structural issue here. On one hand you believe, expect, demand, a certain, we will call it, behavioral pattern that is not being respected. We spoke earlier what is happening in our relationships when we feel we are not being respected. We will say this will be an adversarial relationship for quite some time. As long as you know it as such, perhaps you will not have such guilt. It is the guilt that has you giving in some times in ways that then make you feel more guilty because of what has happened. Do you understand?

R: Yes.

Then we will say to approach this differently. Approach it already knowing it will not be as you expect it to be, it will not be as you wish it to be. It will not be as you think it should be. Rather, it will be antagonistic for the sake of antagonism. With that knowledge there can then come an understanding that you cannot be hurt by something that you already know is going to be like that. If every time you go and taste the vanilla from the spoon because it smells good and tastes terrible, we would think you are prepared to know that it does not taste good. Yet, here you are with the actions of this child that you are still surprised by the actions. It is time to step away with the expectation that this is how it is and that all you can do at this point in time is respond, not in 'there, there, nice, nice' ways, but rather in a 'I will not allow. You have the right to. I have the right to. This is what I am choosing for me.' Does this make sense to you?

R: Yes.
Then this is good. Does it answer your question?

R: Yes.

Again, someone who, obviously, is satisfied and happy by our response (said with sarcasm, creating laughter) Is there anything else?

Kris: I think we're good.

Then we will say to you to find your comfortable positions. (some discussion about music)


Breathe in. When you breathe in, breathe in light. Allow the light to fill your physicality, expanding. Feel the lightness of the light. The lightness of physicality when you breathe it in. With every exhale, allow yourself to release your doubt, your fears, your discomfort, your angers. Feel your body relax.

In your relaxation, establish your own pattern of breathing in and breathing out. Allow yourself to relax your physicality. Feel yourself as part of the energy around you. Feel yourself connected one to the other to the other in the room that you are in. Feel yourself expanding your molecular structure so that you are touching, feeling a part of all things in the room, including the people. In the dissipation of your energetic field, and in the separation of your molecular structure see between every piece, the light that you are, the light and your connectedness to all things of light. Breathe this energy into yourself. Breathe this energy into your physicalities.

Imagine now in the center of the room where you are siting, a flame. The flame that is a candle flame. As you watch the flame you watch it grow larger extending from floor to ceiling harming none. You can see at the tip of the flame at the top toward the ceiling, you can see a beam of light coming from that flame, coming from the flame and entering into your heart chakra. As it enters into your heart cavities, it mixes and merges with whatever is in your cavity – your energy, your beliefs, your understandings, your hurts, your loves, your happys your sads. It allows you to see them for what they are. It allows you to feel them for what they are. Your connectedness now, the flame and your heart is complete.

Imagine now that the center of the earth, the center of the earth is part of your core. Send your energy down to the center of the planet. When you are there, begin to draw this energy up, the energy of the core of the planet. Draw it up through the planet and allow it to enter into the bottom of your feet. And watch as this energy starts to fill your physicalities working with the molecular structure that has been open to receive light, traveling up in a spiral pattern around your legs to your lower torso, and up again to your chest cavity. Here, in your chest cavity, allow this energy to mix and mingle with the light that came from the flame. While you allow this energy to mix and mingle, send your attention now to the center of the universe, the central sun.

Draw energy now from the central sun down, down through the galaxy, down through the atmosphere into the top of your head. As it reaches the top of your head, (voice changes to sound “electronic”) send it down now, down into your head, into your throat, into your heart cavity and now feel your connectedness with all dimensional beings. Feel your connectedness with earth. Feel your connectedness with universe and galaxy. Feel your connectedness with this group. While you are connected you have the ability to hear and see above and beyond the normal physicality that you inhabit.

Breathe into this area of your heart cavity and as you breathe in to your heart cavity, recognize that you have more than one heart. You have the heart that is of your third dimensional being. Behind this heart you have another. And behind that heart you have another. And behind that heart you have another still. Each of them connect you to your feelings. Each of them connect you to a different dimensional area of your own existence. As we open these areas to you, you get a glimpse of what it is like to be 'more than', what it is like to be 'greater than', what it is like to be who you truly are, which is connected to the All.

(original voice returns) As you breathe in, and breathe out, as your body continues to function in your third dimensional world you are made aware of the changes coming to you. You need only ask and you will receive an answer. The asking is about a particular idea, a concept, a feeling, not a should, a can't a why not.

Allow yourself to release any negativity you no longer wish to carry. With each breath out allow it to be released and dissipate into the universe. Breathe up from your feet, from the core of the planet, through your body and out through your crown. Breathe in from the universe into the top of your head down through your body, out through your feet, and into the earth. Feel now your connectedness Earth to universe and universe to Earth. While you are in this stream flowing, flowing, allowing yourself energetically to move on the wave you open your heart center again and allow in the energy around you, energy that holds you, coming into the front of your heart center, and your resistance to that energy flowing out the back. Allow yourself to be held. Allow yourself to be loved. Allow yourself to love self.

We are going to ask you once again to breathe in and breathe out, becoming aware of your physicality, bringing your molecular structure back into the alignment of your physicality. As you bring yourself together, we are behind you. We now step into you. You can feel our energy within what you call your kundalini. You can feel our energy working with you. We do nothing of ourselves. We only follow your direction. From this moment on, you can ask and if you take the time, we will answer. You know what we feel like. All you need do is allow yourself to breathe (sound extended).

Anchor now within your physicality. Bring yourself back. Bring yourself back into your physicality. Allow yourself to remember the feeling. Allow yourself to remember the breathing. Allow yourself to open your heart cavity to allow in your various dimensional selves. In this allowing, open yourself to the receiving of all that (voice goes 'electronic') is around you, of all the dimensions that are here to assist you, of all the information that can flow through you should you only ask.

(original voice) Breathe in. Breathe in once more and bring yourself back now. Bring yourself back to this time, this place, this chair, this seat, this room. When you return, we will again be here to speak with you. Yet, we will not leave you unless you chase us out.


There is a song in Sue's head that says 'come fly with me'. We hope you had a good trip. Do you have questions on what we have done? For those who felt the need to resist our energy, we do not take insult. We will never do what you do not wish done. Do you have any more questions of us before we leave you for this evening?

Q: Is there any way we can assist others?

By assisting self first. Then, you will have more than enough to give others. You might want to take note of what your body did at certain times during the meditation to discover where your blocks are being held with this new energy coming in. See how nice we are, we do not point to anyone? (TM humor).

We wish to end by saying to each person in this room that it is time to, Sue's favorite phrase, 'shit or get off the pot'. (laughter) You all have great abilities. You need to be exercising these abilities through your creativity. It does not matter if what you see that you do is creative. All that you do within your physicality has that bent toward it. You have been given a wonderful gift when you were designed. That gift is that ability to feel. We are asking you to go back to that wonderful gift of feeling and use it as your power to create so that the energy that you send out is sent out with love, with joy, with happiness. Then you can know that it will be returned in kind. (phone rings) Is it for us?

We will say to you in ending this: you are all phenomenal in your energies. You have a great deal to be bringing to your planet. You also have a great deal to be working in other dimensional areas as well. It will be of course your choice. If you have a pain that you do not understand, please do not allow your first response to be 'what is wrong with me?' Rather, allow your first response to be 'let me breathe through this'. Then, once you have breathed through it, ask your body 'do I need to do more?' Then listen to your physicality for it will be speaking to you louder and louder as the earth is speaking to everyone upon her louder and louder.

When you see the changes happening to her, you will note that there are changes happening to you. With all of this information coming in, you can be the first in your block to own your power in order to help others own theirs.

We thank you. To come to something like this is always a lesson both for us as well as for each of you. We appreciate that you will ask your questions for we have had people like “J”, who think but do not ask. You knew you could not get away without some comment (referring to J). She, some day, can be sitting here when she chooses to do so. We only steer you like a little sheep dog. We do not force you. We will leave that up to your friends.

We will say to each of you that the powers that you have as individuals is to fulfill yourselves and then, in being so full, it will flow over to all others in your life. It is not about being self centered but rather centered in self so that you can then move beyond. We hope that the things we have said to you make sense. Eventually, some of you will have your light bulbs go off in different ways after the fact. If there is nothing more, we will be leaving you for this evening.

Thanks all around.

We will see some of you sooner than others. We hope that this has been an experience that you can appreciate even if not now, perhaps later.