Sue Yarmey channels The Many at The Magick Closet in Portland
February 29, 2008

We are here. We have different information to convey to all of you this evening. Different in the sense that the energetic changes coming from your Earth have shifted again. In their shifting, each of you are picking up different information whether it is conscious or unconscious does not matter. What matters is that you have become aware of something that is different happening to you and around you.

Physical Changes

Joyce, Sue can pick on you about your manifestation but that is the point of this new energy – to manifest in new and different ways. You must all be very cautious that your fears do not supersede this new energy. This energy is here for you to be using and utilizing in ways that will make you happy to have this human form that you have. Your physicalities, in their delicate nature, (Sue is laughing and says she has never been called delicate before). . . We will say, in their delicate nature, for it is a finite being you have chosen to become and be, but that is also by choice. The changes that will be coming to you in your physicalities will not be able to be diagnosed. When you are working with people, or you hear people tell you stories, or someone tells a story and then someone who lives 1,000 miles away tells the same story, you can start connecting the dots, as they say, and recognize this is about the energy changes coming to your planet and has nothing to do with your medical world or how you wish to diagnose these things.

Dede we will say to you that your mother is hmm ...crazy! (Laughter) But we will say it in a way that she will find that this has opened her to her abilities even more then she has been before. We are not counting the time she was crazy with her drugs. We are talking about the opening in her chakra levels that were blocked by some physical issues that she chose to create. We will offer to you, the information that says to her, to not allow this to block again. It will be her choice. It will revolve around fear. This is part of the physicality change we are speaking of.

All of you will have the chance to shift and move your bodies in new and different ways and allow them to be more open to the energy that is now coming from your planet with the express purpose of assisting you in your manifestation process. Those are very powerful words we have just used. Assisting you means that you need to know what it is you are choosing to manifest. If you are only in your emotional state of fear, we know what you will manifest. We know that you have already manifested. Everything you do comes from self.

This year will be about self. This year will be about each of you understanding what it means for self to be happy – not in regard to the other family members, not in regard to the community in which you have chosen to live, not in regard to your government, but rather in regard to self and only self. This is not about being selfish. You must all get that out of your brains or all you will be doing is feeling guilty at what you create.

Joyce, are you feeling guilty about your little house?

J: No.

Then this is good, is it not? Yet, will there be people who will try to make you feel guilty?

J: Yes.

Those are the people we are saying are also going to be creating but not exactly what they say they desire.

Desire and Feelings

It is about desire. That is such a good word. We do not have bodies, yet we see all of your light change when we use the word desire. It is a word that sparks your energy. It is a word that creates within each and every one of you a new kind of light that we do not always see when we speak of mundane matters. Desire will be a hot topic – we like that phrase. It will be a hot topic for you in this year of 2008, especially as things begin to come before you and you need to make the choice of picking this one or that one or the other one. It will be, of course, up to you. It is ALWAYS up to the individual. Since this is the year about self, it is the only thing that can happen.

We will also speak to you of creating in group. In fact, we will put out a request that all of you in group at various times, we do not care how often, but think about sending energy back to the Earth for she needs your assistance. She needs to be connected again in a softer way than she has been connected. If you are in a group, if at the end, as an example, even this evening, you will send your energy back to her, in a loving gesture, it will go far towards peace and understanding upon your planet. If you cannot do it, why should anyone else? It is something that each of you can be giving back whenever you should think of it. It is not something you have to do. It is something that would be nice to do.

We will tell you in these physicality changes, to expect your bodies to be unusual on occasion. Expect your body to be three different sizes in one day. Expect your body to feel wonderful and then not so wonderful. Under each and every circumstance, tune in to this body that you have and say ‘thank you for showing me what I capable of feeling’. Listen to our words. Children, we speak of ‘feelings’. It is something you do not often enough be honest about.

You are fearful of hurting someone else’s feelings. You are not capable of hurting another person’s feelings. Think on that. It is their choice to interpret what you have done as mean. If your intention is not meanness, then are you responsible for their interpretation of your words? We are not saying that you can go up and slap someone and be surprised that they take it as an insult. We are saying that if you say something that comes from your core as truth, and they choose then to see it as a mark against themselves, that is not something you have created. Rather, it is something that the other person is working with, working on, working towards. Because of that, it will be very important for all of you to have less of a filter (except perhaps for J).

We believe, J, that your filter is almost gone! We congratulate you for there is no need to have one. We might, however, speak to you of diplomacy. Diplomacy does not require a filter. It does require a style, shall we say.

We will mention to all of you, as you go through these changes, to simply recognize that you are being educated in a brand new way about feelings. You will go through more if you choose to resist how you feel. It will prolong itself if you choose to resist how you feel. It will continue in unpleasant ways, according to your definition, if you choose to resist what is happening. That’s because all of that is manifestation, is it not? It is sending out the feeling in a negative way and receiving back the negative response. Do not be shocked that this happens. It is the way things work. They will be changing.

All those things you have been thinking about, most of you have thought about in a monetary way. Although you can create in that level, and J can explain it, you can create in the monetary level, we will also say to you, it is not necessary.

D we heard that. We recognize that this is your business and as such is a support to you and family, but when we say it is not necessary to create in the monetary, it is because when you think in that way, your feelings always, always, always, surround your fear of ‘not enough’ – not enough time, not enough inventory, not enough money, not enough popularity, not enough, you can pick your word. We are saying to you to not think in a monetary way. Rather, think in a feeling way.

Sue recently did a ceremony that was most entertaining. In the entertainment, the change was that each person participated in a new way. They participated by getting in touch with a feeling that made them happy. Then, they attached that feeling to their thought pattern and in doing this, created quicker and easier than they could have if they just said words that they did not believe.

It is not belief per se. It is not that you have to believe in something that does not exist for there is no thing that does not exist! That is because if it did not exist, it would be no thing! We are saying that your science sees the invisible all the time and so do all of you. You may not see it with the two eyes in your physicalities, but you are much, much aware of what goes on around you. Usually you are too busy to notice. We are saying, with this new energy, you will have no choice. You will be seeing things, and hearing things, and feeling things, and being of aware of things that normally you would not be aware of.

Dimensional Shift

Sue refers to it as slippage when something leaves her reference point. We will simply tell you it is a dimensional shifting. You will be seeing and hearing more about the concept of dimensional shift. You will see and hear it, probably, from your scientific point of view. But if you talk to people who do this work, you will all recognize that you are doing it also. You can do it without the laboratory. You can do it without the explanation of energy and level because it simply happens through your intentions.

Please remember how strong, how powerful intention is. But also recognize that if the emotion is not in agreement, in alignment with the intention, you will be creating the emotional intention, not the mental intention. As long as you are aware of this, go out and have fun, trick your friends and prove to them how it works provided the emotion is there to support the intention. Are we making sense?

ALL: :Yes.

Do you have questions on this topic?

Q: I definitely was aware of some activity in my house a couple of days ago, in a way I have never been aware. Is it just some of the slippage you were talking about?

We wish to say to you, what do you think, but then you would complain that we did not answer you.

R: I guess I would want to know if there was some information that I could learn from that?

You already have. You have noticed it. You have acknowledged it. You did not immediately brush it aside as strange or weird.

R: No, I thought it was very interesting because it hadn’t happened before.

There will be more. Each time you open to an experience that you have not opened to before, you give that experience a chance to repeat itself, like in your scientific laboratories. That is because the feeling is there behind it. If your feeling had been fear, then you would attract it much more often to scare you. But since your feeling was curiosity, you will also attract it to please you, to find out more and more each time.

Create an intention around what has happened. Put an emotion with our intention and see what comes to you.

None of you live alone! None of you live in isolation. All of you are constantly walking with others, interacting with others. Just because you cannot see them doesn’t mean they are not there. In fact, they sometimes say those things about you. (Laughter)

Are there other questions? They do not have to be on what we have been discussing. (Long pause/quiet in the room) Perhaps we’ll nap while you think about it. (Laughter)

Q: I had a huge headache when I came here.

How do you feel now?

Q: It’s going. It’s almost gone. The more you talk about feeling, and the more I let myself feel, it gets better. There’s tears, tears in my eyes. I feel that’s my headache slipping away. Is there more there that I need to know about?

When you acknowledge that your body is having a reaction to something – it does not matter what the something is – but when you acknowledge it, it then has the opportunity to be what it is and then disperse itself. But if you continually decide to ignore it, to resist it, to fight it, then what happens is it just gets stuck and has no place else to go. We will say to you that your headache was caused by you in your worry of what you ‘should’ be doing. Do you understand?

R: Yes.

You ‘should’ on yourself quite often which means you have headaches quite often. We will say to you, if you wish to not ‘should’ on yourself and not have these headaches the thing to recognize when you are doing it, is to say ‘I am doing this because it is an old pattern. I wish now to change it to this’. And we suggest that you pick something fun. Of course, that is your choice, also for you can continue or you can change. That is the choice everyone makes every day in every moment. Does that assist you?

R: Yes.

Then this is good. Something more?

We would like to do a meditation with you this evening if you are all willing. Are there questions before we do our meditation since we will be accused afterwards if we do not ask now?

R: I don’t think there are any questions right now.

Then we will say to you to find a comfortable position and we will be working with you this evening on connecting you to not the heart of the planet, but rather the spirit of the planet. She is in her body and out of her body just as you can all be. Lately, she has chosen to be out of her body. Although you will remain connected to this planet in your physicality, we will give you the opportunity to do some flying (we will call it) with the spirit of Gaia. In doing this, we will connect you to the understanding of what is happening around you so that when you are outside, you are that much more sensitive to the elements and how things are happening. So find your comfortable position and take in a deep breath and relax.


Breathe in. Breathe into your body, light. When you exhale, exhale blocks, grey, resistance. As you establish a pattern of breathing in and breathing out, feel the light coming in between the molecules in you body. Feel the light separating you into more and more pieces of self. Feel yourself expanding out. Out into the universe, expanding self out, floating, being part of All That Is. Within this sensation of floating, within this feeling of the vibrational shift of self, as if you are drifting on air or water, feel yourself slowly moving, moving the molecules of your body. Feel yourself now connecting with other molecules moving at the same vibration and pace. And as you open to this rhythm, this vibration, this wave, you become aware of other energy around you, yet it is you.

While in this state, this state of moving and flowing and going with the vibrational energy of light and sound and color, as you feel yourself moving with other energies, and feel yourself moving with other energies, and allow yourself to move with other energies, there now is before you a spark of light. A flame, a color, a difference and from this light you feel love. It comes to you in a wave. It envelopes, it surrounds, it holds you, it comforts.

Allow yourself to be held. Allow yourself to be loved. Allow yourself to enter into an agreement with this energy, an agreement of connectedness in safety, in passion and compassion, in understanding the heart, the love, the holding. And as you come to your agreement, feel yourself now attracted and connecting to this spark, this light, this flame. Join it. Join it in travel, in movement, in song, in sight. Join it and know that you are connecting with the spirit of Gaia.

In her spirit, and with her spirit, flowing along, you look first at the animal kingdom. You see what she sees. You feel what she feels. You open to receive what she receives. There is a sense and understanding of what is happening to the animals. Within your heart, you understand this – the agreements, the contracts. After working with the animals, after seeing the commitments and contracts of the animals, you follow her spirit now down into the mineral.

Contacting the minerals of the planet, the mineral kingdom, you see what she sees, you feel what she feels. You open to understand the contract and commitments. You allow the knowledge to enter.

With the animals and the minerals, there is love. The overriding feeling, emotion, understanding, acceptance, is always love. Allow yourself to recognize this as you move to check out the insect kingdom, the area that is changing the most in this moment. You see what she sees. You feel what she feels. You understand what she understands. From those things that crawl and fly, you move now to birds.

Move to the birds that take flight, as she can in her spirit self. You see what she sees. You feel what she feels. You understand what she understands. You see now the commitment and understanding with birds and insects with self, with Gaia, with the planet in totality. You become aware of changes that are coming and accept, through your heart, that it is choice that is bringing the changes.

Now you must look at water and those things that live within water. You see what she feels. You feel what she sees. You flow with the sea and the ocean and the rivers. You flow with the life that lives within the waters. You open to receive information. You open to allow yourself the knowledge for here you can find information, here is where the records are kept.

Open. Open to receive what you so choose to receive from the animals, the insects, the birds, the minerals, and the water kingdoms. While you recognize the seriousness, the responsibility of kingdom after kingdom after kingdom, she now in her spirit invites you to play, to play with the sprites and spirits, the fairies and brownies and all the mythological creatures you have heard of for in energy, they exist. They are here for pleasure, amusement, and fun. Lighten your load as she lightens hers, and play.

Bring your attention now, bring your attention to your physicality and your heart cavity. Within your heart cavity is a twin flame – yours and Gaia’s spirit. You see how they entwine each other. You see how they respond and react to each other. You feel and see and hear and taste and smell what you so choose to understand. Allow the flame to root itself in your chest cavity. Allow yourself to be connected heart to heart, to Gaia’s spirit.

See yourself now as light, as a column of light. The light starts at the center of the physical planet and travels upward into your physicality. As it travels, it energizes the twin flames of your heart cavity. As this is manipulated, as this is charged, as this is changed, it increases energy so it can move upward, upward and out through your crown going to the universe connecting with All That Is. In this connection, you feel yourself elongated. You feel yourself as the being of light that you are.

Breathe along this energy path of planet to universe. Breathe along this energy path of universe to planet. Then, send your energy through your heart cavity, out the front, connecting to all things and returning to you through the back.

You are a part of All That Is. You are part of Gaia’s spirit. You are part of the universal energy. You are never alone., You can be comforted whenever you so choose. Feel yourself now, feel yourself in your physicality. Allow yourself to feel the energy of love without condition. Open to Gaia’s love for you, her children. Release what has been holding you back from your own path. Release your fears.

Concentrate now your energy. Concentrate now your energy back into your physical body. Listen to the tones that are playing in the music behind our voice. Feel how you vibrate to the tone. Feel the tone come over, around and through you. Know that you have increased your sensitivities to what is around you. All you need do is ask. Ask when you want answers. Ask when you want assistance. Do not worry about how you phrase the questions for your intention will be known through your feeling.

You have been gifted with more energy. There is light now coming to the center of your circle. You may see or feel this light. It is here as a gift to each of you. It is a gift from Gaia. It is a connecting spirit to your planet. Open your third eye and receive the information she offers. Feel the warmth of her energy coming to your body. Feel the strength of her energy coming to your body. Feel the passion of her energy coming to your body.

Bring your attention now back, back to this time, this place, this now. When you have all returned to your body, we will join you.


Have you all returned? And how do you feel? Sue brings chocolate for the spaciness. We bring congratulations for the openness. Do you have questions on what we have done?

R: Why do I feel like a weigh a million pounds right now?

Perhaps you need to feel her (Gaia) differently than as a big blob and recognize that as big as she is in her physicality, she is as light on her feet as a fairy. See yourself the same! Does that assist you?

R: Yes.

Then this is good. We do not want you feeling like you weigh a million pounds. Is there anything else?

Q: Who was the boy in the big hat?

A part of self. Does that assist you?

R: Yes, thank you.

Anything else?

Q: Who is the Indian guy that Sue spoke of earlier?

We will say to you that when it is Benjamin’s time to come through he will indeed come through. It is not just yet.

R: Okay. Can we tell her why he’s here? Or he’ll tell her when he comes through?

We like that you ask and answer the question.

R: You trained me well.

We are pleased. Is there anything else?

Q: I’m having some issues with my daughter, I was just wondering if she’s going to be okay...

Since you cannot throw her out. We will say to you that one of the things going on within her at the moment is a lack of sense of self – even though you have instilled a sense of self within her. She is seeking differently then you would seek. Do you understand what we say it that way?

R: Yes.

In her seeking, she has chosen to go as most will, towards avenues that do not make sense to someone who has been through it before. The avenues she has chosen do not necessarily please you. What you can do in the interim, is nothing but question – not judge, not argue, but ask. In asking you will have a different response once she recognizes that you really do want an answer. We will say that there is nothing here of danger. We will say that there is no issue here that cannot be talked through. We will also say to you that there is a stubborn streak in her that is much tougher than the one in you. With that streak, what she does is push and push and push until you push back. Pushing back sooner rather than later will make your journey easier. Do you understand?

R: Yes, thank you.

You are most welcome. Nothing else? (Long pause)

Then we would like to say to all of you, as you enter into the next quarter of your year, you will be seeing things very differently than the way you have before. Things will start happening much more quickly then they have before. We will say to you to stay out of your minds that say – wait! We just realized that we asked you to be ‘out of your minds’! (Laughter) We like that!

So, stay out of your minds for that is the best place for all of you to be. In being out of your minds, you will have opportunities made available to you through your feeling centers. When these opportunities are made available to you, if you will respond in honest ways – I like this, I do not like this; I wish to do this, I do not wish to do that – just honesty. We are not suggesting you get into judgment. If you will respond in your honest ways, you will find how quickly you will be manifesting all those things you have said for so long that you truly desire. That brings us to mention to you to make sure that your desires are what you say they are. If you are going to say one thing and feel another do not be surprised that you get what you are feeling and not necessarily what you are saying.

As this quarter comes in (2nd quarter ‘08) we will ask you to stay out of your mind and not say ‘I have so much to do I do not know how I will get it all done.’ ‘I am so busy’, ‘I do not understand’. ‘I need more hours in the day’. We have pointed out in the past that you make up hours. They are not real. And since they are not real (hours) make more! (Laughter) For it is illusion, is it not? You can have 48 hour days if you choose it to be so. All we are saying is do not start on one path and then stop yourself at the roadblock of your mind that insists it’s not possible. Rather, look at this next quarter with the abilities that you all have to create anything you so choose. It will be a most powerful time, but you must pay attention. If something is happening and you do not like it, pay attention. You can turn it into something you do like. Does this all make sense?

All: Yes.

Is there anything else before we leave you this evening?

Q: I want hints on how to stay out of my mind.

We are working on finding someone who can speak your language. Please wait one moment.

(New Channel) You are thinking process is simply that – a process. So use your process, child, to not think. The way you can do that, is the moment you have your thought, ask yourself if it is a ‘correct’ thought. Do you understand?

R: Yes.

So in that way, you will be thinking, thinking, thinking, but perhaps we can finally get you on a different path. A path that will say – I thought ‘this’, but that is not truly what I am after. Look at it until you find what you are truly interested in and then attach your emotion to it. Say: Now that I have found it, is this not fun? Is this not exciting? Is this not something I truly wish to do? In doing it that way, you use one (thinking/in your mind) to find the other (how you feel). Does that all make sense to you?

R: Yes.

Can you do that?

R: Yes.

Then we think this is wonderful. We will also say to you that you get caught up much too often in the outside information and not often enough in the inside knowing. You have a great intuitive sense, child, that you do not use. So instead of following what comes to you, you immediately think it to death. So we will say to you, when you get information in that comes from your intuitive – and you do know when it is intuitive – we will say that rather than thinking it to death, ask yourself, if I follow this, will it hurt me? And if it does not, why not try. In doing that, you will learn to understand your intuitive better. Does that also make sense to you?

R: Yes.

Those are your hints. Do you need more?

R: No, that will do it.

Then we are happy to be of assistance.

R: Thank you.

Does anyone else have questions?

(Kris is laughing. She says – Not a question, just amused!)

We don’t know if we should say thank you but perhaps, we should. (More laughter)

K: It’s up to you.

We understand that amusement is something that changes vibration and therefore is good. So, thank you.

K: Thank you for making me laugh.


R: Is that the answer?

You know how we are, we must make you to ask the question.

Q: Is my daughter pregnant?

We will say again, you know how we are (laughter). Sometimes we don’t choose to answer the question. And you know why. When we speak of thinking, or not thinking in this case, do not put energy where you do not want energy to be. Do not allow your judgment and opinions to color what obviously is going to be what it is. Does that make sense?

R: Yes it does.

There is a phrase in Sue’s head about bending over and kissing your ass goodbye (laughter). We would say that is the feeling around this situation.

Is there any other way we can amuse you this evening? Anything else? Do you require more of any of us?

K: I don’t think so. You can do the big wrap up if you would like.

We believe the wrap up has been done.

K: Okay. Then we could say good bye, if you’d like.

Yes. Although we have said the wrap up is complete, we do wish to add, simply – although it may not seem simple – it is time to reconnect, like you did when you were a child, to those things that please you – the color, the texture, the food – without the criticism, without the condemnation that you couldn’t or shouldn’t, or it’s inappropriate or wrong. Rather, go with your pleasures whatever they may be, provided the other person is agreeable.

We will say in the circumstances, that pleasure and desire will be adding a great deal to your manifestation process. Go out and play like children. Go out and expect the feeling to stay with you. Go out and visit the fairies. Go out and connect with the sprites. Go out and recognize that when the wind pulls your hair, perhaps there is something more in the wind than just wind. In doing all of this, you will find yourself happier in all ways and manifesting things that you have dreamed of, but perhaps not consciously. You do not need your mind to understand your heart. Does this make sense to you all?

All: Yes.

Then this is good. If there are no further questions, then we will leave you for now.

Thank you all around

You are most welcome.

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