Sue Yarmey channels The Many at The Magick Closet in Portland
March 28, 2008

(General Topic for the Evening seemed to be Dimensionality and Economy.)

We are here. We are happy that you chose to entertain yourselves while we were hanging out and listening. We have information for you that is different than perhaps what we have offered in the past. This has to do with more of the change of dimensions that we have spoken of before. You all know that your area, your world, is made up of more than one dimension that includes the ones that your scientists have not yet discovered. Because of this, because of these dimensions becoming more active than they have been before – we are a good example of that for we do not exist in the dimension in which you exist. Yet, we are capable of coming here through someone, and often without her to be in touch with you, to offer information. Part of this dimensionality that we will be speaking of, we are bringing up because odd things will be happening upon your planet that will be defying your science – things that will happen on a planetary level as well as things that will be happening within your individual lives that might cause you to think that something is wrong with what is happening.

You were speaking of fear. That is the one thing that you need to recognize for what it is so that you do not become so wrapped up in that particular subject that you are unable to allow love to be part of who you are.

The reason we are speaking of these things, is to prepare you for the changes before they are in your face, we will say.


You spoke of the economy. Your economy is based on the illusion that money makes it work. That is not true. The thing that makes the economy work is the people within the world. Prior to having the word ‘economy’ there was bartering and trade. Prior to even thinking on an economic level, there were people helping other people assisting in the living on the planet. Prior to the word economy, you were able to live upon your planet, from your planet. She will always provide for you. We are not saying become paranoid and go out now, immediately, and plant vegetables in the front of the store – but that would be interesting, would it not? Come here and get magic tomatoes! (Laughter)

Or perhaps it should be beans to fit the story.

RESPONSE: That’s a great idea! (More laughter and talking!)

We are happy to help your economy! We will say, however, it is a good idea to be asking what you desire of the earth. If you do desire to grow something, simply ask before it is planted. If you do desire to have something come to you, simply ask and it will come to you. In your asking, please keep in mind that if you ask with the back of the mind saying ‘oh, this will never work’, you will be correct!

The economy, as you put it, has nothing to do with money and everything to do with energy. Let us speak of energy and this change of dimensionality so that you will understand how all of these things are coming together.

If you can think of a note as a vibration, the light wave as a vibration, then this will help you understand the lesson we are hoping to impart to you this evening. Every vibration is then compatible with every other vibration. If it is not compatible, there will be a discord. You can consider the discord to be part of the disease that hits the bodies. You can consider the discord to be part of the ‘bad’ economy, part of the war, part of anything that goes in a reverse direction. Although reverse direction would not be quite right for we could get you to travel in time by wave. But that is another lesson.

For now, we will say to you, the sound, the light wave that is coming through will be able to take you along with it to a different dimension. It will not necessarily be a dimension like – the reference in Sue’s head is Twilight Zone – it is not like that. It is not necessarily anything that should or would or could be scary unless you wish to push that particular attitude toward it. What we will say, though, is you can travel this sound, this wave into another dimension to receive the information that you need and bring it back to the dimension in which you are living. You exist in that dimension, at another level, as well as the dimension we are all sitting in, in this moment. You exist no matter where you go. We believe it is the book, "No Matter Where You Go, There You Are" (by Dr. Seuss) that many of you have found entertaining. It is the same when you travel on the light wave or the wave of sound. The trick however now, is to learn how to use this to take you to this place, to gather the information you so desire and to bring you back again.

We are going to plant in Sue’s brain, a way to experiment with this in her ceremony tomorrow. We will plant in all of your brains and meditation a way to experiment with this as well. It is a matter of thinking yourself like a cartoon character, hopping on a wave and following this wave to a place with a destination and a purpose, gathering that destination or purpose with you on your person and then bringing yourself back to where you began on your wave.

It is not so difficult to imagine that for you can have the imagination of a child. With that imagination moving you in those ways, you can start gathering information that you would not be able to gather prior to now. This is information that can take you into your future – actually, we should say take you from your future. This is information that can assist you in the buying of goods "D" for your store, or perhaps the finding the right people for your posse, or perhaps the understanding of the materials that you’re using in what you are building, "J" in a different way. Or "K", working around this electronic thing, you will be amplified, there is no pun intended, in what you can do and bring back to you.

Think on this for a moment. If you had an opportunity to travel, to go somewhere to bring back whatever you so desired, what is it you would be looking for? You cannot look at it from the perspective of money for money will not be money when you are in this new dimension. You cannot look at if from a piece of pie, although you could manifest your pie if you so choose. We are saying it is energy you are going for and it is energy you are bringing back using it to manifest whatever you so desire not so much in a material way but very much in an emotional way. It is energy that you can go and receive that will reward you for what is to come. If you wish to play the lottery, you can go forward on this wave, take it into this dimension to find the feeling of what winning the lottery would mean to you, and bring it back and then allow it to happen. Do not do it from the sake of winning money. That is not what this is about. Remember, this is to allow you to manifest not on the material, although it will manifest in that way, but rather to manifest from the emotional. Are we making sense?

R: Yes. All about.

Are you excited yet?

R: Yes.

Then this is good. We are going to say to you, with this information, this ability to ride this vibration, this wave, it will give you an opportunity to move beyond the fear that is being preached from every level and to find contentment in a way you have never been able to find it before. And through all of that, it will also be fun! It is a piece of understanding energy on the most basic level. Once you understand it on this basic level, then nothing stops you from understanding it on a more complex level.

So you can say we are here to work with you so you can understand one plus one, and by the time you learn one plus one, you soon will be able to work with the square root of anything. That is how it works.

We will be giving you this information in the meditation in which we will be taking you this evening, allowing you to flow on that wave, on that sound.

Now we will open to your questions. I know this is not a shy group. (Met with lots of silence!) There was a report on your television that a parrot was able to take apart a puzzle quicker than a human and yet you call them bird brains. So we will say to you, to be puzzled means nothing. Simply speak from your heart and you will know what your question is.

Q: Earlier, in the beginning, you were speaking of how you cross dimensions to speak through Sue. I’m wondering if it will ever happen where we can cross dimensions and speak to you.

You already do. Those dreams that are so bizarre. Those times when you have a sense of accomplishing something but there is nothing in this dimension that tells you you have. Because you do not have a memory, do not think that you do not do the action. For you to have a memory, you would have to be labeled as a crazy person. Do not think you do not do this. When something leaves this dimension, it must go somewhere. Those in that dimension are aware that it has come through. The difference often is that fact that they are not as surprised as you. They do not look at it and say ‘hmm, I wonder where that came from?’ They look at it and say ‘oh, it looks like Sue lost her glasses again’. Does that make sense to you? Does that explain your question?

R: Yes, thank you.

Then this is good. (More silence) We can listen to the television upstairs! (Laughter). So you have no more questions for us?

Kris: I feel like there are questions out there.

R: Yes, but they’re not yet formulated. I don’t know why.

Kris: Okay. Do you want to do the meditation?

Do you address us?

Kris: I’m addressing everyone.

We do not care.

Kris: I have a question about the new sales manager at my workplace. Is he going to stay in that position, or is he going to leave?

We appreciate what you haven’t said in that question. We will say to you that the initial response to this person is ‘go-getter, good job, this is wonderful’. The ultimate understanding to this position is ‘what were we thinking?’. The ‘what were we thinking’ will come out, but not immediately, and certainly not before more morale is crushed, for that is what he does best right now. Once that is understood, he will no longer be allowed to do it. There will be more before they are conscious enough to say: ‘we recognize it is the person and not the people who are working for him’. Now, they think it is simply the ‘new’ concept – because he is new people are resisting. They are wrong, of course. That will be found out.

Part of it has to do with what, Sue’s mind says is the ‘old boy’ network. Once that old boy network needs to face up to what is happening, and they will have to do this based on the financial picture – which will be different for all of you, by the way – they will have to face it differently. When they do is when this person will no longer be employed. He, at that point will recognize the writing on the wall, as they say, and be ready to get out.

K: Okay. Thank you for that. I appreciate that.

You will see more people like him which will be unfortunate for all. The pendulum must swing in every direction before it has a chance to settle in what will be best for all. Do not be surprised if you see the type of people whose term Kris has omitted called assholes (LAUGHTER). They will be plentiful in the months to come. These people will be approaching all of you with the attitude that says they are right and correct in all that they do and you are wrong and incorrect in all that you do. It is that attitude alone that has given them that name. Yet, at the same time, it is their fear of being wrong that keeps them going in a direction that will not and cannot serve them nor anyone else. There will be many.

K: It’s good for us to recognize that this kind of vibration isn’t what we want to be around anymore.

It is good to recognize. Are you not happy that we did not label any of you with that same term.


We will say that when Sue was watching something on your television, the person’s name was Ahoe and she found it most amusing. If you are named for what you do, it makes one question what that person is involved in. (The jokers are out!) Entertainment is good. Have you figured your questions yet?

Q: Is the space that I have in my mind the one I think I’m going to have? Is that going to come about to where I’m going to be moving to?

We could say to you that the space in your mind at this point in time is blank. (Laughter) Even though we know what you are asking us, we are going to answer you a trifle differently than your question.

R: Okay.

We will say the space in your mind is still looking at things from a very material, physical level. We will ask you to let go of that. What you are doing now is a form of manipulation and not a form of deservedness and receiving because you are doing it from the perspective that says: this would be the best, based on this and this and this and this. This way of acting/thinking is very material and three dimensional. Instead, if you will open to the door to the space in your mind and say: ‘I wish to fill this particular room with this ‘feeling’ then you are opening yourself to the kind of creation that will be easier to do and at the same time, much more satisfactory when it is done. Does this make sense to you?

R: Yes.

Then this is good. So stop thinking so small. Stop thinking in limits. The very word we are saying, stop, is a limit for in doing this, we are taking away from you some of your control. We do not do it to do that. We do it to simply to make you aware that when you have to stop, it means you are in motion. We see nothing wrong with motion as long as it is in a forward direction and not in a way of chasing your tail. As the energy changes and you each become much more aware of your linear type thinking and linear type living, you will be pleased to recognize that forward is much more fun than in a circle. Does that make sense?

R: Yes.

Oh. Hesitation in that answer. It is simply the matter of understanding that when you think in a straight line, the emotions do not come in for you are too busy thinking. The underlying emotion usually of that linear thinking is limitation. We are saying when you feel with your core self, when you open to allow the emotion to enter into your core self, then the underlying emotion there comes from your core self and then all things are yours. Does that, perhaps, make more sense?

R: Yes.

Then this is good. Anything else?

R: No.

Does your posse have questions for us? (Laughter)

R: I don’t think so.

Does the soon to be grandmother have questions for us? No? Then perhaps it is time to meditate.

Find your comfortable position. We thank you for your selection of the bowls for it will give you all a chance . . . In fact, before we take you into meditation, those of you who have watched a bowl being played, the circular around and around, you have a sense of how the sound comes from the bowl. We are going to be sending you on the wave that you create by doing this. Perhaps you have played it yourself and felt the vibration in your hand. In fact, both hands – one from the stick you use to play, and one from the bowl that you are resting. When you think of this vibration, that is what we speak of now.

We will be referring to vibration and wave often in this meditation so we will ask each of you to find an image that works for you although we will give you some as we speak.


So find your comfortable position, please. Take in a deep breath, and exhale.

Breathe in, breathe in light, and when you exhale, exhale anything that stops you. Establish your ability to breathe in and breathe out in a comfortable manner.

Imagine now, in front of you, light, diamond shaped light. You can feel the tug of this light in your heart center. With your next breath in, breathe in through your heart center the light, this diamond light in the center in front of you. And when you breathe out, breathe out this light through your crown. And when you breathe in this light again through your heart center, the next time breathe out through your feet. And the third time breathing in this light through your heart center breathe out through the back of your heart center. Feel yourself opening to this light. For a moment now, for a moment, see yourself more as a pipe where you body is the outside and your inside is more or less not there. Energy flows through this pipe from your crown to your feet, from your feet to your crown. Energy flows from this light into your heart, into the pipe, and then flows in both heart and feet and crown direction.

You can establish the flow of energy depending upon your desires. If you desire your connectedness, if you desire your understanding with All That Is, breathe in through your crown. If you desire your connectedness, if you wish to understand your dimensionality, breathe up through your feet. If you wish to establish your feeling, if you wish to open to how you feel in your core self, breathe in through your heart.

You have power. You have abilities and capabilities. The flow of energy assists, enhances, enlarges, those abilities and capabilities.

The fact that you breathe from crown or feet or heart establishes your flexibilities. In this breathing, it attaches you to all about you, so all is One and One is All. So in your breathing now, in your breathing in and breathing out, establish a visual image of what this looks like. The image you establish is about breath, which is joy, which is community.

Once you establish that image, we ask you now to listen to the toning of the bowls on your player. Imagine how that sound vibration looks as a wave traveling through the air, traveling through your physicality, traveling through walls. Nothing stops this wave.

Now within you, concentrate your energy to your heart center. Hear your tone. You have a sound. You have a tone that is individual to who you are. Listen. As your tone establishes itself, you send your energy out into the universe. You see the wave of your tone moving throughout the universe, moving through what you consider things that are solid, having substance even though it is not truly seen. Your consciousness rides upon this wave of sound from your heart. Like someone who is floating on the waves of your ocean, your consciousness floats on the sound from your heart, the wave that you are sending out. And as you send this wave out, and as your conscious self floats on this wave, you establish the intention of travel, travel from one dimension to another with purpose. And your purpose is at this point in time information.

Your wave has traveled into the universe, through the universe, into other dimensionalities besides your three dimensional world. Nothing stops your tone or your consciousness, nothing can, nothing will except your intention. We ask that your intention be information and to start the information is about an emotional response. Send your consciousness on the wave from your heart center. Send your consciousness out to discover the feeling of contentment, satisfaction in all things. This emotion calms you, soothes you.

When you feel yourself gathering this emotion from other areas, other dimensionalities, other pieces of your biologies, you ride the wave of sound back into your heart cavity, your heart core, your central self. It expands within your physicality. It fills your physicality. It connects you to all things, physicality to universe to planet to core self. Breathe into your heart center and reinforce this feeling of contentment, of satisfaction, of calmness.

You all have the ability to travel on the wave of sound or light whenever you so choose. For now, gather your energy back into your physicality and as you gather this energy, allow the feeling you brought back from the other dimensions to remain. Your feeling of satisfaction, your feeling of calm.

When you find your voice altering, when you find yourself saying a phrase or statement that is out of your usual, you will know you are calling on this energy from the other dimensionality. Your biology will respond in kind to the intention and request. When you use this ability, make sure that you are focused on what you choose to bring back. Allow yourself to recognize your deservedness in receiving all good things.

Feel yourself now coming back into your physicality. Feel yourself now through your breathing, bringing yourself back to your physicality.

Your sensitivity within your three dimensional world is increasing. Not in a way that is uncomfortable, rather in a way that makes you aware, aware of the change of pattern in air in fire in water in earth, aware of the change of pattern in others. Aware of the change of pattern within your physicality and within your physical world. Your awareness allows you understanding. You need only check into your core self for answers.

If you need, if you choose to desire, if you choose to allow, if you recognize your deservedness, you may send out at any time, your tone, your light, into other dimensionalities to bring back your true desire. Fill yourself with this knowledge. Open the channels that run through you to receive the energy of the universe, to receive the energy of the earth, to receive the energy of the diamond light. And see how you shine.

Concentrating your energy again on your heart centers, within your physicality, your heart cavity, allow yourself now, within your heart cavity, to see that there is more than one dimension, more than one place for your heart to beat. There is heart upon heart upon heart. You are all these things in all these places in all these times.

Take a moment now and send energy down into your planet, an embrace, a thank you, an acceptance of being one with the planet. Send energy now out into the universe with the concept of being One with the universe and embrace the acceptance of being One with the One. While the energy feeds you through your feet and through your crown, allow your heart to open and send energy to self filling self with knowing, filling self with loving, filling self with acceptance as is.

You are being granted a gift. Open now your heart center and allow the gift to be presented to you on every level in every layer. Hold this gift to you. Hold this gift within you. Hold this knowledge, this understanding, this feeling in this moment and know it is now and forever.

Bring your conscious intention now back into your body. Make yourself aware again of where you sit and where you are and what you do. There is no need to disconnect the energy that you are using by breathing, and all you need do to return is breathe. Once you are back in your body, back in your chair, back in this time and this place, we will again come and speak with you. Bring yourself now back.


We did not mean for you to fall asleep. Now might be a good time for that candy bag to bring you all back to this here and now.

Has everyone returned? How does everyone feel? Did you understand the concept of riding the energy through, to, and back again? Now we will ask you in understanding this concept, to give yourself permission to use it, to know what your intention is from the beginning, from an emotional level, then to bring it back and allow it to fill you as it has filled you before. This can be love and contentment, understanding and security. It can be any emotion you wish to return.

We will caution you to not go out with this when you are angry for you do not need to bring more of that back to you. We will caution you to not go out with the universe to bring back something that you feel is not a positive emotion. It will be up to you what is negative and what is positive. It is not our choice. The power is yours. The energy is yours to use as you so choose whenever you so choose. Does this all make sense? Do you intend to use it?

R: Yes.

Then this is very good. What questions do you have of us this evening?

Q: I wanted to ask about my daughter. She often doesn’t feel very well and I just wondered what was going on.

She is in place where energy is moving and she is resisting. As is very typical of children her age on this planet, there is a need to prove themselves ‘different’ and at the same time to prove themselves the ‘same as’. She continues to be in conflict between who she is and who she chooses to be for she does not know. Each time she has this dilemma of ‘who’, there is something that comes in to block the flow of energy within her. It is not easy for you to communicate because you are very different than she. Your communication comes out like the Charlie Brown cartoons.

(Someone in the room makes the "wha, wha," noises and there’s laughter)

That is correct. Because of that, she does not hear anything you have to say. You would be best in introducing her to someone else and seeing if she can find an understanding or attachment with that other person. Allow them to help advise with your permission and understanding what it is you are wishing she understand. That will work much better than what you are now doing. Her lack of physical strength and health at this point in time is also a piece of her need to understand self better, but she does not know how to go about it. This helps her remove herself from what she considers her obligation to act or be a certain way. Does this all make sense to you?

R: Complete sense, yes.

Then we will say to you to step away since she cannot hear you, anyway, and ask for assistance through another. This is a perfect place to test the wave we have given you. If you will send out the request for contentment in motherhood on your wave, and bring it back to you, you will be given information on the best way to handle this. Does that assist?

R: It does, thank you.

Then this is good. Is there more?

Q: Who was my visitor?

Which time and in which place?

R: During the meditation, somebody came and took my hand and said "come on, let’s go". Was that his purpose, or was there more to it? That’s the one I meant.

We would say to you that that is the piece that you need to understand, that your – Sue would say stubbornness, we will say power – need not be confined to just what must be done but can also be utilized in what can be done. Do you understand? It is playfulness versus just working. It is ‘just because’ instead of ‘with purpose’. Do we make sense?

R: Not really. Was he there to say "why not?"

He was there to make you aware of your own abilities and capabilities.

R: I felt like his . . . There was a time when I did a meditation and Jesus showed up as the Wal-Mart greeter,

We do remember

R: He was very much like that. His energy felt like that to me.

Are you saying, did you have a Wal-Mart greeter? The answer is no. (laughter) Are you saying that perhaps was this Christ who came to greet you? The answer to that is also no. We will say to you however, that the energy that is always there to greet you is about guidance, understanding and also playfulness.

R: Okay. I got it. Thank you.

This is good but we do not believe you quite got it. We will see. (Laughter)

R: I’ll try to talk to him later on.

That would be good. Is there more?

Q: The physical pains that I have been having, are they physical? (Laughter)

It is a difficult concept to explain to people that it is an energetic issue that is manifesting in a physical way. It is not a physical problem, but rather that energetic piece. We will say to you when they are there, it is also about your resistance. If you will breathe, as we have instructed either through crown or feet or heart when this is happening, you will find this will not last. Does that assist?

R: Yes.

Then this is also good. (Prolonged silence)

We are going to soon start humming to the bowls (laughter).

Q: I realize I just moved the shop to this location and have barely settled in, but I keep getting told, and having thoughts that there is expansion already in the works. I was curious about that.

What we will say to you, is the issue you have been experiencing of electronic shifts in your money, is there to instruct you about your fears, of just when you think that everything is going the way you like it to go, you have an expectation that something will happen to change it. We will say to you that the expansion that you feel in the works is the energy that is coming in to assist you, that will eventually help you physically expand as well. Just as explaining to "J", the energetic issue that manifests in a physical way isn’t necessarily physical to begin with.

You will have more space in very many ways. You will have more people coming for assistance with what you have to offer in very many ways. But you first must, should you choose to expand in that way, find that you are already complete, and that the expansion will be not even perceived as expansion, just something as simple as when we breathe in and we change our shape. Does that make sense?

R: It does.

Then this is good.

Channel Change to Gaia/The Feminine/Mary

As you are all women here, it is going to be very necessary to understand that the nurturance that comes to you does not come from outside of you, but as women, comes from within you with such strength and force that it can, of course, care take all. But first, if it does not care take self, it does no good to anyone.

The subject of deservedness has come up this evening. The subject of giving has come up this evening. What I wish to share with all of you is your need on each and every level to start within, to go within yourself and see your own understanding of what this means. The more you fill your heart with the understanding of what you have to give, the more likely you are to be able to give without any type of judgment, without any need to curb, we will say, what is being offered, without any fear that what is being offered will be rejected or not accepted. It will not matter.

When you are filled, it means that you are fulfilled. When you are fulfilled, no matter what you give out is correct and right. Whether it is accepted or not does not matter. Whether it is taken with love or with hate does not matter. What matters is that what is within is correct and right for who each of you are. Women must learn this.

Women must understand that they cannot feel for others, that they cannot, it is NOT their role to fix or change or take care of others. Rather, it is their role to remain strong, their role to treat self, their role to understand self in such a way that they are then more than able to give whatever anyone should possibly need. You are very strong. This room shows that simply by your questions and by your energies. Yet, you take your strength as something that is not truly strong. You take your strength as if it is something that you must continually work on or act in order to be strong. That is not true. It is simply there. It has been honed already by your very existence.

It is time for each of you to tune in to this knowing, tune in to this strength, to recognize it for what it is for, and then to allow it to fill. Then you can all be fulfilled and offer afterwards. This is wonderful advise for those of you who wish to listen. It is perhaps advise that does not make sense for those of you who are afraid to accept what you have. It is not anyone’s choice but yours what you do with this power. But first you must understand that you have this power to give. Do you have questions on what I have just said?

R: Thank you for coming through to say that.

You are always most welcomed. Are there any more questions this evening before the energies that are here choose to withdraw?

Q: Is Spring ever coming?

We do believe the phrase is that "hope springs eternal". But since you have been told about the changes the planet is going through, you must recognize that the concept of having snow at this time of year is the conflict that is happening within the very place that you are living, for it is frozen water. Water is an expression of all your emotions and right now, many emotions have been frozen. Until they are understood, until they are truly open, you will have a very unusual Spring, we will say. But Spring is always there beneath the surface, waiting, and will never desert you just perhaps come at different times.