Sue Yarmey Channels The Many
Touchstone Bookstore and More – Portland, ME

March 19, 2006


We are here.  We are here to speak to all of you about things that, perhaps, you are ready to hear and things, perhaps, that you are not ready to hear.  We do not come to bring fear.  We do not come in any way to make you afraid.  We will say that some of the things we say, if you are not in the right attitude toward them, will perhaps frighten you.  They have to do with changes upon the earth.  They have to do with changes within your physical bodies (for those of you who have health issues, you will better understand, we trust, by the end.  We will also say to you they have to do with the very nature of your universe shifting, changing from what it once was into something bigger, better, newer, than what you have been used to in the past.  This is changing.


Dimensionally is the word that you have come to accept and understand.  It is also changing on a level that is beyond the dimension itself because it is the recognition that you are part of more than one dimension at a time.  It is the understanding that you exist beyond this third dimension that you call physical.  It is the change within yourself that makes you suddenly more aware of what is going on.  Many of you have already experienced this.  Many of you realize you have been seeing things that, perhaps, on your planet you say are not there.  You have been hearing things, thinking yourself crazy.  You have been feeling things that make no sense, especially within the physical body.  We are telling you these things so that you will become more comfortable with these changes and, we hope, to open yourself to them.


If you would give yourself a moment to remember the beautiful music that Deirdre played for us (referring to the harping) and recognize how it affected your heart center, you will understand it is the heart center that we work with.  It is the heart center that we are saying must be open for you to better understand what is coming for you. 


We will keep this very brief for we know there are many questions here.  What we would like to do, what we would like all of you to do for just one moment, is open your heart centers.  You can do it with a conscious intention.  Recognize that it is up to you what you will receive or not receive.  As long as it cannot hurt you, we ask you to state your intention today –  within yourself or out loud, we do not care –  to say that your intention is to receive anything that will assist you in a kind and loving way.  If you go with that intention, how can any harm come to you? 


We do not wish to harm anyone.  We will say to all of you: it is your intention to accept what we have to offer or to reject it.  It is not up to us to convince you.  It is not up to us to make you.  It is not up to us to change your belief system, but rather to hold up that mirror to you to let you see what is there and what can be there should you simply choose to turn or to take a different path or to perhaps just change your mind.  It is your mind that we are always, we will say, combating.  You have a tendency to think things to death.  We will not mention any names but you know who you are.  (Laughter at their humor!)


With this understanding, we can open to questions now.  We can take you into meditation.  We will allow this to be your choice — how you would like this particular gathering to proceed.  It is for you.  Suddenly everyone becomes quiet!


Q: How about meditation?  Is everyone okay with meditation first?


We would be happy to do that.  We have choices now in this meditation.  Deirdre, we want you to be part of this.  But if you would like to play some background while we speak, we would be honored if you chose to do that.  If, instead, you would rather we play what Sue has brought as background, and join us more fully, we would also be happy with that!  It is your choice.


Deirdre, playing: It’s my choice to play.




Then we are pleased.  If everyone will find a comfortable position, and to recognize that there is no rocket science to what we will be doing, so there is no reason to be nervous. 


Take in a deep breath, please and imagine light coming into your lungs and into your body.  With your exhale, please imagine gray and anything that may be blocking.  Again, take in a deep, deep breath.  Imagine light, beautiful, wonderful light.  Allow it to enter into your lungs and see it disperse throughout your body, shining light on all things within, making you aware.  With every exhale, we ask you to release any blockage, any gray, anything that stops you from claiming your true power. 


Allow your body now to simply relax, relax, even your breathing.  We are going to ask you, in your imagination, to send your conscious mind down to the center of Gaia, your planet.  Recognize the feeling of being held.  Allow yourself to be held.  Those of you who are fearful, release your fears with every exhale.


Now, with the next inhale of breath, with the next breath you take into your body, take in light and love and connectedness from your planet.  Exhale fear.  Know that you are part of All That Is and All That Is is part of you.  In your breathing continue to relax your physicality. 


Now we wish you to bring your consciousness up from the planet.  Draw this energy with you – the love, the embrace of the planet.  Draw it up into your feet and your legs.  Allow it now to sit at the base of your spinal column.  We ask you now to allow this to build, this connectedness with Gaia, this love.  As it builds, it now begins to go up your spinal column, clearing all those things that are blocked, in each of your chakra areas.  Releasing all those things that keep you from moving forward.


Release first your fears of your material world. . . your fears of your creativity and sexuality. . . your fears that are just beliefs that no longer hold. . . Now we ask you to spend time behind your heart center with this energy.  Allow this energy into your heart cavity.  It fills you.  It comforts you.  It clears your fears of being loved.  You continue to move now to your throat, releasing fears of speaking your truth.  Up now to your third eye, releasing fears of being wrong.  You feel this energy build, coming from the center of the planet, up to your body, up through your body.  Now we ask you to release it through the crown of your head.  Like a shower, allow it now to return back to Gaia, the planet.  As it does so, it builds again to come up.  You recognize your place here, how you complete the circuit between the universe and the planet, how you are connected to Gaia’s love, how you are actually birthed from Gaia’s womb.  You are also a part of who we are, your universe. 


Through this, through all of this, you feel yourself changing.  You embrace these changes that allow you to stand in your power.  You feel yourself shifting, releasing fear, embracing love. 


Now, you can lean back and feel us here with you.  Feel us fill the room with you.  Know that we are here for you.


Now, take in a deep, deep breath, a breath of light.  Anchor yourself in this feeling of love, in this conductivity between you and the universe and the planet.  Know that you are part of All That Is and All That Is is part of you. 


Breathe this energy.  Breathe it now into your heart cavity.  Breathe it in as you would the kiss of a mother to child.  Feel within yourself love, unconditional, always available.  We would ask that you say to yourself: I AM. 


Bring your consciousness now back to this room and your physicality, back to the chairs in which you are sitting.  Breathe into your physicality the knowledge of what you have just done.  Let the heart open to receive information that you choose.  Return.




Now you have had your meditation.  When you come back slightly more into your bodies we will say again, what are your questions?  What do you wish from us?  It is you coming here that has made us determine that something needs to be done.  Does it not?  Rather than our sitting here entertaining you, we would rather educate you.  Ask us, please, what it is you have come here to ask us.


Q: The specific reason I was pulled here – I’m not sure if it has to do with work or my personal life . .


We find it interesting that you do believe there is a difference, there.  But, we cannot answer a question if it has not been asked.


Q: Am I supposed to change my work, or add a new element to my work?


We will say to you it is not about your work, nor is it about your personal life.  We will say, instead, what it is about, is you.  We will say what it is about is the acceptance of your power.  What it is about is the understanding that you are capable of much more than you have allowed yourself to do.  You are able to incorporate more into your life than you have been allowing yourself to incorporate.  You have felt that one thing must suffer if you bring in another.  That is not true except if you wish it to be.  What we will say to you, instead, is to go into your heart center, which you have been afraid to fully go into.  Go into your heart center and ask yourself, when you are doing these things, “how does this make me feel?”.  If you are not comfortable in that feeling, we will ask you, why are you there?  You have great power.  You have great connections.  You have felt the energy that has been pushing upon you now for some six months of your time.  This energy has been pushing upon you, asking if you are ready, for you have asked for this a long time ago.  It is just a question of are you ready now to allow this energy in.  It is always your choice.  It will always be your choice.  Your fear of letting it in is not so much about failure as it is about succeeding.  Do you understand us?


R: Yes, I do.


Does that answer your question?


R: Umhmm.


Then we are happy for you.  Is there more?


R: More from me?  I’m not quite sure.


Kris: We can come back to you.


We can wait for we are always here. 


Q: I have a question about a certain person in my life that has a lot of power.. .


You cannot insist that other people have power if they choose not to have or own their power, can you? 


R: No.


Yet, you are tying this.


R: Well, I’m more curious of what my role in helping this person is at this point.


Not the easiest role for you, which is nothing!  (Laughter from the crowd)


R: Very true.


You would be better off to take a step and observe, to only respond when you are asked instead of always offering.  It is time for you to, we will say, practice what you preach.  You are very good at offering the information on how people can open their power and yet, your power still remains at, we will say, fifty percent.  So take a step away, and you might be surprised at how different things seem to you. 


R: Okay.  Within my interpersonal relationship with that person as well? 


It is especially because of the interpersonal relationship that you must take a step away.  You are still trying to make yourself fit a particular, we will say, definition.  We will say, expectation.  When you step away and can see this definition and expectation from a new light, it will change what you can do and how you can act.  Otherwise, you will not allow yourself your own power, either.  Does that all make sense?


R: Yes, it does.


Then that is good. Is there anything else?


R: No, not really. 


Then we will say who else has a question?


Q: I recently begun calling myself a psychic even though I know I’ve had this for all my life.  Is it trust of myself or the universe that has created me to wait so long to label, for lack of a better word?


Sue will tell you that we have an issue with that word trust.  By its very word, it means there is something that is not able to be trusted.  We will say that the new program, the new AA is awareness and allowing.  What finally has happened to you is your are allowing yourself to see what has always been there.  It is a choice.  It is always a choice no matter who you are.  In your allowance of seeing what is there, you are now making yourself aware of how you can then use this information versus in the past where everything had to be hindsight in order to be accepted.  Where you are at, now, is simply a recognition of who you truly are.  It has nothing to do with what it is you do, but rather has everything to do with who it is you are.  Do you understand?


R: Yes, I do.


Does this help you?


R: Yes, it does.


Then we are pleased.


Q: I’d like to ask another question.  I have a friend that is a brother, but not really a brother.  He’s had bouts of cancer.  How can I help him to recognize what he needs to recognize to not have this cancer?


We will ask you – do you believe that that is your job?


R: Yes.


To convince him that he must know something, in order for him to change his life, a life that he has chosen?


R: Yes.  It feels like I am supposed to be there to help him with this.


Who is it that says you are supposed to be there? 


R: Me.


Then who is it that can change, also?  We are saying to you to honor this person for he has chosen these particular things.  We are saying to you to honor all people who have chosen the things they have chosen.  We are not asking anyone to turn off their emotions for your emotions are quite powerful and will assist you in many things.  We are saying that there is a need to be honoring those who make choices on their own.  It does not mean you have to agree.  It does not mean you have to accept.  It does not even mean that you have to feel good about it.  It simply means that there is honor here.  The honor is to turn to that person and say “it hurts me, my heart is sad for you, but I will accept the fact that you have made these choices.  If you choose to change the choices that you have made, I am available to assist you with that.”  But it must always be the person coming to you, not you going to the person.  Not you determining, on your own for your love of them, to say, “because I love you, you must change”.  That is not how it works.  It has to be the other way.


If this person truly wishes to heal and understand and go in that direction, they will come to you.  They will ask you.  Then you are free to say “thank you, I appreciate being given this opportunity to assist you with this”.  Until that time, anything you give them will fall on deaf ears.  Do you understand?


R: I do.  I have done that but I still feel a pull for it no matter what I do.


Then the question becomes why do you put this type of pressure upon yourself?  What is it you think about yourself that insists that you must change all things around you?  What is it about yourself that you are not going within and living with first so that you can understand all power comes from self first.  All things that change have to come from within.  Everything must start with the individual if you are going to move the mountain.  If you are giving your energy to this person still believing that you must, then there is something in yourself.  You must look and see what you are avoiding.  Do we make sense to you?


R: Yes, thank you.


Is there more?


Q: Yes, I’d like to ask a question.  I started having seizures about four months ago.  They got progressively worse.  I went to a neurologist and had all sorts of test and they don’t know what’s causing it.  They just keep upping my medication and now, all of a sudden, I’m breaking out in rashes all over my body.  They don’t know what that is.  I was just wondering if you could shed any insight on what direction I should go to find out what’s wrong with me so I can make the seizures stop?


We will first say we would like you to look at yourself not as something wrong with you.  We would like you first to look at yourself and say “this is who I am and this is a part of who I am.  I now wish to change that part”.  Instead of seeing it as wrong, can you instead see it as something that is ‘Now’?   Knowing that if you stay in your now, you can change your tomorrow, that concept will change many things for you. 


We will say to you that we will not and cannot give you that medical diagnosis that you are looking for.  We are going to ask you to go back about one year in time when you started worrying about who you were, worrying about you being not enough for some reason, understanding that you had to do more or be more or take on more at that time.  Do you understand us?


R: Yes I do.


When you did that, you started affecting yourself.  You started putting into your brain ‘not enough’.  So your brain cannot do anything except say “of course I understand what that means, and now I will alter what is going on”.  So we will ask you to look at your language.  We will ask you to look at your life.  We will say to you, if you wish to understand what is happening in your now you must be in your now and not in your worry.  The more that you worry about what is going on, the more you will attract what is going on in those physical ways that you do not like.  We will say to you, find something that you can believe.  Find something that you can work on within yourself to strengthen who you are, to recognize who you are is a complete and total person regardless of what is happening to that complete and total person.  It does not make you less by what you go through.  The reason, suddenly, your skin is doing this is because your skin is saying “look at me, look at me, look at me, there is something wrong with me!”.  We are saying change your language, please.  We are saying that if you do not want people to think that there is something wrong with you, then you must also know that there is nothing wrong with you.  It is not a knowing that comes from your brain.  It is a knowing, rather, that comes from your heart.  It is a knowing that recognizes that you are part of all things.  You are connected to all things.  And, child, you are loved by what is out there that you may not even be able to understand right now.  You are wanted by the Universe.  You are embraced, always, by the love that is inherent within every breath that you take.  We will say that until you can start accepting that, you will have great difficulty. 


We will help you with your medical issue if you are willing to do the visual work.  You will find that it will assist your physical body.  We will not tell you to go to a new doctor or to change the one you have.  We will tell you that it will be important to change your attitude before you can change other things. 


The light that we work with is something that can help you heal.  When light comes in, nothing dark can overshadow, we will say, the light.  If you can imagine breathing in light and going to those areas – no matter what you think they look like or what you have been told – going to those areas that you feel are not operating to 100% and lighting the way for you.  When you exhale that light, exhale those things that are creating this issue. 


You will find that your ability to heal yourself will start happening.  You will find that you will be able to heal yourself in many ways.  This includes the skin as well as what is going on with you in what you call a neurological way.  We ask you, please to go back to the source of these thoughts and change those thoughts.   In changing them, you will change many things.  Do we make sense to you?


R: Yes.


Did we answer your question?


Q: Pretty much, yes.  I have another question if that is okay.  About a year ago, I left a husband that I had been with for 27 years and went in a new direction trying to salvage myself, basically, because of a very bad situation.  I was just wondering if I took a turn in the right direction of getting out of that?


We will say to you again, it does not have to do with what is outside of you but everything that is inside of you.  We will say that the move that you made was the best move you could make in the moment that you made it.  Even in making these moves, you have found fault with self.  You have looked at yourself and said “would have been better if I had done. . . should have done this instead of that”.  We are saying to you, please, do not go in the direction.  Do not question even the movements you have made for you have made them.  You have made them and they were good for you.  Do not question whether they are or are not for that puts doubt in your path. 


Look forward.  Look to where you wish to be and cease worrying about where you have been.  Recognize that you have come far.  Be celebratory in how far you have come.  Always, always remember the power you have to make change.  If you do not like where you are, you can, again, change it.  But do not, please, do not look at yourself and allow any outside influence, including who we are and where we come from and what we have to say to you — even our opinion does not matter when it comes to working on an internal level.  You do not need us to tell you whether you are right or wrong.  You need only our heart.  Your heart has told you you have made the right choices.  You do not need us to confirm that.  We will — should that make you happy.  Is there more?


Q: I have a question.  I feel like the story behind my book is being channeled.  I’d like to know if it is and, perhaps, identify the entity, or if it’s even myself in a higher form.


We will say that all channeling belongs to the individual because the individual is part of all things, so how can it be separate?  How can we be separate from Sue because Sue is part of who we are? How can you be separate from us because you are part of who we are?  All things are part of all things.  The concept that you are talking about – channeling this information that is coming through – we will say to you, is that not how all creativity works?  Is it not channeled from your higher self and your own creative mind and your own creative heart and your own creative soul.  Does it not come from outside yourself because there is much help around you always when you open to receive it?  When you are in a creative state, one tends to open more.  Does it truly matter who you wish to call this entity?  Does it need a name?  Does it truly matter in what you are receiving as long as you are open to receive it?  We will say to you, since it is support, all you need do when you sit down to do this is say “I am open to receive support.  I am open to information.  I am open because I know my creative process is what fulfills me.”  Rather than worrying about where it comes from, or who is telling you, or how it is, you will recognize when you start doing this that you are, indeed, part of all things and all things, indeed, are part of you. 


We know that does not quite answer your question in the way you would like it answered, but do you understand? 


R: Yes.


Kris: That’s their famous side stepping, by the way.


R: That’s alright.  It makes sense.


We are good at side stepping.  (Laughter) Is there more?


Q: I have questions.  I have questions about my son and one of them is I’m concerned whether his needs can be met in a different school than he’s in now?  There are some options that have been laid before us but they create a lot of changes for us.


We will say that it is not about looking at the needs of your son.  It is not about looking at your needs, nor is it about looking at your husband’s needs.  We will say to you it is about looking into your soul again to say “what is the best thing I can do for me and knowing that in doing that, I do the best thing for my child”. 


Your child is not in any danger, in any trouble, or in any way. . . we see this child as a star.  We are happy to say that.  We see this child as someone who will go much farther than you can even conceive at this point in time.  With the energy changes coming, this child will fit much better than you believe he fits now.  If you can remain open to your own heart, to recognize and allow this child to start showing you what is best for him, then your decisions will be much easier. 


Yes, we understand that he is a child.  We also ask you to become aware of the knowledge that this child has, the curiosity that this child has, the flexibility that this child has when you stop dictating and simply allow.  Instead of choosing something for him, why do you not ask him to choose for himself?  Yes, you can say he does not understand.  He understands much more than you give him credit for.  Go in that direction.  He will be trusting his heart.  He understands that piece.  If he can trust his heart, we hope he will teach you how to trust yours.  Do you understand us?


R: I do understand.  I have another question.  


Of course you do! (Laughter)


Q: We think he understands us more but we have trouble understanding him because we try. . . we connect through words. .


And logic


Q: And logic.  How can he tell us, “I’d like to go to a different school” if he does not know what that school is like? Or should we not worry so much versus just go with doing other things?  He’s got good enough services and whatnot, and he will blossom just the same.


Do we have time to discuss worry?  No, we do not.  What we will say to you is that it is the worry that holds you back.  It is the worry constantly (and it is constant worry) and we will ask you what do you attract when you constantly worry about something? 


We can suggest to you to look at what is working and to build upon that instead of look at what is not working and then trying to build upon that.  If you do, there will be a huge difference in the outcome.  He does communicate to you, you just do not always hear him.  There are ways of communication that are not through words.  You, as the mother, do recognize this, but there are times you allow your brain to get in the way.  You allow your logical way of thinking to get in the way.  You allow even your education and what you have been trained in to get in the way.  You think in a very linear way of “if this is happening it means this, and if it means this, then, therefore I must do that”.  We are saying to you, what would happen if you did not know the things you know?  How would you handle this differently?  What would happen if you simply approached this child and said to this child “what is it you like best at where you are” and then started building upon that.  That information will tell you the rest of the path.  Do we make sense?


R: Yes.


Can you make sense of doing this with your child?


R: Yes.


You say that with hesitation.


R: It’s hard.


We will say to you that once you open the communication in this particular way, it will be no more difficult than the way it is now, but much more understanding.  The effort will be the same, but the outcome will be much more rewarding.  Understanding that, perhaps it won’t seem so hard when you do it. 


R: Thank you.


Is there more?


Q: I have a question.  I have been to four interviews, job interviews, within the last two weeks.  I’m wondering if I will be chosen for one that will be suitable for me?


Again, we ask you to go inside yourself.  You are waiting for people to determine your worthiness.  We will ask you, instead, what are you worthy of?  What is happening with you right now is that there is one of them you are most interested in.  It is also the one that you feel will not be choosing you for you feel it is outside of yourself.  Do you understand?


R: Yes, I do.


Because of that, you will make that your truth.  You will make that happen because you are so concerned that you are not enough for this particular position.  We would ask you that if you wish any of these to come about, why not just change your intention and your attitude and your flexibility about these things.  Recognize that in hiring you, what they would gain instead of what you would gain by them saying “you would be okay enough for us”.  It is turning the tables, we will say, on the structure.  Please understand that the energy that is coming to your planet right now is changing all structure. 


It is changing structure about children with special needs.  It is changing structure about your stock market.  It is changing structure about your huge corporations.  As long as the structure says that ‘we will determine your worthiness,’ then that is what they will get away with.  The moment you determine your worthiness, the moment you put in an application for a job that says ‘you would be lucky to have me’, then suddenly you have changed the energy.  The compatible energy will then come to you. 


We will say that one of these three jobs could conceivably be yours but you must first get passed your clinging to the need of it.  As long as you are clinging to the need, it is the need you will attract and not the actuality.  Do you understand?


R: Yes I do.


If you can go there, we will say it will not be that much longer before you are doing something that will be wonderful for you.  You must first know inside your heart what that is, so that you can, again, apply with the attitude of ‘you would be lucky to have me’.  With that attitude, nothing can stand in your way.


R: Thank you.


You are welcome.  Is there more?


Q: I have a question.  In the last four years my life’s been emotionally very unstable.  I made a choice yesterday to create very positive energy.  I made a big choice to be with someone.  I was wondering if this is too soon for me?  Am I ready for this, is he ready for this?  Is it the right direction.


If all of you will listen to the answers we have been giving to people, you will see that we always go to the individual, we always go to the internal self.  We always go to your heart center and say that if you follow your heart center, then everything else will be fine.


You still are measuring yourself based on what other people think of you.  You are still determining your value – just as the person looking for a job determines her value – outside of self.  We are saying that is not how this works.


We are saying that the value must come from within.  We are saying that once it does come from within, everything else changes.  The choices you have made have to do with comfort more than your power.  The choices you have made have to do more with not being alone – that is a big fear of yours – than it has to do with your understanding that ‘this is the right way for me to go’.  We will say, regardless of how you choose or where you go in this direction, if you will always honor your feelings, no matter what comes of them, in the moment they will be the right feelings.  Does that make sense to you?


R: Yes.


Do you understand why we tell you this in the way we tell you?


R: Yes.


Then this is good.  We hear people thinking?


Q: I have another question.  I have two grown children who aren’t adjusting very well to me leaving their father after 27 years.  They’re doing all sorts of erratic things, like a vengeful thing towards me, they’re just not accepting it well at all.  Do you get the sense that eventually they’ll settle down and get over it?


What we will say to you is that they never get over something that you are not yet over.  The energy goes back and forth between mother and child.  The moment you are over it, the moment you recognize that you deserve to be treated a certain way, and there is not guilt attached, then their energy will also change toward you.  Do you understand why we say this in this way?


R: I certainly do.


Again, as we have been saying to all of you, go to your own heart centers, go to yourself as an individual and demand – for you are entitled – a certain treatment.  It is up to you to determine what that treatment is.  You are the one who determines your own worthiness.  Do not be shocked or amazed when other people treat you in a certain way when you yourself cannot accept what you are worth.


R: Bingo!


It is good you understand.


R: I do


Q: I have a question.  I am very happy to be in your presence.  Much has changed in my heart since we were last together.  I feel that I am on a waiting place to move forward and ask for any wisdom you might have to help me.


We have a very strong line to give you for your heart has always been open, but not always open to receive.  We will say to you, you must feed yourself.  You must feed yourself on all the layers that all of you need to be fed, which are your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.  You must recognize that you are worthy of receiving and being fed in the best ways possible in all of those areas.  In feeding self, you start recognizing that self is worthy to be fed.  Without doing it, you are saying that self is not worthy enough to be fed. 


We ask you to look at your life and realize what you have accomplished rather than looking at your life and realizing what you have not accomplished, or looking at what you have accomplished in only the negative way.  That is something that you are still in the habit of doing.  You are looking at how much you have created these things, and that is true.  Once you recognize you have created these things, that is great power, is it not?  So now, create new things!  Now, turn and allow yourself to create new.  First, you must determine in yourself what those things need to be to feed who you are.  So stop thinking in the terms of society, in the terms of family, in the terms of bigger than the individual, and start thinking in the terms of the individual.  That is where power will be coming.  That is where your power stems from, is yourself.  Hence, we are saying, in order for you to be doing this, you must feed all these levels so you have the strength to make the changes that will be coming for you. 


We ask that you congratulate yourself for the changes you have already made instead of beating yourself up for those changes that have not yet come to you.  You are not making those changes because there is still a part of you that seems to be caught up in the guilt area that serves absolutely no purpose upon your planet.  Yet, we see it as something huge that is always available. 


Think of it as a feeding, dear child.  Think of it as something that you can bring into yourself on all those different levels.  Think of it as worthiness, think of it as sitting down and supping to something that is extravagant.  You are worthy of that extravagance instead of measly allowing yourself a little now and then.  One feeds who you are and the other robs you of who you are.  It is always with choice.  We ask you to make your choices more wisely.  Do you understand us?


R: I do.  Thank you.


Is there more?


Q: I have a question.  The Many, when you talk, I hear Sue’s philosophies, too.  From being together over the years, because you said at the beginning we’re all sort of interconnected, do you think that Sue’s becoming you and you’re becoming her so therefore the philosophies seem like. . . (can’t hear the rest)


There is a joke here that she would not be happy if we made it. (Laughter) We will say to you that how can one thing be separate from another?  How can we be channeling through someone who does not understand what it is we wish to convey?  At the same time, how would she allow someone to come through her who would not understand what we have to convey?  It is always working in that way.  It is always something that works on all levels.  Again, everyone in this room is connected to everyone in this room.  Everyone in this room is connected to everyone on this planet.  It is a very difficult concept for the people on this planet to understand that you are also connected to the caterpillar that you think is not all that attractive, but you are.  Does that make sense to you?


Q: It doesn’t make me sound very nice, but how do I have compassion for people who seem very ignorant and not like they want to evolve.  (Lots of Laughter)


We will say to you that this is a subject that has come up many times.  It is not about your lack of compassion but rather your lack of patience.  There is a difference.  The patience that people have been feeling lately is that it is not happening soon enough.  There are many people out there that feel it is not happening slow enough for they do not like change.  Rather than asking you to have compassion toward people that you feel you cannot have compassion toward, we will say instead, avoid them.  (Great laughter) Remove yourself from the situation in which they are angering you.  Remove yourself from the situation in which you feel you would be forced to be nice to these people until you can get to the point where these people will no longer bother you.  There is a big difference in offering compassion, then being forced to put up with what they determine as ‘right’ because you are not strong enough in who you are to say “no, I will not do it that way”.  Do you understand?


R: Yes.


Then this is good.




We will say to all of you, there will be a quickening of change coming to your planet.  There will be a quickening of the shifting of energy.  The time table has been moved up, we will say, because all of you have collectively chosen to make these changes.  In making these changes, you must understand that there is a certain responsibility that comes with it.  Part of that responsibility is that some people will wish to move, and some people will not.  You cannot make those people who do not wish to move, move.  If you have no compassion for the person who will not go forward in their own development, it has nothing to do with you, so why do you need to have compassion?  You simply need to recognize that that person is traveling at a different speed than you are traveling.  You are all very famous on this planet for passing others.  You are all very famous on this planet for breaking rules in order to get past things you do not like. 


So we will say, even though there is a timetable before you (and there is something called Divine Timing), that your timing has been put on a fast forward track and things will be coming more rapidly than they did before.  The first part of this year, through about your June timetable, you will be seeing things collapsing, changing, being reduced down, so that you can rebuild in the latter part of this year.  That includes individuals as well as your planet and the structures upon your planet.  Recognize what this means to you.  If you’re going to cling to something and scream at the top of your lungs that “I will not let this go”, eventually the planet will say fine, we will pass you.  You can stay where you are but you cannot complain later.  You cannot then turn and say “why has this happened for that person and not happened for me?” 


So please, again, we say to you, open your hearts.  Allow your hearts to be your measure.  Allow your hearts to open for what is positive and good for you to come in.  Recognize that in opening your heart you connect to all other hearts.  You connect in a way that you have never allowed yourself to connect before.  In doing this, compassion is not an issue.  In doing this, what job you take is not an issue.  In doing this what choice you make is not an issue.  There is a knowingness that comes through the heart that far exceeds the knowingness that your brains insist on having.  When you do this, life will be much easier for all of you.


Since we are used to working with you, and we know that you must go kicking and screaming through every change, we will continue to speak with you and hopefully answer your questions as they arise. 


We are happy that you all chose to come together and talk with us today.  We hope that, again, we will see you, but recognize one thing – once you have been with us, we are always there.  However, we are the silent partner and will not in any way intrude unless you ask for our assistance.  If you ask for our assistance, it is very simple to invite us in.  We are happy to be there and help you.  We will leave you with that understanding and that expectation.  We hope again to see you at some other time.  Recognize that you do not need Sue as the mouthpiece for you can do this yourself.


If there is nothing more. . . .


You are all very quiet now.


Q: I’d like to know how do you, what you just said – to invite you in for yourself and not needing Sue.  How do you do that?


How about just by asking?  How do you invite someone to your home for dinner? 


Q: Who do I ask for?


Anyone you choose.  If there is a name you wish to call on, as an archangel, that is fine.  If you wish to call on our name, which is collective as The Many, that is fine.  If you wish to call on God, or Jesus, or Buddha, or Krishna, we do not care.  We are simply saying to you that the way the energy has changed, the communication between us, the energy in which we are, the part of the universe in which we inhabit, is the same as yours.  It is simply a matter of you letting us in to recognize it. 


So we will expect to be invited to dinner, soon.


If there is no more, we will now leave you.


Thank you all around.