Channeling in Santa Fe, New Mexico- Unity Church,
December 3, 2005



We are here.


Planetary and Personal Changes

What we will say to you is the changes that have been happening have to do with the changes of the energy of the planet. We will add to that, that it has to do with how you are changing yourselves molecularly as well as intellectually.  All of you are able to read things and find out what is going on.  All of you are able to listen to things and find out what is going on.  All of you are able to do many things to see the changes that are before you. 


Many of you, we will not point fingers, but many of you are not exactly acting on what it is you know within your own structure to be correct and right for you.  Many of you are still waiting for confirmation on something.  Many of you are still waiting for the proverbial lightbulb to go off in your head before you will accept the fact that you have had a new and a good idea.  When you look at your creative selves, when you look at those pieces of yourself that revolve around how you identify yourself, you do not always see yourself for who you are.  Rather, you see yourself, we will say, in the way that other people perceive you. 


You were speaking of healing (addressing one person in the audience).  You see yourself and always have seen yourself as someone who it was important to be in the area of nurturing, in the area of taking care, in the area of being good to others.  Part of that was because you wished good to be done to you.  Another part of that had to do with the fact that you just are drawn toward what we will call the healing arts. 


Now we will look at you (another audience participant) and we will say that you are drawn toward music and that is healing in a different way, is it not?  When you hear it, when you hear the words that go with it, when you see people acting within it, you find that you are healed in a different way.  And we will speak of healing.


We’re going to go now to this person and her art.  We find that her art is also about healing.  Her art is also about going inside.  Anything and everything that allows the individual to go within themselves and recognize what is truly there, to go inside and find individual knowledge, is about healing.


Yes, even you are a healer (addressing another person).  You do it in a graphic way.  You have visual things which is why what is hanging from the ceiling annoys you (referring to some old decorations that were not completely removed).  You do not find that a healing thing to leave behind things that people were planning to toss out, anyway. 


We are clicking.  Sue is complaining (referring to a noise being made by the recorder). 


K: I’ll fix that.

New Planetary Energy

Thank you.  Now, what we would like to say to all of you because one of the reasons you are gathered here in this particular area of your country is because you are opening to brand new energy that has not been here before.  We will say it again.  This is brand new energy that has not been here before.  The reason we are telling you this is because of the other energies that have been coming through (reference to two other “councils” from previous channelings in New Mexico).  Because of the other information you have been receiving and you have not exactly been happy with the information, for you want more and you want it in ways that you want it.  They can side step even better than we. 


What we will tell you, because we know you are curious, is that the energy that is opening in this part of the country has more to do than just with this one place.  It is not about the Santa Fe that you sit in.  It is not about the state of New Mexico that you reside upon.  It is about a direction, we will say.  It is about what is happening within the center of the planet and where it is coming to the surface.  Just like a volcano must come to the surface and boil over, this energy that has been within the Mother Earth, has been boiling for a long time and is now pushing its way to the surface but as energy and not as volcano, not as anything that needs be harmful.  But, it will affect the physicality of the earth because of it.  It is the area of what you call your Southwest that this energy is coming through.  It is one of the reasons many people who had what you would call a spiritual bent, have moved here over the last several years.  It is because of the energy that is here and it needs to be held here. 


We will speak again of healing for that is part of what is going on.  The energy that needs to be held here will be about the healing of the planet.  This is not the only place you will find the healing happening.  You will find the healing happening on other continents, in other places, in other ways.  We are going to concentrate on where you are in the moment, even though we know you are all nosey and want to know everything.  We will just concentrate on here for now. 


We will say to all of you, because of the information that you have received in your dream state,  because of information you have received through your unconscious reception of things going on around you even when you do not realize it.  When a you (a nurse) are working with a patient  and you have information and you do not know where it came from, you do not stop in that moment and say: “I do not know where that came from, so I will not listen”.  You only do that when it is about self.  We can say that that is true of all of you.  You only stop the informational flow when it is about self.  


Everything that will be happening, everything that will be starting tomorrow, everything that will be shifting the physicality of your planet, will be about self.  So it is important for all of you to go inside of self and recognize that your connectedness to your creator, your connectedness to the One, to be one with the One, is where all true healing comes from.


Think of this for a moment.  If you are one with the One, you are not separate from your planet.  You are not separate from what you call God.  You are not separate from what you call Goddess.  You are not separate from each other.  You are not separate from your land. 


We will also say to you that as you continue to do the work that you are all here to do which is to ascend, which is to increase your vibration, which is to acknowledge within yourself your own divinities, if you continue this work, even though it sometimes seems scary, if you continue this work you will find sooner rather than later, where your individual power will be.  We use the word power not in a negative way but, rather, in a very positive way.  We use the word power to help you recognize the many things of which you are capable.  We use the word power to help you to see that each and every one of you is graced with abilities that you do not always allow yourself to utilize. 


If you like to do something, we must ask you why you do not do it.  And if you do not like to do it, we must ask you why you do it.  For this would be in your way of linear thinking and yet it seems not to come into your thought process when it is happening.  So you are contradiction upon contradiction in what you do as well as what you believe.  Much of what you believe will be changing. 



Look to the Sky: Look to the Earth

We will ask you to look to the skies and we will ask you to look to the earth.


First, let us speak of the skies.  Let us speak about what is going on around you.  Let us speak about the fact that your heavens will not look to be in the same place.  Let us speak of the fact that your moon will not look the same to you.  Let us speak about when you look to the skies things will seem different than they have been before.  This does not mean, like your Chicken Little, the sky will fall.  This does not mean that these are negative things that will be happening.  Rather, this means that you will be getting, we will call them, signals.  If, when you see something different than what you are used to seeing, rather than wondering if it is your eyesight, rather than questioning if you have made this up, rather than going to someone else and saying: “Excuse me.  Did you see that also?  I need confirmation to believe what I have seen with my own eyes.”  We are going to ask you to just simply observe and ask: “What is it I need to know from what I just saw?”  Then, please children, be quiet long enough to listen to our answer.  We will be there. 


We are always there, in your mind, in your head, when you ask us for assistance.  You can call us anything you wish, as you well know.  You can refer to us as guardians or angels or beings from another planet.  We do not care.  We fall into many categories depending upon who we speak with.  We will say as you are observing your heavens to pay attention and to ask that simple question so that you will understand how it will relate to you and your individual personal this information will help you rediscover who you truly this information will help reinforce the core of self.  That is one thing.


To look toward the earth, let us speak of this.  Some of you have already experienced the vertigo.  Some of you have already experienced things happening within your body that do not make sense.  Some of you have become aware of things like unusual pains, or electrical short circuiting.  All of these things are connected to you because you are connected to the planet. 


So we are now going to look at the planet.  This does not mean we are going to have x-ray vision for each of you to look below the surface, but you know you can if you choose to.  This means that you are going to be capable, if you choose to do this, to be in touch with all places upon your planet just by thinking of that place.  If you wonder how your great Aunt Rose is in another state, by thinking of her, you will get a sense of what is happening in that part of your world. 


Think about what that means.  Think about how phenomenal that will be for each of you to become aware on that level.  We ask you to allow your awareness to come without fear.  If you have that dizzy spell do not be afraid that you will fall over and embarrass yourself.  Rather, stop for a moment and ask where this is happening and why you have been informed of this so that, again, you can build your core knowledge up. 


One of the things each of you will be doing is connecting planet with universe and connecting universe with planet.  It is not that it is not already connected.  It is connected now in layer upon layer upon layer.  We choose a more direct route.  You are part of that direct route. 


Understanding Joy

Let’s talk again of your healing prospects.  Let’s talk again of your many abilities and how you can use them.  We will say, start understanding joy.  Start using the word joy.  Start knowing how it feels when you are in joy.  It is a word that is not used often enough upon your planet for it is not understood.  You are too linear.  You need to watch children.  You need to see when they play they are in their moment and in their joy and is it not a wonderful thing to observe.  In watching these children you can see how each of them heal themselves in various ways.  This has nothing to do with one thing, and everything to do with all things.  It is not the healing of just the physical body.  Sometimes it must be emotionally healed before it can healed in any other way.  At other times it must be healed in spiritual ways or perhaps the physical way.  If you will learn to observe these children, you will see what we speak of. 


One of the things we will tell you is that each of you, in the next three months, will be presented with at least three different opportunities.  These opportunities are there for you to either reinforce what it is you wish to be creating or reinforce what it is you have already created and choose not to change.  There are always choices.  We will never take those away from you. It is why we wish to work with you in meditation before the other energies come through. 


Part of this meditation is to open your heart centers, as we have done in the past, to open your heart centers to receive in this information from both the universe and the earth, to receive in the hug from those who love you, to receive in the joy from those of us who rejoice that you are making the progress you are making within your lives to help change the very planet upon which you live.  Does all of this information make sense to you?


ALL: Yes.


Are you all willing to do a meditation with us before we allow others to come through Sue?


ALL: Yes.




We will ask you to find your comfortable positions. 


You are all in a place of sun.  You understand how different the sun is here than in other places.  We are going to request that you feel the heat of the sun in your heart center as if you were outside facing your chest to the sun, putting your shoulders back, allowing this light, this heat, to come into your body.  Breathe in this sun through your heart center.  Breathe in this wonderful warmth.  With each and every exhale, breathe out all those things that stand in your way.  Breathe in this light.  Breathe in this feeling of warmth, of being held, of being loved.  Breathe out your doubts, your fears.  They have no place here.  On your next breath, bring it into the front of your heart center, out through the back and around to the top of your head.  Complete a circuit through the front of the heart, the back of the heart, up around through the crown, and back to the heart.  This is a completed circuit.  It circulates this wonderful warmth from the sun.  With each breath you take and each time you breathe in, you feel your chest cavity expand in love, in abundance, in care and joy.  All of this, all of this light comes back again through your crown so you are never without. 


Now we are going to ask, we are going to ask you to send energy into your planet through your feet.  Feel the sand, the heat upon the bottom of your feet.  Feel the warmth of being held by the earth on the bottom of your feet.  Like the living being you are, send down roots into your planet.  These roots go down deep, deep into the planet.  This is your connection.  Now that you are rooted, we ask you to bring energy up, up through these roots.  Bring it up, bring it up into your feet.  Draw it up each leg.  Draw it up until you reach your waist.  Feel your connectedness to your planet. 


In your mind’s eye, raise your arms over your head.  The sun that you felt coming into your chest cavity, feel it now on the palms of your hands.  Feel the heat sink deep into your skin.  Draw it down your arms, down to your shoulders and into your chest cavity.  Draw it down to your waist so your feet and your arms are connected. 


Now you must connect your head, always separate from your heart but no longer needing to be. Draw this energy up, up from your heart center, up through your neck into your head.  Feel the energy going outward, out through the crown of your head.  So you receive through you feet and your hands and send through your crown.  As you send your energy outward, you feel yourself expanding.  You feel yourself elongating.  You feel yourself connected.  And breathe.


The warmth of the sun surrounds you.  The warmth of our arms surround you.  The warmth of your universe surrounds you.  You are all things.  All things are you. 


Feel now the energy come and touch your third eye.  This is the energy of your divinity.  Another area where you can receive into your body.  So you now receive from your feet, receive from your hands and receive from your third eye.  Breathe this energy in and let it all gather at your heart center.  Watch... it...grows.  It expands. It expands.  Soon, you are connected to all things and all things are connected with you.

You can still send energy through your crown out to the universe knowing it comes back through the earth.  You are never separated from this.  You are always, as you would say, plugged in.  Feel it move through you.  Feel it clear any blocks. 


Bring yourself back now to your physical body but hold on to this feeling of enlightenment.  Know with each breath, know with each inhale, know with each exhale that you are in the circuit of all things.  You are connected.  You are healers.  You heal with eyes, and ears, and sound and touch.  Embrace your healing. 


Bring your body back now to your chairs, back to this room.  Feel yourself in your chair.  While you are physically in your chair, we are going to ask you to become aware of the energy that surrounds you.  This is energy that moves around you. It is of the planet.  It is of the universe.  You have access to this energy for any purpose – to heal self or others, to release tiredness, to remember details, to control environment.  It is with you.  It is always with you. 


Now allow this energy to come and touch your third eye, to help you keep it clear and open.  Feel this touch.  Know you can call it to yourself at any time.  Sit back in your chair and know we are there to hold you, to catch you, to support you.  Let go of your linear.  Let go of your logic.  It is no longer the importance you thought it was, and trust.


Take a moment now and bring yourself back consciously into your physical forms.  Take in a breath or move your physical body.  Bring yourself back to your here and now. 


There are others who wish to speak to you.


Is everyone back?  Is everyone alright?  Do you have any questions as to what we did?



You received a taste of what is available to you at all times.  Do you have questions of us before we turn this over to others?


ALL: No.


Then this is good.



It is amazing when I feel the pain I feel through emotions caused by intellect that seems to be directed by expectation.  You have all been expecting certain things to happen in certain ways.  These things have not happened.  Let me speak to you of self healing.  Let me speak to you of being kind to self.  Let me speak to you of finding joy in moments instead of waiting for joy to come to you.  Although you know how to do this sometimes you resist for you are busy planning for the next stage, the next thing, the next step. 


When you sing your music, you do not think of the next note, but allow yourself to find that note in your own way even when error is made.  When you find yourself enjoying the company of someone, you do not think of the next moment of their company.  If you do, it is often to ruin the moment. 



The message I have for all of you is that there are many changes coming.  Many of them will be emotional.  There will be sadness, but it need not be overcome.  You can feel it and move on.  It need not be changed.  You can allow it and move forward.  It need not be judged.  You can except that it was the choice of the individual and allow it to be what it is.  All of these things are going to be needed as your future unfolds before you.  When you stay in your moment, you are not in any way denying the process of allowing the energy to move through you.  That’s all this is, children.  It is a movement of energy from one place to another. Enjoy!  Allow your hearts to open to my love.  Allow yourself to be held within my love.  See yourself as I see you – bright, beautiful lights, children that I am always proud of regardless of how you view yourselves.  I see you as children with hearts that are wide to the world to receive not just to send.  You must allow in this love if you wish to give this love.  These are lessons all of you are still learning but getting better at. 


If you will take a moment to let me touch your heart, I would be indebted to you for allowing my energy in.  Feel my gentle touch upon you.  Feel me touch those areas that have been cold for so long and know how easy they are to warm again.  Let me visit you when you have moments of despair.  My love will always bolster whatever you are going through.  I find it loving when you allow me in.  I find it loving when you ask me for assistance.  So please, do not hesitate. 


As changes come to you, know that there are many energies you may call on.  Your faith will often lead you in the direction best for you.  You must have faith in order to allow that to happen.  You need not believe anything except what you feel within your heart to be right.  How could that ever lead you wrong if you are truly open to that wonderful place within you?


The meditation that was just conducted is to help you learn to receive.  It will be a starting point for all of you to be giving in new and different ways. 


Do any of you have questions of me?



Loving Final Words

I will leave you with only one thought: To be loved by others, you must learn to love self.  To love self will allow you to be loved by others.  Since you are already so widely loved by so many, I am hoping you can see this reflection when you look in the mirror and learn that self is worth loving.  Take care of yourselves, my children.  Know that I am as close as your heart.



You asked last night about changes, planetary.  We are now ready to answer some of these things that you were thinking but not speaking.  Let us say this: the energy that is being opened in this place where you sit, not just in the church, but in the physical area of your planet, the energy that is being opened here, if you look at the opposite side of your planet you will see that equal energy is being opened there as well.  Do not mistake the purpose.  The purpose is to assist each individual in finding what is important within them to open as well.  Know that the reason for this, is that as you open to this energy, as you allow this energy into your heart, as you connect heart to heart, you have to connect with the planet in the same way for that is how it has been designed. The planet must be allowed to recognize your vibrations in ways that she can understand.  That means each of you open to those vibrations within self first.  


We spoke of earth changes.  We will speak of them now.  This area will be changing from its history.  If you go back on the history of what has happened within the area of what you call Arizona, and New Mexico, portions of Texas and there are a few other small areas, but those would be the majority, and look at the history of what has been claimed person to person, you will understand what now needs to be reclaimed.  If there was cruelty, there now needs be love.  If there was love, you now need to understand that love and not do it from a sense of guilt but a sense of desire.  If things have been taken without permission, they must be given back.  If things were given back without knowledge, they must now be acknowledged. 


Think of what this means to the planet, itself.  Do you wish this planet to prosper?  Then you must allow her to prosper by giving to her those things that she can then give back to you.  If you think of each area going through an exercise similar to this, you will understand what we mean by the changes that will be planetary.  Not just in the shaking from the earthquakes, or the volcanic ash from what is erupting now nor from the water, but each and every element will be working in each and every energetic area around your globe.  Think of what this means to you.  You operate on these elements.  You are earth and air and fire and water.  Have you looked inside self to understand where these come from within you?  Where is your passion?  Are you working your passion?  Have you given of your passion for that is part of this?  What of your emotion?  How often have you stuffed your emotion?  What do you need to give there, as well?  Look at yourselves, look at your histories, look at those areas that have seen changes to your planet and you will better understand the new changes that are coming.  It will be most intriguing when you see these things change. 



Now, we will say to you also on a planetary level that your, what you call the equator, will change its temperature and because of that, affect every place upon your planet.  Do not think this is a bad thing.  Some things change for the good of other things.  You understand the systems that you have put into place upon your planet – that bird and animal and insect and water and plant must all work in a system that supports the other.  The person who has changed this system is the two-legged humans.  Therefore, it is them who must change it back again with, of course, the help from your planet.  So make yourself aware of your own passions and you will understand what the earth is asking of you. 


The areas that will see great change will be large cities.  Do not be surprised at changes in landscape in large areas that are not inhabited.  They, too, will be looking quite different.  Look to your centers of government, on every continent, all over your globe and you will see that the changes will be happening there, also.  Please, become aware that they cannot remain as they have been, for they have been destructive.  Now it is time to start rebuilding.  You cannot do both those things at the same time.  Instead of worrying about what is happening in that city, simply work with what is happening with you wherever you may be at that time.


Let us speak of the planet.  The coastal sections of your planet will be changing.  There will be some, what you would refer to as upheaval on your eastern seaboard.  There will be similar things on your western seaboard.  But the middle of your country, where you are now physically located, will also be changing.  Do not think that this will change borders.  It will not.  Do become aware that it will change landscape.  It will change the look of things.  It will change the cycle of things. 


To look to other countries will also be something that will be most important.  Everyone will be learning new lessons.  Everyone will be looking at their physical selves, their environments, what is around them, and what they have done to change it.  Know that the goal, although it may not seem that way in the beginning, is to get it back to a more pristine state. 


You will hear more talk of herbal medicine, energetic medicine, simple medicine.  You will hear less talk of medicines that work, for you will discover that things will be transmuting in bodies for bodies are transmuting.  So something that will work for person “A” will not work for person “B” for they are not the same person, are they?  Yet, you try to treat everyone the same.  It does not work that way.  You are all equal, but you are all different. 


Know that people to people will be changing also.  What this means for those in this room is that you will find those people who are more comfortable to you.  As your vibration continues to grow, you will be going away from those people who annoy you and finding a more compatible community.  Open your arms and receive this without judgement knowing that you are all still different and yet capable and able of supporting and helping each other. 


There will be water damage on islands.  There will be issues around drought.  All of these things you have seen and your science has looked at, but never taken to these levels.  While these things are going on, if you will just look below the surface, you will find the good that is happening.  Again, you are being put back into a state of being more pristine, and that includes your physical bodies.  Do not think this is how you started.  You did not.


Know as these changes come that each of you will be choosing things that have nothing to do with where you are now.  Know that what label you give a thing, be it medicine, be it art, be it music, be it radio, it has no place in the same way that it did before.  It will only be heart work.  You will either be doing your work through your heart or not.  If you are not, you will know readily for your body will not be happy.  If you are, you will know readily for you will be very happy.  It will have nothing to do with the laws as you have defined them on your planet.  Those laws are also changing.  This will happen in a gradual way.  In some places it will happen in a most shocking way.  It depends on what will be best.  The image that we have is when you remove the bandage.  Sometimes it is better slow.  Sometimes it is better fast.  There are bandages being removed on various places around your continent, around your world, around your universe for it is not just one layer we are working on here. 


We will say to you the energy that is coming your way has to do with change.  As long as you can keep your sight on what is positive about that change it will be positive.  The moment you let yourself get caught up in what is negative about this change then it will all be negative.  It is your choice. 


For now, know that you can vibrate and change your vibration at will by allowing in.  When you let the sun in, you change your vibration for the sun communicates to you in ways you have never truly understood.  The earth communicates with you in ways you have never truly understood.  You have had people through the years, the indigenous tribes, that understood more than you do now, and even they were not correct in all of their interpretations.  You are coming to that time where you will understand.  If you remember light and vibration and sound, and recognize the concept of transforming and transmuting what is there to what you desire, you will always, always be able to go forward with something positive. 


That is our general message for all.  That is our message of change on the planet for all.  Do you want dates?  We will not give them for we know that you still have power, as we said, to transform or transmute.  You are not the only people receiving these messages.  You are not the only people working with light.  You have more power than you have allowed yourself to utilize. 


When many of you gather for peace, it is peace you will create.  When many of you gather for change, it is change you will create.  When many of you gather with anger, it is anger you will create.  You must decide where you choose to go in this vibration.  It will be very easy to get caught up in anything that you have been caught up in before.  It is a comfort level to go back in vibration instead of forward.  It will always be your choice. 


We trust you will be following a path we are assisting you on for this is something you requested of us long ago.  We will see.  Now is the time to ask your questions.


K: For the first time in a while we have no questions for you. 


Could this mean that you now hear us?  This is good news. 


We will say again look to the skies and look to the earth for we will be there giving you information at all times.  We will say to you to work with the energies that are around you for you all have energies around you.  We will say to trust the ones that ring true to your heart and to not get caught up in the ones that simply whisper the old news.  We will say to always go to your heart for your answers and you will then always make correct choices.  That is how we will leave you.


Thanks all around.