The Many Channeling

Leapin’ Lizards, Portland, ME - April 19, 2006


We are here.  We find the energy of this small group to be, we will say, a bit focused and scattered at the same time.  What we wish to convey to you is the fact that all of you are changing.  All of you are in a place right now that you’ll be looking in your mirror in your months to come and find that you are not the same person you thought you were. 


You will find that things do not feel the same or look the same or smell the same even because your planet has shifted.  When your planet shifts, so do you.  You must become aware of the fact that you, in your changes, in your altering of self because of the energy that is coming to planet, in all of this you must come to accept the new you.  You must come to realize that the new you is the right you.  You must come to realize that there is no drama except the drama you choose to attach to these things. 


Talking About Death

We will start, “K” with you, by talking about the drama of death in general.


Kris: Will you slow down slightly, please? (Referring to how quickly they are speaking)


We forget that you like to take notes, Kris.  We are sorry.


Kris; That’s okay.  Thank you.


We will say, “K”, in regard to the drama of death, that it is not something to fear.  It is not something that needs to be made much about.  Yet, on your planet, you have not yet come to understand the death process.  Everything that goes on is a process.  You have received information in this process. You have asked the right questions.  You have received the answers that help you.  What is not helping you at this point in time is the fact that you are still – because you are in this dimension – you are still perceiving what is happening from this dimension.  It is not that it can’t be helped.  It can be helped.  For right now we want you to accept it and go through it instead of trying to change it.  When you are feeling sad or when you are feeling distressed, or when you are feeling as if this will never be over with – we know that that is sometimes a piece of it – we want you to be honest within your emotions so that you can then recognize what it means to you on this plane, so that in releasing that, we can take you to a different vibration.  Does this make sense to you?


K: It certainly does.  Thank you.


In doing this, we will say to you, it will be easier for you to then accept the energy that is changing the physicality of your mother.  Let us speak of her for a moment. Let us speak of how her physicality is changing as is her biology.  The physicality is the piece of her that is in this dimension.  The biology is the pieces of her that are in all the other dimensions.  As one changes, so do all the others.  What she is doing now, we will say, is adjusting.  We will say that we are taking her energy and putting it through a cheese cloth – some will be remaining on this side, some will be going to the other side, some will taken up by the cloth itself.  As this process works within her physicality, as this process continues its journey, it does not have to be labor intense except in the fact that she is fearful.  Her fear is multi-layered.  Her fear is about what you call sinful on your planet.  Her fear is about losing control, which is another piece.  This is also something that you are very strong in, that control area.   You did not learn it from someone strange.  You must recognize that this is part of her, this is what she is comfortable with. 


We would advise, if you wish this to be easier, to talk more openly about letting go.  Even if you must do it tearfully, even if you must do it painfully for now, talk openly about what will be gained by letting go and not what is wrong with what is happening.  What will happen instead, will be a feeling of looking forward to instead of being fearful of.  When you approach these things in that way, changing your perspective, everything else then shifts to align in a new way.  Does that assist you?


K: Yes.


Some of what we have been speaking of has to do with perception and perspective.  This is what we are asking you to apply to the situation in which you are.  We will get back to your concept of death in a moment.  First, since we started with you, we must also pick a little, as we say, on “C”.


Perception and Perspective


What we would like to say to you, “C”, is what you are fearful of is the belief that it can.  Do you understand when we say that what we mean?


C: No, I’m not sure.


You, for too much of your lifetime, have spent time doing things that you were not sure you could do.  You did many things you should do, many things you were supposed to do, many things that were expected of you.  You did not often do things that you chose to do, that you felt desire in doing.  Because of that, whenever you go to do something that is for yourself, you often see all the things that can go wrong instead of the things that can go right.  Does that make it more clear?


C: Yes.


Because of this, we will talk again about perception and perspective.  We will say to you that part of what is happening in your desire to change who you are, part of what is happening is that you are still trying to define this person from the outside in, instead of the inside out.  We are saying to you, once you know the inside, the outside will come in a much easier method and manner.  Right now you are trying to define the outside.  That way, trust us, is more difficult than the other way.  Does this make sense?


C: Yes.


Then this is good.  And Kris, we have not picked on you quite some time.


Kris: I know.  I’m guessing it’s time.


Probably Sue would say it’s past time.  What we wish to say to you is that lately you have been expending your energy in many directions and they have not included you.  You have been expending your energy in “what should you do, what has to be done, where you have to be, when you have to be there,” you have been very, very busy with everything but Kris. 


We will say to you as a reminder – it is our job to remind all of you about your energy and your connectedness to this change of energy – we will say to you as a reminder that it is time to think again about Kris and not worry so much about what everyone else thinks about Kris.  Do we make ourselves clear?


Kris: Yes.


Do we need to yell at you?


Kris: Not yet.  How about that?


Then this is good.


We have come tonight, and we have chosen to come tonight even though it is a small group, because everyone needs to understand and receive information so you can take it and give it to others.  Then they take it and give it to others, still.  We are happy to share the information that we have with all of you.  Part of the information we have to share with you has to do with planetary changes.  Part of the information we have to share with you has to do with physical changes – meaning within your physical bodies.  Part of the information we have to share with you also has to do with you on a personal level.


We would like to do a short meditation with you even though we feel that “K” thinks she will go too far.  She will not.  We will not allow you to go too far.  What we will say to you in this meditation is we will help you get your energy into a place of alignment in such a way that you will better comprehend the things we have to say to you.  You will much better feel the energy that we have, that we bring in to share with you.  You will become much more aware of our presence for we wish you to know who we are on every possible level while you are in this dimension.  Does this all make sense?  Are you all willing to do a meditation?  You realize it is all free will.  It is up to you to determine how much energy we will give you for we will force nothing upon you.  It is up to each individual to determine what it is they desire from us.  So, are you willing to do this with us?


ALL: Yes.


Then this is good.  What we will say to you is to find a comfortable position, to relax your bodies. 



We wish to speak to you tonight.  We wish to work with you tonight in a new way, a new energetic way.  We want you to think, for a moment, just for a moment, how does it feel in your body when you breathe.  Take in that breath and feel the breath within your body.  When you take in your next breath, feel this breath, and see this breath as light.  See this breath as something that shines within you.  Allow yourself now to feel this breath, this light within your physical body.  You can feel it first within your lungs, and then watch it as it moves into your physicality, as it fills your upper body.  With the next breath, it feels and fills your lower body.  This is good.  Yes.  Allow this energy in.  Allow this light to go into your physical self for you are light. 


Now we ask you to imagine the center of the earth as light, also.  A new kind of light, a red glowing light of your foundation.  We are going to ask you to pull this light up from the center of the planet.  Allow this light to come up to the surface of the planet.  Allow it to come up to the base of your feet.  Allow it to come up now into your body.  Filling your feet, your ankles, your calves.  Filling your legs.  Bring this energy up to the base of your spine.  Feel the warmth of this red glowing light.  This is the heart of Gaia.  This is your connectedness to the planet.  Feel this energy coming up from the planet and into your physical body. 


Now that you feel this energy building, and increasing in its pressure, allow it now to go up your spine.  As it moves up your spine, as it moves up toward your crown, you feel old blocks dissolving, old resentments going away, old expectations being pushed aside.  Allow this to move up now through all of your chakra points, spending time at the back of your heart.  The back of your heart, where so much of your pain is lodged, allow it now to dissolve.  Allow it now to be released. 


Continue up now, all the way up to your crown.  When you reach your crown, allow this energy to come up, up out of your crown like a shower, and shower back down to the planet.  Repeat the process.


Allow your body to feel the difference, to feel the connectedness to planet and universe.  Allow yourself to feel the connectedness that you are, the completed circuit that is you.  Feel the energy go through your body again.  Feel the energy release those things that block you from forward movement.  Feel the energy working with you for your highest and best. 


As this energy moves through you, you continue to breathe into your body this beautiful light.  With every exhale you breathe out those things that you are releasing.  You breathe out the gray, the blocks.  You allow this energy to move through your body connecting you earth to universe, universe to earth.  You can feel this in your physical self.  You can feel the flow of this energy in your physical self.  Allow it to assist you .  Allow it to connect you and become aware of how that feels in you, and you alone.


Now we are going to ask you to open the top of your head, your crown chakra.  As you open this to allow in the energy of the universe, allow us in.  Allow us to become part of you.  Allow yourself to be held by us.  This is home.  You are part of us and we are part of you. 


Once again, allow yourself to feel what this is for you.  Allow yourself to understand this feeling within your body.  Breathe this feeling in.  Breathe out any doubt.


Now we are going to say to you, take in a deep, deep breath into your physical body.  Make your physical body again aware of where it is, in the chair that you are sitting.  Anchor the energy that we have sent you.  Release the energy you no longer desire.  Know that you are part of All That Is and All That Is, is part of you.  When you are ready, come back. Come back and open your eyes and we will again speak with you.




So, did everyone enjoy their nap?


ALL: Yes.

And this is good.  We will say to you that this connection is important because all of you hold too much pain within your heart center.  All of you hold too much negative energy that has come before in your heart center.  In doing this, in opening you and allowing this passage to go up your spinal column, we are assisting you in releasing much of this pain. 


There is no pain with light.  There is no obstruction that can stop light.  Even when you shut the door, light manages to get in between the cracks. 


We will say to you the reason for this is to simply get you to that point where you are feeling more comfortable within yourself. 


We will now say it is up to you what you wish to do next.  Do you wish to ask us questions?  We would be happy to answer any of your personal questions.  Do you wish, instead, to go in a different direction?  It is your choice.


Soul Mates


Q: Let’s go right to soul mate.  Is he coming soon?  What is his first name?  Will I marry him? 


We will say that there is a problem upon your planet about this language that limits.  We will say that what you say a soul mate is and what someone else says a soul mate is may not be the same thing.  So, we wish to convey to you the concept of what it means to be connected more then the concept of being in a physical relationship with someone.  A soul mate is part of the whole and not apart from it.  So, there are soul mates already in your life but not the kind that you are mentioning to us nor the kind that you wish to have information about.


We will say to you that there a many things you need to know about yourself before you will allow yourself to receive the piece that you are looking for.  It is all about pieces of the whole.  We are not separate.  We are not separate from you and you are not separate from us.  You are not separate from your soul mate, nor is your soul mate, as you call it, separate from you.  It is simply your perception that makes it seem that way.  It is your perception that makes you believe that you must be like ‘this’ and they must be like ‘that’ before things can come together.  So, we are going to ask that you perhaps look at this a little differently.


We are going to say to you that it is not that much longer before you have someone come into your life that you will be happy with.  We are not, however, going to dictate to you who that person might be.  That is because you still have so many choices coming your way in the next four months that you must go through them first before you will say which one you choose to attract.  It is not only one.  It is not only one opportunity.  It is not only one chance.  That is your fear – is that it is only one chance and you may miss it.  We will tell you that is not true.  That is not how these things work. 


Let us instead talk about your energy for a moment and how you can better work with your energy to attract what it is you say you desire.  We will also ask you to make sure it is indeed what you desire because universal energy has a habit of being on target with your words because your words are so limiting.  If you can be less limited, you will perhaps be more surprised by what you receive.  The way to do that is by looking at things through the emotional eyes instead of through the logical eyes. 

Logic will be changing upon your planet.  As it changes, so will your desires change.  In the next four months you will find the concept of manifestation will be easier then it has been before.  What we will say to you is to make sure that in your abilities to manifest, you are careful in what it is you are asking for, to make sure that you do not put a limit on this.  If you say that a soul mate is someone who is X, Y and Z, are you willing to throw away the person who may come along who is only X and Z?  It is something that you must look at within yourself.


We will say instead of putting limits upon this, we will ask you, instead, to put emotion into this.  The emotion that says “I am loved”.  The emotion that says “I am wonderful”.  The emotion that says “I deserve”.  The emotion that says “This is happy”.  All of these emotions are very important for you  have spent way too many of your years giving these emotions to others but not allowing yourself to receive them.  When you get to the point where you can recognize that it is time for you to receive, it is your turn, we shall say, then you will be in a position where you will be able to attract to you what you call your soul mate. 


Between now and the next four months of this manifestation process, we will say to you, the more accurate you are in your emotional feelings about what it is you deserve, the quicker you will be attracting what you call your soul mate. 


We will not give you a name.  In giving you a name, we are limiting.  In giving you a time period, even in these four months, we are also limiting.  We choose not to do that with you.  But we know that if we do not, we will be accused again of side stepping.  We are often accused of that and it does not bother us.  There are reasons for these things.  We wish to give you hope, but we do not wish to give you limits. 


We will say that in the next four months of this manifestation process, you will be pleasantly surprised at what will be happening within your life. You are fearful of many things.  Part of your fear has to do with being alone.  Not in the sense of ‘time to yourself’, more in the sense of ‘what will I do if’.  With that understanding, when you get past that fear, you are then more open to receive things.  As long as that fear is there, you will be attracting things that are attached to that type of fear.  Are we making sense to you?


R: Yes.


Who Are You?

What we will say is you have much to offer.  It is time for you to understand what those things are.  The way to best understand them is to stop using others to judge or determine what that is.  Too much of what happens upon your planet is about ‘this is the right way or this is the wrong way’ – this is the way to act or look or be.  All of those things are limits. 


We say, where we are from, that what is, is.  You say, where you are from, that this is what I must have.  You come from a position of needing to have the outside equivalent of an inside feeling.  We come from the position of knowing the inside feeling, the inside knowing is enough.  You do not need to have things to prove who you are.  You do not need to have that person or that car or that whatever, to prove who you are.  Yet, you tend to go in that direction to make yourself feel better.  We do believe Kris calls this shopping therapy.  Even though we can understand why people do this, it is not so much about having as it is about being.  That is what you will be discovering in the next four months for yourself – the concept of being.  When you are in that place of understanding that concept, you will better be prepared for what will come to you.  What you are expecting now is based, again, on too many limits.  We are asking you to throw those limits away.  Do you think you can do that?


R: Yeah, I do.


In doing that, we will say to you, to ask or speak to other people so you can understand where you do limit yourself.  You will find that within this short time period we speak of, there will be much opportunity coming your way in regard to someone in your life who you can feel a commitment toward.  We will not use words like marriage.  We will not use words like first name.  We will not say those things for, again, they limit.  We will say that the opportunity for you is very large.  The opportunity for you to open your heart and have your heart receive, and have your heart receive to overflowing is there for you.  First, you must open that door.  You must have the expectation that when you do open that door, you will be fulfilled.  We do like that word from your planet.  You do not use it often enough.  You might want to ask yourself what is it that fulfills you.  In asking yourself that, determine what it is you can do for self before you try to determine what you must do in order to have something.  Does this all make sense?


R: Yes.


Do you have questions on this?


R: No.  I need to love myself.


Awareness & Allowance

It is not a sense of need.  It is a sense of just being.  Allow it.  We will say that what we have been offering people are the words awareness and allowance to go with perception and perspective.  When you are aware that you are equal to, you are as good as, you are greater than – whatever words you wish to use for self that does not limit you to something outside self – you will better understand what we speak of.  So, awareness comes first.  


Once you are aware, you are capable of allowing.  Once you are capable of allowing then that door opens.  It opens with the expectation that what will come in will be exactly what you desire to come in.  If something comes in that does not make you comfortable, we do believe that this will be your first clue that perhaps that is what you were expecting.  You must ask yourself then, ‘why’.  This will be an easy barometer for you to determine whether you are on the path that you say you choose to be on in this point in time. 


Once you have your awareness and your allowance, then, with your perception of what is going on, you can then change your perspective and therefore, change everything.  When you see how all these things work together, you will better understand how to help yourself. 


Do you have other questions?



Q: Yes.  How should I put this?  I feel that you want me to be a teacher, a counselor, a healer.  I’m just not positive, exactly how to do that.  I feel it does have a lot to do with color, crystals, angels and numerology.  Is this the right path?


You did not name a path so we cannot answer that particular question.  We will say to you, it is not what we want you to be, it is what do you desire, within your soul, to do.  Who is it you wish to express?  How do you wish to express that person within you?  What is it about you that feels comfortable sharing that with others?  That is what all jobs are, are they not?  It’s the comfort of sharing what it is you have with others.  So when we teach – and that is the word you have used – when we teach, it is by example, is it not?  It is not about how we do the teaching.  It is about what it is we are believing and in our belief, and the way we then live our lives, are we not then, by example, showing the other person?  Is that not also teaching? 


What we will say to you is that you have many gifts.  What we wish to say to you is that you are busy right now trying to, we will say, use these things as tools in a way as if this one is better than that one or the combination of this one with that one would be better than the combination of this one with this one.  What we would say to you is please, put all the tools back in your toolbox.  Recognize that the person you are is already teaching.  The person you are is already healing. 


You must first heal self before you can work with the energies that will assist you in healing others.  The way you heal self is by recognizing what is within you.  We will say what is within you is the ability to be in touch with your other levels of knowing.  When you are in touch, you are doing fine.  Often, when you are in touch,  you question, and you go outside yourself to find out if you were correct or incorrect.  Therefore, you must need someone else’s profession to tell you whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.  So you look toward a Doreen Virtue, or you look toward a Faith Jevane, or you look toward someone who will tell you that yes, of course you were correct instead of knowing within yourself what it is you do know. 


As we said earlier, what is, is.   If you recognize that that is Isis, the goddess that you often speak of, that has been mentioned many times, you might wish to check out some of the information on this particular goddess so that you can recognize, it comes from the strength of within that you have to offer others.  What we will say, rather than asking you to find a path that is defined, and again, limited by what it is you are doing, we will say to you why not take the path that you can travel?  As you travel feel your way along to see what pleases you.  If you are liking flowers in the moment, you can stay on the path with flowers.  If they bore you after a time –  for you have a short attention span as you know – and if they bore you after a time, you can take a turn on this path and perhaps go just to the greens.  It will be up to you to determine how to incorporate these things but it is not one thing.  It is not a combination of things but rather, it is all things that you are without the need to prove to others that you are.  It comes from within that you will be teaching.  It comes from that place that says “I will trust” – even though we do not like that word, but on your planet it is important to trust that the information  you get in is correct for you.  When you can do that, you will move forward in what you call a career or job.  Until that time, you will be doing what others suggest to you to do.  You will be doing what is defined, again, by limits and people outside of self.  Does that make sense to you?


R: Yes.


We do not do this to frustrate you.  We do this so that you will understand when we put this mirror up in front of you that you will see within yourself.  Even we do not have your answers.  You have your answers.  You have great power.  There is no one more powerful than you.  That is true of each person upon your planet.  As this energy comes in upon this planet, energy that has never been here before, you will have greater opportunities to prove that to yourself that that is exactly what can happen, which is the understanding of what your value is, what your feeling of self is.  Does this all make sense?


R: Yes.


Do you have questions?


R: Can’t think of any at the moment.


We know that there will be more.  We can wait.


Q: I’m not exactly sure how to ask them, either.


Sue does not allow us to beat upon you!


Q: Like “C”, I’m desiring a partner.  I was wondering, also, if you can give me a time frame for when he is going to show up.  I didn’t say ____.  (Laughter)


We are happy that you have been listening.  (More laughter) We will say it is different for you for different reasons.  Yet, the core of the situation stays the same.  It comes down to the understanding of what is it you desire from an emotional standpoint instead of from an outside standpoint.  It comes from knowing that you are indeed a desirable person.  It comes from knowing that whatever you send out you will, indeed, attract back to you.


You are in a place of fear in regard to who you are.  You are adjusting the who you are.  You have made great changes.  You have made great shifts in your life in a short time period.  As you have made these shifts you have understood them all intellectually.  You have not yet incorporated all of them on a heart level.  So your head and heart are not always in the alignment you wish them to be in.  We will say to you, when you find this alignment, you will find it easier to understand the type of partner you are searching for.  Right now, the partner you search for is someone, we will say, who is too much like you.  That is not truly what you want.  You say one thing, and then you expect another.  You have put the information out there and then you have changed your mind, even though it may not be conscious on your part. 


It is important for you also to understand your feelings but to approach this, perhaps, from a different direction then “C” would approach it.  That would be approaching it from the direction that says you know first that there is someone for you.  You do doubt that.  That you know that this someone who is there for you is available to you and it does not mean ‘never’ for that is something that you tell yourself often.  The other thing, it’s important for you to then align your head and your heart together, knowing you are worthy of, and knowing that the person is there;  knowing you are deserving of and knowing that it is possible.  One has to do with heart and one has to do with head.  When those things can align and come together then you will be open to receive this information about a partner.

We will say to you that your time period is slightly longer.  That will depend upon how soon this alignment takes place.  Right now, you are quite busy in aligning yourself in regard to your career and what you feel is important in time and energy that must go into that.  We will say that that is not necessarily the case but you understand it to be the case right now.  You feel you must be busy mentally because if you are not, you find yourself wanting more, desiring more, and finding that you do not feel fulfilled – the word that we like – as you would like to feel fulfilled. 


We will say to you that you have the opportunity to be meeting someone in your life before the end of this particular year.  The manifestation time that is coming for everyone, that will be coming after June of your timetable, when this manifestation time comes in, it will be important for all of you to be cautious how you think.  That is why we are saying it is important for you to be aligning your head and your heart.  If your head is saying one thing and your heart is saying another, you will never manifest what it is you are asking for, for there will always be conflict.  It is important to understand these things.


We will say that once the manifestation time period is here, if you are as energetic in who you are, in accepting your possibilities, in knowing what you are capable of, you will be quicker in finding the partner you are looking for.  You right now put all of that energy into creating for the stores, we will call them plural, then you do in creating for the self.  We will say to you if the energy goes into creating for the self the stores will, of course, benefit.  If the energy goes into creating for the stores, the self will not necessarily benefit.  One has to do, again, with outside and one has to do with inside.  Do you understand us?


Aligning Head and Heart


R: Yes.  Can you help me align the head and the heart?


We have already started by the slight meditation that we have taken you through, by the understanding that we are available to you whenever you need us, by simply breathing in light and saying to yourself “I align my head and my heart” or by asking the question “Is my heart and my head aligned?”, you will be receiving your answers.  We are available to answer you.  You just need to be quiet enough to listen to us.  You have a habit of asking the question, and when you get the information in, you then think you have to adjust it.  You then think you have to change it.  You then think it’s important to apply it to your 3D world in a particular way and therefore do not always receive the information that is appropriate in that moment.  Do we make sense?  Do you know what we mean when we say this to you?


R: I think I understand, but could you say that in another way to make sure I understand, the last bit about the information?


We will tell you that with the information that is happening, we will say with your mother, for that is the most surface information right now, you understand the process she is going through.  But you live in this dimension and therefore, for protection purposes, you wish to not be saddened by what is happening.  So you do not always hear the information that comes through.  The information may come through and say it is not much longer.  You know this to be true and that is your intellect talking.  Then your heart will come in and your heart says, “yes, but. . . how about this. . . maybe. . . what could I do for this because of”.  We are saying, once you can align those two things without needing to adjust them to the 3D world, you will find these things will happen more quickly.  So, in your mind, when you know that this is in process, and you do understand that, in your heart, why we are saying to you and why we said to you earlier, the concept was to accept the way you felt emotionally, to speak of this.  Then, you align the head and the heart and you do not any longer try to separate them in order to fit the appropriateness of the moment or the world.  Does that make more sense?


R: That makes sense.  Thank you.


Then this is good.  We will say to you once you have this alignment you will be quite amazed at what your power truly is.  You use your power for others, always.  You do not always use your power for self.  Do you understand and is it not time?


R: I understand and yes, it is time.


We would have to agree with that since we are the ones who brought it up to you, did we not?  Do you have more?


Q: Can you tell me anything about my son who lives in Oregon.  Could you check in with him and see how he is?


We would ask you toward what end we can help you with that?  It does not make sense to us that you would ask about someone when you can pick up the phone and call.  Or with a mother’s knowing, you can connect and ask yourself.


R: Okay, I guess I would like to know specifically, from a business stand point, is the business that we own jointly, going to be successful?  It is successful now, will it continue to be?


It is successful and it will go through some changes but it will continue its success for he is in touch with what is needed.


R: Very good.


But you knew this.  You do not need us to tell you this.


Q: So he is going to be able to make the changes needed?


He is also stubborn.  And we say “also” for we mean he is like you in similar ways.  He is also stubborn and he has to sometimes be shown things in a certain way before he will accept.  He is also very astute in understanding what you call on your planet the bottom line.  When the bottom line is effected in any way, he understands that and knows what needs to be done in order to make things happen in a certain way.  You will find that he will be looking at things perhaps differently then he has before and that will actually please you.  He has had great pressure on him to prove himself and he is learning that that is not necessary any longer.  That will be good.  Once he gives that up, this business will be even better then it was before.


R: Thank you.


You are welcome.


Q: Can I have one more?


Of course. 


Q: Can you give me a little clip, picture, synopsis, whatever. . .


We like multiple choice!


Q: What my future holds as far as my work is concerned?  I feel there’s change coming.


There is change coming.  There is much change coming for everyone not just your business.  But we will say in this particular way, when you hold true to who you are, when you hold true to what you know, when you hold in such a way the understanding of your core – we will for now call them beliefs – when you hold this, and you, the word we think is ‘stick to you guns’, when you do this you will find that what you are working toward is not so much the expansion of a store, but the distribution of information for all.  When you look at it differently – again, we will talk to you about perception and perspective.  Right now, your perception is that ‘within this 3D world, this is how things are done – this many people, this much money, this much time, this much traffic, this much whatever’.  That is the current perception. 


The perspective is that when we do X we get Y.  We are saying to you that when you are doing the work that you are doing now in a new way, and that new way will be here in the next three months for  you will find after the opening that what is happening is a different market has different needs.  A different market not so much in the sense of the city that you are living in but a different market in the sense of the people who are now becoming interested in things that they did not ever think they would be interested in.  So it is a dissemination of information.  It is a giving of information to those who perhaps never knew they wanted this information.  It is being done and can be done in such a way that will open doors for many.  As those doors open, you will find that there will be many opportunities for you in who you are and what you wish to share with others.  As those doors open, you will find a change in who you are, a change in what you will be doing, either for this or perhaps another store.  For right now it will be under this name, we shall call it.  You need to make sure that you are, we will say the word “sure” about your own beliefs so that you can convey them in such a way to make others understand.  As we explained to “C”, we teach by what we do.  By what you do, you will be teaching.  It is a different way of approaching then perhaps you have been approaching it before. 


There is success involved in what is going on from a monetary level but that is not of which we speak.  We speak of the energetic level, of the acceptance of what you are accomplishing in self.  That means to look at it not so much from the position of all things to all people, but from the position of ‘this is what, energetically, I am capable of, this is what I feel needs to be offered”.  When you honor self, all other things fall into place.  Does this make sense to you?


R: Yes, thank you.


You are welcome.  We feel that we have not made that clear for we see confusion here. 


R: Okay.  Can you make it clearer.  I thought I got it, but I’m open to clarity.


Perhaps.  We see that there is an interference between you and the person who runs the stores.  Not in the sense that you do not get along.  Not in the sense that one is smarter than the other.  Not in that sense.  In the sense of, we will say, allowing certain things because it is not “yours”.  We are not saying you need to argue.  We are not saying you need to have any kind of battle in regard to certain things.  We are simply saying, every time you make a choice, every time you make a decision, every time an opinion is asked of you, give that answer.  Give that information not based on the person you are speaking to, the knowledge of that person, but based on who you are – that inner self, that head and heart in alignment self.


R: I got you now.


We feel that that is more clear. 


R: Thank you.  Perfectly clear.  And that will be honored?  It doesn’t matter.


It does not matter.  What matters is that you honor self.  Eventually, we will say, that will be honored.  It does not matter whether it is or is not as long as the piece of you has been honored.  By honoring that, all things come.


And Kris, we must ask you if you have questions for we know that you have been crazy.


Kris: The question I have is, actually, a pretty big yes or no.


We will stop you, for you must remember it must be a question.  This is our issue with you.


Kris: Yes.  You talked about me just being busy doing everything else except things for me.  I’m wondering if part of the reason I’ve been obsessing with what I have been obsessing about is because I haven’t been focusing on self, I’ve been focusing on other people in my life, my relationship, etc.?  So really, my question is, is that the specific reason I’ve been obsessing about this issue?


We will say that that is the specific reason.  We will also say to you, you already know the specific answer.


Kris: Okay (laughter)


Honoring Self

We will say to you that you occasionally forget your strength.  You occasionally forget who you are.  You occasionally forget that everything comes from within you.  You occasionally forget that your abilities regardless of how they are received or not received by other people, are still your abilities.  You have a tendency, when they are not received in your expected ways, to put a brick in the wall that says there is now something between you and me.  We are saying to you when you will stop putting those bricks up and realize it does not matter, your power will be that much stronger.  Your light still goes through the brick wall.  It is just that it makes it very difficult when you keep hitting your head upon that brick wall.

Kris: It’s not comfortable.


We would think it is not.  Yet, at the same time, you seem to do it often so we must question whether there is comfort there somewhere. 



We will say to everyone, but specifically to you, Kris, that it is important for each person here to recognize who their core self is.  It is important for each person here to understand that there is indeed a core self.  That core self is not just one thing.  That core self is a multitude of things for it exists on more than your 3D level.  It exists in many dimensions, in many ways, in many spaces, for many purposes.  The purpose here, upon this planet, is to get you to the point of your own ascension, to get you to understand and recognize that as your vibration changes, as you change your physical body, you are also changing your energetic body.  You are becoming more aware, each and every time, of what is happening in other dimensions.  Because of this, you have more power then you have ever had before.  Because of the new energy coming to your planet, you have more power then you have every had before. 


We would ask you to look at the natural disasters that have been going on and ask yourself why has there been so few physical issues?  Much property issue, but very little death – why is that?  Why can there be so much destruction, miles and miles and miles of it, and yet only five people have chosen to leave in that time period (referring to some tornado damage in the US).  What is it that is happening to your earth that you are not yet paying attention to?  When you recognize what it is that is happening to your earth that you are not paying attention to, you will also recognize what it is that is happening to you that you are not paying attention to.  What that is is your connection to something greater, to something bigger, to something more, to something that you have always been connected to and yet unaware of as if you are here in one lifetime, by yourself, with absolutely no power.  Those in this room know that that is absolutely not true. Yet you often act that way.


Kris, if you remember the comment you made earlier about ‘women can get whatever they want whenever they want it’, that is true of all people.  That is not just women trying to have sex, (laughter) that is also everyone upon the planet manifesting whatever they so choose.  The power is there for each of you once you recognize it.  It is turning on the light and looking in the mirror and being delighted at what you see, being thrilled at what is reflected back to you, being so aware of the power and the magnificence of the being looking back at you that you realize this is who you truly are.  Yet, most of you will look in the mirror and find yourself lacking, look and see what is wrong instead of looking and seeing what is right. 


When you can all look and see what is right, you will recognize what you are capable of manifesting.  Know that this manifestation process will be starting soon.  You are right now in the process of getting rid of, of cleaning out, of no longer allowing yourself to vibrate at those lower levels.  As you continue to increase this vibration, and the changes happen within your body, and happen to things around you, as long as you are true to your core self, you will be on the path that is the correct path for you.  There are as many paths as there are people.  There is no right or wrong here.  There is no good or bad here.  There is simply what you will be doing, you, in your own power, in your own way.  We are asking that each of you, in your own power, in your own way, honor that.  We cannot help you but you can help self.  We can assist and answer questions, but you are the one who must do the work.  We can be there for you when you second guess yourself but we will still point out to you that it belongs to you.


Do you have any more questions before we leave you this evening?


Q: I have one.  I know that those of us who are aware and awake, we’re ascending.  Isn’t everyone ascending even if they don’t know it?




R: The whole planet is ascending, right?


We will say to you, because you are awake does not mean you are aware.  Because you are aware, does not mean you are awake.  If you look at people who are having difficulty, you will understand what we mean by this.  Are there not people doing this light work who still are doing it the way they started doing it when it no longer fits for the energy is not the same?  So awake and aware are lovely words but make sure you understand what they truly mean.


R: Thank you.


Is there more?



Q: Yes.  Advice on losing weight and exercising.


We have peaked your curiosity.


Q: Us humans are bombarded with all kinds of ways to lose weight and stuff. . .


Kris: They’re going to ask you what it is you desire to do.


We will do one better than that!   We will say that Sue is agreeing with you and we won’t talk to her about this either!  (Laughter)


We will say to you that your physicalities are exactly that – they are your physicalities.  You have the power at any time to change them.  You do not have the power at any time to change them unless you believe that you have the power to change them.  We will say to you, it is not what you put into your body, it is not what you consume.  We will say to you it is what you believe when you consume those things.  We will say to you it is what you believe when you think about yourself.  We will say to you it is your limitations that keep you looking and acting and feeling and being the way you are.  It has nothing at all to do with “who” you truly are.  We have said this before, we can say it again, and each of you will say, “yes, we understand that but what diet should I be on?”.  We will say to you that there is no such thing as diet – not in the sense of energy. 


There is simply energy.  With energy you can create.  You can change.  You can shape shift.  You can change what you look like.  First you must recognize that you must believe you can do those things.  If you wish to exercise, if you feel that that will make you look good, then you are correct.  If you wish to change your diet because you feel that that will make you look good, then you are correct.  We will say to you, when these things do not happen (for that is what goes on within each of you) for you start something and then change it and in changing it you then say “this did not work” and “therefore I will always be like this”.  Guess what?  You also create that!  That is what will happen.  Do you understand us?


R: Yes.


We will say to you it is not about what you consume or how you exercise.  We will say instead it is about how you know what your body is capable of.  It is about the knowing. 


We will go back to review with you: It is about being aware and allowing; it is about perception and perspective; and when you can get to those places and understand those words, you will better then answer your own question about what your body is going to look like.  You can change it at any time.  Guess what?  It does not take time to do it!  (Sue is now arguing with us) (Laughter)


Kris: She’s been trying to manifest big hair for a long time!


R: She needs to get a perm.


Kris: She been trying to do it without a perm.


There are many things she has been working on but does not believe.  We will say it is the thought behind the thought.  It is when she says “of course I can” but then behind that, she says “Oh, please!”.  This will not work.  It is the alignment of the head and heart, as we spoke of.  It is the understanding of the power that we spoke of.  All of these things come together to assist you.  It is up to you to use these particular tools.


We said to you, “C”, to put your tools in the box and simply go into self because that is where the true power is.  Then, pick and choose the tools depending upon your moods.


R: Thank you for that reminder.


You are welcome.  I’m sure that Sue will be yelling at us because of this.  Is there more?


(No all around)




Then we will say to you in leaving to pay attention to your senses, for your senses will be changing.  We will say to you, for the next month, when you are outside, to stop and become aware of what is going on around you. Allow yourself the feeling of the air, the smell, the taste, the sensation in your body and to – whether you accept or not, whether you CAN accept or not – to allow the thought in that says ‘rain is coming’ or ‘I wonder if we just had an earthquake’ or whatever the sensation may be for it is time to be connecting again with Gaia.  It is time again to become more like the people who lived on the earth instead of the people who lived in so much confusion that they do not know what the earth is saying to them.  With this understanding you will all better know where you are heading in your own personal lives.  So open to your new sensitivities, open to the fact that you are changing in a physical way, open and recognize that when these things come to you it is your choice to receive them or to push them aside. 


We are saying when we talk about awareness and allowing, we are also saying that you need to be open also before these things can happen.  That is our basic message and has been for some time.


We are around to assist people and to help them with this ascension process.  But we again say to you that it will be up to you to do the work.  We can only guide to a certain extent. 


If there are no more questions, we will then leave you for this evening.


Thanks all around.