Sue Yarmey Channels The Many
Maine Center for Spiritual Enrichment - Bridgton, ME
May 21, 2006


We are here.  Interesting group we have because all of you have issues, you know.  The issue that you have is that you think you need us to be connected.  You already are connected.  So we will, perhaps, give you information on how that can change while you are with us today.


The things that we are here to work with you on if you are willing, are the alignment of your own energy selves and also, the understanding of your Earth connectedness.  That is part of what we will do in the meditation.  It is also part of what we will do while we answer your questions.  We will, perhaps, awaken you to the information that is always available about how you are connected to the planet, as well as how you are connected to what you call higher source.  The higher source is ‘who’ you are.  We will talk about the ‘who’.  It is something that is important. 

Too many of you are caught up in the what – what must you do, what direction do you have to go in?  We are saying it is all within you already. 


We will help in our meditation when we work with you to align you in a way that will show you the connectedness between your planet and your universe.  That is provided you wish to work with us on that level.  It is always your choice.  We do not make you do anything.  We do not in any way insist.  However, what we will say to you, is each of you are here because you have made, we will say, an agreement to be taking your life in a new direction, an agreement that says it is time for you to be utilizing your energy in new and different ways.  When this happens to you, when you make these agreements, you often make them on an unconscious level.  What we are saying when we work with you is we bring much of this information to a more conscious level.  When it is on a conscious level, you have the opportunity then to manifest anything you should desire to manifest.  We will help you with that. 




You spoke in the beginning about abundance.  You spoke about stewardship.  You spoke about the many physical body changes.  We can speak of all those things with you.  First, we would like to have you experience our energy, have you work with our energy, get you into a new alignment so then you are more free to be receiving of the energy as it comes to you.  The freedom of receiving this energy of course  is by your choice.  Understand that just as Sue is a filter for our information, you also are a filter for the information we send you.  You can resist anything.  You can accept anything.  You can take it, try it on, and then send it back.  We do not care.  It is up to you.  These are your choices and always your choices.  We do not, on any level, wish to take that away from you.  Freedom is most important to all of you. Freedom is important to all of us.  You will recognize when you truly understand what that is how you are actually more a part of the whole rather than apart from it.  That is for another time. 



We would like to do a mediation.  The meditation we would like to start with is about aligning you on an energetic level.  We will say to the healers in this room, and all of you are healers on some level, we will say to you that your, what you call your chakra system, is not what it used to be.  It is not as defined as it once was.  It is not simply ‘this thing here’ but rather now intermingling with other things in other places as your dimensional selves start coming together for your own ascension process.  As these things happen you will find the body changes.  You will find the Earth changes.  You will find that stewardship is different than what is was before.  All of this because the energy itself is changing. 


Perhaps we should phrase it differently.  The energy does not really change.  It is your interpretation and your acceptance or rejection of this energy that makes it seem like it is changing.  It is new energy but only because you are now able to recognize it as such.  This alignment of energy, this meditation we will do with you with your permission, is about aligning you, connecting you to earth and universe, getting you to recognize the part that you play, the piece that you are from one to the other.  You are not separate from but rather apart of.  Yet, at the same time, you are very individual in your own energetic and vibrational signature. 


This is the information we will have and can bring you in the meditation if you are willing to join us.  Are you all willing to do a meditation with us today?


ALL: Yes.


Then this is good.


Doreen: Will you please slow down?  I know Kris isn’t here today!


We apologize.  What we will ask, Doreen, if you will make the background music slightly louder.  We ask all of you to find a comfortable position.


Most of you are familiar with different types of meditation.  We are going to tell you now, the energy we will bring in is slightly different than what you are used to.  We will say, allow it to flow.  If you do not want it, just allow it to flow through you.  Please do not resist nor become frightened because this energy is slightly different than energy you are used to. 



Again, find a comfortable position.  Take in a deep breath.  With your exhale we ask you to become more relaxed.  Now, now we ask you to breathe in light.  Breathe in light into your lungs.  Beautiful, magnificent light.  On your exhale, we ask you to release any blockage, any grey, anything that stands in the way of your own personal progress.  


With your next inhale of light, it fills the top half of your body.  It moves between your molecules and your cells.  It lightens you.  And again, the exhale is anything that blocks, anything that stands in your way. 


Again, take in a third breath of light.  Light that fills your entire body from toe to head and head to toe.  Light that gets between your cells and releases anything that blocks you.  With your exhale, release those blocks. 

Allow your body now to relax.  Keep your breathing even.  Breathe in light.  Breathe out any grey or blocks.  Allow the energy to flow.  You will now feel a slight tingling sensation within your body.  Perhaps on the surface of your skin.  This is energy that is coming in.  Energy that is commuting and communing and communicating with who you are.  Allow this energy to simply flow around and through and over you.  Relax. 


This is good.  Now, we are going to ask that you imagine this light, this beautiful light is now the center of your planet.  It is at the core of Gaia, your mother.  The light is red.  It pulses.  You see this light as it pulses out toward the outermost edge of your planet.  From the center outward.  You see this light and you feel this light and you sense this light.   You recognize you are connected to this light.


Allow this light now to come up into your feet, up into your calves and your knees and your thighs. Allow it now to come up and rest at the base of your spine.  It gathers.  It gathers.  In a moment, you are going to release this energy that is gathering.  We are going to ask you to think about the back of your chakra points.  The area that you block energy in.  The area that creates pain in your lives.  When we give you the information, we will ask you to move this energy up your spinal column, releasing these blocks at the back of your spinal column, releasing these blocks behind all of your energy points, releasing these things that cause you to remain in a standstill. Once you have done that, we’ll send it even higher out into the universe.  We’ll send it to the universe so that you can connect. 


Again, in your imagination, you see this energy gathering at the base of your spine.  Now allow it, allow it to start moving up your spinal column releasing all blocks.  As it moves up your spinal column, we ask you to take a moment at the back of your heart to clean and clear this area at the back of your heart.  Recognize that this area always keeps you from receiving.  Release this energy.  Move this energy now as you continue up your spinal column, clearing your throat, your third eye.  As this energy now comes out your crown, send this energy out deep into the universe.  Like a shower, you send this energy out to the universe.  It returns again to the planet. 


When it returns to the planet, it again is absorbed by the heart of Gaia.  This energy is absorbed and then goes again to the surface.  Up your feet, waiting at the base of your spine, you do this again.  You are recycling this energy.  Each time you recycle this energy you spend more time in the heart center, in your heart cavity, releasing, removing, relaxing the tension that holds there for you.  Then you send it up and out through your crown back to the universe, back to where you will find our energy as well.  It gathers energy and brings it back to the planet and you can do it again and again, to clear this energy of yours. 


It is healing.  It is something that will heal your physicalities.  It is something that will open your third eye.  You can use this energy however you choose to use it.  As you recognize the energy, you see yourself connected now – connecting the planet to the universe and the universe to the planet.  You see your place.  You are all things and all things are you.  You are us and we are you.  You are eternal and infinite. 


Again, we ask you now to go to your heart cavity.  Go to this area in your physicality and see it opening, opening front and back.  Now we ask you to allow in the energy of the planet  – the heart energy to heart energy through your heart center.  Allow it in.  Allow it then to leave through the back, going around your planet, connecting to all things, all life, all love.  Connecting on a heart level.  Returning even stronger than before and entering again through your heart center in the front.  You can keep what you choose.  You can allow yourself to be loved and held and wanted.  You can send the same out back to the planet, back to all living things.  You watch as this energy moves around and around your planet knowing that you are connected heart to heart to heart.


You can feel the pulse of the mother.  You can feel your connectedness to the mother.  Relax yourself into this feeling.  Allow yourself now to be held.  Allow yourself to be held.  Allow your energy to be part of All That Is and All That Is, is your energy.  Feel yourself expand.  Feel your expansion from your heart center outward.  Out to the universe, down to the planet.  Know that you are light.  You are vibration.  You are sound.  You are color.  You are whatever you choose for your comfort. 


Now sink into your concept of self, your core.  And you know that you are inside and inside and inside all things.  Expand your consciousness.  Expand your consciousness outward. 


Now we will say, concentrate again on your heart center.  Concentrate your energy now on your heart center.  Allow yourself now to recognize your heart center is no longer just yours but rather connected to all things.  In this connectedness, see yourself now form around this core part, this core light, this core, central portion of your vibration.  Gather your energy now to this central point.  Gather your energy together to this central point.  Recognize that you create the skin you choose to wear.  Recognize that you create the health you choose to wear.  Recognize that you create the shape, the concept, the ideas, the facts you choose to wear are all up to you.  You have this power for you are unlimited.  You have this power for you have always been unlimited.  Gather this energy to your central core.  Gather this energy and know the power that you possess to create and manifest whatever you so choose. 


And as you gather this energy, allow yourself now to become more aware of All That Is.  Allow yourself to become more aware of vibration. You can follow any vibration.  It has no beginning or end, it always is.  This includes your vibration.  Your vibration has no beginning or end, it simply is.  You can ride this energy.  You can make yourself aware of this vibration and be One with it.  Your goal is to be one with the One, and you are. 


As you gather your energy to your core self, make yourself aware again of your physicalities.  Make yourself aware again of the shape you choose to wear.  Starting at your toes, come up your body. Scan your physicality and see the perfection in your physicality, not the fault.  In the perfection, see the perfection growing even more so according to your thought and vibrational belief.  Work within your body and outside of your body, organs and skin, skin and organs, legs and torso and hands and arms and head.  You have an experience to continue in your physicality.  You have the support of your biologies to assist you.  Your biologies exist in other dimensional areas and come to you now to assist.  See this light growing within you, attracting all of the ‘who’ you are.  Allow the assistance you are being offered.  Allow this energy to flow. 

Now you can see diamond light that is part of the center of the planet and part of the universe.  This diamond light shines upon you.  You are one of the vibrational rays of the diamond light.  Stretch yourself from the center of the planet to the center of the universe for you can.


Now take in a deep, deep breath.  Anchor this energy again within your physical body.  Make yourself aware again of your physical body.  Allow the energy to gather around you.  Allow yourself to feel in alignment. Allow yourself to recognize our energy.  Allow yourself to know our signature.  Allow yourself to interact with each other.  Allow yourself to interact with us.  Find yourself now back in your physical body.  Allow yourself to feel your physicality.  If anything is out of place, simply adjust. 




We will say to you to now come back to your physical form, to make yourself aware by moving, by changing.  Whatever you need to do to come back into your physical bodies, and then we will speak with you again. 


Is everyone back?


ALL: Yes.


Then this is good.  There are many things that we would like to speak to you on before we open to your questions and answers.  Yes, Doreen, we will slow down!


Doreen: Thank you.



First, we would like to speak of the Earth.  You are part of the Earth.  We will speak of the Earth and then we will speak of you.  We will speak first of the changes happening in the Earth.  We will speak of the concept that the Earth is not what you have always believed it to be.  Too often in your history and your understanding, the Earth was just dirt and not alive.  We will say now that all of you know intellectually that this is not true.  You have not all yet connected from a heart center to understand that your Earth, your mother, your Gaia, is indeed alive.  So connecting you on that heart level is part of your recognition of the ‘aliveness’ of your planet.  Understand that we give you this so that you will better understand on a more microcosmic level what is really happening. 


The Earth is changing ‘who’ she is because her very core has shifted.  Think of it as someone who has been asleep for a very long time.  When you first awaken, you are not always that conscious of what is happening around you.  You are not always that aware of where you are or what you wish to accomplish until you wake up a little more.  The Earth is still in the beginning phases of her waking up.  She is conscious only of where she is not quite right and is working on adjusting those areas.  You will see more hurricanes.  You will see more earthquakes.  We would suggest that you look and see what is happening for you will often find earthquakes where there are also volcanic eruptions.  You will also find hurricanes where there are issues around the crust of the planet in a, we will say, an environmentally incorrect way.  The more the pollution, the more the ignoring, the more you will see activity.  If you can imagine the Earth’s, we will say mineral content as her nervous system, you will see that it is necessary for her to reconnect her nervous system.  So you can look to find that there will be other mine disasters.  There are things happening that cannot continue to happen.  You will find that there will be other fire issues.  There will be extremes in the environment in many ways.  We will say that as long as you are connected in a heart capacity to your planet you need not fear any of these things for you will be connected.  Would it not be interesting to talk to people whose houses the tornado did not tear down to find out if they knew how to speak to the planet?  Perhaps, it is an understanding that their house was missed versus a happenstance. 


You will need to stop using the term anomaly when you speak of your weather.  Your weather will be changing, not just for now, but in many ways and for long periods of time.  The reason for this is that one thing needs to change so that other things may change. 


You were all speaking of the energy points within the planet when you spoke of stewardship so we will address those points.  Those energy points do not come from anywhere strange.  They are from the center of the planet.  Just as we can use the word channel to allow you to go from one point to another, we will use that word also in these energy points. There are many things going on around your planet.  These energy points will be channeled to the surface in order to make it easier in her awakening and how she heals herself.  These energy points will be available for you to use provided, provided you are open to them through your heart center.  It will be the heart center connection, not through your mind or your thinking.  We could look at “D” now but she would be distressed.  “D” sometimes you think that you must know why before you allow it to happen.  Yet, you do not do that with your beautiful daughter!



We will say to all of you, there is no need to know exactly why the planet will be doing what she is doing.  If you have a curiosity, we would love to hear your story.  We are often entertained by those things you feel you must explain.  We do not say that to make fun of you.  We say it rather so that you will see what it is you do that keeps you from connecting to this energy because you must understand how.  Yet, none of you, none of you truly understand your electricity but you trust that when you turn the switch, your lights will come on.  So we are going to say it is the same.  You do not have to understand the electricity and the energy that is within the earth, but when you turn on the switch which is you, that energy will be available to you for use.  These energy points that are making their way to the surface, will be making their way in many small ways and some larger ways.  They will be based upon the energy that is there to greet them for like energy will be attracted to like energy. 


If you wish to have energy that you can utilize, and “J”, you have mentioned that you believe that there is energy in your home, we would ask you how you utilize it.  We find now that all you do is speak of it, but do not always use it.  That is like saying we do not need to turn the light on to read our book, we can read in the dark.  Indeed, you can.  But how much easier is it when the lights are on? 


So we will say that these energy points will be channeling from the center of the planet out to the surface.  As they channel, they will be connecting with like energy.  Your energy is no more right nor wrong than the other person’s energy, it simply is what it is.  The energy attracted to you will be no more greater or smaller than that energy attracted to anyone else.  Energy just is.  We would suggest to all of you that you start recognizing that this energy is always – and we will say again – always available to you whenever you so choose to use it.  You seem to think that you must create ceremony or create special occasion; or do “A” before you can accomplish “B”.  We are saying all you need do is turn the switch and that switch is you. 



For stewardship, we will say to you, if you wish to be connected to your planet, just do so.  Go to your planet, put your feet upon her surface and simply say to yourself “I am connected to my planet” and see what happens.  You must find the way you turn your switch.  There is no one way.  There are as many ways as there are individuals who wish to be in communion with her.  We will say to you it will be up to you to determine how.  



Is it not interesting, at this time of year, that you are much more aware of her?  You are much more aware of leaves that are coming out, and smells that are there that were not there before.  Yet, at other times, you can be completely ignorant of what she has to offer.  We will say the first word with the changes on the planet has to do with being aware.  Aware of what is there, aware that it is constantly around you, aware that you do not need anything special to call it to you but rather to recognize that this is a piece of you at all times.  So awareness is one of the words we will offer you today in regard to earth changes.  When you are aware you will be able to sit in your living room and be able to determine whether an earthquake is happening somewhere else.  Some of you have become aware of this already.  You have been experiencing what you call on your planet, vertigo, that dizziness when you first stand up.  If you would bother to check afterwards, you would see that there is a connection to this that perhaps you did not understand.  It has nothing to do with your blood pressure.  It has nothing to do with standing too quickly.  It has everything to do with the energy that you are aware of without consciously being aware.  So we will say awareness is the first piece of working with your planet.  The second is allowance. 



To allow this energy, to allow it to come through you, to not feel a need to resist it, to not feel a need to twist it, to not feel a need to change it but to simply allow the flow of what is happening.  So when we speak of stewardship, when we speak of energy that has been watching the planet for longer than the planet has been in your written history, this is what we speak of when we say allow.  All of you know when you are in the sacred place.  All of you have walked into a place and known, in your heart that it is, indeed, sacred.  All places on her are sacred for she is a living, breathing being.  What you do with her is always very much appreciated, even when it is not something she perhaps wants you to do.  If you learn, she is willing to teach.  If you keep that in mind, you will start discovering the places that will be ‘right’ for you.  You will start allowing this energy to attract you to those places that will be ‘right’ for you.  You will open in your heart center, now that you are connected to all things and all beings, you will open and you will, through your magnetic self, be attracted to these places in new and different ways.  You will be seeing with eyes that are no longer just in your head.  This is what we have to say about the concept of the planet.  It leads us to talk about the concept of your physical body.



You physical body must be affected as the planet is affected for it is a micro and a macro that we look at.  As the microcosm living here, you must become aware of where you are living or suffer the consequences.  The suffering, of course, is self inflicted and need not happen at all except in your resistance and stubbornness to control and do it your way.  Not that we would ever say that is right or wrong, it is simply how you choose.  Please come to understand, if you make a choice and it is not comfortable, we will say to you then make a different choice.  You have that power.  The changes that are happening within your bodies right now have to do with some of these choices.  Remember please, children, that you came in to ascend.  You came in as a limitless life.  You limited that ability and now you seek it again.  It is about changing your perception and that is what is next – the way you perceive the things that are. 



You perceive through your science.  You perceive through your educators.  You perceive through your families.  You perceive through your societies.  You allow yourself to become attached to certain groups and societies and organizations and then your perception becomes their perception.  It does not make it right or wrong.  It simply makes it a single perception. 


So we would say, in your physicalities, your perception is most important.  If you feel a pain shoot down your leg, and your perception is “there is something wrong with me”, then we will say your perception is correct.  But if your perception, instead is “I wonder what that was, I am fine”, then you are also correct.  Please know there is great power in perception.  Once you can perceive things the way you have always perceived them, making yourself conscious of this, you then have the right and the ability to change your perspective and to look at this in a whole new way. 


Turn to something that you have always believed – science tells you that you cannot levitate – and yet, you always levitate.  As children, you did it as a game.  Is it not interesting that at a certain age you cannot do what you did when you were younger.  It does make us curious to have you think that way!  That is because you have chosen to perceive in one way.  But once you change your perspective, once you turn and you say “I have always believed this to be like this.  What would happen if I step over here and look at this in this way”.  Then everything starts to shift.  Once you have done these things, you will recognize the changes that are going on in your physical body are nothing more than adapting the energy that is coming in and opening and triggering the DNA that is within you and changing your physical structure.  It is with choice, it is not by accident.  It is with the understanding that in coming in, this is something that you chose awhile ago to do. 


When you get something that seems out of place in your body, rather than automatically turning and saying “there is something wrong with me,” we will ask you to stop a moment.  Instead, say “No, this is completely right.  What is it showing me?  What is right about what they are showing me now in this particular ache or this pain or where we are going?”  We say this in mass because it is very important for you all to understand you are triggering spiritual changes in physical bodies.  In this triggering, you will be altering and affecting other dimensional selves than the one that is in your 3D world.  They all can work together, some with more knowledge than others.  As they work together, you can start understanding that there is nothing “wrong” with you.  The very word itself will only create a blockage and a problem and keep things, as you say, wrong instead of seeing what is right and going in the direction of rightness. 


So we can all see the rightness of that beautiful child called Raegan.  We can all see the rightness and the shining of her energy instead of in any way dwelling on the ‘wrongness’.  Would it not make us all different people and make her a different child if that is where we chose to dwell?  Remember the concept of perception and perspective for it will assist you in your physical changes not just with stewardship of the planet herself, but also the stewardship of your own physical body that is currently calling together other dimensions to start your shift and ascension to someplace new.  Do we make sense to you in what we say now?


All: Yes.


Then this is good.  Do you have questions for us?  We appreciate the silence.  We like that we can stun you into silence.  (Laughter) Yet, we can hear many minds working behind that silence. 


We can continue to ramble.  We are shocked because we know that there are many mouths in here that are used to saying whatever they choose to say (Laughter).  Is there nothing?


Q: When we were doing the meditation, I experienced a headache on the third eye which often happens to me when I send someone a Reiki treatment.  Can you tell me about that energy blockage? 


We would say to you, rather than seeing it again as a blockage, we would ask you to change your perception here and your perspective.  Say the reason I am experiencing a ‘head ache’  – even the words themselves –  is because I am not trusting the energy that is there for me.  All you need do is set the intention that you trust the energy coming through is correct and right for you in that moment and it will change everything. 


The blocks that we speak of when we were working the meditation with you, have to do with the fact that on your planet you believe in pain.  In this dimension, you believe that suffering is appropriate.  You allow that suffering to dwell within you.  When we do the exercise with you, we are hoping that we can assist that attitude and that change outside of what you are used to into something that you will be excited about. 


Again, it is about receiving and not being afraid of anything.  There will be much information coming in regard to this the last half of this year.  If you keep yourself open to this you will understand that manifestation will become something that could almost be instantaneous provided you no longer feel the need to approach everything through that place of fear.  Does this make sense?


R: Yes.


Q: Do you have any individual messages for anyone here?


We believe we have been giving them.  We would say that as an individual message is concerned, you are asking each of you to be separate from each other and you are not.  You have gathered together in purpose that you all are the same.  You are all connected in a heart level.  You are all connected in so many ways.  It is a matter of supporting each other through the positive instead of worrying about each other through the negative.  So the individual messages would be, listen.  Listen.  Listen to what is going on within you for you have all answers.  Listen to what is happening to you and give yourself permission to listen on whatever level works for you – be it through feeling or hearing or seeing, it does not matter – but give yourself permission to allow this.  The worst that can happen is you will be wrong.  We know how that bothers many of you.  Yet, we hardly notice! 



Q: There is a film called “What the Bleep”.  In that film, there is an individual who claims to channel. . 




Q: Thank you.  I could not remember the name.  Can you speak on Ramtha?  Can you tell us what you know or .. .


There is a part of Sue that is thinking “Oh good, gossip”!  (Laughter)


But it is not gossip that you are asking for.  You are asking really to better understand the concept of what we mean by channel.  You are not yet in the language of understanding channel.  What we will say, is that Ramtha is a part of the whole as we are a part of the whole.  There are many energies that can come through and you will find the one you are most comfortable with, as Sue has found us.  We could not be channeled through Sue if she did not have comfort in what it was we were bringing.  On the other side of that, we are unable to bring through things that she does not have comfort with, for she will still manage to block us.  We have not taken her power.  Rather, we work with her power. 


Ramtha’s information that comes through is from an entity that has had some physical 3D associations – that is, if you determine that 3D is something that is in the past.  We do not believe that.  We look at all things as a circle.  So all time is now.  We do not see that you have a past, a present or a future.  We rather see the vibrational happenings around you.  Ramtha believes that there are certain structures that must be followed.  We do not.  Ramtha is part of who we are in many ways and yet a part from us.  It is simply like reading an article in your newspaper.  You can read the one that interests you and ignore all the others.  When we think of Ramtha, you could read the Ramtha article and ignore us, and we are the rest of the paper.  It is a way of thinking but not technically correct, but a way for you to wrap your mind around what we are saying.  Does that make sense?

R: Yes.


Does that answer your question?  (Pause with no response)  Not really.  But we’re good at that.





Q: So Ramtha is a real entity much like you? 


Hmm.  We like the choice of the word, ‘real’.  How would you define that?  If we are sitting here coming through Sue, either she is someone you can lock up and put in one of your little padded rooms or she is someone that you will trust that this information is not made up.  Even she, occasionally, believes she makes this up.  What we are saying is the word ‘real’ is what our difficulty is in communicating with you because you have restrictions and limits upon your words and your world when we do not.  You are asking us to take something that has no limits and put it into a limited explanation.  It does not always work that way.  We will say to you that any information that comes through anyone and reaches your heart center and feels correct there, we would say, how can that not be real?  We will say to you that any information that comes through anyone and goes to your heart center and does not feel correct for you, how could that be real?  We will say, rather than think of the word ‘real’, to think only of your own explanation to your heart and how you feel about the information that is gathered from these entities that come from wherever it is we come from.  And no, we will not tell you!  (End of tape side one – some missed comments)


It is not about not telling you where we come from.  It is asking you to use your own ability to determine for yourself where you feel this energy affects you and caresses you within your heart center.  Does it come from here, does it come from another dimension?  And if it comes only from Sue, does it really matter?  If it comes from the 10th dimension, or the 25th or the 72nd, does it really matter?  The information that we offer you, the only meaning it can have to you is through the understanding in your heart of whether it will or will not assist you in your life, in the life that you are living right now in the third dimension, where you are progressing and moving beyond this dimension into something bigger, better, greater.  We are here to assist you.  We are here to offer our hand.  But where our hand comes from?  Does it matter if the hand is firm enough to help you along? 


R: Just curiosity. 


It is a limit!


R:  As a scientist it kind of matters.


Explain to us the need for science.



R: Well, I think one of the, in my perspective, one of the challenges, opportunities that we have, is that we are living in the physical world tying to understand things beyond ourselves right here. The expression we use is wrapping your brain around it.  We often have been raised, nurtured to  science to explain some of those things.  Things that were mysteries 300 years ago are very explainable via science now.  We are told by many metaphysicians and other teachers that things that we are dabbling in now will be well explained 100 years from now. 


And were explained 1,000 years before!  There is nothing that says your science is correct. You have water that runs up hill, even in your own country.  Science says that is not possible.  You have things that when you drop them, they do not fall in certain parts of your country.  According to science, that is not possible.  You have, through your perception, stated that science is the new god.  We are saying it is just perception and perspective, is it not?  We are saying that you have reports that say coffee is bad for you.  You have reports that say coffee is good for you.  All of them are done very scientifically.  Which one is correct? 


Again, we would say the only way of knowing this is to go into your heart center to find out which is correct for you.  Come away from making a flat statement that this is correct for all.  We can take it back to your earth being flat.  We can take it back for those who believe it is round versus those who believe it is flat for there are still people who believe that.  We can take it to the point where people do not believe that you have landed upon the moon.  We can take science anywhere we choose and we can utilize what you call fact and show you how it is not. 


But the bottom line for all of this, regardless of what is going on, is to go to your heart center and ask is this appropriate for who you are in this moment in time or is it not.  If it is, by all means, embrace it.  If it is not, by all means, do not embrace it.  It is always your choice.  But to say, because you have read in a book, or because someone has told you who has a degree in a particular subject that ‘a’ is ‘a’, it is up to you to determine if ‘a’ is ‘a’ for you.  It may not be. 


You, who work on energy in a different way, by now have been noticing that the energy is not what it used to be.  The way you used to work with it no longer seems to fit.  So how do you explain that through your science?  You cannot.  It is up to the individual.  It is up to the heart center.  Do we make sense to you?


R: Yes.


Do you understand why we say what we say?


R: Yes.


And yet you still want your answers in specifics!


R: Who wouldn’t?  But no, I understand.


This is good.


Q: Are perceptions, our brain explains to us what’s going on around us in (could not hear), yet we color it.  We take alcohol, we take drugs.  Sometimes drugs for our health.  Those color our perception.  How do we cut through that?


What is it you are asking to cut through?


Q: False perceptions.


How do you know it is indeed false?





R: I don’t.  So how, by not knowing if it is false or not, how can I know what is real?


You must go to that place where we were speaking earlier about the word allow.  Think about what a stream will do.  If you drop something in the stream whatever you drop within that stream, if it will float, it will flow along until something stops it.  When you take in energy, your energy will just come in and go out unless something stops it.  If you choose to stop something that is negative because you are fearful, than you will keep that negative, fearful thing within you and it will then attract other negative fearful things.  If you choose to allow it to go on through you, it will not matter. 


If, under the influence of your drugs or your alcohol or other addictions that are upon this planet, you have something that you choose to stop, than it will be up to you to let it go again.  It is only your perception that matters.  Why does one drug work for one person and not another?  Why does one person have side effects when the other doesn’t?  It all comes down to your perception and perspective of what it is you are doing.  If you believe that when you take that sugar pill that your pain is gone, you are correct.  Is that not interesting?  Why do you not do more work in regard to this?


R: So then courage plays a great part. . ?


It is a limited word but we can agree.  We will say not so much the concept of courage but the concept of again, allowing, of recognizing it does not have to be one thing.  Does this make sense?


R: Yes.


Then this is good.


R: Thank you.


You are most welcome.


We thought now that the pump had been primed, we would have more.  Do we pick on you too much?  Sue always complains that we pick on you. 


Q: I’d like to talk more about Earth changes.  With the volcanoes and earthquakes and hurricanes and tornadoes and all the manifestations on the physical plane here on Gaia, a lot of people that are embodied end up dropping their bodies as a result of the destruction that comes from these storms.


We do not see what you speak of as destruction, but go ahead.


Q: Maybe that’s a poor choice of word.  But it’s a change, it’s the earth waking up, it’s the earth shifting around and stretching...


It is the earth turning and saying what you have taken without permission I wish to reclaim.  Think on that.


Q: There is a certain amount of homeostasis that Gaia is looking for and that we are, as a human race, overpopulated. 


What you are asking is, a chicken and egg issue.  We will say to you that we do not have an answer in that particular way for it is not about the earth by herself, or you by yourself, or your species by themselves, but rather the group and the concept of co-created energy.  Even when you create on your own – and face it, all of you do in many, many ways – even when you are creating by yourself, there still is required, in an energetic way, other energy to come together to have this creation happen.  So when the planet is awakening, it is not about punishing.  It is not about destroying.  It is not about taking away.  It is, rather, about reclaiming.  As we have said before that nothing can stay hidden, the other point we have made in the past is that anything, anything at all from you as an individual, from your planet, from the species upon the earth, anything that has been taken without permission will be reclaimed.  Anything that has been used for the wrong reasons, will be reclaimed.  She (Gaia) is simply reclaiming what is hers. 


If you have respect for who she is, it does not matter if there is one or one thousand, for then there will be an energetic exchange.  If there is 1,000 and they treat her in one way, and 1,000 treat her in another obviously both will create what they are working toward.  But what they had been doing in the past was without her permission.  Now, she is awakened.  When 1,000 say ‘we wish to do this’, and she turns and says, ‘I do not think so’, the result will not be the same.  Even if your laws are passed where they can do more drilling, or they can do more digging, or they can do more anything, even if those laws are passed, it does not matter.  She has choices now that while she was asleep she did not make.  Now she will make them! 


You have no need to worry about population.  You have no need to worry if or when the next thing will happen.  If you have your connection with her, you are fine and you are safe.  You are living creatively, co-creatively and through your heart center, and not through your head or your wallet, as they say.


Q: I don’t feel any anxiety, really, even if I were to drop my body through any of the earth changes.  It’s a part of life, as much as being here looking around and using the physical senses.  I just wondered for our interconnectedness, what it is humanity or the rest of creation could do to understand Gaia more, to know what we need to do to bring better balance?


We will say, as we always say, to come from your heart.  It is the heart.  You bring up some good points, because it is about emotion, children.  It is about feeling.  It is about the things that you have stuffed as Gaia allowed her own feelings to be stuffed.  She turned them off and so did you.


Q: Do we not possess the technologies to change the way we do things?


You have always possessed those technologies.


Q: Are they hidden from us?


Nothing can stay hidden.


Q: Well, then they are hidden.  In essence you are saying that we need to go get them!


In essence what we are saying is that you need to know from your own perspective only, not from the planets perspective, not from your town’s perspective, just yours.  What will you do to have a better relationship with Gaia?  What will you do in regard to keeping the environment in whatever way you believe is correct and right for you? 


It does not matter whether the technologies as you call them are available to you right now or not.  None of that matters.  What matters is that you live through your heart center knowing your connectedness to all things.  When you live there, it is amazing what you then start attracting to you.  So the one person who says “I do not need to recycle this can, it is only one can” understands very differently than the person who lives in the Midwest who has no recycle laws and says “Oh, we can just throw this in the desert”.  Each of them are living differently.


Q: I would hope that as Edison brought us a lightbulb and we were able to read at night, that if there is a technology out there that is available for all of us that we might not do harm. . .


You will find that there will be more information coming out toward the end of this year about Tesla.  When Tesla information comes along you will be better able to understand how to get this.  The Tesla information cannot come forward until each person living in their own heart center, changes their energy to the point where this energy can then be attracted to it.  It is the hundredth monkey.  You are not quite there yet.  (Laughter)


R: Thank you.


Q: Is part of what humanity can do slowing down, getting into better rhythm with our mother? 


We do not understand.


Q: Slowing down the pace of our actions, the running around that we do, the driving in our cars, going here buying this, doing that. . .


Q: The fact that we, as individuals, have more information coming in to us daily and have to react to that information daily than our grandparents did.


What we will say to you, you speak in levels of time.  You speak in levels of quantities.  That is not how energy works.  Energy is energy is energy.  How it is utilized is what creates the issue that is going on.  We would say it is not about speeding up or slowing down.  If we are going to talk about something like that because of your ascension process, your vibration is indeed increasing, but it is not about speeding up.  The information that comes in might indeed be increasing or even slowing down but it does not matter.  What matters is each individuals way of handling that information.


Again, go back to each of you to recognize your individual powers for that is how things will come.  That is how things will change.  It is in the power of each individual here not in the power of the group.  It does not matter if one person in this room wishes to recycle and the other person wishes to go dancing naked in the rain, it is not that issue.  It is the issue of each person doing what is right for them.  Then, the other energy shifts.  Are we making sense?


All: Yes.


Q: You were speaking of energy which has to do with frequency.  I notice that as you did the meditation there was frequency changes in voice.  We don’t have to concern ourselves as much about these things?


Concern yourselves as much about what?  That there is frequency?


Q: That frequency . . . Because frequency is related to time in this plane.  We measure it with machines.


Back to your science. (Groaning, laughter, etc.) Would you like us to demonstrate how we can make machines not work?  We are good at that!




Q: No, undoubtedly, you . . .


We will say to you, when we speak of vibration, when we speak of color or light or sound, they all work from vibration or what you call frequency.  The frequency adds another dimension to the vibratory piece that we speak of.  When you get into scientific, which is what your interest is at this point, we will say to you, the scientific piece will be changing also. You will see it change in the way the energy is presented toward the last part of this year.  It will not yet be in a place that we can say ‘free energy for everyone’, and yet, at the same time, there will be ways to create energy that you have never looked at before.  It must again start with each of your expectations that you can, that you do, that you change, that you are.  And going back not to ‘what’ for that is what you are all asking, but rather to ‘who’, which is what each and every one of you are.


Are we confusing you when we use the words of your planet in this way?


R: You give us stuff to think upon.


R: When you say ‘who’ . . . What our word is God, god-like energy, the creator, is that what you mean by who, going back to who?  The creator?


R: Source?


You are sending it back to who the source is.  We are saying that you are the source. 


R: Right.  I believe that.


So we are not seeing a separation in those two things.  You are the ones who create separation.  We are saying there is a difference between the ‘who’ in what you do, and the ‘what’ in what you do. 


You tend to define yourselves from outside experiences – from the money that you make, the position that you have, the things that you own, the WHAT.  You forget to define yourselves from the who that you are. 


You are truly all spiritual beings.  One of you made the comment of science coming in and helping explain things in the physical experience.  Yet, the spiritual part that came in already knew.  There is nothing that you do not know.  There is nothing that need be explained according to someone’s measurements for the moment you explain it, it has changed.  Each of you have this power and capacity.  Each of you are limitless beings.  Each of you are capable of anything you can allow yourselves to believe you are capable of when you recognize you are WHO and not WHAT. 


Does that perhaps make more sense?


Q: That makes sense.  Part of my desires are – desire might not be the perfect word but I hope you understand – my experience, I wish to be one with others.  So I am unique in my being and I am limitless.  Each of us don’t need each other to define that.  I’m separated and I don’t wish to be separated.  I wish to be a part.


Did you hear the limit you put on your definition?


Q: I probably. . .


If you are limitless, you are part of All That Is and All That Is is part of you.  You are never separate from.  Yet, you are saying ‘if I am like this, I am therefore separate from these other people who are not like this, but all those people are also like this’. 

Q: But if I perceive this, and I come to a man I have never met on the street and he does not perceive this. . . So, I am separated.  Because I have the knowledge doesn’t mean I can force it upon him. 


What you are missing is the fact that you have the knowledge is All.  You are not separate from him because he does not have the knowledge.  He simply does not have the conscious knowledge.


Q: I do not have the joy of that


Of course you do.  You are not separate from him.  Because he does not have the conscious knowledge does not mean that he is separate from you.  Again, it is what we said about flow.  When we were giving you the words of aware, and allow, and perception, and perspective, we must also point out to you, the other word, the last word, perhaps the most important, is the word that says you must also be open.  For you to think that he must know what you know is not correct.  That would mean you are closed to this energy and not allowing the flow from one end to the other. You are not dropping something in the stream and allowing it to go all the way and then back again. 


When we did the meditation with you, we sent the energy from the center out to the universe, back to the center.  It does not stop.  It continues.  It changes.  It fluctuates.  It is different every time.  Yet, you are the one putting the limits on things by your judgement of the other person’s ability to go there or not go there.  If you are open to this energy, indeed open to this energy, you are totally connecting each time you meet anyone and everyone.  That includes the people you think are nasty as well as the people that you think are loving! (Laughter) You are not separate from each other.  Does that make more sense, perhaps?


R: Yes, it does.


Q: Can you speak about the base resonance frequency of the earth?


This is a science group!  We will again say to you that the frequency of your planet has already proven to be changing in the last 10 years.  This frequency change has been about her awakening and what it is she wishes.  You are allowing yourself to get caught up in some of the information that is coming this way about fear of pole shifting because of the frequency shift.  We will say to you, if you wish to be in that fear, it is your right to be there.  We will say to you, that if you wish to look purely from a scientific point of view and not from your heart center, it is also your choice to be there.  What you have read, much of what you have read from the scientific journals are based on fear and not the understanding of how energy can be shifted.


What we will say instead is when you read something that is absolute, when you read something that says ‘this is how it is going to be regardless of what you believe’, we want you to think of the disaster called Chernobyl.  We want you to think about the fact that that was something that was in essence, stopped.  Who stopped it?  Did the earth stop it because she felt she did not wish to have anything else destroyed?  Did you stop it with your very thoughts saying ‘we cannot allow this to go any father than it has gone’?  If you will look at it scientifically, it should not have stopped the way it did.  It should not have been able to be contained because your science has told you why not. 


So if you will look at projections, they are talking about what could happen to the planet, we will ask you to stop and ask yourself: “With the power that I have as a limitless being, do I need to believe this?  Do I need to give my energy to this negative information?  Or can I also choose, because I am indeed a limitless being, can I also choose to put my energy elsewhere?”  It is your choice.  We will say there is not right or wrong with this.  We will also mention to you that your planet has been around a very long time.  We believe that she knows how to take care of herself!  We will assist her in any way she requests. 


Does that in some way assist you with that question?


R: Yes, thank you.


Q: Can I speak to you about prayer?


In what regard?


Q: Is prayer another way of looking at our energetic connections?


Does that not depend on how you pray?  There are people who will pray with limitation.  There are people who will pray with the expectation that they will be told what to do.  There are people who will pray with the understanding that energy is energy and they can work with it however they so choose. 


Prayer is nothing more than a way to concentrate in certain energy areas.  If you are praying for something, we will say to you, make sure that your parameters on this something are smart.


Like now, the later part of your year will be about the manifestation process.  The later part of your year will be about how you will be able to manifest.  The manifestation process will be working more closely with emotional issues than they will with intellectual issues.  That is why we have brought up the word fear so often.  And when you say prayer, is it not interesting how often people pray when they are fearful?


R: Always.  


How many promises are made while you are in a fearful state?  What we will say is that when you are in a fearful state, you are more apt to attract more fear than you are apt to attract what it is you think you are praying for.  Become conscious, children, of the emotions you are feeling when you are asking for things.  It is the emotion first, that will be put out.  It is a different vibration.  Every thought, of course, is a vibration, but the emotion goes out quicker.  If you think “I am angry” but your thought is “Oh, no, this will be fine” the anger will go out before the ‘this will be fine’. 


Keep in mind for the last part of this year about this concept of manifestation using words because you must use words.  All of you tend to think.  In fact, all of you think way too much.  In this process, use words that are emotional words instead of structural words and you will better understand what it is we are saying to you.


Does this make sense?


R: Yes.


Doreen: We’re going to wrap this up.  Do you have any more questions?


Q: I did have one more question in regards to the escalation of differences of opinion about religion especially in regards to the United States sort of Christian bent on God and reality and against/or other/than Islam and what is happening as far as the violence especially in Iraq and Iran, Islamic nations.


Is there a question there?


Q: Wondering, as individuals, what we might be able to do to facilitate greater understanding?


Stop trying to facilitate greater understanding and simply live who you are!


R: Okay.


We will say to all of you in closing that it is important for each and every one of you to recognize that it is about you, first.  In doing what you do, it is like dropping a pebble in the pond and you will see things go out from there.  If you continue to try to fix, change, shift, move, influence other people, than all you will be doing is working on the ‘what’.  If you instead, work on ‘who’ you are, how you live a life in who you are, what your belief system is in essence, then what you will be doing is showing by example what we are speaking of.  When you do this, you cannot help but attract to you others who are thinking, feeling, being, ‘who’ they are also.  So a gathering in this place with these people is one example.  You all have connections.  You may not all agree with each other, but one of the connections you have is that there is something ‘more’.  Each of you can then go and live your lives and perhaps approach one another in another way at a later time and find a common ground.  It does not mean you all have to be cookie cutters of each other.  What it means is that you must be true to ‘who’ you are.  When you recognize that, things will change.


There will be a coming of power, an understanding of what power means.  It is not a negative thing.  There will be a coming of power within each of you where you will understand how this works.  You can utilize this energy in new and different ways.  Until that time, until you actually allow this energy to flow through you, you will find yourself tripping over your own feet if you keep taking it outside of you first.  


The organization isn’t as important as you are.  The things you do are not as important as ‘who’ you are.  The kind of work you accomplish is not as important as ‘who’ you are.  Does this all make sense?


ALL: Yes.


Then we are happy.  If there are no more further questions, we will leave you on one final note.  We ask you to go into your hearts on a regular basis and connect with all around you.  Recognize that once you are centered in ‘who’ you are, you will find how much easier other things will come to you and how much easier you will be manifesting.  And how much easier those things you manifest will be what you really believe you wish them to be instead of “I guess that happened because there was a stray, angry thought I did not realize or a fearful thought I did not quite comprehend.”  Doing this will make a big difference in your lives. 


We are happy to come and work with you.  If you need us at any time, you need only call on us.  You may call us anything you wish but you know the energy now.  You are familiar with the energy we brought into you.  All you need do is call on that energy for any reason.  We will caution you, you need to shut up long enough to hear us! (Laughter)


We hope that we will see you all again and trust in the interim, you will be working on your ‘who’.


Thanks all around