Sue Yarmey Channels The Many
What is Channeling? Class - April 11, 2007
Old Orchard Beach, Maine


We are here. The energy of this group is different than what we are used to working with. We do not bite. We will not harm. There is no reason to feel that you must be afraid of the information we have to offer. We do not care even if you listen. We have information should you wish to listen. Should you not, you can take a nap. We also wish to share with you our energy. This means that we will do with you a meditation for those of you who are willing to join us. You do not have to. We say all of this because some of you are very new to the energy that we bring here.


Sue was correct. We wish to experiment a bit with you. It will not hurt. It will not make you dance like chickens. It will make you aware on a different level of the energy that is called The Many. If all of you will just take a moment to relax your bodies. Shut your eyes for just a moment. Concentrate your energy, your awareness, we will say, on your shoulders for just a moment. Become aware of the energies that are around you, by your shoulder areas – like an entourage. Energy that is here to represent ‘who’ you are. Energy that is here to support ‘who’ you are. Take a moment. Allow yourself to feel. We will speak of feelings later. We will speak of how you feel in various ways. Some of you will feel this as heat or cold. Some of you may feel this as actual physical contact. Sue tells us we must watch where you touch you! She knows we are kind. (TM humor)


This is the energy that is around you at all times slightly magnified. There is a choice, a collective choice happening in this room to become aware. If you open your eyes now, just slightly, you might be able to catch a glimpse of energy by light or shade or movement or color. It is all around you. This is what you are capable of doing at all times. For those of you who are choosing not to see or to feel, do not worry. You can do this at a later time in the privacy of your own home. It is always there and always available to you to use.


We would like to open, to speak to you first before opening to your questions. We would like to open and speak to you about receiving. This is why we brought in energy in such a way because many of you are afraid to receive. You are afraid to be, we will say, happy. Many of you do not know how to define the word, happy. So, what we will say, is opening your heart to receive has to do with connecting with how you feel. Has to do with connecting to a feeling level. In many cases, you have avoided feeling because you have been hurt in the past.


We will say to all of you, there will be energy changes within the planet. They are already happening. They have continued to happen since the beginning of the year, and will continue a while longer. They will come in waves, sometimes more powerful than other times. As they come in, if you are able to receive this energy without resistance, without needing explanation, without fixing or changing, if you are able to allow this energy to flow into and through you, you will have no difficulty with the changes that are coming to your planet. You will have no difficulty connecting with Gaia and knowing what is happening and when it is happening and becoming aware of what is best for you as an individual. If, however, you are unable or unwilling, or choose not to open your heart to receive – because you are not yet sure of your deservedness – you will have more difficulty with this energy. That will create disease. It will create frustration. It will create angers. It will be up to you. You have the power to accept or reject. It is not some miracle to do this kind of work. It is simply a part of who you truly are. It is simply starting out as a conscious thought so that it will become unconscious at another time. It is not about being fearful of receiving. It is not about thinking you must do something before you receive. It is not about judging what is being received. It is simply about allowing.


Allowing is a word that is not the most popular on your planet. All of you like to be in control. We will say that you can remain in control and still allow this energy to enter into you. The way you stay in control is by choosing what stays and what flows through. You have that power. You can all feel it now as a type of pressure on your chest. If you will allow it to flow through, it is a much more pleasant feeling than resisting the energy as it comes to you.


We will ask all of you to think about whether you believe you are worthy of receiving. That is what stops this energy – your lack of believing that you are worthy. We would suggest that each of you spend some time in the next few days determining what you are deserving of. What you are worthy of. If you do not understand your own worthiness, you cannot receive what you say you are asking for. You spend all your time in need and not time in desire. You spend all your time resisting, and no time receiving. These are not difficult concepts. But you must change some patterns in order to make them work for you.


That is all we have to say before we open to your questions. Who wishes to be brave enough to go first?


Q: I have a question about having bad dreams, nightmares, for four weeks at a time. I can’t figure out what it is. Does it have something to do with the earth changing, shifts and vibrations?


It is all those things and more. We wish to inform you that much of what is happening in your evening hours during your dream states, when you are more open to be receiving information, is like a computer, you are being downloaded. You are receiving information. When you are receiving information, and if you are a resister of this information, sometimes all that you become aware of is the more negative, what you call the nightmare, versus the whole package. Part of that has to do with deservedness. What we would say to you, when you go to bed in the evening, connect with us. Simply say “I wish to connect with The Many. In connecting with The Many, I become aware of the information that is coming to me in a pleasant, wonderful way, knowing that I can choose what I wish to keep and allow the rest to flow away.” Do you understand us?


R: Yes I do, thank you.


This will be good. You have great strength and great powers. You do not use them for you fear your own abilities. You do not allow things in because you do not yet know that you are worthy of having those things. If you will open in this way, in the evening during your dream state when you cannot resist as much as you can consciously, you may be quite surprised at how much easier some of these things will come to you and how much easier it will be to work on some of those levels. Does this assist you?

R: Very much, thank you.


Then this is good. Are there others?


Q: I meditate and do chakra balancing. Is that going to help me through this shift?


We will say to you, you are using an outdated tool. You are playing a stereo record on a hi-fi machine. When you do your chakra balancing, you are doing it based on something that is no longer appropriate nor workable as it was in the past. We suggest to you that you follow your instincts more. In your own alignment of energy, stop thinking of it as chakra balancing, and start thinking of it as – we will say a merging and melding with energy around you, including self. We say this so you know that your alignment has more to do with the “who” you are versus the world in which you think you are supposed to fit. Do you understand when we say those words?


R: I do. Thank you.


This is good. Are there others?


Q: Don’t think me foolish for asking this question. . .


We think no one foolish!


Q: Okay. Am I getting confirmation from my adding machine at work?


We wish to say to you that your adding machine has made you more aware of your affect on electronic type devises. It is not just your adding machine that responds to your energy. You have made contact with some light bulbs, lately. Do you understand?


R: I don’t.


We will ask you to pay attention when you flip a switch and something burns out quickly. We will ask you to pay attention when you are on the street and notice the street light going out as you pass it. We will ask you to pay attention to some of the electronic energy that you are sending out. Your adding machine is giving you confirmation because it is the only thing at this point in time that you have been paying attention to. It is giving you the confirmation because you have asked for confirmation. However, when confirmation comes in for you, you doubt that it came. Do you understand?


R: Yes.


So it has chosen, through your energetic field, to do something that makes you stop, that you cannot deny. Yet, you even manage to deny that! We will ask you to pay attention to how your energy is shifting and moving around you. Rather than doubting everything that happens, try accepting in the beginning for nothing “bad” can happen by accepting. Does this make sense to you?

R: Yes.


Then this is good.


R: Thank you.


You are most welcomed.


Q: How can I improve my sleeping patterns?


We will say that that will be difficult for all right now. The energy that is coming upon your planet has disrupted the normalcy – or what you refer to as normalcy, of the rhythms of your bodies. It is not so much your sleep pattern that needs to be looked upon, but rather your restfulness that needs to be looked upon. When you are not sleeping, you worry. When you worry, your mind goes into a chatter mode. When your mind is chattering, you cannot receive anything for you are busy wondering what is “wrong”. We will say rather than think about the sleep pattern itself, to think instead about, we will say, a calming of your brain pattern. That is truly what is needed here. A calming of your brain pattern can be something as simple as counting what is right rather than worrying about what is “wrong”. The energy coming now is making it difficult to sleep in your normal patterns. Most of you need to recognize, if you get two hours, that will be good. When you wake after about two hours, do not think that there is something “wrong”. Rather, spend the time as you choose – read your book, turn on your TV, or lie there and stare at your ceiling! Please do not add the negative to your thought pattern of something being “wrong”. Recognize that you woke up so that you can re-boot the program that was just put into your bodies. Once you recognize this, your sleep pattern will no longer bother you and you will feel more restful. Does all of this make sense?


R: Yes it does. Thank you.


You are welcome.


Q: What is my purpose? What am I supposed to be doing with the light and the spirits that I see?


Whatever you choose. We do not say that to be flip (there’s a word I haven’t used in a LONG time!). We say that because you have fear of your own abilities. You have fear to allow things to come to you. You believe you must be in control of all things at all times. Part of this is the way you were, we will say, programmed since we have been speaking of computers. But part of this is also the way you control your fears. Rather than there being one single purpose to what is happening, we will say the greatest purpose is for you to learn to receive without fear, love. That is what the light speaks of – it speaks of love. It speaks of a vibration that is different than the one you are used to in the profession you have chosen. It speaks of receiving without condition, love. When you are aware that you are worthy of love, and you can say, since I am worthy of love, allow me to work with this light to the best of my ability, you will then work with that light and know your purpose. The purpose for all things, for All Things, is about being one with the One.

Do you understand?


R: Yes.


Does this assist you?


R: Yes.


Then this is good. We do not bite?


Q: I’m wondering, I’m feeling really stuck in a lot of ways, in patterns that may not be the best for me. I’m curious if you guys have any thoughts or suggestions about. . . ?


We can give you a ladder to get you out of your rut. We can offer that you look at the people around you and notice that the reason you are in these patterns is because of some of the people you have chosen to keep around you believing that they have greater knowledge than you have. We can point out to you that when you are in a pattern, sometimes, just the recognition of that pattern is enough to change it. But there is one thing we cannot do for you – that is change the pattern! That is up to you. In changing the pattern, it is important to recognize, you do not need an end result. You worry that any change you make must be forever. You worry that any shift that you do, any goal that you perceive will be forever. It keeps you from coming away from the rut that you have created. We will say, if you truly wish to change the pattern, change it simply first. Change it by doing one small thing differently each day than you usually do. Change it by first recognizing that you have the power to change it. As we said to all of you when we opened, allow yourself to receive and not just feel a need to do more, take care of more, to be better, to make sure that others like you. Do you understand?


R: Yes.


Does this assist?


R: Yes.


Then this is good. Is there more?


Q: Can you tell me who built the great pyramids?


We will say you did. We will say all of you at various times have had a place in history in building. We will also tell you to look towards alternate sources. Come away from thinking that to build means sweat and physical labor. To build means to create and manifest. We will tell you that sound and vibration have a great deal to do with the building of the pyramids. We will also tell you that the building of the pyramids had, not necessarily were they done for the Kings of that time, but for other reasons. We will tell you that archeologically speaking you will be getting some information about your pyramids by the end of this year. This is because nothing now can stay hidden and things are changing. If you are asking what “people” build (I think it’s interesting they did not use the past tense here) we will not explain that to you. There is much to understand before THAT can be understood. Is that acceptable for you?


R: It is, thank you.


Then this is good.


Q: I’m right on the edge of understanding of what you said earlier of accepting and deserving and what happens with resistance. One of the things is anger. I have a long-standing, terrible time with anger. I blow instantly at nothing. I’d sure like to stop.


Then we will ask you what do you fear? Anger is not anger, but fear. Fear is the thing that rules and allows others to rule you when it becomes the priority of your life. Governments use fear to rule people. Churches use fear to rule people. Doctors use fear to rule people. Parents use fear to rule people. Fear is what it is. It must be observed and understood if you wish to understand your anger. You must ask yourself, what is it you are fearful of that makes you react and act the way you do? Choosing not to be angry does not always work. Anger is an emotion that we believe must be expressed – of course, in healthy ways. Anger is something that is within each individual, a normal thing. Since it is connected to fear, when fear is better understood, when you have the opportunity to see what you are fearful of, then anger no longer has the power over you that you allow it at other times. When we speak of opening to receive, it is important that you open without the fear of what may or may not come in. Recognize that the power is to receive all and choose what you wish to keep and allow what you do not wish to continue on. Do we make sense to you?


R: Yes.


Does this answer your question?


R: It gives me an area in which to work.


We will say to you, since you choose to write your answers, to do a stream of consciousness where you start by saying “I am afraid of” and allow yourself to let the words flow. Then go back and look and you will see the root of this fear. Once you recognize that, your anger will shift. Does that make sense to you?


R: Yes. That’s the way I can work, thank you.


You are welcome.


Q: Recently I’ve been very sad and unhappy and trying to find ways to make myself happy. I just wonder if I’m on the right path?


We appreciate questions about path. Too often, all of you on this planet in this dimension believe there is only one (path). We will tell you, what fun is that? We will say to you instead, that you must “be” something before you can be it. We know that this does not make sense in your dimension so rather we will say to you, pretend. Pick something that you remember made you happy – for you are still looking for outside confirmation to inside issues. So remember something that made you happy. When you are feeling unhappy, call the memory to you. It does not matter if it is from when you were a child. What matters is that your body can remember this feeling. In remembering this feeling, your body can create the energy, the vibration that goes with this feeling. What has happened, you have constantly been speaking the words out loud about how unhappy you are, about what is NOT working, about things that do not fall into place, about your “luck” being wrong. We are saying, if you can call just one emotion, one vibration that is a good vibration, it will be stronger than all of the lower vibrations you are allowing yourself to get caught into. The path you are taking is still outside of self, but it is a path that helps you and therefore, a good path. We will also say there are other paths available to you. In their availability, should you choose to start with knowing what is a happy feeling, it will be easier for you to get to that destination. Do you understand?


R: Yes, I do.


Then this is good.


Q: What is meant by responding to ability?


In your language, it is exactly the words. It means that you have the ability to do something and you respond in kind. If Kris has the ability to sing, but she does not choose to sing, she is not responding to her ability. If you have the ability to heal, and you do, and you are not responding to that ability, then you are ignoring something that is inherent within you. It does not mean you must do it. All it means is that you must be aware that you CAN do it. Then, you have choices to make. It is always about choice. Does that help you understand?


R: Yes.


Is there more? She chose not to mention that I said “healing” for her. We noticed! (Laughter)


Q: The job I’ve been working on for the last 20 years or so, I wonder if that’s the job I’m supposed to be doing or maybe I should be doing something else? Could you give me an answer to that?


We do not like the word “should” just like Sue. We will say there is no wrong thing or right thing to be doing. We will say that you have wasted nothing nor will you waste if you stay or if you go. We will say to you it is simply a matter of your own personal fulfillment which at the moment is not happening for you. You do things from habit. You do things from design. You do things because you have done them before. Not because they bring you joy. Not because you find within them a wonderful feeling when you act upon them.


We will say to you, when you find those things that you act upon because they give you joy, then you have found a new path that is a brighter path and one of different energy than the one you are on now.


The one you are on now is boring. We will say that you are bored. We will say that those people around you are bored. We will say that your energy has become stale and that what you wish to do, is you wish brighter things. You wish to be able to be taken more – we do not like the word seriously – but understood differently than the way you are currently understood. The only way that will happen is when it begins first, within you. When you understand self, when you go to your core self and say “this brings me joy and therefore I am doing it”, instead of going to your core self and saying “this is my responsibility and therefore I am doing it, oh well”. It is a matter of how you choose to view.


We will say to you, if you wish to change, change first the perspective that you use. The perception that you are using to determine whether you are doing what is right or wrong and is that based on who you are? Or is that based on who you were told you are supposed to be? Do you understand?


R: Yes.


Does this assist you?


R: Yes it does.


Then this is good.


Q: Is there going to be a change in my job status?


Do you want one?


Q: Yes.


Then we would say yes. (Laughter) We love to play this game. You have the power to make anything happen.


We will ask all of you in here who think in these ways, to understand that want and need often go together. What you forget when you are in want and need, you forget your desires. When you want something and you need something, you are doing it based on someone else’s opinion – the way you were raised, the things you understand, the linear way of being within this dimension. When you desire something, you are going into your emotional self, you are going to that place within that cannot be denied as a different kind of vibration. As a vibration, it sends out a different kind of energy and attracts back to it, a different result than something that says, “must, want, have to, should, need”. As long as you are bouncing off that question, you must understand that it is very important for all of you whenever you choose to change the occupation you have chosen, that you must go first within and declare within yourself that you are worthy of something different, that you are worthy of something better. Do not get caught up in “I cannot do this unless I do that”. Do not get caught up in believing – and all of you do on that material level – that you cannot afford to change. That kind of thinking is linear and taking you into the need and the want area away from the desire.


Define your desires to the point where you understand how you wish to feel, not what you wish to do and see if things will change for you then. Does this make sense?


R: Yes.


Then this is good.


Q: Just a couple questions in one question?


We charge by the question (TM humor!)(laughter)


Q: That’s fair. In terms of past lives, and past energy, how does that play into present physical life and if so, what am I supposed to learn from this physical life?


Have you ever stood in a hall of mirrors?


R: No.


When you do, you have seen this in other places, you see yourself repeated over and over and over. What this is, is your past lives. It is not behind you, nor before you, nor to the right, nor to the left because all time is now, all space is here. But your body remembers all things. You chose this physicality because it has a memory that is different than the mind that you have chosen to put within the physicality. Your body understands things that your brain does not understand. When you have something that can disturb you on some level – a fear that you cannot explain – there might be an attachment, an energetic attachment to what you refer to as a past life. It would be standing in the hall of mirrors and looking down to the 10th person that is you saying “oh, there, I see it there, that mole on my chin I do not have now. My body remembers that mole”. It is a way of perceiving in this dimension so that you do not allow yourself to be caught up in something that is no longer correct for who you have chosen to be. If you feel yourself being held back, you can simply dis-avow your vows. You can simply turn and say “I do not choose to continue to believe what my body learned in that time period, and choose instead this” and you can choose what that “this” is to be. Does this make sense?


R: Yes.


Does this answer your question?


R: Yes, thank you


We thought you had more than one.


R: Yes. If so, given that, am I on the right path?


Can we say, see above? (Laughter)


R: Yes.


There is no right path nor wrong path. We will say that the path that you have chosen is the right path for you in this moment. We will say that is not the path you will be traveling three years from now. For now, it is perfectly correct for the “you” you wish to be working on. We will say to you that there will be changes coming with the energy of the earth changing as well that will make you more aware of some things that you have not been aware of. All of these changes are dependent upon your ability to receive the energy that is coming to you and the determination of your own worthiness. Does this make sense?


R: Yes.


Then this is good.


Q: Could you tell me if I’m going the right way with my work situation with my supervisor?


There is anger and fear here. Again, we will say there is no right or wrong, there is no black or white, there is no one path. We will say that you feel that this is the path that you must travel in order to believe in yourself what you choose to believe about yourself. We will say that the “who” that you are, it is important at this point in time, to declare yourself and this is how you have chosen to do it. There is comfort in this path that you are now traveling. In that way, it is exactly where you are choosing to be in this moment. Does that answer your question?


R: Yes. Will the truth override the lies in this situation?


You are looking at things from a black and white perspective. Unfortunately, that does not truly exist on your planet. There is no truth. There is no lie. There is simply the truth or lie from the discerning point of view from each particular individual. There are things that have been said that have been incorrect from one person, but very correct for the other, and vice versa. As far as what is going to come out of this, you must first go into it with your own expectation of what you consider correct and right for you. Not for the other person. You must change your energetic direction, we will say, to be outside of self in your anger and direct it inside of self from a place of receiving and love. See yourself as worthy. See yourself as deserving of all good things coming to you. Change your anger that is toward the others. Do you understand?


R: Yes.


Does this assist you?


R: Somewhat.


What don’t you understand?


R: If we’re in an energy time of opening up our heart chakras and learning about our heart and being positive and being open, and we believe that we are in that state of doing that, why would there still be the negative energies coming in? Is it a test to ourselves?


It is not a test. It is simply a choice. Just because your heart is opening does not mean you are a kind, loving, wonderful person. Many people can have an open heart to receive, but they do not know how to then give. Do not mistake the energy that is coming in that is stimulating the heart chakra as only good energy, or by your definition, good. There is still choice involved for each individual person to determine what they choose to receive, what they choose to hold onto, what they choose to allow to go through them.


You cannot have light without dark. You cannot have up on your planet without down. To think that all things will be rosy and wonderful is just as inappropriate a thought as to think that all things are terrible and awful. There will always be choice. Each person can choose the direction they wish to go in. Does that help you better understand?


R: Yes, thank you.


You are welcome.


Q: Should I sell my business outright or become a partner with somebody?


Sue loves the “should” word. (Laughter) We will say to you that it is not about the selling. Right now, it is about the doing. You feel that you need support in certain ways. You are looking at everything from a very black and white, linear way. We would instead advise you to go and look at what it is you love about what you have done and plan to do and what it is you do not like about what you have done and plan to do. Make your choices based on the joy that it brings to you versus your choices on the stability it brings to you. Do you understand?


R: Yes.


If you will make those choices based on your heart, with the understanding that you can choose differently later, it will be a better choice for you in that moment. If you choose to make your decision based on the material side of your own security, it is not a bad thing. However, you will be asked again down the road to make a hard choice. Make it now. Make it later. It will always be your choice. Does this assist you?


R: Yes.


Do you understand?


R: Yes.


You hesitated.


R: A lot of choices.


If you can look at them from a position that says it is not forever, it will take some of the pressure off of you. You are projecting to “forever” in all of your choices. I


f all of you here can recognize what is happening – you are coming away from being the linear dimension that you have all been. All of you have had a taste of this in regard to time: You will look up and think that you have plenty of time to do “this” and the next thing you know there is no time and you do not know what happened. Because the linear way of looking at things is changing dramatically. Part of this change has to do with coming away from thinking from a point of just responsibilities instead of the way you have been feeling about your own personal desires. Does that perhaps make more sense?


R: Yes it does. Thank you.


This is good.


Q: I have four re-occurring dreams. Would that be past lives?


We will say what happens is that information must come to you in ways that you will accept for you are stubborn about the information. They come to you again and again, and all you do is say, “hmm, I wonder why I have seen this, felt this, been this?” We will say, instead, the next time you have one of the recurring dreams is to ask “what is it I need to know from this?” See if that does not assist you in a new way. What you have done is given yourself permission, in your dream state, to be strong. Then, you will not enact that strength (consciously). Do you understand what we mean by that?


R: I do.


So if you will give yourself permission to enact the state of strength, you will find there will be a different message than what you are thinking in the moment. Does that assist?


R: Yes, thank you.


Then this is good.


Q: With all the shifting that’s taking place, will we ever see peace on earth in our lifetime?


Since you never die, the answer, of course, is yes. There is peace coming. It has been in the hearts of many. It does not need to flourish in many more hearts before it is seen as complete and finished. The first step is believing it is possible. The very fact that you asked the question makes you doubt. We would say if you can hold on to what “is”, you will be amazed at how much more quickly peace will be here. Does that help you?

R: Yes.


Q: Could you talk a little bit about pro peace versus anti war for a moment? And how we can make that happen quicker with that thought process?


It is all about energy. It is all about what you send out and then receive because you have sent it out. If you send out anything that is anti/against, then you will receive things that are anti/ against. If you send out anything that is for, you will also receive things that are for. As in peace and war, if you are anti war, you are sending out negative information and putting all of the energy into the idea and concept of war. If you send out pro peace, not with the understanding that peace is not possible, not “someday”, but rather it simply is, then what you are doing is sending out a vibration that will come back to you sooner as peace. Does this make sense?


R: Yes.


The same is true for those of you looking for jobs, looking for relationships, looking for money. The vibration does not change, but the concept can. Are there others?


Q: The modalities of healing are varied. You said my ability is to heal. What direction do I need to go from where I am?


The one that feels best (laughter)! We will not give you a road map. We will not say become this or that, choose this over that. We will say, when you open your heart, when you recognize what your heart is telling you, the healing process will be simple. It will lead you in the direction that makes you understand that there is more than one modality to make this happen. It does not have to be the traditional root, nor does it even have to exist in form, yet. What needs to first exist within you is the knowing. When you know that you are, indeed, a healer, the rest will easily follow. Do you understand?


R: Yes, thank you.


Kris: Okay, it’s time to do your wrap-up.


We actually would like to do this as a very quick meditation. If you will all find a comfortable position.



Take in a deep, deep breath and exhale. Take a moment. Take a moment and connect to your heart, your heart cavity, your heart center, within your physicality. In this section of your body, in your heart cavity, you see light. It is a brilliant, brilliant light. When you breathe in, this light expands. When you breathe out, you release all your blocks. When you breathe in, the light now contained within your body goes from head to toe, and toe to head. When you breathe out, you breathe out your doubt and fears and anger and disconnection.


Establish your breathing in and breathing out. Feel yourself connect with your heart center. Imagine the heart center in your planet, the center of your planet, beating a steady heart beat. Feel the energy of the planet, the steady beat come up into your feet. . . into your legs. . . into your lower body. Connect now with your heart center. Imagine now the energy of the universe coming down into your crown, coming down into your head, your neck, and connecting in the heart center.


Planet to heart. Universe to heart. When you breathe in, you see the energy, the light, leaving your physical body from the front, traveling to other people, other things, other areas, connecting heart to heart. Coming back now through the back of your heart center. Completing a circle.


You are connected to your planet. You are connected to your universe. Supported by this energy. When you breathe in, you send your energy out through your heart. When you breathe out, you send your energy out in the opposite direction, through your heart.


You connect with all things. In your sleep and dream pattern, before bed, breathe up from the center of the planet. Breathe down from the center of the universe. Have things meet in your heart cavity. Work with your feelings to create and manifest. Honor your feelings to create and manifest. Take a moment now to see what it feels like to receive the unconditional love of the universe, to receive the unconditional love of your spiritual One. You are loved. You are love. You are a child of the universe. You are connected in all ways to the universe. By breathing in and breathing out, you establish your connection. When you breathe in, you accept, you receive the love of the universe. When you breathe out, you release your fears of worthiness. Know this to be true.


Breathe into your physicality. Anchor your body. Remember your breathing. Remember your worthiness. Now come back to this time, this place. When you are ready and back, we will depart.



What we wish to say to you is to remember that you are connected to All Things. Remember that you are worthy because you exist not because you must or should do something. Remember that your connectedness to All Things makes you understand and feel what All Things understand and feel. Remain open to receive information that will assist you in your growth, that will assist you when you speak about choosing a path, that will assist you when you need, we will say support, in the choices that you will be making. Understand children, no matter what choice you make, you always have the chance to change your mind. Remember this. Stay in your central, powerful core and create and manifest your desires. Do not worry any longer about the needs. Once desire is there, all other things are taken care of.


Is there anything more before we leave you? (Quiet)


Then we will say to all of you: Stay connected. Listen when we come to speak with you. You can call us anything you wish for we do not mind. We do ask that each of you come in contact. J, when you said you do not wish to channel, what do you think you do when you write? We will say you all have this power, this ability. The more you practice it, the better you will all become.

We will leave you, children, by saying practice. We believe the saying on your planet is practice makes perfect. And you all are. We hope that we will see you all again at some other time.


Thanks all around.