The Many Channeling

Old Orchard Beach Adult Ed Class - October 19, 2005



We are here.  This is a group that is both intrigued and yet, not sure.  We like people like you.  We find that the more people like you that we can speak to in a way that will touch your hearts, the more likely you are to open those hearts for the energy that is there for you.  Please understand that what we are when we come in in this way is simply a portion of who you are, simply a piece of who you are, simply another part of you that perhaps you have been shut off from. 


The energy that we offer you will be on several levels this evening.  We wish you to leave here with, we will say to all of you who doubt, we wish you leave here with some type of proof of the fact that we are here. We can do that on an energetic level for that is the easiest way to be in touch with you.  But some of you will not believe what you feel.  Therefore, we will offer on a second level, which will be the level of once you are gone from here, you will become aware in your dreams of something that has shifted.  Then the third thing that we will say to you to become aware of is that if it does not come through your dreams or it cannot come through your feelings, we will tell you that you will be – the word ‘disturbed’ carries too many dangerous definitions with it – but we will say that you will be disturbed by thoughts that you do not seem to be able to stop thinking of.  Not necessarily negative thoughts, nor would they be thoughts that are dangerous thoughts, just simply things that you cannot seem to get out of your head.  Like that tune that plays and does not leave you!  The reason we say this is because we will work with you until you get it. 


We have found that sometimes we have to come back again and again and again with the same message before people understand what it is we are here to show you, to teach you, to assist you with.  What that is, is the word ascension which many of you have difficulty with.  You have it attached to religious beliefs and not really the understanding of what it truly is. 


If all of you could see yourselves as the molecular creatures that you are, if all of you could recognize that you exist on more than one plane of existence, if all of you would become more aware of the fact that you simply know things but do not know how you know things, then you would understand the message we are bringing you.  We are bringing you the message that is saying these different layers are coming closer and closer together, and as they come closer and closer together, you will be more knowledgeable of self. 


It is about self we wish to speak tonight, and on that note, for you to recognize what that really means.  It means that the questions you have about self are perfectly good questions no matter how they may sound.  The concept you have of self is a perfectly good concept of self no matter how it may not make sense to you on your 3D level.  It is the self that you will all be working with. It is the, we will say, the center core of your being that needs to be reinforced and loved and embraced so that you can comprehend who you truly are and recognize that your are not separate but, rather, you are part of the whole.  Part of the whole, the entire whole, is you.  This means that you exist in more than one dimension.  This means that you exist in more ways than you have allowed yourself to believe in your own existence. 


We realize that some of these thoughts are, perhaps, what many of you would call ‘out there’ but we are also out there, so it does not matter to us much.  We will also say to you that each and every one of you in this room is an empowered being.  Each and every one of you in this room has a great deal of self power that you do not utilize, that you do not truly understand.  The main reason we can say all of this to you is that you do not go into your heart and know you are worthy.  Too many of you will look at what is going on and feel a need to fix something outside of self and it is always at the expense of self, is it not?  If you are not whole and hardy, how can you fix another and make them whole and hardy? 


We will say to you that we see compassion growing in your country, here where we are currently speaking (USA), and yet, at the same time, we do not see compassion growing for self.  We do not understand.  How can you have compassion for another and not have compassion for self?  How is it you can all still wake in the morning and yell at yourselves about something you have not yet completed or done or taken care of?


All we wish to say to you is it is time for you to be seeing yourselves in a new light, this light, because we deal in light, we deal with energy, we deal with vibration, and in doing all of these things, we deal with color and sound and all things that go with vibration.  To see yourself in this new light is to recognize your worthiness for each and every one of you is part of All That Is.  Think of that for one moment please.  Think about what that means for you never to have been alone – not now, not ever.  Think of what it means for you to be aware of your energy on all the different levels that it is available to you and when you allow yourself to go out there, what that means to you as an individual, is that you are never alone. 


Sue has been raised with comments from her mother that when she speaks to herself she is at least talking to an intelligent person.  We like that concept.  We are asking you to speak to yourselves and perhaps you might hear our voice instead of yours.  If it is disguised in a way that you will assist you, we trust that you will listen.  If it is said in such a way that you would say it, we trust that you will understand that the message is to assist you, to help you, to make you realize what your power is. 


We see that there are many of you here who are still wondering.  We like this.  We think that this is a smart way to investigate what is happening around you.  We will ask you for just a moment to get comfortable please.  We will not do an actual meditation with you for we know that we are on a, what you call a clock, here.  We will ask you become aware of some energy that we will be sending your way.  So if you will be comfortable and uncross your limbs – many of you tend to put your energy at cross purposes when you do this!  If all of you will find a comfort in your bodies and take in a deep breath. . .



Now blow out that breath.  Just let your body relax for a moment.  We are going to ask you to picture in your mind’s eye the concept of light dancing upon water.  We are going to ask you to breathe in that light that dances on water and allow it to fill your physical being.  When you exhale, exhale any of the gray or stuckness that you find within your physical being.  This is good.


Now, relax your body.  Allow your body to just relax.  Yes.  Breathe in this light.  Breathe in this light that is clearing for you.  While this light comes into your body, we will ask that you imagine that your heart center, that very place in your chest, is filled with pink light, beautiful, soft, pink light.  When you breathe in the light, you see that this pink light sparkles.  Millions of tiny lights sparkle within your heart center area.


With each breath you take, and each time you take in a breath, you feel yourself expand slightly.  You feel your energy meeting with the energy of the person next to you.  Now we are going to ask you to imagine, in the center of the room where you are all seated, is a diamond like light, very similar to what you have been breathing in.  It connects to each and every one of you through your heart center.  As you breathe this in, as you allow this energy now to enter into your body, you can feel a vibration, a current, an electrical feeling under you skin.  Allow this to integrate into your energetic form.  This can be calming.  This can be warmth is you are cold.  This can be coolness if you are hot.  It becomes what you desire it to be.  You have that power.  You have that ability.


Breathe in the light again.  Breathe in this light.  Take a moment now.  Take a moment to center into the middle of your physical self.  As you sit in your chairs, as you breathe in this light, as you see the sparkling light in front of you, feel our presence surround you.  Feel us behind you.  Feel us as part of you.  You are in control and you have no reason to fear.  We simply are opening your sensitivities so you know when we are there.  We embrace you heart to heart.  We hold you dear.  You are powerful.  With your power, you create your true desires. Feel us behind you supporting you in all you choose. 


Watch the light in the center rise now up in the room, and connect with you at the top of your heads at your crown.  Know that we are available whenever you choose to come to us.  Or whenever you choose to have us come to you.  Know that we are opening this connection for your use.  You connect simply by desire. 


Feel us with you now.  Feel us in your heart center.  Know.  Know without doubt we are here. 




You have questions and we are willing to answer these questions when you come back into your more conscious self.  Come back into your bodies.  Allow yourself to move.  Ask your questions.


Q:  Will my book be published?


We have much news for you.  The thing is, you know this news already.  You have been very much aware that there is one thing still missing from what you have created.  Do you understand what we mean by this?  We see you do not. 


We will say this to you: You have great talent.  You have great abilities.  The only thing you are missing is your faith.  Your faith and your belief that you are deserving of this.   Your faith and your belief that this is possible.  Your faith and your belief that you are, indeed, capable of making this true.  When you recognize that within yourself you will see there will be absolutely no problem in what you call the publishing of, but we will say that there is still one thing that needs to be tweaked in what you have presented.  With another short time period you will understand what that is.  Once you understand what that is, it will come to you as an “ah-hah”.  It will be known within less than 30 of your days.  What we will say in those 30 days, if you will spend the time each day, simply say: “I am fulfilled because I am a writer”.  See how that makes you feel.  You will be amazed at the power that comes with that.  Does that information make sense to you?


Yes, thank you.


You are, indeed, welcome.  Are there others?


Q: What is my purpose in life? 


We love that question.  It is obvious that we have gotten that question many, many times before.  We will tell you what we tell everyone.  Your purpose is the purpose to live your life.  Your purpose is the purpose to understand what it is to be in joy.  Your purpose is the purpose to experiment and to reach out and to change your vibration as you ascend and experience enough joy so that you are then overflowing and send it to others. 


Unfortunately, on your planet, you expect the answer to be a nurse or a doctor or someone who will heal.  We are saying that is not the case.  Everyone’s purpose is to work with self, work from the self, outward, work from the inner core to the outer beings.  Work with the concept that says it is right and good and just for me to know these things, to do these things, to have these things.  In knowing, doing and having I then share with others because I cannot give what I do not have. 


So the purpose for all of you, dear children, is to recognize that you are here for purposes of joy.  Is there sorrow?  Of course there is.  But that is partly because you are all so very stubborn.  You see it in yourselves and we see it in you.  We will say to you there is no need for this except your stubbornness. 


So your purpose is whatever you choose it to be.  We are asking that you choose it to be the joy that you were put here to have within your heart so then you can send it outward to others.  Do you understand? 




Do you think that we are cheating by not telling you what you wanted to hear?  Are there other questions?


Q: Am I on the right path?


We would say to you your path would be much clearer to you if you would drop all those things that you carry.  You cannot see the path you are taking for your arms are filled with responsibilities.  You cannot see past your responsibilities because the path you have chosen makes you think you need to even take on more responsibilities.  We will say to you throw it all up in the air.  We will say to you be more like the child and simply allow yourself to skip along until you feel like stopping instead of thinking that you have to cautiously creep a little here and a little there.  Is it not marvelous that every path goes to the same place – the Source?  All of your paths are leading to be one with the One, for that is the goal of all, including us.  So please do not see what you are doing as ‘a’ path.  See what you are doing as perhaps a lark, or a song, or a thing that you can do right now in this moment that is a fun thing for you to do.  You are still not yet enjoying it.  When you bring your pleasure to it, when you drop all of those things you carry called responsibility, and you can see where you are placing your feet, you will better understand that the path we all take is the path of joy when we so choose to go there.  Does that make sense to you?




Then this is good. 


Q: What do I need to do or be aware of in order to heal from childhood emotional abandonment issues?


What you ask of us would be something that we would need to discuss with you in greater depth but let us say this to you now: All of you hold on to old things you do not need with the understanding and expectation that you need them.  Think about that for a moment, please.  You build on foundations that no longer need to hold your house.  This is a foundation that is old.  Even though you are coming from that point, you no longer need to see it in the way you have chosen to see it.  We realize that this might sound convoluted in many ways.  What we will say to you is learn to throw out things that do not any longer belong to you.  Learn to get rid of those things that no longer serve the needs of who you are.  Learn to see the difference between what you can and cannot change. 


We will tell you, we will tell all of you, you all have the power to choose how you remember what has happened for you have the power to change your past.  If you take the time and understanding of how you can change that past, it will help you heal in the way you are asking to heal. 


You are still asking to heal from the outside in.  You are asking to find the magic potion.  You are asking to find the appropriate book.  You are asking to sit in meditation and have your epiphany come to you.  We are saying to you that is not how it will come.  It will come, rather, from your inside.  When you have no more room in your heart for your sorrows, then this will no longer be an issue.  Right now you still choose to hold on to these sorrows for you have not been able to look forward and replace them with joys. 


You all understand that it is love versus hate on your planet in so many ways.  We are asking you to so fill with love that the hate will no longer be an issue, to make sure that you release the hate.  We will call it that for that is where it comes from.  It comes from fear. It comes from anger.  It comes from guilt.  All of those things.  We are asking you to release that with the understanding that in releasing it you can change your past.  In releasing, we are not saying that you have to have a magic wand or a scalpel and cut it out.  We are saying in releasing you just need to crowd it out and replace with things that are so much better.  When you stop dwelling, when you stop giving energy to what does not serve and start putting energy into what does serve, all healing begins.  Do you understand?




Then this is good.   Are there other questions?


Q: How can I use my energy to help my daughter and grandson?


We will say to you what we say to everyone and what we had said earlier in our conversation, you must use your energy to work with self.  You must work with your energy and in working with your energy automatically people around you will better understand and be better served by you working with self.  It does not belong to you, what is currently happening.  It does not bode for you to be involved with something that you did not, in any way, help create, but rather for you to show by example.  You, again, as we were saying earlier, can fill your heart and your purpose with love and therefore show others how to do the same.  You have too much concern in fixing things.  The days have passed since you can kiss it and make it better. 


Do you understand us?  Can you accept what we have said?  We are aware of your stubbornness which is why we asked the way we asked.  We will suggest to you that you, as an example, you take a, we will say just one week, and set an intention for that week to be the best person you can be.  Understand that in being that, both your daughter and grandchild can better understand what will work in them and see if that does not change something in one weeks time.  It is only one weeks time.  Then, perhaps, you will better understand what we have spoken. 


Are there other questions?

Q: Why have you been coming to me and having me channel through the talking board and also through auto writing?


We will say to you that trust is your issue.  It is not the trust in who we are, it is the trust in who you are.  It is not the trust that we do or do not exist.  It is the trust that whether or not you have the power to do things that you have known since you were a small child you have the power to do.  We come to you to help you open.  It is not us we wish to work with.  That is fine.  We are saying to you you will work with no one until you trust in self.  The way you trust in self is to get past your fears that say, ‘what if it is bad?’, ‘what if it is wrong?’, ‘what if it is does not work?’, ‘what if people think I’m crazy?’. 


Sue has often had people think she’s crazy.  We actually think she’s crazy, also, but we like her that way.  You will find also what that means to you.  In coming to you, it is because you seek assistance and we will assist you. Rather than asking us questions when you go to automatic writing or rather than being fearful when you open to receive us why do you not just ask us “What can you do to assist me in opening more?”.  You will be amazed at the energy that will flow through you.  It is the energy you are learning to harness and work with and we are there to make sure that in harnessing and working with this you are safe.  If we can be there as your “spotters” we will call ourselves, then you can feel safe in working with other energies.  The direction you have been going in and the direction you are most comfortable with has nothing to do with us and everything to do with the dead.  Each of you will pick your own strengths and that is one you choose to choose for yourself.  Do you understand?  Does it make sense?




Then perhaps next time when you sit you will see us as your spotters and see what happens then.

Is there more?  We hear them on other layers but we do not hear them through Sue’s ears. 


If you do not choose to ask any more questions we will say this before we leave you.  We will say that each of you in this room have not come here by accident.  We will say that each of you in this room has a connection to each of you in this room just as each of you has a connection to something greater.  We will say that each of you is capable of much more than you give yourself credit.  We will say that each of you is on a path since that is a word you all seem to like, that will lead you to new information about self.  We will say for those people who did not ask their questions out loud, if you will ask your questions before bed this evening you will get your answers.  We will say that we are available, for we like to hang around, and we like to have experiences.  Our path is similar to yours and our purpose is similar to yours.  It is to experience.  We find we can experience much when we working in a dimension that is so different than the dimension we are from.  Unless you have more questions, we will be leaving you this evening.


Q: Where are you from?


A favorite question of many.  We do what Sue likes to call the side step.  We will tell you that you cannot label where we are from.  We will tell you that we are close as next to you but we are as far away as another galaxy.  We would not be what you call aliens and yet, we will say that we are part of the Star Seed Race.  So, this will give you the puzzle to play with, perhaps, until next time when you can speak with us again.


Thank you.


You are welcome, but she does not mean that!  Is there more?  Then we will leave you now. 

Kris, we are told, what is the timing that you have?  Is it necessary for us to leave or can we bring through other energy for you? 


We have plenty of time.


Then we will step aside and allow the Divine Feminine through as well for she has a message for the women.  It seems that it is mostly women who are open enough to receive this kind of information.  We wish you all a path of joy.  And, perhaps, sooner than you think, we’ll see you again.


Thank you.  Now she’s switching channels.


(Divine Feminine)

Children, it is always a delight to come in and feel the warmth and the love of the women of your planet.  It is a delight for you all to recognize that that warmth and that feeling is the same that the planet has for you.  The love that I offer whenever I choose to speak with you through Sue is something that you, each and everyone one of you, can find within your heart centers.  There is always a slice of me there.  I am going to request of you that, we will say in the next few months, that you look in your mirror and rather than see those things that you wish to complain about, I will ask that you see me there.  I will ask that you recognize the true Divine Feminine that resides within your heart, that is there for you, to always, to always call on for comfort, for understanding and especially for those times when things seem so out of control. 


As part of the Divine Feminine you also must recognize my part with the Earth.  I will ask all of you in regard to that to send your energy to her as well.  I am afraid there is more turmoil to come.  There is no reason to fear this.  It is no different than when each of you chooses to change an outfit or an attitude or perhaps a habit.  The planet is changing her outfit and her attitude and in many, many ways her habits.  She is no longer going to allow herself to be treated in the way she was before.  That is what I ask of you – to no longer allow yourself to be treated in the ways you were before.  It is important for each of you to look into your hearts and to make, what I will call demands and expectations of your treatment.  Too often, you put yourselves last.  Too often you wait until you are ill before you take care of your health.  Too often you put yourself out there for another and then you are sorely disappointed when they do not understand what you have tried to do. 


Just as the group before me was speaking about working on the self, I’d like you all to recognize that I am part of that self.  That I am and I do dwell within you.  In dwelling within you, I always am there for you.  I have all that you need, all that you could ever possibly need, to love self.  I just simply need you to concentrating on that and watch how it changes things. 


In your prayers or your thoughts, however you choose to look at these things, think of the planet as a sentient being.  Think of her as a good friend, a loving sister, a loving mother.  Think of her as someone that is part of your life in a very good way and she will think of you in the same, keeping you safe.  She will assist you in becoming aware of what is happening.  She will assist you in understanding when changes are coming your way and things that need to be done.  If you have an overwhelming desire to go out and, let’s say, buy a flashlight, please follow that.  She will assist you with those changes.  As those changes come to you, there is no reason for you to be fearful.  If you call me into your heart and you see that she is there as well, you will recognize that you are supported in even what you would consider your dark times. 


Please, children, open your hearts.  Allow me to communicate with you.  Allow me to show you all the goodness that I see within you instead of the complaining or the problems that you are more likely to give your attention to. 


You have all been blessed with wonderful lives whether you can see it as such or not does not matter.  You are experiencing things that you would never experience if you had chosen a different life.  Embrace your lives, children.  Embrace the life that you are leading and living.  Embrace yourself while living that life and see all the joy that is available to you.  In being connected you can just increase your joy by that much more in each and every day.


I am not here for questions, but if there are some, I would be happy to answer what I can for you.  Is there anyone? 


I don’t believe we have any questions.  Thank you for coming in today.


Then I will leave you, please, with this thought: When you go to bed at night go into your heart and see your family within your heart.  I do not speak of the one on the physical plane.  See your family which is part of All and All is part of you.  Know that in your heart that this is home.  Your science is finally understanding this.  It is time for you to understand this. 


Be well my children.