Sue Yarmey Channels The Many
Touchstone Bookstore and More – Portland, ME

February 19, 2006


We are here.  We thank you all for daring to come in and hear words that perhaps you will not like hearing.  We are pleased that we have the ... we will say variety in this group. You may not know it, but we kind of nudged some of you to come here.


We will say to all of you there are great changes coming onto your planet.  There is energy coming here that has never been here before.  You have all become aware of this in different ways.  You have all become more sensitive or less sensitive – there does not seem to be a middle ground in the moment.  The last two weeks for many of you have been difficult on an emotional level for you have been cleaning house.  You have been getting rid of things that no longer serve you.  The problem is none of this energy comes with your instruction booklet.  So you do not always know what to do with this energy as it comes into you.  We will say to you —  what we hope you will hear that we say to you —  is that you are a most powerful being.  You have abilities you have not even thought of yet.  Yet, they are within you.  If you are willing, they are being turned on even as we speak to you. 


There is energy that is coming to this planet that is communicating to you information about your physical structure that relates to what is called your DNA.  We are not going to have a scientific discussion with you.  We are simply going to try to explain to you in a way that will make sense to everyone is that your DNA is not what it appears to be.  You can read several of your books to understand this information.  You can get this through various authors.  What we will say to you, the best advise you have (we have to give you) is to listen to your body, to feel your body as it changes.  Recognize that when you resist these changes, what you are doing simply is blocking energy.  In blocking energy, what you are creating is disharmony within your body which often translates into disease. 


You are seeing on your planet, Gaia, erupting in many places, shaking in other places, changing your weather system in other places.  There is purpose behind this.  We can tell you some of the purpose, but much of this purpose is still left up to you.  You all have the strength, the ability, the capability to change the very planet on which you live.  Think about how powerful that is.  Think about what that means to you as an individual to know that you can actually work the weather.  You can actually change the ground upon which you walk.  You can change it simply by loving it, simply by recognizing that you are a part of this planet, a microcosm on the macrocosm.  Recognize what this means.  Recognize the power that runs within you and through you and around you because of this. 


We want to open this time for questions.  There are many questions in this room and a great deal of doubt in this room about your ability to accomplish things.  We hope that we can help you dispel this doubt.  Before doing this, we would ask you to join us in a meditation if you are willing.  The meditation we have taught to many, is simple.  We will tell you what it is so that there is not resistance in you when we work with you.  This is a meditation where we will bring energy up from the very core of your planet, the core of your mother, Gaia.  This energy will come up and we will ask you to bring it into your feet and up your legs and up your spinal column and finally have it burst out of your crown and shower around you back to the planet so you can do it one more time.  With this information and with this meditation, what happens is you recognize that you complete a circuit that you did not even realize you needed to do, both for you and the sake of the planet, itself. 


We will say to you also, that when we do this meditation with you, one of the things that it will help you do and help you understand is that it will get rid of the blocks that have been keeping you from understanding how you feel.  Think about that for a moment.  The blocks that you keep with you are like glue.  They stick to you.  Because you do not clear them on a regular basis, they get thicker each day.  We say to you we wish you to understand that doing this on your own or with us — it does not matter.  It is a chance for you to release these blocks that have been holding you back.


Do all of you recognize your own power enough that you will join us in this mediation?  For those who choose not to, you need only make a simple intent within your mind and we will simply leave your energy alone.  Are you all willing?


(Mumbled yes)


Do you have any questions about what we are going to do before we do this meditation?  Please understand that we wish to do the meditation first not because we wish to have you not aware of what you are thinking.  Rather, we wish to have you in a more – we do not like the word appropriate but that is the only word we can find – a more appropriate alignment of your energized self.  You are not just this physical body.  Your body exists in other dimensions as well,  not as a physical body, but as your energy.  When we work with you, we do not work with just the 3D body.  We work with the various layers.  We understand that when we work with you energetically, there is an instinct within you that understands where we are in any given moment.  It is always as we said, with your permission.  You always have the choice to tell us no.  You always have the strength to say you are not interested.  We will wait until you are. 


We would like to begin this.  The way we begin this is to ask you all to get comfortable, to find a comfortable position as best you can in the chairs that you are sitting.  The music that is playing will be appropriate.


Kris: Can everybody hear that?  (She moves CD player)


We like to use sound for we realize that sound will go into you at other levels so our message will carry multi-dimensionally on those waves of sound.


Find your comfortable positions please.  Allow yourself to get as comfortable as you can in the position that you are in.  Please, please just relax and do not be afraid.  If you, in any way, are uncomfortable with our energy, again you simply say no.




Take in a deep, deep breath.  Exhale.  Take in a deep breath of light, bright, beautiful incredible light. And on your exhale, exhale gray – anything and everything that blocks you. 


We will be working with light.  We will be functioning with you on light waves, sound waves, and the waves of what you hear and see in your mind’s eye.  You must relax, relax.  Allow your body to just relax. 

Slow and even your breathing.  Now, again, take in a breath of light – bright, beautiful light.  When you exhale, exhale any gray or blocks to your beautiful being. 


We ask now that you imagine the Earth as you mother, as Gaia.  At the center of this Earth is the heartbeat of the mother.  You can feel the heartbeat.  It beats with yours.  You can feel the warmth.  It aligns with yours.  You draw this energy up, draw this energy from the heart of the mother up, up into the bottom of your feet.  Feel the warmth of your connectedness to your planet.  Draw that warmth up your feet and your ankles and your calves and your thighs.  Feel this incredible energy enter your body.  As it gathers now in your thighs and travels upward it sits at the base of your spine gathering, gathering strength and warmth and love.  Now you are going to travel that energy up your spine.  Travel that energy up behind your fist chakra and your second chakra and in your mind’s eye see the red and the orange become one.  Smooth it out and move it up to your third chakra.  Your solar plexus of yellow now meets and merges with the red and the orange. 


All of your exhales are the release of blocks.  All of your inhales are the light that smooths your energy.  Move it now higher to the heart and the heart center and your chest cavity.  The green that is here, the green that shines bright is connected to All Things and All Things are connected to you.  You feel this alignment from root to heart.  Continue to breathe.


Move your energy now to your throat removing blocks and bringing in light.  Here is a place many of you are blocked.  To speak your truth is nothing to hide from.  Feel your connectedness from the center heart of the planet all the way up now to your throat.  Feel how you smooth this energy. 


Allow it to continue now up to your third eye, removing anything that keeps you from seeing.  And now it moves into your crown and, again, allow it to gather.  Moving from the heart of the mother up to your heart.  Moving from your heart up to your head.  When you are ready, allow it to be released out, out into the universe as a shower of energy to come down around you and go back to the planet. 


Now, as the planet feeds you, you feed the planet.  Feel yourself in this circuit between earth and universe.  Recognize that you complete things.  See that you are more than your physical self.  Again, bring this energy up through your feet at least one more time.


We now gather behind you.  We gather to connect with you on a heart to heart level for you are part of us and we are part of you.  Our collective goal is to be one with the One.  As you breathe, we breathe.  As you feel, we feel.  The reverse is true.  Our energy now fills the room in which you are residing.  You can choose to connect or not.  With each breath you now take in our presence, you will take in light.  This light will help you shine, shine into your physicality, to release any blocks in your physical self, in your mental self, in your emotional self.  When you travel with us, you are always solid within your spiritual self.  Be cautious children of your intentions.


Now feel yourself coming back into you physical body.  More aware, more together and yet, more enlightened.  Mover your physical forms.  Know that you are here in this room at this time.  You are here to accomplish what you came to accomplish.  Remember always to breathe light.  When you all come back, we will again speak with you.  Come back now. 



We will say that many of you had an “ah-ha” moment.  It was fun, was it not, to work with your energy in a way that allows you to feel the fullness of yourself, allows you to understand your connectedness to all things, allows you to see where you power is, which is everywhere.  It is not the power over others but simply the understanding of the power within self.  We are happy to share this knowledge with you.


We will now open to any or all of your questions as we can take them.  Do not be shy.  We don’t pick on you except sometimes.


Q: Do I have any spirit guides or anyone who is working with me when I help the animals, to communicate with them?  (This question may not be accurate since there was coughing that made the whole question difficult to hear)


That is like asking the question if there is air when you breathe.  There is always guidance around you.  There is always a great deal of guidance around you.  The thing you must remember is that asking will make it stronger.  Sometimes you expect it to just be there.  Indeed, child, it is.  But what you must remember is that we work much better when you say ‘will you please assist us here’ than when we just want to jump in and help you when you are resisting that help because you think you can do it all alone.  You know what, you can.  It is just easier with our assistance. 


To know who your guides are simply ask.  Or name them.  You can call them anything you wish.  They do not care about names.  They only care that you have comfort with them.  We have used the term “The Many” for there are many of us here.  But if you need to have specific names, if you need to have names that make you feel comfortable, if you need to design them in the great names of your archangels, or in the simple names of family members – it is up to you to determine – but your intent, the higher it is, the more in tune you are with your own energy, the higher also will your energy go to reach, to reach those masters who wish to work with you when you ask for their assistance.  Does that all make sense to you?


A: Yes, it does, thank you.


Then this is good.

We know that you are not shy.  Yet, many of you have questions that you are afraid to vocalize.  We will wait.


Q: I have an imbalance in a sense that my higher spirit has been pulling me very, very strongly now, to head up to Wyoming and out west.  I have been out to Sedona quite a bit.  But I have emotional ties here in Maine that are still connected to me.  It’s causing a lot of dissonance and a lot of pain within me trying to find that balance and alignment within myself in the movement of what spirit wants.


We would like to say to you that the emotional ties you speak of, if they are truly just emotional, no distance will change them.  If they are based on what many of you do upon this planet, based on fear or guilt or obligation or responsibility, they become more than just emotional ties.  They become ties which literally do tie you, do they not?  What we would say to you is there is not imbalance.  There is simply a fear that what you would do would harm another.  We would ask you instead to look at what you are doing.  Ask yourself how, indeed, this would harm anyone by making the choice that you are drawn to and why your happiness and your need should be put second to other people’s happiness or need.  What is it they have that is greater than what you have?  We would tell you nothing!  We would tell you that if you do not look at yourself, you cannot give what you do not have.  We will tell you that if you do not look within yourself, you cannot give what you do not have.


If, ever, any of you are up against what you call an imbalance between spirit and your physicalities, we will say to you that you must look at your premise for there is something wrong.  Spirit will never be out of balance with you unless you push it away, unless you say you do not want it.  If you wish to be in alignment just here, in your 3D world, you can say to your spirit ‘not now’.  Spirit will not pull you in two directions.  If you truly wish to be aligned with your spirit, you can turn to spirit and say ‘assist me in this alignment to understand what it is I fear’.  Then, spirit will assist you.


Does this all make sense to you?  Ah.  You wish us to make a choice for you and we cannot do that. 




How can be better explain so that you will better understand? 


A: Don’t know.


Here is what we will offer you as a chance for you to look within your own soul and find your own answers.


A: I’ve been working on this for about a year now.


You have been, you will use the word working on, we will say the word “angst - ing (referring to being anxious) over.  We will say that this has been a constant in your mind about what would be wrong with what you are doing and not what would be right with what you are doing.  What you would be losing, versus what you would be gaining.  What would not be correct versus what would be correct.  All of your energy for the past year has been spent on what would be wrong.  We are saying to you because that is where you are, that is what you have been attracting. 


When you can finally turn and look in the direction and say ‘This is the direction I wish to go; this is the place that is best for me — which means going to my core self’.  All of you need to understand this.  All of you need to understand what your core self is.  All of you need to go to that center piece, to that piece within you and ask that core self what is it that is best for me – not based on the societal rules or the family rules or the governmental rules or any rule that has been offered.  We are not advocating that you go out and break all laws for that would not be true to your core self.  We are advocating that you go into your core self and ask ‘what would make me happy, what is it that would make me feel fulfilled and complete, what is it I wish to do for myself?’.  We are advocating that you do that first, with just self, before bringing any other person or energy into it.  We are not saying that is it wrong to desert.  We are saying it is wrong to desert, or what you would call desertion, without understanding that you will be able to give more in the leaving than you would give in the staying.


A: I understand.


And yet you still question your path, do you not?  Think about the gain and perhaps, then, you will understand.  You must also recognize that you are a creature of feeling.  Because you feel, you also think.  Make lists.  You are good at this.  You do not follow them, but you are good at making them.  We will say to you make your lists.  Make the list that says these are all the reasons I would go.  Start concentrating on what that means and see if we do not assist you, and if spirit does not assist you, in bringing in greater alignment by offering opportunities that you have not thought of.  Right now you are limiting your opportunities by saying I cannot do that unless I do this.  We are saying when you do that, it is absolutely true for you are very powerful. 


Does this help you?


A: Yes it does.


Then this is good.


Are there others?


Q: Who are the people who I draw?


Do you wish to know them as a clan or do you wish to know them as individuals?  Do you wish to see them as something beyond yourself or do you wish to see them as something that is within and without self?  Do you care that naming them, perhaps, on this level, in this dimension, would take from them the power that they give you when you see them?  Do you understand what we mean when we say these things? 


A: A little.


What we will say to you is you have created something that was already created.  You can choose to name or change because, again, names do not matter, but energy has a great deal of influence.  We will ask you, as you work with what it is you work with, to look beyond what it is you are doing and look into the energy that you use when you are doing it.  That is your true message    not the physical thing that you manifest – but rather the energy that you use while you are manifesting that physical thing.  Once you understand that energy, you will also understand what it means to manifest other things that seem to be blocking your path.  Do you understand that?


A:   Yes.


We will say to you when you work with one, why would it be different than with another?  If you can see this as we are asking you to see this, you will also recognize how easy it will be for you to get the goal that you have been working on for three years that you have chosen to ignore for now.  Do we make sense to you?


A: Yeah.


Do you have any other question?


A: Yes.  It’s going to take me a minute to be able to verbalize it, though.


Kris: We can come back to you.


We like doing this to people. (Laughter all around)


Q: Last year I suffered a trauma and ended up in the hospital.  I lost a whole lot of people in my life.  I lost the home that I had.  When I finally moved, I’d packed, and a lot of my precious things had been stolen.  I know that I, or I sense that I contracted for this somehow.  But is there any spiritual lesson that you have to share with me would be appreciated.


The greatest lesson that we can share with you is that nothing precious to you has been stolen.  The only thing that is truly precious to you is the energy of your core self, of who you are, of what you are.  You are precious to so many things within the universe.  You forget that because in the dimension in which you live, your value is determined by the things that you have around you.  We realize you are using the word ‘lost’ and yet we will say to you that nothing that has been lost is truly lost.  It is simply an exchange of one energy to another energy.  A lot of what has been happening within you, within your own energetic being, has been to find that internal you.  You were, more often than not, willing to sacrifice yourself for others.  We certainly got your attention be taking the others away, did we not?  We certainly have gotten your attention by saying to you “you can not longer concentrate on the things that you have always concentrated on to fix, to take care of, to make happen for someone else”.  Now you must be looking at self. 


We would like you to look at this not from the position of what has gone wrong, but rather from the position of what has gone right.  You have not looked in that mirror recently and said to yourself, am I not a wonderful being.  Yet, you will think that, but you will not feel that.  We will say to you that your head and your heart need to be in the alignment that we were talking about as we were moving the energy through your body.  If you will be honest with yourself, you will note that there was a blockage for you between those two areas.  It was very difficult for you to allow those two to marry, shall we say.  In that marriage, we will also say to you, you have great things before you.  Those great things are within, and not without.  Those great things are first to see how great you truly are.  We see it in you.  There is a piece of you that wants to believe that.  You are afraid in believing that, that you will be looked at with judgement – as if someone else can say to you “who are you to think you are great?”  And we will say to you, you are you, and therefore great.  Do you understand?


A: Yes.


Does it also make sense to you when we talk about the loss?  It will be very important for you to understand that portion.


A: Oh, yes.


Then this is good.  Is there anything else?


A: No, thank you.


Q: Do you have anything to tell me?



We have been telling you.  From the very moment that people have come into this room we have been telling all of you about your power... about what you can do with this power...about how powerful you truly are.  We do not speak of your silly commercials that speak of power with deodorant.  We speak of the fact that within each and every one of you, on a cellular level, there is so much going on and those cells themselves are changing. 


So what we would say to you is to pay attention... to always look within and pay attention.  You are very good at looking at other people and seeing how they have progressed.  You are not good at looking at self and seeing how you have progressed.  It is time for you to recognize what you have accomplished instead of feeling that there is so much more to be accomplished.  Each moment you live is true accomplishment in the movement forward.  Does that make sense?


A: Um-hum.


Do you want to ask your real question now, or is that enough?


Q: I’d like the answer to my real question.


We will say that you are still avoiding.  You are waiting for us to pluck that question from your mind and give you the answer that you are hoping to receive.  Again, we will say to you, if you will be looking at your accomplishments, that is your answer.  That is your true path, is to look at what you have done and recognize it as the wonderful things that it is.  Even in that time period before you would call yourself what you now call yourself as spiritual.  Just because we did not always do things a certain way does not mean we did not gain a great deal in the learning of that particular instance. 


All of you are lightworkers.  Whether you do it consciously or unconsciously, does not matter.  You bring light in and darkness does not come in and cancel light.  Light, rather, comes in and illuminates darkness.  When you look within yourself and see how you have turned on your lights, you will see that those other areas no longer hold power.  Does that make sense?


A: Yes.


Is there anything else?


Q: Will my trip to England be canceled?


At this point in time, it appears that that is what is going to happen.  It is partly because. . .  We will say when we look at this as a collective, we have one group saying that this is because the energy, the way it is set up right now – not from this side of the ocean but from the other side  – is making it not possible for this to happen.  If the energy on that side of the ocean shifts – you will know this within the next week – it will either be accomplished or not.  In one week’s time you will have a definitive answer to this for part of it is resting on something going on in that country and not where you are at in this moment.  Does that help you?


A: Thank you.


Kris: Can I ask you a question?  If we have the ability to change our Earth, can he work with the energy of England to, let’s say, nudge it along?


We would say that if he could do this in a more collective way, that would be absolutely true.  You change your Earth not by saying ‘become a square’.  You change your Earth by loving it. When we love, we cannot always do it the way we would like to do it.  Ask that of any mother and child, or father and child, or child.  In changing, we must recognize, it is not about the change itself, it is about the acceptance of change.  It is the heart that makes these choices.


Kris: It’s about caring versus manipulating?


That is a good way of saying it, yes.


Q: I have lost loved ones in my life.  It seems though when I find love that they pass away.  I’m wondering if there is anyone for me that I will be able to keep and to love?


We wish to give you this in the most gentle way that we can.  Because you are most critical of yourself, we are going to say to you, the one you must love and keep first is you.  We look at you and realize that you do not always love who you are and what you have done.  Your energy is always about identity being based on what you have done for someone, not who you are and what you are. 


Each of you are magnificent spiritual beings having physical experiences and you do not always know this.  We will say to you, not in answer to your question that was spoken but in answer to your feelings that were displayed, you will not be alone.  That is the issue.


A: Thank you.


In time, you will better understand what we have just told you.  It will not be much longer before you understand and know.


A: Thank you very much.


You are welcome.


Q: Could you please comment on my daughter’s recent adventure to Houston and her new job there?  Will she stay there?  I don’t think she’s very happy.


We will say to you what we say to all people when they ask of other people: It is choices being made on their part.  The best you can do is support the choices that they make whether you agree or disagree with those choices. 

She has made choices based on what she does not want instead of what she does want.  She has chosen to travel in a direction that says “I need to do this before I can do that” because she does not trust in her own abilities.  If you wish to support her abilities, by all means you may do that.  But to change the way she is perceiving herself right now is not possible.  Do you understand?


A: Oh, yes.


So we will say to you in regard to the choices she has made, allow her to live the consequences of those choices and simply support the one you love.  That will be the greater value to her than you knowing what direction she will be going in.  If you should know where she is going, you will try to detour her.  It is not your choice to create the detour.


A: Thank you.


You are welcome.


Q: I have a follow up question.  I’m the gentlemen who talked about going out West.


Kris; They know that.


We know.


Q: I understand that.  More specific to the emotional connection that I’m trying to work through, I have a son who is in now in Florida.  Right now, I don’t know how to financially —  and that’s the strain I feel — I don’t know how to financially connect to my son, who I have 3 weeks in the summer, who is the world to me, and at the same time follow my call that wants me to go out west.  I don’t know how to do the two.  That’s a little more specific.  I’m just putting it out for guidance, to try and help me with it.  On my own, I don’t know how to do this.


We say again to you that you are still looking at limits and not being unlimited.  We say again to you that you are looking at, you cannot do this because of that, instead of saying ‘if I do this, how then does this come to me’.  It can, when we believe it possible.  You, at this point in your life, do not believe this is possible.  We cannot give you that belief.  That is something that is within each individual being – the belief that they have is nothing more than a thought that they think again, and again, and again.  The thought that you think again, and again, and again, is the thought of what cannot work instead of what can work.


Why don’t you do yourself a favor and create a scenario where it could work.  Paint it in some way, without restrictions, without limitations, on how it could work.  If you cannot see a possibility, you will never allow the probability.  Do you understand or do you still feel we are not answering in the way you wish to be answered?


Q: I’ll go a little deeper.  My son, I feel, wants to come to Maine.  I don’t necessarily want to be in Maine.  There’s a conflict.  It’s very deep.


We again say to you, we do not need you to keep taking this to a new and different level.  The issue remains the same – as long as you say that the needs of your son are more important than your own needs, as long as you say that I cannot do this unless I do that, you will not allow yourself to follow your spiritual path.  You are still saying that it is your responsibility to do certain things in certain ways before you can do other things in other ways.  The issue does not change.  The scenario that you give us does not change the information that we offer you.


Again, if you can look at the situation and find a way to have it work, even in the most wildest of dreams that you would call them, then you are finally looking at probability.  Right now you are looking at nothing but limit – I cannot do this unless I do that.  We are saying to you too often that happens on your planet in too many ways.  One of the things that comes from ‘I cannot do this unless I do that...’ is the thought process that has people living in the fear that this new energy is working on breaking apart.  The fear says, ‘I will not be accepted, I will not be loved, I will not be understood, I will not be under any pressure because of this or the other thing’, whatever the reasoning is in the fear, it has to do with limitation.  It does not change no matter how much you tell us of this story.  The bottom line for you is to be looking at this and asking yourself not why it does not work, but what it is you wish to develop and allow this situation to work itself out through ‘not limits’ instead of how it cannot work because of limits.  Does that make more sense?


A: Yes it does.


Q: I’ve been told, for medical reason, not to get pregnant at this time.  So I was wondering, am I meant to adopt, or am I meant to carry my own children?


We do always find it interesting in the language how you do what –  Sue in her advertising background called it weaseling – where we can say things and not really mean what it is we are saying. 


What we will say to you in regard to the concept of children is to, again, as we have said to others tonight, you must examine what it is you desire here.  Medical science, as you know it, is not the absolute answer to anything.  What is the absolute answer to everything is your knowledge of who you are, how you function, and what you are all about.  If you are going to think of the concept of children as only being children because you have physically carried them, then that is your choice.  Then, you must decide for yourself, how you will assist your own body in making that happen.  Believe it or not, you have the ability to assist your body in allowing that to happen through your awareness of what needs to be done.  That means you need to have great contact with your body.  If you choose to go the adoption route, then one of the things you are saying to yourself is that it does not matter whether my body is capable or not capable, rather my heart is open to receive something like this through any child that will come to me.  Again, examine what it is you are asking for.  Are you asking for the pregnancy experience, or are you asking for a child?  There is a huge difference, is there not? 


Instead of thinking that the end of your quest is to decide either/or, go first to determine what it is you wish to accomplish and then make your selection accordingly.  Either of those paths are available to you.  There is yet another that will be made aware to you in the next three months.  Does that assist you?


A: Yes.


Q: How, if you could possibly give me some pointers, on how I might be able to become unblocked so that when I do –  I get little snippets from my spirit guides every now and then as well as from other spirits and whatnot that I see when I’m about to fall asleep.  How do I open myself up even more so to not be blocked and to be able to receive and interpret the messages in which they are intended?


We would ask you first to examine what it is you fear about this knowledge.  There is fear attached to understanding.  When you can face the fear, itself, then you can turn around and say ‘I do know now what has been keeping me from hearing’.  The voices are always there.  ‘I do know what has been keeping me from seeing’ for they are always available to you whenever you ask for them.  You go about asking with the determination of what the answer should be before you actually ask.


Many of you are in a pattern of doing just that – of asking a question with the expectation of the answer being something that you have expected so that when the answer comes in your first response is ‘oh, I must not be interpreting correctly’.  We say to people all the time, now that you have the feel of our energy, you can call on us at any time.  (END OF TAPE, side one)


We will say again, that you will ask us for information but you must listen for the answer.  In listening to the answer, listen to the whole answer before taking any kind action.  Too often, because we do not always answer you in the ways you wish to be answered, you will only hear part of it.  Then, when it does not work, you have your ‘proof’ that we are not there!  It makes us lonely (laughter).  Do you understand what we offer you and how you can go about doing this?


Q: Yes.  I was told recently to find a mentor, if you will, to help me with energy work and what not.  Is there any particular path that I might be able to take in order to obtain that?


We would say always the path of your heart.  We would say always, the path that you take in finding a mentor, is when you know that you are deserving of a mentor and suddenly they appear.  It is true of the mentor, also.  For, whenever the mentor is ready for a pupil, the pupil will appear.  We will say to follow your heart and watch what other people tell you about what you should or should not do. 


It must come from within you.  You have this knowledge already.  It is just a matter of you applying it to the world in which you are living, to this dimension.


A:  Thank you.


You are welcome.  Is there more?


Q: I have had a chronic illness for many years now.  I have seen many different types of healers in trying to get my health back.  My question is, I’m now seeing a couple new healers in trying to get well – will I get my health back soon?  Is there a longer path to take?  If I get well, I am looking for guidance on what kind of a career I might pursue.


We would like you first to hear what you have said to us.  Everything you have said to us is doubt.  Everything you have said to us is ‘if’.  Everything you have said to us is pushed into your future.  We would like you to start looking at yourself and recognizing what works versus what does not work.  We have said this to others for different reasons but the point is still the same – to look at what is correct and right and working within you instead of always the energy that you are putting into ‘fixing’ something.  We are going to ask you to look at it and say it is what it is in this moment, but I can build this up which will then effect that. 


We are going to also say to you that it is passion that you are lacking more than anything right now.  You have become consumed with what has been happening in your life for the last many years.  You have been consumed with finding the answer when the answer has always been within your body which is ‘this is how we are operating in this moment and when we are ready to change we will change when you are also ready to let go of the need to change us in this particular way, to dictate what this truly means’.  Does that make sense to you or have we lost you in this?


A: It makes sense but my question still is will I get my health back?


And the answer is passion.  Your answer is to find passion.  You answer is to spend more time in your passion and less time in your fear.  Your answer is to recognize what it is you love about life instead of what has made your life difficult.  Your answer is to always go in the direction of what will build what is already there on an energetic level instead of what will tear it down. 


So we are saying “will you get your health back?” – it does base itself on how much you are willing to let yourself live passion.  Then we can happily tell you yes.  But it will be up to you first, will it not?  The same is true of finding something for you as an occupation or career.  We will say once you are in passion, you already have that.  Anything we do that we are passionate about is always returned to us.  It is only our limits that keep us from believing that we can, what you call, make a living doing it.  Does that make sense?


A: Yes, thank you.


You are welcome.


Kris: We’re getting close to the time to wrap up here.  We’ll take some last questions, if anyone has any.


Q: An employment situation happened in 2004, in May or June that keeps recurring and recurring, the consequences of which should be resolved soon.  I keep being drawn back into it even though I work very hard to get out of it.  I was wondering if there is anything that I can do to help move this along, or should I just stay out of it?


What we would say to you is, for once in your life stop fixing for others.  For your own strength and your own abilities, recognize what you wish to do for self which is not your usual first step but could become your first step if you learned to practice.  What we would also like to say to you for you carry great grief with you, that it is time for you to, what we will say, release this grief with understanding that it will never quite be gone but it will always be something that you can handle.  We would also like to say to you that it is time for you to be looking forward to something instead of always worrying about the ‘what ifs’ of what is behind you.  Does all of this information make sense to you?


A: Yes.


Can you, perhaps, at least think about the possibility of you being able to do them?


A: Yes, I will, thank you.


This is something that can open many doors for you.  It will take a great deal of effort on your part, for your patterns are in the old way.  Now we are asking you to make new ones.


This energy that is coming to this Earth that we told you all about is assisting us in breaking apart these old patterns.  Sometimes it is not the easiest thing since you all cling to them.  You are used to them.  Give yourself permission to say, “I do not need this any longer.  I have not worn this in five years why is it still in my closet?”  See what happens to your life when you do that. 


Q: I would like to know if it’s time for me to start a new life on my own without my husband?


You are asking us to make choices for you.  We do not do that.  We will tell you that life doesn’t start for it always is.  We will tell you that when you see within yourself all your joys, it will not matter who is around you, but rather, what you allow those people around you to do to either increase the joys that you have or try to take those joys from you.  That is where your power lies.  Your power lies in what you allow from others as well as what you allow from yourself.  Now that your awareness is there and you are looking at your life saying: “Hmm, I am not as happy as I had planned to be”, we will not ask you to stay or leave or somehow change the situation you are in.  We will simply say to you your power is there and available to you to change any given moment to bring it back to joy.  When you bring it back to joy, you change your own electromagnetism and then attract more joy to you.  Then it does not matter what choices you make when you are in a place that is not joyful.  Those choices that we make when we are not joyful often will not be joyful choices.  So we will say to you find joy first and then you will find your answer.  Does that make sense to you?


A: Yes, thank you.


Then that is good.


Kris:  There are no more questions.  Do you want to do a wrap up?


We will end this by saying, all of you who have asked your questions and those who have not, have come to the conclusion that what is going on within your world right now is change.  We will also say to you that we have become very used to working with all of you in this dimension and realize that you do not like change, that you resist change, that you believe change to be a bad thing.  We are going to ask all of you in our ending of this session with you to think about change now in a new way, to recognize the kind of power that you carry within yourself, and that the change you create can be something that you desire instead of something that happens to you.  If you wait for it to happen to you, your choices are not as great as when you create it for yourself.  We will say to you that all of you are capable of manifestation but you must recognize what that means.  This must mean that you look at your thought pattern —  you look at how often you say the things that you say, you look at what you have created as your belief system and then you choose to either keep it, change it, or start a new belief system.  It is always up to you.  It is never about throwing anything out completely but rather altering it to fit the new you.  Look within your souls, children.  Look within who you are, go to that very core self that we spoke of from the very beginning and recognize that the changes that are coming are changes, whether you are conscious or unconscious of, (that) were asked for.  Your very physical being is changing because you asked it to be able to.  For the people with illness know that with these physical changes, you can simply by your thought and intentions change your physicality.  For those emotional people who are in a place emotionally that they feel helpless, know that by your very thought and intention you can change that emotion from sadness to joy.  If you are in a situation that you are not happy in, ask yourself then why are you there.  What is the fear that keeps you there?  We can tell you that often that fear is change.  Look within your hearts, your souls and your core beings and see what you see.  Hopefully you will see the magnificence that we see when we look there.


If there is nothing more, we will leave you for this time and hope to see you all again, and hope that each of you, because you have connected with us as your choice, will call on us at any time for we are available to you.  We thank you again for being brave enough to come.


Thanks all around