Thank you all for your patience in waiting for this channel to be transcribed.  I never know why some take more time than others, but it usually has to do with the timeliness of the information.

- Sue

Sue Yarmey Channels The Many
Old Orchard Beach "What is Channel?" Class

September 25, 2007

We are here. We are, we will say, amused. Even though Kris has told you we do not work with feelings as you work with them, we are amused at some of the thought processes that are happening within your brains which are wondering the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of what we do here. It does not matter how or why we do what we do nor how Sue does it. We have in her head that she does not like being the pony in the ring (referencing my discomfort to being on display). But Sue has learned how to communicate with us. In turn, we can then learn how to communicate with you.

One of the things we would like to speak with you on this evening before we open to your questions, is to give you information on what is happening to you on a physical level, to your physicalities. Each of you is aware of your physical body in different ways, in different levels, in different layers. Some of you pay attention, some of you do not. Some of you know what is good for you to ingest, some of you do not. Some of you are emotionally in a place where you need to be nurtured differently than you are being nurtured. Some of you know this, some of you do not. The only reason we bring this up is because your physicalities will be changing quite dramatically. The purpose behind the change is the fact that the magnetism of your planet is changing dramatically also. Science is discovering this in very many ways by measuring both the magnetism and the poles. Your poles are changing. Your north and south is not as north and south as it used to be. Think of this for a moment – not as north and south as it used to be. Sounds wrong. It doesn’t sound too scientific, does it? At the same time, your science will agree with us. As this change happens, as you see this change happening, it is magnetic in nature. You are also all magnetic in nature. How can one thing change and not the other? It is not possible in your world nor in the world of energy.

We will say to you what is going on within your physicalities is a new kind of awareness in how you feel both with your emotionality and your physicality. They must go hand in hand in order for each and every one of you to learn what it is you are seeking. Some of you seek consciously. Some of you do not seek at all except in a backward way, a way that says "this might be interesting but I don’t really need to go there". A way that says "I can read that but I do not have to believe that". The reason you do not believe many things is because you do not have the proof that you would like to have for you personally. You do not believe that you are capable of these things that other people are capable of. Each of you in this room can channel. We would love to work with you. We will look at Kris for we know she will not join us just yet. We have asked her, and still she resists. Not because she does not get our information – she does. She does receive information from us as each of you do in various ways. She chooses not to be our voice, however. Sue is willing to give this over to anyone who would choose to.

We will also say that each and every one of you channels other information, also. Depending upon what your interest and your need and your desire is at any given time, that is the information you will have the ability to channel. When you need comfort, you can channel that person or persons who can comfort you. Be it through your religion, or through your family, or through your community, it does not matter. It can even be through the animal kingdom. Yes, you can channel animals, also.

There is much that will be happening to your physicalities. We wish to do a meditation with you this evening and it will be about opening yourselves to your heart centers so that you are more readily available to move your energy in a more compatible way with the energies that are changing around your planet and around you. In opening your energy in that way, allow you the free flow of movement that will keep things from blocking, that will keep you from creating disease, that will keep you from hurting.

Now, when something happens within your body, your first thought is something is ‘wrong’ with me. We will say there is nothing wrong. We do not like to the word, wrong. It simply is what it is. Since there’s nothing wrong with you, it is very important to understand what is right with you. The only way you can understand that is if you are in the flow of the energy that is coming from the planet as well as from the universe. Does this all make sense to all of you? Do not all speak at once (laughter).

All: Yes.

Then this is good. We will also say to you that your physicalities will be changing shapes, also. You will not see it yet in this year. You will see the beginnings of it. You will see things changing next year when you hear more reports of people going to the doctor and not having an answer in what they think is wrong. You will see it in other ways when people are telling you stories of "this happened to me and I have no idea why that happened." It is because of this change of energy.

If you will stay open, if you will recognize within yourselves your connectedness to your planet and your universe, if all of you can feel the flow of the wave of the energy, of the color of the sound that is going on around you, you will all be much better off. You will be able to – we believe the 60's phrase was – ride the wave. In riding this wave, what you will do is become compatible with all the energy that is around you. In your compatibility, there will be no discord. You noticed we did not say wrong. We do not believe it is wrong. It simply is what it is in that given moment and each of you must make that choice in each of your given moments.

Our meditation we will do with you is to open your heart centers to help you receive the energy coming from the universe as well as the energy coming from the planet and connecting you in new and different ways.

We do not care if you join us. We do not care if you agree with what we say. We are here simply to help. It is up to you if you choose to accept our help or not. We know that you are all brilliant. We know that you are all more than capable of doing more than you have ever done before. We just need to convince you that that is true. Then again, we do not need to convince, but perhaps we can show.

We have learned in the past that it is better to take your questions sometimes before the meditation for we have been accused of making you brain dead afterwards. (Laughter) So we will say to you if you have questions, you can ask them now. Or you can have your meditation and then ask. It is, of course, up to all of you.

Q: Why do I have chronic pain from smells?

Is it not so much that you have it as that you accept it. We will say to you, we would ask that you investigate things in a different way. You have always been sensitive to what has gone on around you. You have never allowed yourself your own sensitivity without seeing it as a "bad" thing. We will say to you that there are also certain things that happen within your body that make you feel good as well as things that happen in your body that make you feel bad. We will say if you can take time every day, to spend a small amount of it on what makes you feel good, you will discover that those things that make you feel bad will happen less often. We will also say to you that we know that this sounds too easy. That is part of what you are looking for, your magic wand, your magic pill, your magic that says once I do this, this then will happen. We will say this can also be done as magic, but you must first believe. You must first understand within yourself where this comes from. You must first go within and ask this particular thing.

We are seeing many things around you that look like they need to be put back together within your own puzzle. In putting these things back together – if we are making sense to you – the way you do this is by finding those things that work best for you. The way you do this is by going internally, within your own self and asking the question: What do I need to know about this, right now in this moment? Then you must listen to the answer. You get often caught up in your mind that repeats over and over: I don’t know, I do not understand, this makes no sense, this hurts, we do not like it. When you are in those places saying those things, you cannot hear any of the information that is coming in to assist you. We would say to you it would be a wonderful place to start – to learn to listen to what is going on within your physicality. Your physicality is giving you information that you cannot hear. Does this make sense to you?

R: Yes.

We will say also to you that there is an opportunity coming your way to become more connected to the energy around you. You live within – we want to call it a bubble but we would suggest you can create a bubble that would be more helpful for you than the one you have created that you live within. This bubble is more energetic in nature then it is in any physical way that you must pay attention. We will say, this energetic bubble for you, when you are working on what is making you feel good, is a construction of sorts that will keep away the rest. So think of it each day when you say to yourself: What is it that makes me feel good about this that takes me in a direction that is helpful? Where can I place this? Is this my roof, is this my basement, is this my wall? Start building for yourself this energetic bubble that will assist you in the direction you are going in. Does this make sense to you?

R: Yes.

Does this assist you?

R: Yes.

Then this is good. Do you have anything else to ask on this?

R: No. Thank you.

You are most welcome. We will move on.

Q: I’d like to know why I have such joy and such pain and such suffering when it comes to animals and their plights? I’m so in tune to them that I can’t bear to watch anything on TV that’s hurtful, or see anything that. . . it’s like a daily hardship for me.

There is a statement that was made by the prophet Christ when he spoke of being in His heart center. He said that He was capable of being in the world, but not necessarily of the world. That meant that he could be in the world and notice what was happening but as long as he remained strong within His own heart center, there was no need for Him to suffer, for Him to experience pain. You have chosen, we will say, to have pain in regard to this. This is something that has made you feel, again. We use the word, again. There were times when you felt quite openly about other things and then learned to close down. For your own safety, you chose to not feel certain things again. This particular area was still safe, we will say, to keep your heart open.

It is a choice whether you accept it as one or not, that you feel what you feel. You can be someone who is experiencing the love of without the need to experience the pain of. You do what you can do. As we said earlier, it simply is what it is. There is no need for you to be changing anything except in those areas where you can, indeed, change them.

Rather than thinking it is your responsibility, rather than believing that it is something you must do, or should do, or how can others do this, it is an acceptance that this is what I do that is best for who I am and what I work with. This is the direction I choose to go. This is the way I choose to educate and understand others. In doing this, I know it is the best I can do in this moment and I need not suffer, I need not feel in that particular way for something that I cannot, cannot control. Does this make sense to you?

R: Yes.

You hesitate to let go of this for this is part of your identity. We will say there is no need to have an identity that relates to pain. Pain is a vibration that keeps things away, and not a vibration that will draw things to. If you stay, rather, in a place of compassion and love, you will find you will draw those things to you that will utilize and work with your compassion and love and move on to do other tasks through compassion and love for other things. If you stay in a place of feeling the pain, all you will do is perpetuate the concept and the feeling and the energy and the vibration of pain itself. Check your identity and see what you prefer to use. Do you understand?

R: Yes, I do.

Then this is good. Do you have other questions on this?

R: No.

Are there other questions?

Q: I’ve been trying to follow a macrobiotic diet because I believe there is a really big connection between what we eat and our health. Am I headed in the right direction in eating the way I am eating?

It is a simple matter of asking your body, is it not? If you eat in that direction and you feel better then the answer is of course, this is truth for you. If you eat in that direction and you feel no different, then your answer is of course, this is not right for you.

We will say to all of you, no matter what you choose to do with your body, it is your belief that makes your body what your body is. If your belief is that this is best, then by all means follow that belief. Does this make sense?

R: Yes.

Trust is something that you are not good at, not where you are concerned. You look outside yourself for an answer. We are saying go within. See within yourself what your answer is. Do you understand?

R: Yes.

Do you have other questions on this?

R: Not right now.

Then this is good.

Q: I’ve been making some big changes this year.

And we say congratulations.

R: Thank you very much. I’ve connected with a young man, and I’ve started a new relationship, and it’s feeling good. . .

Except for that part that is fearful.

R: Yes. I guess I would like some suggestions in how to continue to be open to have a healthy relationship.

We can be what Sue would call mocking and say simply let go. But we know that that is difficult for those of you in this dimension. You are all thinkers. You think of all the things that can go – we use the word again – wrong. We say nothing can truly be wrong for it is what it is. Rather than worrying – and you are very good at that – we will say to you look at what is working. Each time you start to worry, look at what is working instead of what is not working. Each time you get to the point where you start to wonder "what if", stop and ask, "what is". In staying in that moment, in recognizing what is working, in seeing what is, you will always be comforted. Because if "what is" changes, so will you also change.

If you project, if you try to take this farther into what you call your future, you will only find fault with self and partner. You will only find fault with what is going on for you must do, and you have to do, and you should do, and you are going in the direction that says this is the only one. There are many directions. If you will stay centered in self, if you will recognize what is working well, if you will allow yourself – and this is your greatest hardship – to feel joy, you might be quite surprised at the joy that will come to you. If you choose to say you do not deserve joy, you will also be not surprised that it does not come to you for it is what you expect, is it not? So which direction should you choose will be up to you. We know what we would suggest but we also know it is not our choice. Do you understand?

R: Yes.

Do you have any other questions?

R: No. Thank you.

Q: I have another question. I’ve been trying to change my life and put good into my life. About my chronic pain in my head from the smells – perfumes, deodorants and everything – is there going to be a cure for my chronic pain in my head?

We will say to you that it need not be cured for it need not be considered as wrong. You said that you are bringing good in. You are already good. You are already perfect in what and who you are. You need to see these pieces of self that you have let go. You need to recognize that when you look into what you call your mirrors here, you are perfection in and of itself. It is how you judge that keeps you from being that perfect being.

You cannot be less than the whole for you are part of the whole. The pain that you speak of – even though we recognize it is indeed real in your dimension – we do not have physical bodies. We do not always understand pain. Sue argues with us about this all the time. But we will say to you, even though there is pain there, there are also ways to get beyond the pain. It is by embracing and not arguing. It is by recognizing this is what it is and moving past. It is by seeing it differently. It is by seeing that the goodness that is already within you is capable of going beyond what you feel is holding you back.

We know that these are concepts that are very difficult in this way, for we cannot get into depth in this type of forum. We can tell you there are things you can do. Find your faith. Find your goal. Find the thing that you can put your energy into that you feel can change the way things have been happening. In order to do this, we will say to you, find what you feel you are deserving of. You still believe that suffering is something that is necessary to where you are going. You still are looking for something outside of self to change the suffering. We are saying, that need not happen.

If you wish to be what you considered cured from what is happening within you, it is a matter of going inside of you and not outside of you to start building it differently. That is not something that can happen because you believe it this way. It is not something that can happen overnight. Yet, we will say to you, it can. We will say to you it can be instantaneous. You do not believe it is possible. If you believe that it is possible, you can change it. If you believe that it is impossible you cannot change. It is similar to the dieting. If you believe that what you eat is bad for you, then you are correct. If you believe that what you smell will give you pain, then you are correct. You can change many things, but you must change them one thing at a time. It starts from the deservedness of self. Do you understand?

R: Yes.

Do you recognize that in finding a deservedness within self, you can start shifting this.

R: I understand that. I do. . .

There is a large "but" attached to your statement.

R: Yes, there is. It’s the pain that’s been hard to think that it will go away.

Sue has told us more than once that when she is in pain, it is hard to remember what she is supposed to be doing. We do, again, say to you we do not have physical bodies. We do understand that pain will distract the physical body. We will ask you, even when you are in a place of pain, to find another way to be distracted. To find a faith, a belief, an understanding, a deservedness, to recognize that your desire isn’t to be fixed. Your desire is to be connected and whole and complete. There is a difference in those desires. Do you see them?

R: Yes. I understand what you are saying.

If you work in that direction, we will tell you it will be easier for you to have your answers.

R: Okay. Thank you.

You are welcome.

Q: It is my desire to be accepted into the Abernake tribe. Do you see this happening?

We can give you the simple answer of yes, but it will not be simple. There will be what you call political maneuvering in regard to this. There is, what you call, favoritism attached to this. We would ask of you why you feel the need to be labeled, but that belongs to you. We would ask of you to recognize that in this labeling, you are buying into the political maneuvering in and of what they are rather than going in a direction hoping that you will influence and say please do this in this way because of that. We will say instead, to see yourself as a member of the tribe and not worry where the recognition comes from. In seeing yourself in that way, the recognition comes quicker. Do you understand?

R: Yes, thank you.

You are welcome. (Long pause) We know you are not that quiet a group. (Laughter)

Kris: We have a few more minutes for questions if people would like to ask them or we could move into meditation. Either way.

Q My father is dying of lung cancer. Do you have a finer tune on the time frame on how soon he will pass?

You do not truly wish to know. So why do you ask a question you do not truly wish an answer to?

Q: How can you tell I truly don’t want to know?

Because you know already. Does that sound like parable? You are aware of when this will happen, you have felt this for quite some time. You do not truly wish it to be confirmed by an outside source. Having it confirmed by an outside source makes it become real. It is easier for you at this point in time to not have it be real. Do you understand?

R: Kinda.

We will say to you that you have done what you have been able to do. There is nothing more that you need do except what you have placed within your own judgment. In placing things within your own judgment, you have decided what you should and should not do, what you must and must not do, what is important now versus what is important later. We will say to you, you have already done all these things. We will say to you that to continue on with the expectation of the "when" is worse than accepting that it simply is what it is and all things are exactly what they need be in this moment in time. For you to receive a confirmation on a date of when this will happen would be worse then you allowing it to run the course. What is happening now is the choice of those involved. His choice is his choice. There are times you would like to change his choice and say ‘enough’. But it is, indeed, his choice. It is hard to watch while another chooses their own destiny.

We will say to you that you have your answer. You know when this is happening. Rather than concentrate on the when, we will simply say to you, go to your core self, your centered self, support that piece of you. Support with as much love for self, first, you can muster and then recognize that you will honor the choice that he, indeed, will make. Does that perhaps make more sense?

R: Thank you.

Q: Do I consolidate with Morgan or Rachel?

We will not should upon you, but we will tell you that the concept of consolidating and the way you are using it in your mind at the moment will not work in either direction. In doing it in that way, what happens is you give up too much of your power. Do you understand?

R: Yes.

You ask a question that you already feel you are being forced into making a choice. We are saying it is your choice to ask the question. Do you see the difference?

R: Yes.

Then this is good.

Q: Will my daughter go to Africa?

Yes. (Pause) You want to know more than that? (Laughter)

Q: Will she be okay?

Yes. But you still wish to know more. Is it the right move? Is it something that you feel is appropriate for who she is at this point in time? This is a conflict between mother and child. Do you understand?

R: Yes.

We will side with the child (laughter) and answer your questions with "yeses".

R: Okay. Thank you.

You are welcome.

Q: I would like to know, I have a father that had diabetes, his mom had diabetes, both my sisters have diabetes. I have been working. . . I do not have diabetes but I’ve had a high glucose count almost to the point of being treated. I have been working on that. Do you see me as beating it or do you see me as coming down with it?

We will ask you "how do you see yourself"? That is what you will create. If you believe in the hereditary trait, then you are correct in that belief system. If you can recognize that it is not hereditary, that it is not about the fact that it happens to be in your body except through the choice of it being in your body, then you will understand that you do not even have to ask the question you have asked. The fact that you are asking the question you are asking means you still think it is a possibility to happen TO you without recognizing that it is not about ‘to you’ but rather who you choose to be. Do you understand?

R: I’m not sure.

We will say to you, rather than looking at the family, rather than comparing yourself to the family, rather than saying because this is this and this is this, therefore, I must be this. We will ask you to remove yourself from that way of thinking. Look , simply, at yourself and say because I am this, I have this. Do you understand now?

R: I think that you’re saying that I will have it. Or are you saying that I can choose to make that not happen.

We are saying that to have a disease on any level – be it diabetes, be it cancer, be it something that you consider that you can contract from another family member, is not a truism except in the energy you put into it. If your fear remains that you can "catch" – we like that phrase, that you catch colds. It makes us think that you run after them until they are with you. (Laughter) If you feel you can catch this disease, then you are correct. You will run fast enough and it will catch up with you as well. If you feel at the same time, that the information you have received is inappropriate, is not correct for who you are, does not make sense for the being you have become within yourself, then that also will be correct. Do you now see?

R: Yes I do. Thank you.

You are welcome.

Q: You make it sound so easy. How do you disavow everything else that’s going around you and really look inside yourself and believe?

We believe you just made the statement: Look inside yourself and believe! (Laughter)

Q: How?

Kris: That’s a good question. Are there some simple exercises you can give this group as to how to go within to make it easier? Is there something they could do for a couple of minutes a day and then get used to doing it?

We like the level head that Kris brings. We will say to all of you that it is simple. You have within your planet, because of the way you have chosen to be developed, made all of this complex. We will say to each and every one of you that you have allowed certain information to be more correct than even your personal experience. We will say that the foundation of many of your lives is based on, what would be considered lies within your dimension. Yet, at the same time, because you have lived these lies, you are choosing to make them your truth. If you wish to make it more simple, it begins in simple ways. It begins by having the time to ask the question and then listen for the answer. It begins by connecting yourself to the planet and knowing how your physicality is feeling. It begins by connecting yourself to your universe and knowing the information coming in to you is information that is meant for you. It begins by being connected on every possible level – physical, mental, spiritual and emotional – to what is going on around you rather than being disconnected or influenced by those things that no longer speak to the ‘who’ you truly are. If you imagine – and it is a truism for those of you who have any sense of spirituality – that you are connected to something bigger, better, greater, than what you are in your physicality. All of you, at one point or another, can say this. Yet, none of you truly believe this. If you truly believed this, then you would know that you are part of the Whole. In being part of the Whole, how could you be less than the Whole. It is like putting flavoring in a glass of water. It does not flavor just one molecule, it flavors the glass.

If you wish to make it easier on yourself, then show yourself, as often as you can, how connected you truly are. When you leave your house in the morning, instead of rushing to get to where you are going, breathe the air, feel the wind and the sun and the rain, and whatever else is going on around you. When you ask a question in your mind, even one as simple as "where did I leave my car keys", shut up long enough to hear an answer (Laughter). All of you get so caught up in the ‘oh my, oh my, what did I, where did I, when can I’ that you don’t listen for an answer. We are simply saying to you that there is information and assistance all around you at all times. It is up to you to open to receive. Just as we will not answer or pluck the questions from your minds and put you in a position to say ‘ask your question’. It is the same with assistance.

It is amazing, is it not, that you believe everyone else is worth a miracle but not you? You believe that miracles are possible, and yet, how many of you have performed a miracle in your own life? So we will say yes, indeed, it is simple. It is more simple than you will give yourself credit for. You think that you need to turn around three times and touch your toes each day to have these things happen to you. You think that you must be like your books on Harry Potter and have a wand to transform things. That is not the case. All you need, child, is your heart to be open to receive the information that comes from all around you in so many ways, on so many levels. Know, without doubt, that you are indeed loved. You are, indeed guarded, protected, held, by the energy about you but you cannot feel it for you are too busy not allowing yourself to feel and not allowing yourself to listen. Does this all make sense?

R: Yes it does.

Does this assist you?

R: Yes it does.

Does this make it more simple, as Kris was requesting?

R: Yes.

Then this is good

R: Thank you.

You are most welcome.

Kris: We should take one or two more questions and then if we’re going to do a meditation, we should do it.

How do you know how long the meditation will be?

Kris; I think you’ll be quick today. I think you’ll be just the right amount of time today.

For what is, is, is it not?

Q: When and how will the current Islamic extremists come more in line with the hopefully more peaceful resolutions that most of us have? Is there anything we can do to hurry it along?

We will say, we will answer part two first. The thing to do to hurry it along is to find peace within yourself. As long as you think they are "wrong" as long as you think they are "extremists", as long as you think what they do is incorrect and bold and terrible and wicked and bad, then you do not have peace within yourself, either. It is to find peace within self and then you will find peace in all things. It is like, we hope, a healthy disease that can spread. Once the heart is open, once it is understood the connectedness of all things, that in hurting one thing we hurt all things. In being intolerant of one thing, we are intolerant of all things. In being in a position where we say ‘this is the only way’ then we are saying there is no way to be. When we recognize all those things and find the peace within our heart is when we have peace in all places.

And you asked about a specific group without recognizing that they are one of millions. Just because there are not others out there doing what this particular group is doing does not mean that they are not the same. Go within your heart child and you will have your answer. Work first to have peace within self. Work first away from the anger and frustration that comes because things do not follow in the alignment you believe they should be in. When you find peace within self by being part of All Things you also see that they, too, can find peace within All Things, within self. Does this all make sense?

R: I should be tolerant of murder?

It is not a matter of tolerant of murder for being tolerant of anything puts you in a position of making a judgment call. Saying this is happening, but that’s okay. We are saying what is, is. The less that is done that you do not care for, the fact that you can stand an example by not murdering, that you can stand an example by not eating meat, or that you can stand an example by not abusing a child, that you can stand an example by not abusing the Earth. All of those things bring you to a place of being peaceful within self. You have every right to then, through your example show others, how this power is gained. The more you are within your heart, the more you are aware of your connectedness to All Things, the more you will be creating and manifesting in ways beyond what you can now imagine. Those are things that other people will notice and eventually say ‘how does that work? How do I do this also? How do I find that peace within to have peace without’. Does that assist?

R: It does, thank you.

Kris: Let me just check and see if there is anyone who has not asked a question before you ask another one.

Q: What I want to ask was probably answered by what you just told her. I am very connected to the Earth, very connected environmentally and with all life and all that, and I am wondering if you see, because I feel deeply about the environment and everything and try very hard to make it better to stop global warming and all that. Because I believe it, do you think we’ll be able to pass that along to other people and will we be able to solve this as a universe or we are going to be on our way out, as a hastened ice age?

We believe that Gaia is much more intelligent than perhaps you give her credit. We believe that Gaia has been around a very long time and intends to stay around a long time more. We believe that Gaia, in her connection with the Universe, in her sentience with the rest of the Universe, is doing exactly what she needs to do for her own survival. That is why you are seeing the earth cleansing herself. You are seeing more water, you are seeing more fire, you are seeing more earth shaking up, you are seeing the elements being set free to do more. You are seeing how what you call your global warming is affecting your planet. If you will not pay attention to her needs, she will do things to make you pay attention. She goes within her core, and she works within her core, and she shows through what she does, how things work. This is what all need to do.

An animal acts as an animal acts. The earth acts as the earth acts. She will, in her knowledge, in her ability, in her capability, continue on probably long after the species you call humankind is gone. Does this mean that she will destroy you? No, it does not. She has always worked in cooperation with all the living beings upon her surface and within her own body. She will continue to do this, but in different ways than she has done it before. Until the lessons are learned of the connectedness, until the lessons are understood that All is One. Does this assist you?

Q: Yes. I just wondered if there was a turning point where we were going to be incapable of doing what we needed to do from the messages she is giving us?

You must understand that it is not up to you. It is up to her. It will be her choice whether she goes and in what direction she continues. The choice she has recently made is to make you all aware of how the elements affect who and what you are. We will say if this lesson is learned. If this lesson is learned, things may change. If it is not, things may change again. It is on-going, is it not?

R: Yes.

Does that make sense to you?

R: Yes.

Then this is good.

Kris: If there are no more questions, then we should meditate.


We would like you all to join us in a meditation where we can connect you to the planet and the universe. Where we can work with you energetically and bring into your heart centers a connectedness one to the other. Perhaps you will take the time to work with us afterwards, or work with our energies afterwards. If you do not, perhaps you will take the time to occasionally listen when you have a question.

If you will find your comfortable position and join us, we would be pleased.

(Adjusting music)

We will say to you, find your comfortable positions. Take in a deep, deep breath and exhale. On your next breath in, breathe in light. Allow the light to fill your physicality. Breathe out any blocks, anything that stops you from being part of this light. Establish within yourself a breathing in and a breathing out. Feel yourself when you breathe in, feel yourself expand in light. When you breathe out, release all things that block you.

Imagine now, at the center of your heart cavity, a light. This light expands within your physicality filling your chest cavity. It expands again, and fills your physicality within from head to toe and toe to head. You feel yourself filled with this light, this wonderful glowing light.

You see in the center of the room you are in, a reflection of this light as a flame. You do not know where you begin and the flame ends and the flame begins and you end. Breathe in the light of the flame. Become One.

Going down to the center of the planet, send you imagination down to the center of the planet. Bring the energy of the planet up, up to where you are located. Bring the energy of the planet up into your feet. Up into your legs and your body. Your arms and your head. Feel the energy of the planet join the flame.

While you are working with these energies, you are aware of the energy at the top of your head – your crown chakra. As the energy at the top of your head opens, it allows in the energy from the Universe. More energy comes pouring into your crown chakra and fills your body and joins the energy of your flame, of your earth.

As you work with these energies, you see them now as molecules running, vibrating, changing one with the other with the other. There is no beginning and no end. It simply is what it is. Feel this energy moving within and without. Feel this energy moving within and without.

Concentrate your imagination now into your heart center. Even though you are in your heart center, you are conscious of all the energy running around you, within you, through you. The energy in your heart center, this energy goes out the front of your heart center and begins to connect with all things living, all things moving, all things upon the planet, all things within the planet, all things off the planet. You feel yourself connecting one thing to another, to another, to another. As you go through this process, remember to breathe light. The light connects you one thing to another, to another. Breathe light.

As you send your energy out from the front of your heart center, connecting and connecting and connecting, it eventually comes back to you through the back of your heart center making a complete circle of energy. Energy going out and energy coming in. Energy without end, without beginning.

Feel your energy expand as you send and receive and send and receive. As the energy moves in a loop out the front and in the back, the energy coming from your crown now comes down to your heart. Some of it meets and merges with the energy going out in the continual loop. Some of it continues down, going down into the planet so that you have energy going from Universe to Self to Heart. From Heart to Planet. This energy goes out the other side of the planet, connecting with the universe. Creating another perpetual loop around to come back through your crown center. You have a circle running from crown to earth to universe to crown. You have a circle running from heart to planet, around planet, back to heart. This moves at a pace of comfort, a wave of knowing, an acceptance of being one with the One.

This energy offers information, coming into your crown and your heart. This energy offers information going out from your heart back to your heart. And this energy offers information as you root to your planet. All knowledge is within.

Breathe into your heart cavity. Breathe light into your heart cavity. Watch the light as it joins all that is there, moving, shifting, becoming one with the One.

Beginning at your feet, identify your molecular structure through light, coming up your feet, into your calves and knees and thighs. See yourself as light. Continuing your energy into your torso, within and without, see yourself as light. Moving the energy to your arms and hands, seeing yourself as light. Continuing the energy into your neck and head, seeing yourself as light. There is no you. There is no them. You are All That Is and All That Is is you. You are light and vibration.

Bring your concentration now back to your heart center. Breathe into your heart center. Feel your aliveness within your universe and planet. Feel your physicality adjusting, allowing the energy running around the planet and the universe. Feel yourself adjusting to these changes. Allow yourself to make adjustments to these shifts of energy, always with the concept of being one with the One.

Bring your concentration to your third eye. With your third eye seek your answers. Ask your questions. Receive your responses. Believe in self.

Breathe now into your physicality. Breathe now into your physical bodies. Become aware again of where you are, the chair you are in, the room you are in, the place that you are, the music that is playing. In your awareness, see the energy run from universe to planet through you. See the energy run around the planet, through heart center, through you. Remember, remember the look, the feel, the sound, the emotion that goes with this. Bring yourself back to your physicality, moving your body, becoming aware again of your here and now. When you have fully returned, we will again join you.


Did you like your nap? (Laughter) Has everyone returned? Do you have questions on what we did, or why?

They know now why we ask for the questions, first. Is there anything more before we leave you for the evening?

R: Thank you.

You are, as always, welcome. There are no more questions so we will leave you by again recommending that you connect yourself to your planet and your universe. Connect yourself to your own energy. Become aware of that connectedness. Allow yourself to feel your feelings and no longer deny them. In doing all of this you will find it will be much easier creating all those things you say you wish to create. Yes, indeed, it will be simple.

We hope that you will call on us whenever you choose to. We hope that you will become aware enough of our energy when we are there knocking on your door and that you will be able to say, at least, come in. We hope that you will also be open to receive the information that we will be bringing you now that you have felt what we feel like. With that understanding, we will see you all again at some other time. If there is nothing more, we will now leave you.

R: Thank you.