Sue Yarmey channels The Many at The Magick Closet in Portland
April 25, 2008

We are here. It will be an interesting night because each of you have issues that you have been working with and upon for quite some time. The issues that you have, have nothing to do with your typical third dimensional problems but rather with your connectedness to your spirit, your connectedness to your true self, your connectedness to your heart center as individuals and as part of the weave. With this understanding, each of you has chosen different paths, different roads to travel to find answers to what is going on. The difficulty now with what is happening in your dimension is that there are all the ultimate, absolute, complete answers and yet none of them seem to work for everyone which is as it should be for each of you are individuals.

Each of you are very different in your own way. Each of you has something different to offer to the universe. Therefore, one size does not fit all. With this understanding, if you go into your heart, if you recognize what your heart’s desire is, you will find your answers in a different way then if you go into your head and look out and analyze what is out there. Look out of yourself and analyze what people are offering. Going to others and giving your power to them by asking them what do I do now, where do I go now, what step do I take now – and that includes coming to us as well. Perhaps we are making ourselves less popular by saying these things. But these things are true as far as we are concerned.

Each of you have the ability within yourselves to have all your answers. Truly, the purpose of all guidance is to confirm what you already know, not to tell you what you know. You already know it. Wouldn’t that be silly? What we are saying to each of you is when you listen to what is going on inside of yourself, when you pay attention to your heart center, you create in ways that you don’t even understand.

So, "C", when you were lost and asked for our assistance (referring to her asking for help to find The Magick Closet), we will say to you, you were not listening. You were aware when you were off track, but you were not aware when you were on tract. Do you understand when we say this?

R: Yes.

So it is after the fact. We will ask you now to listen during instead of after. Amazingly, you will not get lost. Perhaps pull into a parking lot one or two spaces above, but still be in the right place. It is that way of thinking for all of you with what you are working on is to recognize how easy it is for each of you to know when you have done something that you term ‘wrong’ and how difficult it is for you to recognize when you have done something you term ‘right’.

So what we are saying is that in opening your hearts, in making yourself aware of your core self, in seeing your connectedness to all things – dimensionally and otherwise – in seeing all of this, in feeling all of this, in thinking all of this, in being aware of all of this, you suddenly have much more information than you have given yourself credit for through the years.

Is it not nice to think of yourselves as brilliant for you are?

What is going on now upon your planet is a testament to your thinking processes so you will very quickly discover how you think by what happens around you upon your planet. Let us look at what we speak of – those areas that are under attach, we shall say, from Mother Earth -- Gaia is not happy. Can you blame her? She has chosen to go to certain areas and make changes that better fit her new energetic self.

If you have something like a balloon that has water in it, and you need to relieve the pressure of that balloon, you need to put a hole somewhere in it, and that is the place where the water will leak from. In a way, that is what is happening on the planet Earth. There is pressure that has been building within her for quite some time. This pressure has been compounded by the acts that were happening upon her surface as well as within.

Gaia as a Physical Body

If you see her as a physical body, it will be more easy for you to understand. Her nervous system has to do with the many metals that run through the earth itself. What happens when you run electricity through metals is you begin to give it a path just like your nervous system.

The many waters that flow around your planet are connected to her circulation as would be your blood system. When you think of it that way, it changes the way you perceive the pollution factors.

The very air that is around her is connected to the breathing and the joy of living upon her. Although, there is often not much joy.

We will say that the elements are connected to many things. If you can perceive her as a physicality as you are a physicality and you can better recognize where the pressure has been building, and with that pressure, what she chooses to do to relieve it. But if you are in true connection with your heart and your understanding of this, then there is no danger, there is no problem, there is no ‘wrongness’ for you in any of it. Even when your heart reaches out to those who have what you term ‘suffered’ some catastrophe upon the planet, you must recognize that if these people had been in the place that we are asking you to live within, there would have been no catastrophe, at least not in the terms of the human. The earth still would have changed. Since she is creating it, we do not consider that a catastrophe, simply a change, a change that she has chosen to create for herself for reasons that you may or may not understand. It does not matter. It is her choice now.


She has given everyone enough time to make their choices, now she is making her choices. As this time continues in this quarter that you are now residing within, you are going to see much more change in many more things. As the earth is changing her energetic self, she is changing her electrical self. As she changes her electrical self, she is communicating then with other planets on a different electrical wave than she has in the past. So, the Sun, the Moon, the other planets that are in your galaxy, all have electrical type communications with the planet Gaia.

It is, in a way, changing her lifestyle from one of sedentary couch potato to one of actively, physically fit, even though it may not seem that way on the surface. As her electrical impulses shift, and she sends out these electrical impulses to other places, she is sending out the information that is asking for energy to come to her in a new and different way.

Since you are living upon her surface, all of you need to become more adjusted to the energy that she is calling back to her. It is not an adjustment that can be conscious. It is not an adjustment that you can say ‘today I feel the energy of Jupiter coming in and therefore must wear blue’. Rather, it is the adjustment of allowance – something that none of you are very good at. We will say to you, if you can allow yourselves to let the energy flow, not around but through, without the fear or panic that it will create an issue for the moment you attach the fear, it will form as requested. Think on that for a moment. When you are in a place of fear you are in essence requesting yourself to be in a fearful place. The energy understands and will attach itself to that fear and give you exactly what you are asking for.

Are you not brilliant? We have said this before. We would like to see you brilliant in different ways but no matter which direction you choose, it is the same. (Laughter)

When she (Earth) is asking for these new energies to be coming to her, they are coming to the center of your planet. These new energies are coming from your Universe. It does not matter the source at this point in time. It is coming from the Universe and coming into the planet and settling in the center of your planet. Like anything else that is under pressure, as it settles within the center of your planet – and again talking about the pressure that builds and needs to be released in some areas – this new energy also will need to be released. Not necessarily in bad ways.

You sometimes see negativity where there is none. It is because it is different and there is a piece of everyone who wants things to be the same. Is that not silly? You know better than this. Things change constantly. That is what your planet is doing.

When these electrical informations go out to and back from, these are the things that will be upsetting your communications – your telephones, your computers – anything and everything that has to do with electronics.

We will caution you to pay attention to the information that will come ever so quietly and not through your normal sources about what is happening to the satellites in your orbit of your earth. They also will be affected by these energies, electrical energies going out to and coming back from. You will hear about these things when you choose to open to receive the information without that place of fear.

When you watch your newscasts and you hear the fear that is out there, when you hear the desperation that is out there, it will be very important for each of you to stay away from that particular feeling or you simply, through your power that is oh so great and brilliant, will create it. Instead, if your energy, if your feelings, if your emotional self can be in your core and your heart center knowing how to feel about joy and love and success, then you will also create those things for again, you are brilliant. How many times can we tell you before you are convinced we are correct?

You hear our words but do not energetically react to them. We will look forward to the time when the response is ‘well, of course we are’.

There is more that will be happening upon your planet. There is more energy happening upon your planet. The electrical will become an issue because it eventually will start affecting some cars. We will look and perhaps pick on J for just a moment to have her car looked at, please J. It is time. We will say in that regard, if your car chooses to be a bit temperamental, you might wish to speak with your car and ask that you come into alignment with the new electrical needs of your car so together you can start it and move about instead of thinking there is something ‘wrong’. So we will ask you to align with your vehicle as you would align with anything else.


The key word will be alignment. There will be much talk about alignment. Most people will not truly understand what that means. Understand that it is not single layered, but multiple layered. To align simply means to put one thing in front of or behind another. The question will be what do you wish to put in front or behind self. We would suggest, of course, that it is another piece of self for how much easier is that than something that is foreign to who you are or how you think or what you do?

We will say that alignment will be another big factor happening in this quarter that each of you needs to look at and ask yourself where you feel out of alignment. If you do not understand that piece, how can you possibly come into alignment with self? If you do not recognize that you are out of alignment, then there is no reason to put yourself back in, is there? We will tell you, we are sorry the chiropractor is not here (referring to someone who had planned to attend) for she could help explain one of the things we wish you to understand: how things get nudged or pushed back into that alignment space is very important, and what that means for you when it happens. Does this all make sense?

All: Yes.

This is good. Shall we open for questions or do you wish us to speak on other things, first? (Met with silence) We can talk a lot. We wish you, however, to be sure that you have the time available to you to ask your questions. So if there are no questions, then we can continue.

We will say to you that there will be things to be paying attention to. We will say to each person in this room – although many you have come to grips differently with your financial situations – that it is very important for each of you to determine that your value is not based upon what your money is. That is something that must be measured differently.


In doing this, it is looking at self. It is looking at what you contribute – not to someone else, but rather what you contribute to self that establishes the value of self. It does not matter if you give to another if you do not give to self. Self needs to survive. Self needs to be nourished. Self needs to be nurtured. The more self is taken care of, the more you will have then to offer to others.

So the concept of finances, the concept of your money issues as you come into a time period where you are being bombarded with messages of fear about price increases in your gas and your rice and your flour, when you are in this situation, it is most important for you to recognize that what is happening outside of self cannot affect self unless you allow it to.

If you know within that you are indeed worthy, that you are worth, then there will be no issues about loss. There will be no issues about lack. That will only happen if you fall into the old patterns that many of you have been trained in using when you speak of monetary issues. Know also that the monetary piece will be changing. We have spoken of this before and since that time you have seen that the almighty dollar, as we have called it in the past, has less power than it did before. There will be much happening to shore up your money. The difficulty will be that no matter how hard they try, they will not be able to bring it back to a place of glory until they get out of their place of fear. If, however, each of you are already in your understanding, within your core, within your heart of your own sense of worth, then it will not matter nor touch you in a way you need to worry about.

We are offering each of you the information on this to stay out of your fear. In staying out of your fear, you are in love. In staying in your love, you create. You can, however, also create in your fear. It’s just what you will be creating will not be as much fun.

Pay attention to how you have judged your value. Pay attention when you say ‘I should do that’ or ‘I have to do that’. The question will be, do you like doing that? Are you enjoying where you are at in this given moment? It does not mean that you can, or must, or should be stuck in that one moment forever in time – your time remember, not ours. It does, however, mean that in that moment in time, your time, are you having a good time? Are you content? Are you feeling within yourself a sense of joy? If there is not joy in what you are doing, you must stop and ask yourself why you are doing it! Is this a type of punishment? Is this what you were taught?

Sue has issues with us because she says there are certain things called manners that you have all been taught. We will say to you, we are not sure they have been to your benefit. If you are going to get caught up in these manners that she has, these dictates, these rights and wrongs, these goods and bads, then you will find yourself lacking. If, however, you can look at these manners and apply them when appropriate and not it is the rule of God, then things will shift for you and you will understand your sense of worthiness.

We bring up often the concept of money and financial issues and value because each of you has an issue with the financial piece even though some of you will say it is NOT an issue. Behind some of your thoughts lurks that fear.

We have interesting music playing in Sue’s head when we said the word ‘lurks’. We believe it is from those horror movies that you speak of. That is exactly what fear does – it hides on you. When the lights are dim, you can see the shadow on the wall and you do not know it is us. You think it is something terrible and wicked and bad and, oddly, that is what you attract. So we go away because we realize we are NOT wicked and bad. We are good (at least by our definition in this moment, now).

We wish to say that if you are going to allow the old ideas, concepts, thoughts, even manners, to lurk, then you need to expect them to occasionally jump out and scare you. That is their job. That is your expectation. That is, indeed, what you create in your reality. If you wish, instead, to become aware, you can be the first one to go into the shower and push the curtain away and say "huh, I knew there was no one there!" It need not lurk and jump out and scare you.

When you find yourself in that place of fear, it is simply a matter of recognizing, this is an old pattern and no longer serves where I am in this now given moment. Since it no longer serves, I can let it go. It does not mean I have to give up the feeling. It means I have to give up the power of the feeling. I do not need that feeling to give me the energy necessary to create. That is one of the reasons you stick with these energies you realize, for those energies are quite powerful and they give you permission to create. Is that not an interesting thought?

You do not see the energies of what you call the softer emotions in quite the same way. We will tell you, there is nothing greater than mother’s love and look what you create with that – the protection that you give your children, even when they don’t want it, even when they do not need it. Love will allow you to create, also. Do not fool yourself into thinking that you always create with love for we know that is not possible on a planet where free choice has been offered. We know, instead, that often you will create out of what you think of as love. What it actually is, is judgment. It is those manners again coming in and saying this is right and this is wrong. You must recognize when to be of assistance. The way you recognize that is by staying in self. If you are to be of assistance, people will ask, unlike, of course, all of you who do not.

We would also recommend, of course that you learn to ask for what your needs are. You learn to say to other people, ‘please would you do this for me’. You learn to recognize when it does not belong to you to give it back. When it does belong to you, to figure what you wish to do that will allow you to stay in your place of joy. In doing all of this, your sense of worth increases and those emotions that lurk in that dark room in that dark hallway no longer have the power for you are walking around with a very powerful flashlight. That light is of course, you – who you are, what you can create and what you can send out in new and different ways. Does that information make sense to everyone?

All: Yes.

Then this is also good. Are there any questions? Do you want us to continue rambling?

Q: Can we talk about the financial piece. You’re saying, we’re all here we have this fear. I’ll be the first one to agree I do. . . and probably everyone outside does, too. If I understand correctly, by staying in the fear, by being in the fear, by feeling the lack of, we are continuing to attract the lack.

That is correct.

Q: So then we want to go to a place of joy or feeling of abundance to just attract that abundance. Is that correct?

It is not necessarily a sense of attraction but rather a thing of. . . It already exists. You already, each of you has abundance. Each of you, within your core self is everything and anything you could possibly need. To recognize fear – fear says you are NOT those things. We are saying if you do not. . . Let us rephrase.

It is not about recognition, but rather embracing that fear, accepting the fact that the fear has come about because you live in this dimension at this particular time in this particular way. You have been taught these things from others. You are bombarded on a regular basis through your governments and your towns and your families and your friends about what is wrong, what is lacking what is fear-full. What you do from what you have is you look at the meager stores, what you think of as meager, and think ‘I have to share, but I can only share this much for in sharing this much, I will still have enough for me’.

We are saying, there is enough for you and everyone upon the planet. It is how, in your biblical story, Christ created the loaves and fishes. Everything is already there. Christ did not consider that there were this many people and this many loaves and this many fishes for that is linear thinking. We are speaking on a different level.

It is not so much to think abundantly but to simply BE abundant, to recognize it is already there within you. It is simply a matter of walking into that crowded room and turning on the light and saying ‘wow, I did not know that was in the corner’. That is what your abundance is – a knowledge that you already have. Does that make sense or are we still confusing you?

R: No. That’s fine.

So think of it that way. You can each, before you go to bed at night, in a room in your mind, go in and turn on the light bulb – a very nice bright one that of course is energy efficient! When you turn on this lightbulb and you suddenly illuminate the room you are in start looking at what you have. Be excited by it. I have everything I could possibly need right here within this room, within my mind, within my heart, within my soul. I have everything I could possibly need because I was given all of this before choosing to come in and manifest in this 3D world.

I exist on more than one level. Therefore, I can go to any level I choose to at any time I choose to go and recognize that all of these things are mine. When I know this, when I have this feeling, when I have this understanding, when I place this within my core, there is no question that I lack anything – not financially, not emotionally, not physically and not anything else. I already have it all. It is the choices I make when I turn on that light in that room to say ‘I think right now I choose this’.

Some people choose more than others at any given time. That also has to do with worth. We believe when we turn on the light in this room it is the character in Sue’s head called Scrooge McDuck who used to go with his bulldozer and play with the coins in the safe. He had to horde everything. Yet, at the same time was generous to those he chose to be generous to.

When you have everything, you can be very generous but you must first know you have. Look at Mother Theresa. Look at Gandhi. Although in illusion they had nothing, in reality they had everything. Look at Mandela. How did these people survive the hardships they survived? In linear thinking they should not have survived. They should have died for their bodies were not being nourished. But they already had everything they could possibly need.

You have others within the history of your country like this, within the history of the world, within the history of your planet. You also have the same powers. It is a matter of understanding them and using them to your benefit first so that others may then benefit from it. Does this all make sense?

R: Yes, in your long winded answer.

Yes, but are you now feeling more brilliant?

R: Yes, absolutely.

Good. That is one of our purposes this evening is to get you to feel brilliant. Someone else was going to ask a question.

Q: I find that I’m always projecting outward, I don’t stay centered within myself even more so in the energies now. I don’t know, I’m just not paying attention and I struggle with self worth. I understand what you’re saying about being in your center and feeling your way to creating. On one level I get it, understand it but I don’t bring it in on a deep level. Do you know what I am saying?

We know what you are saying but we do not know what you are asking. Are you asking for the formula to bring it in?

R: Yes.

Then we will say the formula is within as well. We do not do this to belittle or make fun of the fact that you have difficulty. We do this so that you will recognize how you have, through the years, been a saboteur to self and you are very good at that.

We will say to you is that the first step is to see the pattern so you can change the pattern... To see what you have always done so you can make a different choice... To do it in small ways before you expect to do it large ways.

You can choose whatever you wish to choose, but pick an area or a thing, or an idea or a concept, and in small ways start changing it. You used the term that you don’t, you don’t, you don’t. What would happen if you did? What would happen if you pretended that you could?

Imagination is the one thing that makes the child so very powerful. We will say to use your imagination now in new ways. If there are things that you continually do that do not work for you, we will ask you to stop when you are in that moment and say, ‘since this does not work for me, what else can I try that might?’ to change the pattern. If you always drive the same way, then tale a different path. If you always eat the same foods, then try something different. If you always worry yourself over the same issue, then recognize when you are doing it and find something to distract you. Change the small patterns so you can change the large pattern. Does that assist you?

R: Yes.

If you will give yourself permission to start changing some of your smaller patterns you will start seeing how they are the same pattern in different form. Once you see they are the same pattern in different form, once you change the small one, you will see how the big one will change itself. In doing this, you will start setting off little light bulbs in your room and notice there are things in the corner you have never seen before. You will be able to then go in and retrieve these things from the corner once you know they are there. Right now, you do not know they are there for you are still working under the information of what is ‘wrong’ with you, not under the information of what is right with you. Do you understand that, also?

R: Yes.

Why not start each day not by stating what must get done but by stating what is right with who you are? Would that not be an interesting way to begin the brilliance of yourself?

R: Yes. It would be very brilliant (with humor).

We expect all of you to be shinier by the time we are gone this evening. Are there other questions?

Q: I was wondering about our computers and electrical appliances and things, like airplanes and cars, our whole structure of the financial systems all set up on computers, the internet, everything is very quick. Is that going to disrupt that whole structure?

Of course. All structure will be disrupted in this year. No structure can stand as it has been standing. The reason for this is because you have become, you, collectively as a planet of homo sapiens, have become so rigid in your expectation of right and wrong and good and bad. You no longer allow for anything different.

Look at the way the children are mostly diagnosed now with something wrong with them from the very beginning instead of recognizing that these are children who need to express differently. We try to communicate with everyone upon your planet when they are open to receive our information. Some people will receive it, some people will not. We do not in any way force or commit anyone to do what we say. We are here as guides. As guides, we will bring up information. Some of the information we bring up on a regular basis has to do with the fact that there are many people who are spending more time trying to be like other people then they are trying to be themselves. The energy that is being created becomes something that will cancel out. . . how do we explain? Wait, please. (Channel change)

This actually is more a scientific question that we will try to answer in layman’s terms. When you have person "A" pretending to be like person "B" there is a gap in the energetic wave. There would be a nothingness. This nothingness begins to build. It has a signature of itself even though we will call it nothing, it still has a vibration and takes up space. Each time someone chooses to not be part of self, to be more like "B" than "A", this particular energy builds and grows. As it builds and grows, it starts affecting the energy around it. In essence, it is similar to a rain cloud that will come in and cover what is going on in a given area. Soon you do not know what "A" is any more than you know what "B" is. The energies are intertwining but not in a way that they communicate with each other.

So if you will recognize, understand within yourself what it is you need to do for self, you will find that this energy will shift and change. Even though there may be A through Z out there, they will all be compatible with each other flowing in an equal energy exchange. It is when it is ignored, it is when it is refused acknowledgment, it is when it is given the energy that says there is something ‘wrong’ with it that it begins to grow as your cancer grows within your physical bodies. When you are true to self it is coming back into total remission and recognizing that there is no need for denial. Does that make sense to you?

R: Yes it does.

Then this is good.

Q: I have one more question. My microwave keeps going off and on and right now it is not working. As you said, in reference to my car, should I choose to align with my microwave?

If you choose to align with your microwave what you will discover is that you do not want it. It is not, at this point in time, compatible with your energies. Because you are in a hurry... You are the one who spoke of the structure, of the quickness, of the hurry.

R: Yes.

We will say, perhaps, the first way to change and correct this is by you, yourself, learning to slow down. One of the ways you can do that is by recognizing that your microwave energy is not compatible at this point with your energy. It does not mean forever. It means for right now. If you wish to align to it, listen to what your body tells you and it may give you a time period when you can go back to have it working normally. For now, do not try to fix something for it is not broken.

R: Thank you.

You are welcome. Are there other questions?

Q: I have one quick one. The chiropractor who couldn’t be here?


Q: She has this magic wand that Sue gave her for her birthday, and she put it in a drawer out of the way where she didn’t think it would affect her or that she’d even remember it, and I guess last week it just kept going off. I think it went off three times.

And your question?

Q: I was just curious as to, if you were actually doing it. If you guys were doing it.

We were not, specifically, no. At the same time, she is not one who is easy to get her attention.

R: I know.

Something like this is outside her parameter, is outside her acceptance of things.

There are some energies that like to make you crazy. And even though we sometimes like to do the same thing, it was not us this time. We will say that it is energy working on getting her attention so that she will recognize what her abilities are. Ask her to seriously give thought to what was happening when it first went off. She thinks there was nothing happening. But within her mind, there was something happening as there always is with her. What she was thinking of, she was getting a message. Does that answer?

R: Yes. Thank you.

You are most welcomed. Other questions?

Q: I have a question. Is there hope for this planet? You mentioned that Gaia has made the choice to change her energies. It seems destructive.

To perhaps you, but not to Gaia. It would be like someone coming up to you saying why are you now dressing like this, we liked you better the other way. And you can turn and say, but I like this new way of dressing because it is more compatible to who I am. That does not make your outfit destructive.

Q: Destructive by. . . I’m thinking of the species that are disappearing around the planet.

It is important for those of you who live upon the planet to recognize that they do not disappear. They choose to leave at various times for various lessons. If they are able to do this, it is important for you to recognize so are you able to shift your dimensional focus from one place to another. It does not mean they are gone. It simply means that they are not, in this point of time, participating in this particular dimension. Does that answer your question?

R: Yes it does, and it helps.

This is good.

Q: The air conditioner in my car is not working. It was working a couple of weeks ago. I’m wondering about the alignment of my car and my air conditioner.

We will say to you rather than wondering about this, it is important for you to become more conscious of your own electrical field. The easiest way for you to do this is to align yourself between planet and universe in a way that will be comfortable. We will assist you with that in the meditation.

It is time, is it not, to do a mediation before it gets much later?

(Discussion of time, person leaving, etc.)

Q: I’ve been experiencing, on a regular basis, hives, skin irritations. I am curious if they are something that are outside of me or if it’s something I should be concerned about more than just an allergy?

You need to be speaking to Sue on this when she is in her body. What we will say at this point, is that there are energetic changes that are happening quicker than your physicalities can handle. Different people are reacting to these changes in different ways. The changes in you, because it is representative of how you perceive yourself and how you perceive others seeing you, are coming out in your skin in this way. If you will become a little bit more aware of the energy vibrations that come to you when you have your ‘flashes’ you will allow this energy to flow through you quickly. You will find you will have less need of holding on so that it can be reflected in a physical way. Does this make sense?

R: Yes.

Then this is good. We also note the tone that is coming (referring to the CD of bowls playing) in this time we are speaking of this, so you might want to work with sound as well. When you allow sound to go through you, you get used to working with energy without needing to hold on to it. Does that work for you?

R: Yes it does, thank you.

Then this is good. We are going to do a meditation if you do not have any immediate questions. If you will all find a comfortable position:


Breathe in. Breathe in light. And when you exhale, relax your physicality. And each time you breathe in light, feel the light disperse within your physicality from head to toe and toe to head. Feel yourself enlightened, by bringing light in between each molecule within your physicality. Relax your physicality. Allow yourself to establish a breathing in and a breathing out.

Take a moment now and see before you, see before you light. This light takes a diamond shape. This diamond shapes rotates before you reflecting light. The smallest amount of light is reflected on this diamond shape light before you. Each time it turns you feel yourself exposed to more and different wave lengths of light. Each one affecting you in a different way – soothing, calming, freeing, enlightening.

When you breathe in, breathe in light from this diamond light. When you breathe out, breathe out anything blocking this light. Each time you take in a breath of this diamond light, you see this diamond light traveling up into the atmosphere. No matter where it goes, no matter how far away it travels, each time you breathe in light, you know it is coming from the diamond light.

As your body expands with this light between molecules, you feel yourself become lighter – both a feeling of light and a feeling of weight, you are lighter. As you continue to breathe in light, you suddenly become the diamond light so you are both in the light and of the light.

You feel yourself expand. In your expansion, you feel yourself connect to All Things. You feel All Things connect to you. In this connecting, you are made conscious of your heart cavity within your physicality. You see within your heart cavity, dimension upon dimension upon dimension. In each dimension there is a piece of you. Each piece of you is aware of each other piece of you. Now you breathe into your heart center with this diamond light. You breathe into your heart center, dimension to dimension to dimension, this diamond light. And you watch yourself expand level to level, layer to layer.

You are part of All That Is and All That Is is part of you. Breathe up now from the center of the planet into your feet. Breathe up now from the center of the planet into your feet and exhale through your crown. Breathe in from the universe into your crown and exhale through your feet. Each time you connect to planet and universe, each time you are aware of being energy, energy flowing from planet to universe, energy flowing from universe to planet. There is no reason to block, no reason to change, no reason to consciously, linearly, understand. Allow.

Breathe in. Breathe in now into your heart center, your multiple layers from dimension to dimension. And breathe out the back of your heart center and establish a flow of energy – energy coming in, energy going out. And each time you breathe out, you allow the energy to take away what does not serve.

We will ask you now to concentrate your energy into your third eye. Give yourself permission to energize your third eye. As your third eye is energized, you can bring up the energy from the planet and use it to assist you in seeing. You can bring down the energy of the universe and use it to assist you in seeing. You can do this at any time with each of your energy points. For whatever purpose you so choose.

There is a rod of light before you. A rod of light that goes all the way down into the planet and out the other side into the universe, and continues without end. This rod of light will align you at any given time with all your other selves. You can choose to enter or not, this rod of light, all of you or parts of you, at any given time.

There is a sensation in this rod of light of a spiral movement. Movement like within your DNA. You can travel in any direction, at any time, at any speed, for any purpose, and any reason. State your purpose before entering this rod of light. You can state your desire, your need, your expectation before entering this rod of light. When you do, you simply let go. Let go of result. Let go of outcome. Let go of all things and enjoy. Enjoy the energy. Enjoy the floating. Enjoy the simply being one with the One.

Bring yourself back.. Bring yourself back now into your physicality. Note that the rod of light originates in the diamond light you started with. All is One and One is All. You may visit the rod of light at any time you so choose simply by imagining, by breathing, by believing.

Bring yourself back now. Bring yourself back to your physicality, to your chair, to this room. Make yourself aware again of where you are, listening to the music in the background. Breathe into your physicality. Root what you have discovered in your physicality. When you all come back, when you all come back we will again speak with you.


How do you all feel?

R: Brilliant! (Laughter)

Good answer.

R: Perfect. We could end it right there!

What we were working with you on was a way to establish your energy with your planet and your universe as these electrical changes happen. A way to establish a connectedness to your heart centers so that you will be open to your various levels and layers. A way to establish your third eye as you call it, so your intuition can not necessarily rule, but at least be given equal credit to the brains you are all so proud of. And in doing this, aligning you differently than the way you have been aligned in the past. ..

Your past alignment has always been, traditionally, just in a physical way upon your planet within your dimension. Each time you do a meditation with us, we take you into other dimensions – consciously or unconsciously, does not matter. As you do this, you start aligning in new and different ways. This alignment, as we are calling it, as you are calling it, has to do with each of you becoming more conscious of your needs and desires. Not a need from the physical standpoint, but the need from the understanding standpoint of what you already have within – that brilliance, even though we can laugh, that perfection even though it was not meant for ??? but it is indeed there for each of you. And in this alignment what you have is as much power as you could ever possibly need to create anything you so choose. Does this all make sense?

All: :Yes.

Then this is good. Do you have questions on what we have done in your meditation or anything further to discuss with us this evening?

All: No.

You are all very easy to work with! So we will say to you as our recap of this evening, the more you will go within your own heart, and ask yourself no matter the issue, how does this make me feel?... And the more you will, going into your own heart, answer that question truthfully, the more you will better understand the changes that will be coming.

It is not about being mean or unavailable to others, but it is about being kind and available to self. That is the main reason that change is coming because just like the planet, you must be taking care of self. That is what she is now doing, taking care of self. In taking care of self, she is not doing it based on the needs of those living upon her. She is doing it based on her needs. There is no retribution. There is no judgment. There is no right or wrong in what she chooses to do. You all like using the phrase: Act of God. We will say it is act of Gaia for she has these choices as do each of you.

We would suggest to you that you go into your new summer season with your power clearly displayed, your brilliance shining beyond all measure. They will not just need sun glasses for your sun! In doing this, what you will do is bring to yourself your own joy, your own happiness, your own fulfillment, because you will be working on self. That is a very nice thing to be working on.

If you have no further questions of us, we will leave you for this evening. Is there anything?

All: Thank you very much.

We were happy to come in. We will see you all again, we hope soon. Know that you can call on us at any time. We are available to all – There are enough of us to go around!