The Many Channel Session
February 16, 2007

Sponsored by The Magick Closet at the Spiritual Renaissance Center
Portland, ME


We are here. We are, we will say pleased, with who has shown up here tonight. You all must understand and remember that one of the things that is happening now is there will be no such thing as happenstance or mistakes. When you come together as a group there will be a purpose for the group coming together. The purpose can be something as simple as someone will ask a question that you are afraid to ask and yet you will still get your answer. It will be as complex as having another lifetime together and there are a few things that we will say must be tidied. That is why you come together. We are, as Sue mentioned, going to speak of emotion but before we get to that point we want to first speak of the earth.


(cannot hear what immediately precedes this) Carol we do not consider you small or insignificant in any way.


Carol: Thank you.


We see in Sue’s mind what is funny about that. (laughter) We will simply say to you that our purpose has been and remains to be the ascension of your planet. Our part in that is to work with each of you, individually or collectively, to climb the ladder as you see it. You see it as difficult. We see it as simply taking a walk. We do not care what you ask of us. We do not say that something is good or something is bad, or something is better spoken. That is not how we function. We function with you in your dimension as much as we possibly can. It is why we come through someone in your dimension rather than appearing – although that time may come – in a different guise.


We will say to all of you, as the earth shifts and moves, what is happening within her will be happening also within you. The things happening within you will be taking on physical traits. This does not have to be uncomfortable although many of you will find it so. The reason you will find it uncomfortable is because you tend to wonder what is ‘wrong’ with you when these changes start taking place. If you can, instead, look at yourself and know that this is all part of the process, the process of your ascension within your physicality. If you can look at this that way you will better understand what is happening within your body.


Think of it this way – you have had structure one way and one way only for quite some time. Your structure has said (depending upon the group or community you are part of) this is good and this is bad; this is right and this is wrong. We are coming in saying okay. Whatever you choose to believe belongs to you. But because of the structure and the new energy that is coming in, the structure cannot handle the vibrations of this new energy. The structure cannot continue to hold those things that no longer belong to who you are choosing to become. Your new vibrational selves, your new ability to vibrate differently has to do with your desire to climb this ladder of ascension that we are talking about. When you climb, when you choose this vibration – again, it is not right or wrong or better or worse than where you are – it is simply different than where you are. The new vibration cannot and is not compatible with the old vibration. Look towards your structures in the next six months and you will fully understand what we speak of. Look towards your own structure first and perhaps understand quicker what we speak of. It is your structure that is changing.


Think of it this way: in the time when you have read about shape shifting and your mind cannot, as you say, wrap itself around the concept, there must be some (in your perception) some discomfort in the changing of that physicality. Yet, it was simply done. It was easily done. It was expectable. It was something that everyone assumed everyone else did until the first person said you cannot. It is a powerful statement to point at someone and when you do send energy there, and say, ‘you cannot’. It is very powerful when a government, or when a people, or when a religion, or when a group, or even when a friend or a spouse point to someone and say ‘you cannot’. What happens is that they plant within you a vibration that is slower, lower, not as in-tune with who you truly are. Once that is planted it is then able to attract more to it. The next thing you know the person who had a wonderful, vibrant personality is now afraid to speak in public. Or the child who was always very good at sports is now afraid to even run to first base. It only took one person to plant the seed. Your society is filled with people pointing. Your society is filled with concepts of pointing.


Each of you choose, in your own way, to accept or reject these concepts. We are saying you now get to choose to get rid of them completely if and it is a big IF, that is your choice. We are here to say look at the choices you have. You can go beyond what you have been. We are going to speak of emotions along the same lines that we speak of shape shifting.


If we were to change Sue’s physical appearance (she’s asking us in her head to not do that) if we were to do that, you would be not just amazed, but afterwards you would question whether you saw what you thought you saw. Did it really happen? You see her transform energetically whenever we come through. Most of you do not accept that this has happened. Yet here we are. Your lack of belief or your belief does not change the fact that we are here and in existence. Sue’s belief or lack of belief in who we are does not change our existence. And yet each and everyone of you, because you are energy first, has the ability to manipulate your cellular self and change your form at will. First you must understand that it is indeed possible.


This leads us to how you handle emotions. Your ability to, in your moment, accept how you feel has been changed. When you were children, it was an instant, “yes, no, you can’t make me”. These phrases you are all familiar with, and some or you parents are not happy with. At the same time, we are pleased that the children in the moment will feel the emotion they are feeling where most of you tend to go into your emotions and wallow. You find more of the same emotion to go with the way you’re feeling at the moment or the other extreme you will not go into the emotion at all and pretend it does not even exist.


You spoke earlier in your group about finding balance, that many things are in the extreme, and that is part of this emotional piece that we will be speaking of. The meditation, should you choose to join us this evening, will be about finding balance within your heart center with those around you.


You do not need to fix or change or take care of. You do not need to spend any time with anyone except self. In spending time with self you are not ignoring others, rather, you are honoring others. The more you are who you choose to be, the more you have to give to those others. This means becoming aware of your feelings and who is in your life that triggers them either from a positive or negative point of view. It does not matter. What matters is that you first recognize how you are, we will say, referencing your feelings. Many of you reference your feelings by going into “I don’t know how that makes me feel except right now I am angry.” You cannot put a true meaning on your anger so what happens is everything that is going on then becomes a piece of your fear. Anger is fear. Guilt is fear. Think of these words. We do not mean to confuse you with any of them. We’re hoping that we are holding up a giant mirror that will assist you in understanding.


Let us speak of emotion for a moment. Each of you in this room has known sorrow. Each of you in this room has known grief. Each of you in this room has known anger. We are going to ask you to own up to it, to admit that yes indeed you have been angry. Yes indeed you have been sorry. Yes indeed you have felt guilty. Whatever the emotion. is, go into that emotion so that you can come out the other side instead of going into the emotion and dwelling and staying and wondering and worrying and manipulating and changing and shifting and moving instead of simply saying “I am angry! Let me express my anger and worry about why I am angry later. Let me honor the emotion as it comes to me. Let me look at my emotions so that when it comes time to create what it is I say I truly desire, I can find the emotion in me that I can utilize to create and manifest what I say I wish to manifest.”


It is the emotion that will be your manifestation tool. It is the emotion that you can utilize to make happen in your 3D world. There is no limitation in your 3D world except what you put there. If you are going to stand and say “yes I am fine,” and yet your emotion behind the yes I am fine is “I wonder why no one likes me,” then your emotion that is going into the universe, your vibration that you are sending out for manifestation purposes, will be the “I wonder why no one likes me.” That particular vibration will only attract more of the same – those who do not like you.


We are not saying do not allow these emotions by any means. We are saying experience, embrace, allow, and even enjoy them in the moment and then go beyond. When you dwell, when you stay there too long, you put all of your energy, all of your vibration into something that does not truly serve the “who” that you are. It does not really allow you to manifest what it is you say you wish to manifest. Think on this, children. Think on how often things have come to you. Ask yourself what did you to do on that emotional level that helped create that thing and you will better understand what we say.


Are we making sense?


R: Yes.


It is good to know you have not fallen asleep.


R: You’re going pretty fast.


Yes we are often accused of speaking to fast. We will slow down.


What we would like to work with each of you this evening, is an alignment of sorts but not in the traditional way. This will not be like your books, your information, talks about the alignment of your seven energy centers, or your chakra points. We are not going to say they do not exist for in working with them makes them real. We will say however that the most important one to be concentrating on will be your heart center.


Your heart center, which has been bruised, and in some cases abused, and in other cases some of you feel ripped and torn out but we will say that is not the case. We will say instead that your heart center links you to every living thing upon your planet. Think of that for one moment. Think of what that entails. Through your heart you are aware of all things. It is quite a heady thought.


The old joke of watching grass grow? You would be aware, through your heart center of grass growing. You would be aware through your heart center of we will say, the whales in your ocean. You would be aware through your heart center of every being, every living thing, because every vibration upon your planet communicates to you through your heart center. You have chosen in your physicality, which is your physical body, you have chosen in your physicality to attach things like hearing and sight and smell and taste and touch. We will say these are wonderful things to have when you’re in the moment with someone in your own physicality. But then how, how do you children communicate with those not in your 3D world? You communicate through your heart center. You communicate on a different level.


There are some studies that have been done that are getting closer to what we speak of. You can look at what they call heart math as an example. It is not all that is happening. We spoke of shape shifting and changing the way your body even looks. You will not do that through your brain but rather through your hearts. Your heart center is a phenomenally powerful place within the physicality you have chosen in this dimension. Here is something that is not secret that may surprise you -- it is not just existing in this dimension. Your heart cavity holds within it, within the physicality that you have, some other dimensions as well. There have been times in your medicine when things have been spoken about what was being heard in this area. The more allegedly sophisticated equipment your medical facilities have used, the less you have been aware of something ‘more’ happening in your heart cavities, in your heart centers within your physicality.


What we wish to do in our meditation with you is to align you, to align you truly not from feet to head, but to align you truly heart to heart. It is a different way of thinking. It is an inter-dimensional way of thinking and not just a 3D way of thinking. As your vibration continues to change and as the energy coming to your planet continues to affect each and every one of you, you will be in better communication through your heart center than you could be in any other energetic point in your body. Our medication that we will work with you on will be about connecting and aligning your heart center. We also know that many of you have questions. We have been accused in the past of making you so air-headed after a meditation that it is best to ask questions before we meditate. We would like to open now to all of you and say “ask your questions”.


Q: Were you ever alive on this earth?


In a way, we can say that is a trick question for you have not asked if we were alive as humans on this earth. Were we alive? We are alive now on this earth -- just not in a form that you can see or appreciate. We have never had a human form if that is truly your question.


R: That is.


We have had many forms. Do we not wear a human form now? It is not about the shape that we take for we know shape shifting. It is more about the energy that we have to offer, that we are bringing to this planet that makes us alive on this planet. Our energy has been here many times before. That is because, as we said, it is our goal to be assisting in the ascension process that all of you collectively have chosen to come to earth for. Does that answer your question?


R: Yes it does. Thank you.


Then this is good.


You all think loudly.


Q: I would like to ask something about planetary changes.


Of course.


Q: First of all, the energies that we will be experiencing… and also how individually we can support the planet and one another. You were talking about support.


We speak of support in an individual basis first.


R: Yes.


Our suggestion, always, is to take care of self and all will flow from that vibration. When the energy comes to you, and your body is not compatible with that energy. . . you have all seen where someone hits that high note and the glass shatters? (TM are referring to an old TV ad about Memorex tape, a high note, and a shattered wine glass – I do have interesting references in my head, don’t I?) Your structure is what creates the shattering of that glass because the glass is unable to flow with the energy that is coming in. We are saying to you when this energy -- not when, but as this energy comes for it is here now and it will continue to come in – you will see things happening within your body, outside your body. When you see things happening upon the planet, allow yourself to go into the connectedness of the flow instead of standing in your structure with “this can’t and this can” and “I can and I can’t”. In being in flow and when we connect you better to your heart cavity and your connectedness to all on this planet, you will understand what we mean by flow. Is that an answer to your question?


R: Yes, thank you.


You are most welcome.


(addressing someone in the audience): We do not think you can keep it that loudly to yourself. . . just ask!


Q: Well, this isn’t the original question I came in with. Talking about the flow in the energy and the vibrations rising, why is the entire world in conflict, the entire planet? Why is there more fighting and more hatred now than there has been in 50 years?


Because the planet is the glass and the light is the high note. Because what is happening on the planet is coming to what you call a head. It is peaking, and this is where flow comes in. Whenever there is resistance there is turmoil. Whenever there is flow there is no turmoil.


A river can change its flow easily. It may not always be done in a way that will please others. When those around the river recognize that it is the choice of the river to go in this direction and not try to damn it, change it, blow it up, then they recognize how to be in tune with the nature around them. The wars, the anger, the hatred that is happening on your planet in these last few years, are directly related to this new energy that is coming in. The energy is coming in as light. Darkness does not like light. Darkness wishes to keep light away.


When you open a door and you turn on a light -- we have a lovely image in Sue’s mind from when she lived in New York City when she would open the door to her apartment and turn on the light and notice the cockroaches running from the light. What you are doing as a planet, collectively, is the light is coming down and all the cockroaches are the people in conflict who wish to keep the light away. The only way they can (keep the light away) is in the conflict. As long as conflict is met with conflict they will be correct. Once light realizes it need do nothing but go with the flow then all things will be moving. Does this answer your question?


R: Most certainly, thank you.


Then this is good.


Q: Why is it so difficult now for people to maintain family and unity?


Because your definition of both needs to be changed in order to fit the new energy. Your definition of family now is in such a tight structure of “right, wrong, good, bad” that it has not worked even though you have tried to force it to. The family who has said this child cannot be what they wish to be -- the artist or the whatever -- cannot support the child who is different then who they (the family) are. That family is not true family. They may be connected by blood but that is the only thing connecting them.


Do not forget that all of you come in with choices in who you allow to be your parents, in who you allow into your emotional circles, your physical circles, your spiritual circles. You make these choices long before you materialize into this physical body.


It is not that family is deteriorating. It is actually the opposite and hard to see because, again, the structure is in the way. Family is becoming what it has always been meant to be -- the connectedness of all to All, not the separation of one from the other because this one says or that one does. Does that to make sense?


R: Yes. Is your answer the same about larger community?


We believe that your larger community, once everyone understands the connectedness and once you are in a place of your own individuality, and once you see the who that is inside of you, that you will be part of many larger communities without the need to call yourself part of community. It will flow in a different way. You have a symbol that is the interconnectedness of different colored circles, an Olympic symbol. It is done to represent the connectedness of all things and yet it is a flat symbol. It does not move. It does not flow. It does not change. Everything in nature must change in order to have growth.


It is your evolution you speak of. It is your maturity you speak of. You see all things moving and flowing and yet you try to deny the movement and the flow of other things. It is in contradiction in your dimension. Once you are connected in your heart center the contradiction is no longer there. Does that assist you?


R: Yes.


This is good.


Q: Is this a good time to ask a personal question?


It is always time for personal questions.


Q: This is a little embarrassing but it may lighten things up a little bit. I’ll give you the premise first. I’ve become involved with a man with whom I share a strong connection but there are obstacles. It’s sort of on again and off again. Sometimes I feel I should just walk away and let it go. Sometimes I feel like he’s the “one”. Is there any indication of how this will turn out for me?


We are going to do what makes Sue crazy. She does not like when a question is answered with a question but we have first a question for you. Our question is: what do you desire for self? Once you can answer that question, the question you asked us will also be answered. What you desire for self now is based on a narrow perspective of needs and fears. What you truly desire is based on limitlessness, is based on the understanding of desire and deserve – they go very nicely together. Once you recognize that you desire to have people treat you in certain ways then they will indeed do that. Once you recognize that you desire to have things in certain ways then you can receive that. For now, all that you deserve and desire is based on the limitations of this one person because of this structure in which you are thinking. The structure in which you are thinking says “without this, what?” We are saying “without this, everything!” Can you comprehend what we have said? We know you do not agree.


R: I’m not sure.


We will say to you, in any relationship that does not bring to you, the individual, the desired results, you must ask why you stay in the relationship. This relationship does not bring the desired results. In a small percentage of the time you will disagree with us, but it is not 100%. It is not all the time that you receive what you truly desire and you often sacrifice pieces of self in order to gain small amounts from this relationship. We cannot tell you if it is good for you to do or not. It is up to you to choose. We simply will say that if you want what you say you truly desire, why would you settle for less?


We see, within this relationship, that much of it is settling for less. Does that, perhaps make it more clear?


R: That is more clear, yes, thank you.


We hope that you will read this and perhaps in your reading of what we said earlier the impact will also be there. Is there more?


Q: Will human beings destroy life on this earth?


That is like saying that we can lump things into “all”. You are all connected to all things. Human beings in some places do destroy life on your planet. Human beings in other places do support life on this planet. You have opposites; you have polarities because you have chosen a dimension that insists upon it.


The Earth has been around a very, very long time. In her life as a sentient being, she has recognized through the years what to expect and where to expect it from. With that understanding there have been many shifts and changes. Understand, for yourself as a human being, that her power is not controlled by you. Her power is controlled by her. Should she get to a point where she feels you have collectively as a species gone too far she can be like the dog and shake you off. That is indeed her powe,r but she chooses at this point to travel with you as we choose to travel with you. This ascension piece will take you beyond what used to be thought of as the only way. It is not a question of will the earth be destroyed. She will not allow that. She has survived for a long time. She will continue to survive. Does that satisfy?


R: Yes.


Then this is good.


R: Thank you.


You are welcome.


(coughing) Are you choking on that question?


R: I could be, I don’t know. The people like Sue, psychics, mediums, lightworkers, seers, . . .


Like you. . .


R: Like me, like Joyce, like so many others. . .


Like all.


R: Like all. They all seem to be working very hard to do their work in the right light with the right energy to help others but seem to have a very hard time earning a living. We’re here on earth and we need to earn a living. What is it that we can do to change this? What’s up with that?


We appreciate the “what’s up with that” for we hear much stronger language when Sue is angry at us. (laughter) We will tell you as we have instructed her in the past, we will go back to what we have been saying all evening about structure and expectation. Your emotion is still fear. Those of you who have been walking a path of light for so long have forgotten that you started this path with everyone against you, with people telling you how crazy, how strange, how unusual, how wrong it is for you to take that path.


Do you truly think that you have cleaned all that out? When we say your emotion goes out to create, what emotions are you still sending out about your being crazy?


We will say, all you need do is change your minds. Changing your minds means changing your emotions. Changing your emotions means sending out the emotion that says what you are deserving of. It is no different than what we said about relationships. What else are you doing but creating relationship between you and light and the planet? What is it you deserve in relationships? Too many of you have felt you do not deserve, that you cannot find a balance between your spirituality and your material side. We do not see a difference.


We tell you now that there is the possibility that you can create simply by expecting it to be so, that there are people who can materialize out of what you call ‘thin air’ what it is they desire in that given moment. They do this because these people do not have the same structure behind them. Look at the abilities of the children coming in now. They are not coming in with thinking they are crazy. They are coming in thinking you are crazy. We love these children (laughter). They are coming in and saying “of course we can, of course this is easy.”


They are doing television programs now about eight and nine and ten year old entrepreneurs and people of that age who they consider genius on one level or another because these children are saying “of course I can.” They are not listening to the finger pointers that we spoke of earlier. All of you who are in the field as you say of lightwork, all of you listened to those finger pointers earlier in your life. Now it is time to turn the tables, not so much to point back to them but to give back to them what is theirs and keep what is yours. When you can do that honestly and with your heart open and connected to All Things there be no issue here. We can hear Sue in her head, “yeah, easy for you to say”. We will still say it!


There a great things coming for everyone who will manifest for themselves through their hearts. There are great things coming for everyone who will manifest for themselves through their hearts but think of those words. We did not say manifest good or bad. We did not say manifest right or wrong. We simply said there are great things coming. What you create will be what you create.


We suggest that you start creating differently by going back, perhaps, if that is the need to the finger pointers and giving back to them what belongs to them. Does that assist you?


R: Yes, that all makes sense except to bad we couldn’t come up with a thing like step one, step two, step three, on how to actually release the biggest thing that we fear when so many of us feel that we worked on that issue. I know I deserve the whole loaf of bread instead of just a half a loaf but evidently I’m not convincing enough to either myself or the powers that be?


It is more that you are thinking in limited ways. Why would you want a loaf of bread when what you truly want is the exquisite restaurant? (laughter) Why do you think still in limiting terms?


R: I don’t know. . . my life experience? A loaf of bread was a big thing!


Of course. That is what we speak of.


R: It’s all relative.


It is very relative. Since you are a relative to us as well, we will say that we know that you are capable. (a little TM humor!) We know that you are able. We know that you have capabilities and abilities. We know also that you are deserving. Perhaps we know more than you know for you still tend to limit. It is sometimes because it is the logic of the thinking of your dimension. When you think in your dimension “I have to have this before I can do that” that is a limit. You think in this dimension that in order to survive you must have “x” number of clients. Why are you making yourself work to gain what it is it you say you desire? Why do you not desire the thing and allow it in the flow of the energy to come to you?


Everyone is still thinking “what do we have to do?”, and as long as you think that way you are also saying “what is wrong with me, what do I have to fix?” We are saying there is nothing wrong. There is nothing to fix. The creation, the manifestation, the ability to do these things is within each and every individual. The limitation for what it is you will create is within the individual. Go into your individual self and discover what it is that stops you from allowing the full course meal at the restaurant versus a loaf of bread. Do you understand?


R: Yes.


Does this help you?


R: Yes. (laughter)


We will take that at what you say, not at what you think. (laughter)


R: What you are saying is hard to get your mind twisted around it. The analogy of the loaf of bread and the half a loaf was something my father used to say because if you had a loaf of bread, the family ate.


Yet, at the same time, put the meaning of the emotion behind that: The meaning of the emotion behind that phrase, even though it is something you can quote easily, is desperation and fear. I must make sure I have ‘this’ so that the family will eat. It was not ‘this is a wonderful thing, let’s all sit down and share; take as much as you want, it is fine’. It was still the idea of providing in a particular way based on the fear of the time. When you use the phrase, even though it may not be on a conscious level, you pull with that phrase the old energy that goes with it.


Find your phrase, find your way of saying what you are deserving of without limitation. Leave those old energies behind for they are part of structure and you soon will be part of flow. Does that help you some?


R: Most certainly. Thank you.


Then this is good.


Q: I have a question about the financial markets during the next quarter, the direction they might go?


You have, in the past, kept what you call your stock market. . . it has been illusion from the beginning. It is greater illusion than it has ever been before because the need of the individuals have kept the market higher. It cannot continue in the way it has been. Money will not be looked at in the way it has been. Structure will not be accepted in the way it has been. Your stock market is a form of structure. Your large corporations are a form of structure. Any structure that does not allow for the flow of the individual to have and work with what they need will not be able stand to the new energies. As the new energies come in and if the company, the structure, whatever it may be, even the financial institutions, if they can flow with the need of the individual they will do fine. If they cannot flow with the needs of the individual, you will see many things crashing around them. Does that answer your question?


R: Yes it does. Thank you very much.


You are most welcome.


Kris: One more question and I think we should probably move onto the meditation and then we may have time for more questions afterwards.


Q: President Bush? Is he reacting to the light? Is that why he’s doing what he’s doing?


We will say that all political systems upon your planet at this point in time are running from the light. It is the individual that is shining their light and it is the governmental people who have been wanting to keep things in the dark. Understand that it has to do more with power than it has to do with light or dark. It has to do more with fear and control than it has to do with heart connectedness and flow. Whenever a government comes along, because of the very nature of what a government means, and when the individuals are willing to give themselves over to whomever they should choose to be in power, then there will be and is a darkness. When the individual claims again their light then the individual that has been claiming power will weaken and have to see things in a new light.


In answer to your question, his personality is what it is. He comes from a place of fear. When he is operating from a place of fear, he changes the way he operates. When he can operate and use fear against the masses, he also changes how he operates because then he comes from a place of power. Does this make sense?


R: Yes, thank you. It’s a big reflection to us, isn’t it?


Your politicians are nothing more than the mirrors of the people they rule. If they are ruling in a way that does not please you, you must look within yourselves for they cannot do anything without your permission. It is the individual power we speak of only when we speak of the changes coming. That individual power, when joined in community or what you call grassroots, becomes so bright that no cockroach can stand up to that light.


You wish now to do the meditation?


Kris: Yes.


We will ask you to find your comfortable positions and take in a deep, deep breath and exhale. We are going to ask you, we will say just for a small time period, to leave your logic behind. We are going to work with you and your heart centers. In working with you on this level, we will be working with your imagination so take a moment now and just relax your body please. Take in a deep, deep breath of light. Allow the light to fill your body from head to toe. With every exhale release your doubts, your fears, your logic, your linear.


Each time you take in a breath of light you feel it fill your physicality from head to head and toe to head. You feel this energy within your physicality. You see this energy within your physicality. Allow yourself to become acquainted with this feeling. Allow yourself to relax.


We are going to ask you to pay attention for a moment to your breathing. As you breathe in light … as you exhale blocks. Then find your pattern of breathing in and breathing out. While you’re breathing in your physicality, we are going to ask you to imagine a bright light in the center of the room in which you sit.


See the light up, up above your head. This is the universal light. This is the light of All Things. See as this energy floats down, floats down now into the circle you are in. Allow this light to enter into the crown of your head joining the light within your physicality, joining the light in your physicality as it pushes outward extending into your auric field, extending into the field of the person next to you. All is One in this light and in this light all is One.


Feel yourself. See yourself. You are part of All That Is and All That Is, is part of you. As you become one with this wonderful light you become aware of your heart in your physicality. You see your heart in your physicality and it is surrounded by this light, this light of All Things.


Breathe into your heart center, breathe the light in and around and through your heart center. See this part of your physicality growing, expanding. Know that it is connected to all things and All Things is connected while you allow yourself to float and feel free, while you allow yourself to feel what is happening in your heart center. Allow another part of self, a piece of consciousness to rise above the planet earth, to travel above the planet, to see the planet in a new perspective.


As you look down on the planet you see light, pinpoints of light everywhere. Each light appears to be connected to the other by a thread, a pattern, a weave is taking place before your eyes of light. No matter where on the planet you see this light, you know it is everywhere. So you take your consciousness and move from the north to the south; around the planet. Then move to the equator around the planet and look at the weave that is happening of light. While this piece of consciousness looks at what is happening, another piece is light in your physicality becoming aware of the thread, becoming aware of the weave.


You are part of your planet. You are connected to your planet. The light weave that happens with you through you around you is part of the physicality you have chosen on your planet.


Imagine first your immediate family. See how you are connected one to the other to the other. Look at the weave you have created and know you can change this at any time. Look at the weave as you continue to go outside of self. Continue now to go outside of family and include friends and workers. See the influence you have in how many places you have influence. Like dropping a pebble in a pond the light goes on and on and on extending around the planet connecting you to all things around the planet.


Imagine now your heart center. Allow your consciousness to go into your heart center. As you enter into your heart center, it is time to have a conversation with your heart self. It is time to ask yourself how do you feel. It is time to recognize you can change or shift or move anything simply by a thought of emotion. If you are happy send that through all the light centers you are connected to. Watch it dissipate and change. No matter your emotion, no matter how you feel, know it can always be shared, supported, taken care of.


Watch the energy flow from where you are, who you are, and what you are, out into the weaving of light you have created on the planet. Feel, as the energy comes back to you from others doing the same thing, opening to receive the love of the universe, opening to receive the love of source, opening to receive the love of all, and no matter your emotional state no matter your feeling this energy is always available to assist and help and allow you to feel at one with One.


With this energy at your disposal there is no need to be pulled into the negative, into the lower vibration, the sorrow, the pity, the grief or the fear. With this energy around you, you call upon this energy for health, you call on this energy for wealth, you call on this energy for love, you call on this energy for All. See yourself in this pattern, feel yourself in this pattern.


Your heart is open to All That Is. Your heart is open to receive. Your heart is open to send. Your heart is open to All. Anything you choose to not experience you can allow to pass through. Anything you choose to experience you can allow to stay.


When you breathe, breathe into your heart centers. When you breathe see the expansion of what you have woven, see the oxygenation going through the weave, the pattern, the light, the connectedness of All.


Allow yourself now a moment to simply drift on this energy, flow in this energy, allow it to bring you to new places, new feelings, new ideas, new concepts, and play children play. Be at One.


Allow the vibration of the tones in your music to go into this field. Follow the vibration of the tone in your weave. While you are following the tone any answer you choose now to receive, you are open to receive; simply ask!


You are connected in this group of people. We ask you to feel the energy that runs around the circle of people. This is part of your connected weave. This is part of your light blanket. Know the people you are with. Feel the people you are with. Share with the people you are with. Allow the flow of energy. Allow the flow of energy to go in and around and through. Feel your structure shifting. Feel your need for control shifting. Feel yourself in a state of relaxation, of allowing, of flow.


Breathe into your physicality now. Breathe into your physicality and anchor this energy. Anchor this energy to your core self and bring your attention and consciousness back to your heart center your heart cavity. See how much brighter, see how much bigger, see how much better the flow, the energy, the feeling is now. All you need do is desire and it is so. It is to trust your desire and you will manifest. Use your heart centers. Use your feeling center and allow your connectedness to remain to All That Is.


Bring yourself back. Bring yourself back now to your physicality. Bring yourself back to this room, this space, this chair, this time. Make yourself aware again of where you are, who you are, what you have done. When you return, we will come back and speak to you.



Has everyone returned? Take a moment to drink some water and perhaps ground yourself before we continue.


Kris: We’re also going to look for a recap.


Is your recap missing that you must look for it? (TM humor!)


Kris: You know where to find it!


We know that Kris wishes us to wrap this up, but we will say instead are there any questions as to what we have done?


(silence) None?


Q: Just a simple thing. In listening to the tone of The Many speaking, but then during the meditation, it sounded to me as if it was a different entity for lack of another word. Is that so?


We are many, and as many, many come through.


Kris: The voice that’s being spoken does shift from time to time. I agree with you.


R: For some reason I just felt. . .


We will say that we have specialists for meditation.


R: Well, it was lovely. Thank you.


We are happy you enjoyed it.


R: It was awesome.


This is good.


Kris: Some of them sing differently than others.


Are there no other questions before Kris makes us do the wrap up?


Q: What is the seed race? (some low voices made it sound like the “sea” race and some discussion I can’t quite hear)


We could be the sea race, also. We can be many things. The seed race speaks of the time when your planet was seeded. Seeded to grow -- grow not just in the way you think of a plant but in all things including your physicality, including the bodies in which you inhabit. For the seed race, there were seven of us who chose to come together to create the paradise that you are in that you do not feel is a paradise. You chose to come into it with eyes shut. We chose to watch to see what you would accomplish.


We are proud. We are proud that you have accomplished all that you have accomplished. We are proud of the light that you have managed to shine in what we see from where we are. We, as the seed race, have assisted in the development, we will say, of your planet. In doing so, we have a certain responsibility to the future of your planet as well which is why we work with you the way we do. Does that sufficiently answer?


R: Yes it does. Thank you.


This is good. We know that there are still some personal questions that people have chosen not to ask. We will address, in a general way, some of them:


We wish to say to you to have a plan in your hearts for March, to have a plan of what you wish to accomplish in your hearts before March is here for your emotion is what will be going out and attracting your desires. We will ask that you not manipulate. We will ask that in your heart the feeling isn’t give me ‘him’ or ‘her’ or give me that ‘thing’, but rather, that you send out in emotional ways, to receive security, to receive love, to receive understanding, to receive whatever emotion you choose. But if you are going to send the emotion out, please children, make sure you understand what that emotion means to you. For just like using the phrase ‘whole loaf of bread’ there is much energy associated with that phrase.


If you are going to say I am going to create the desire for me that is happiness, but your idea of happiness is to simply pay your bills, then do not be surprised that it does not turn into something that you were thinking of when your emotion was limiting. Plan your desires. Allow your hearts to open and send these desires out. Plan your desires in such a way that you know the feeling to go with them. If you cannot find the feeling in one emotion, find it in another and apply it to what it is you say you truly desire. You are on the verge of great change.


We mentioned, and Sue mentioned to you, that March is the month of exotic fruit. We do like that phrase. You are now members of the fruit of the month club (laughter) and you will be attracting your exotic fruit in March. Open your hearts so that you know exactly what that fruit will be. Is there anything then before we leave you?


Q: I don’t completely understand the sending out emotion. I understand desiring something. I understand having . . .


Do you play the lottery?


R: No.


Can you imagine yourself winning something?


R: That’s very difficult for me to imagine.


Can you imagine yourself adored or praised by someone?


R: I can imagine praise.


Then let us speak of praise. The way it would happen is you would send out, through your heart center, the feeling when you are praised. That is a feeling of fulfillment, that is a feeling that says “wow, this is wonderful”. So you start by remembering the time of that praise and you send it out, and attach any thought you wish to it -- it can be “I am after happiness”. But if the feeling behind it, which is coming from praise, can be there it will be that sensation you will attract. Does that assist, or are we still confusing you?


R: That helps very much. Thank you.


It is the same for all things. If you wish to win the lottery first it would be nice if you actually checked the numbers -- many of you buy a ticket and forget. But mostly it would be ‘how would you feel’. If you say you cannot imagine how it would feel to win the lottery, be in the perfect relationship, have enough money for going to Mars, whatever your desire is, if you cannot imagine that as feeling then how do you expect to create that event?


Is there more before we sign off?


Q: Can I just ask one personal question?


Of course.


Q: What I came in the door with, obviously.


We have waited for this.


Q: It’s very simple. I have a guide around me named Joseph. He’s been around me for quite awhile. I’m not sure who or what he is although I think I got a clue yesterday. Can you enlighten me about Joseph?


Can we invite you, is that the question?


Q: No, enlighten me.


We wondered. We did not understand. What we will enlighten you with is for you to recognize that you have, just like the analogy of the loaf of bread, you have allowed yourself through the years to have an expectation of what would be there for you and what would be appropriate for you. This is a stronger energy than you have ever had before. This is an energy that has great information to offer you. You say wait, wait, let me understand better before I accept this energy from you. Do you understand?


R: Yes.


And what we wish to, as you say, enlighten you with, is to not worry so much about the ‘who’ or the ‘why’ and simply embrace the ‘what’. Open yourself and say “I am now ready.” Then. . . yes, it fits you perfectly! Fasten your seat belt for it might be a bumpy ride. (laughter) But you are, indeed, ready for what this entity has for you but will not offer until you say you are ready. Does that assist you?


R: Yes, it does.


Then this is good. Is there anything else?


We are pleased that you chose to connect with one another. We are pleased that you chose to connect here with us. Know that we are always available. If you hear the voice in your head, do not think it is just some stranger, it could be us. We are no longer strange to you, just different. We hope that should you need information you will go directly to source and not feel the need to always go through someone else. We hope that you will be exercising your abilities and capabilities as you get closer to your exotic fruit month.


We are with you. We are watching you. We are aware. We are always available to give you a hand up but like Carol you must learn to ask and then we can offer. We will not make you, we will not ‘should’ you for that is not why we are here. We thank you for joining us this evening and we hope that we will see you all again. We hope that you also will take to heart – there is no pun there -- that you take to heart what we have said and use your heart to manifest your greatest desires. You may even see us in those as well. We wish you good night.


Thank you all around


You are welcome