The Magick Closet
January 30, 2009
Sue Yarmey Channels The Many (and Gaia)


We are here.


We have four messages tonight for this particular group.


The messages are about, we will call it your sense of self is the first.



The second has to do with your sense of self in a place of belonging for that is true of everyone in this room.


The third has to do with your sense of self in the world as the whole, so that you recognize that you are connected to all things and all things are connected to you.



The fourth, then, has to do with your sense of self and the concept on your planet which is exceptionally limited, of the term love.


Those are the four things that are of the greatest energy within this particular group.


We will say to you, that all of you, that each of you have a sense of self, but none you, none of you have a sense of self in the way that is true to self. That is because each of you is very busy concerning yourself with the feelings of others, each of you is very busy concerning yourself with how the other person will respond to the "who" you are in this particular moment. We are not saying that is a bad thing. We are simply saying that it diverts you from knowing truly who self is.


Once you are in your core, once you recognize what core is, once you see yourself operating from that particular position, it is much easier to understand these four steps we are speaking of and how they relate to your own growth and development within, we will call it your spiritual side. But it is more than spiritual that you are growing. You are growing in all areas, in all ways, because so is your planet. You cannot do other than that when she is shifting and changing for you are too connected to her in too many ways. As your planet shifts and changes, so must you.


Your planet is discovering self, also. She is doing it in a most wonderful way. She is doing it by making each and every one who lives upon her, notice her. So for those of you who have forgotten to be grateful for what is offered to you by living upon this lovely blue planet, those of you who have forgotten will now have to notice for you will have no choice. There is great talk now about global warming. There is great talk now about what is happening with the plates.


In Sueís head she is laughing. She is seeing the old shows, your television shows where they would spin the plates on sticks! Those are not the plates we speak of.


We speak of the plates that create the earthquakes around your planet. The ring of fire is one of those places. And the plates upon your planet are also shifting. These shifts, more than anything Ė even though it is not yet understood by your scientists Ė are affecting the winds upon your planet as well. Eventually your scientists will understand how these are connected. Right now, they do not see any connection from what is happening underground and what is happening above ground. They will eventually note some changes and understand a little better.


As these changes are happening to your planet, and she is coming to the place of understanding who she actually is, you are all yearning for the same yet not quite knowing how to go about it. So since many people are seeing these earth events as bad things, perhaps you should all have tantrums. Perhaps you should all be able to express yourselves the same way the planet is Ė volcanically. . . or by shaking things up. Or, we are laughing here for we can say it can be through verbal abuse which Sue is very good at. (Laughter) That would be wind, we believe. It does not matter which you choose. It is time for each of you to find a way to express self differently than the way you have been expressing self for you have not! You have been expressing self only through the eyes of others and you have lost sight of who you are. Think on that for a moment, children, because it changes the way you see things when you recognize that as truth. It does not mean it is the only truth. It does not mean it is the only way to view things. It simply is a way to view things so that you can go beyond what has been holding you back and do something different.


We would like in the meditation tonight, should you choose to join us in doing that, to express to you a way to be opening your hearts, to be discovering self, to be connecting on every level possible so that the four steps we mentioned in the very beginning will be easier for each of you to understand.


We will say that it is the love, and your lack of understanding of that word that you throw about on your planet so easily, it is the lack of understanding of what love truly means for it must come from self. If it does not relate and understand self, how can it come from self? You will learn that that is not possible.


It is time, children, that you accepted the fact that you are loved. We donít care who you are. We do not care how long you have been here. We do not care if you do not understand. The love is always there. It is up to you to accept or reject. It always is. The energy that is always around you at any given time. It is up to you to accept or reject. It always is. So why is it the person knows not to get on the airplane before it crashes and another person does not? Why is it that when you are driving on your streets in weather such as you have now (snow, cold, ice) one person gets into an accident but someone else in the same spot does not. This energy, this information is always around you. It is up to you to determine whether you are willing to let it into your inner self, your core self, the self that we are talking about reinforcing and assisting you in making stronger so that it will be easier for you to understand who the self is that we see when we look at each of you. It is not the same as you see when you look in your reflective surfaces, it is different. It is an energy and a light that we see. It is a combination of things that make up in totality all that you are. And you are not just this physical, 3D being. You have layer upon layer upon layer that have nothing to do with this particular dimension. But that is a little more complex to be speaking of this evening. We will tease you to a place of comfort first, before we confuse you.


Do you have questions on what we are speaking of at this time? (Silence) Do not all speak at once. If you have nothing to ask of us on that level, do you wish to get into your question and answer part now or would you prefer to do your meditation first? We do not care. But we are often accused, and often accused by you, Kris, (laughter) that once the meditation is completed, you are somewhat brain dead. (More laughter)


Kris: It happens!


So rather than being accused, we are offering choice.


Response: Mumblings about voting for the meditation, and agreement to that.


Kris: Okay. Youíve been warned.


There is always time for questions, even with the clock watcher beside us.


Kris: Itís not about the time, itís about that fact that we go (not heard).


So we will say to you to find your comfortable positions. What we wish to do with you this evening is connect you to your core self, your self that is, indeed, both earth and universally connected. In doing this, we will also be opening your heart centers.




Find your comfortable positions.


Breathe in. Breathe in light. Allow the light to fill your body. And as you breathe in light, relax. Relax your physicality. As you breathe in light, when you exhale, release all things that block the light. Breathe in. And breathe out. And allow your physical body now to relax.


We wish to work with you in connecting you to your core self. We wish to work with you in connecting you to your planetary, third dimensional self. And in doing this, to make you more aware of your totality.


With your next breath in, breathe in from the center of the planet. Breathe in from the center of the planet, up into your body, into your feet, your legs, your torso, and settle the breath in your heart center. Feel your connectedness of breath from the heart of the planet to the heart of your body.


Now breathe in from the heart of the universe. Breathe into the top of your head down. Bring this breath to your heart cavity and let it rest there. Feel your heart cavity expand. Feel the energy of the heart of the universe and the heart of the planet now dwelling in your heart cavity. Feel that section of your body expand energetically.


Now breathe in through the front of your heart cavity, breathe in your connectedness to all things. And when you are ready, breathe out through the back of your heart cavity those things you wish to release.


You are connected to earth and universe. You are connected to heart, to heart, to heart, of all living things upon your planet and more.


We ask you to see in front of you, here in the middle of the room, a column of light. Imagine that this light is your core self. This light is in each and every one of you. It pulses. It moves in a similar way with your DNA. It shows you light and sound and color and movement.


As you watch this light, as you see the movement of this light when you are ready youíre going to step into the center of the column. When you step into the center of the column, youíre going to feel yourself coming together Ė earth to universe, heart to heart. Feel yourself connecting to all things. Feel your placement within the universe. Feel your placement within the planet. Feel.


As this energy spins around you, as this energy moves around you, you become it and it becomes you. Now you are the column. The column is you. You are light and you are sound and vibration and feeling.


Breathe (toned). Feel (toned). Allow (toned).


Allow now the energy in your heart center. See it as a different color. See it as a different movement. See it as a different light. It is all things and all things is what it is which is light and sound and color. It is wave upon wave. It is vibration. You are wave upon wave and vibration.


We ask now that you find a memory, a memory from your early years of being held, being soothed, being loved. This memory is unconditional in its love for you. This is for you. Unconditional love no matter who you are, no matter what you have done. Allow yourself to feel this feeling of unconditional love. Of being held. Of being wanted. Of being desired. And allow the memory of the energy of the feeling to go into your heart center. Open your heart center for this memory and this feeling. And when you allow this memory to be planted in your heart center, watch as it now grows. Love. Desire. Acceptance. It grows from head to toe and toe to head. It is your energy. It is energy of complete acceptance.


Bring your thoughts back now, bring them back to the room you are in. Hold on to the feeling of being held. Hold on to the feeling of being desired. Hold on to the feeling of being wanted. And with that feeling in the room that you are now in, with that feeling held close to your heart, allow yourself to create a door in your heart cavity. A door that you allow yourself to open to receive from others. A door that is triggered by kindness and love. A door that is triggered by feeling. Release the fear that says you will be hurt. Release the fear that says you cannot trust. And in your door allow yourself the power to know the difference between manipulation and adoration; between fear and love; between want and desire; between self centeredness and self care. Know that you are in control of this door, but it is time now to be receiving.


Again, the door will always open to love.


Breathe now up from the center of the planet, up through your spine and exhale at the top of your crown. Breathe now from the center of the universe into your crown send the earth back this breath through your feet. Breathe now the energy of the universe into your heart and send love back through yourself out the back to the rest of the universe. Watch as it recycles and comes back to you, to your door that is open to love. Feel yourself accept. Feel yourself being held once again. Feel yourself being adored and loved.


Come back now. Come back into your physicality. Enter back into your body in a more conscious way. Steady your breathing to bring yourself back to your here and your now to this room and this time knowing you have been given not just a tool, but rather an opportunity to allow. Should you need to feel loved, adored and wanted, we will say simply to open your door and ask. It does not matter if you are alone or with others. Simply open this door and ask.


As you bring yourself back to this time and this now, make yourself aware of your physicality in the chair where you are sitting. Breathe into your body. Move your body. When you have all returned, we also will come and speak with you more.




Not too shabby, huh? (Laughter)


Has everyone returned?


R: Yes.


Do you have questions on what we have done? (Silence) You will.


Kris, we will ask of you, is there a way you can share with everyone in this room that particular meditation? We fear they may need to do this more than once before it takes.


K: I can send a link.


That would be good. We would recommend, since we saw some resistance, that this would be a good thing to do more than once for each of you. We do not care if you do it. We just wish to offer you the opportunity to do it. Do you have questions on why we did what we did, or any questions on your meditation before we go into your questions?


R: I couldnít find one.


Could not find one what?


R: A memory.


Is that not fascinating. We would say to you, then make one up. (Laughter)


R: I did, thank you.


It does not matter if it is real or not. What matters is that you find a way to get yourself to the feeling level that we speak of. Since you have made one up already, we trust it was a good one. Is there anything else?


Are your brains back enough now to be asking your questions?


You have said yes, so that means you must have a question to ask.


Q: I have a couple questions.


We might have a couple answers.


Q: One question is, is there significance to the colors that I see when Iím doing the meditation or when Iím doing my work? If there is, how do I discover what that is, how do I know what the significance is to the colors that I see?


We have a smart answer Sue does not want us to use. (Laughter) We will say to you, that how can there not be significance because they are your colors? They affect you on an emotional as well as a visual level when you see them. To ask what someone else might think they mean would be silly, for they would not mean the same to the other person as they would mean to you. We say this because you have a tendency to ask for validation in what you already know within your heart is correct for you. We are not the ones to give you that validation because that must come from self. We would say, instead, to name these colors for they are not what you would call "normal" colors. We would say to you to name these colors for yourself and determine how you feel when you are around those colors. Then you will have all the answers you could need. You already have them, you are just afraid to accept them. Do you understand?


R: I do.


Then this is good. And the other questions are?


Q: The other question is about writing, about my writing.


Yes you can! (Laughter!)


Q: Thank you. Itís been my experience that I write better when I have to.


Actually when you are in pain, you write better. For whatever reason, your mind says it must be released in some way, and your writing assists you in your pain. Would it not be nice if you could also write the same when you were in joy?


R: It would be fantastic.


Then perhaps it comes down to re-training yourself into understanding that we need to express joy as much as we need to express pain. For some reason, you are fearful to express your joy Ė what if you are incorrect? What if someone should come along and take that from you now that you have expressed it? Yet you know that is not necessary, nor needful, nor going to actually happen, itís just simply a fear that you have. We would say, since you like to challenge yourself, Ė you do it all the time but not always in a positive way Ė we will say to you why not challenge yourself so that every time you write from your place of pain, you must also write from a place of joy. If you do not have a memory, then make one up, for you all seem to be good at that. Write about your joy as often as you write about your pain. Then you will see how they can start coming together and be more "real" all the way around. We are not one thing or the other, nor are you one thing or the other. You are multiple things. You are not just pain or happy but all things between. You will not express that in ways of your writing until you can accept that in ways though your heart. Does that make sense to you?


R: Yes.


Then this is also good. Do you have more?


R: Not right now.


She says that but doesnít quite mean it.


R: I havenít formulated how Iím going to say what I want to say.


We can wait. Are there others while we are waiting?


Q: Why am I supposed to be here tonight?


You have a tendency to doubt what you know, deep within self. You search outside of self for that validation we spoke of earlier. You have not yet seen your power. You have not yet accepted your healing abilities have nothing to do with your training. You have not yet allowed yourself to recognize how you have healed others in the past that had nothing to do with your


medical training but by the way you spoke, by the compassion you offered, by the heart understanding you put out. Since it is now time for you to be receiving the same, it would be nice if you knew that, also. So we are simply a reminder to you in the door we have given you Ė speaking of resistance Ė that it is time for you to expect to be receiving at least as much as you have given. You do not expect it. You are thankful for even the small things that you receive which is not bad. At the same time, it keeps you, we will say, begging for more. Even though that is not a conscious thing, the begging part we are speaking of is the need for your soul to be fulfilled. That is a word we truly like.


Fulfilled is one of those words that is not often used in your language. Sue discovered it a while ago and started using it (this is an odd statement to me Ė the use of the word "discover") and we have an image of what that means. When you are fulfilled, what you are is brighter than at any other time. When you are fulfilled, what you are is able to project your energy farther than at any other time. We find the use of the word with the concept of the energy a lovely combination to be teaching those in your species to better understand and utilize.


You need to now ask yourself, what it is that will fulfill you rather than what it is you must do to help others be fulfilled or to survive. If you will shift your thinking from outside to inside Ė this actually holds true to all Ė to shift your thinking from outside of self to inside of self what happens is that all things outside of self shift, too. Those that you have been struggling to assist will suddenly be in better places. It may not be the place you want them to be but that isnít necessarily your choice. So once you shift your perspective inward, once you start seeing your capabilities and not just your abilities according to what is on a piece of paper (resume), or what others have told you, then you will truly understand the healing powers that you have to offer.


We do not know if you are here to hear that or not, but we kind of like it! (Laughter)


R: I am here to hear that.


Do you understand what we say to you?


R: Yes, I understand.


Do you have questions on that?


R: Oh, probably lots, but I wouldnít want to take up everyoneís time.


Then what we will say is that is an outside thing and not an inside thing.


Kris: Start receiving. Ask you questions!


Q: I have another question, first, thatís on my mind, that doesnít have to do with what we were just talking about, I donít think.


It is all related.


Q: Why did Shea (spelling?) come into my sonís life?


For the same reason you came here tonight. We learn with mirrors. We learn from what we allow ourselves to be reflected back with. So you come here to see pieces of self. Shea appears so your son can see pieces of self in ways that he cannot see in the old environment. Do you understand?


R: I understand but it doesnít makes sense. Shea is dying.


That does not matter for what is being reflected back has nothing to do with life and death. What is being reflected back has to do with the energetic side of living. Do you understand that?


R: Yes.


You hesitate.


R: Because Iím crying.


That is acceptable. We must point out to you that living is not something everyone understands. We find it fascinating. You have physical shells that you work with quite diligently to keep going no matter what. Yet, we see a difference in personality in those who understand the difference between living and just surviving. This is about living. You will see more of this in different ways as the time in some peopleís perspective dwindles and other peopleís, expand.


We will say to you if you will stay in your heart through this process you will see it much more clearly. If you try to protect, change, shift, move outside of self for the sake of your son, you will not understand what is actually happening and you will not be doing your son a favor. Does that also make sense?


R: Iím not sure.


We will let you read it again in your scientific mind and see what you make of it when you can read the words.


R: Thank you.


You are welcome, but you are not sure you mean thank you (Laugh) Is there more?


R: Not right now.


(Silence) Were we too mean, and no one else wishes to speak with us?


R: NO.


Q: I have a question but I donít really know how to put it into words. Iím in a position now of owning 2 houses and a husband just diagnosed with metastatic cancer. Iím wondering what am I supposed to learn from this and what steps am I supposed to take other than finding my own heart?


We love when you answer your own question (laughter). You are correct. It is to find your own heart, first. It is to recognize that choices have been made outside of you that have little or nothing to do with you. Yet, at the same time, there is that part of you that always could kiss it and make it better. It no longer operates on that level. We will say to you, for you to find your center. In your center, listen to the words we use previous about the concept of living and to recognize the joy that is always available. What we see when we look at your species, in general, is your fears and not your joys. We are asking that you learn to see your joys, first.


The joy that will come from this, will be the joy of understanding all that you have gained. The joy that will come from this will be the understanding of all that you have given and received in this particular lifetime, instead of dwelling on the when and why and how come and why me. If you dwell in that area, you are dwelling outside of self and not within self. If you choose to live and dwell within the heart, you will be amazed at how differently things will look to you, for it will not seem as doom and gloom as it does now. Although your words can be "oh no, I understand", your feelings are still quite, we will say, tender. You must release those feelings for there is anger connected here. It is perfectly normal for you to be angry. Express your anger. Allow the anger to be. . . let it fly free. In allowing it to leave you, you will have the room for the joy. Do you understand?


R: Yes.


Then this is good. We will ask, when Sue transcribes (and we know how much she loves to do that!), to make sure you carefully read what we have offered to you. You will receive the information on different levels at a different time. Is there more?


Q: How do I find a home, but not a structure to live in, my place where Iím supposed to be and who Iím supposed to be with?


You start with heart. If you are not content within the heart of self, please go back to the beginning when we spoke to you about the various selves that need to be understood. If you are not content with that self, there is no home for you. Your home, in essence, for each and every one of you is the universe. Your home is the energy within your heart center for your heart center is connected to all your other pieces in ways you cannot possibly yet comprehend. That comprehension will be coming in other ways.


We will say to you that the structure you are looking for is . . . We do not mean this to be judgmental, but you have a tendency to ask for things specifically. You know, if you had "X" then you would be happy. We are saying, you are often limiting this home you are asking for. When you use the very term, you have in your mind a mental image of what it should be. We will say, instead, to find in your heart, the feeling that you are looking for, to find within your heart center that emotional piece by opening the door of what it means to have a home. And is not home with those we love? So discover within self what home means on a feeling level and not on a structure or non-structure level. Once you define home from feeling, and open the door to both let it out and in, you will be attracting what you say you desire. But as long as you believe that it must be a physical space, in essence, for that is the definition you carry when you think in that way, you will have great difficulty finding the location. Do you understand us?


R: Yes I do.


Do you have questions on what we have told you?


R: No, I understand.


Is there more?


Q: Actually, I have one more question. I have a feeling Iím supposed to do something with my hands. And it keeps coming back to me.


There is a character Sue has in her head from Pee Wee Herman (laughter). We believe his name was Jambi or something like that. He had no hands.


We will say to you, like Jambi, you do not need hands to heal, but that is the direction you are sending yourself. When you say the feeling is that there is something to do with your hands, we will ask you to work with the feeling and not the Ďwhat doesí or Ďcould this meaní. Do not think in terms of Reiki or Reflexology or Polarity or massage Ė do not think for those are limited ways of thinking. Think, rather, what can you do each time you touch....when you reach out to a friend and simply tap their shoulder, or when a child goes by and you touch them on top of the head, or when someone comes up to you in grief and you simply hold their hand. Your hands are an extension of your heart. If you put them straight out to the side, they align with your heart cavity. Your hands often send out the energy of your heart. If you can start recognizing what your heart is saying, it will, in turn, lead your hands to where they need to be. We are saying to you that by listening to your heart, you will be led in a new direction. Does this make sense?


R: Yes, it makes sense.


Then this is good. Is there more?


R: No, thank you.


Anyone else?


Q: What I was thinking about earlier has been answered by what you said to others, very nicely. It was to do with my work and finding that place where itís easy when we meditate and when weíre here to get in that place where weíre just here. Thatís really all we need to be, just here, with where our heart is. Thatís where I want to be when Iím working. You just gave me a good reminder about how to get there and thatís the way to go about my work.


And now the trick, as you would call it, is how do you stay there? You stay there by recognizing there is no reason to leave. You all leave that space because you think you must fit somewhere else. Yet, here you are, all in this room fitting quite nicely. You must come away from, again, that concept of validation outside of self.


If someone thinks you are crazy, oh well. If someone thinks there is something wrong with you, oh well. If someone believes that what you are saying is incorrect or wrong, they have choices to make, also. You would not feel the same way if you were speaking on some other level that was already acceptable to the masses such as a religion. You have all been taught that you must back away from stating anything opposite the religion is stating. Yet, in your spirituality, you somehow think you must be altering that belief system within self to fit the outside people. There is no reason to leave your heart except to make the other person more comfortable. You must stop and ask yourself, why are they more important than you? Your comfort will assist in your healing. Your healing will assist in the healing of all.


If you wish peace upon your planet, it must first be found within self. If you wish abundance upon your planet, it must first be found within yourself. You do not need to leave that heart space except from your point of fear. So you may wish to ask yourself, what are you afraid of? If itís crazy, we would say, go for it! It is much more fun to be considered crazy (laughter). Is there more?


Q: Iím thinking about the crazy part. In the meditation, to open the door to my heart, Daffy Duck jumped out. So, crazy is my thing! (Laughter)


We hope that he can dance with Daisy. It is always much more fun to be with a partner, is it not? That is the piece it is time for you to be looking at. We knew youíd like that one!


R: Okay.


We do believe we have tongue tied her, not an easy feat with her. You understand us.


R: I do.


We will pick on you in that way because you do understand us.


R: Thank you.


You do not mean that but we will accept it. (Laughter)


Q: I have a general question.




Q: There are so few of us that enter into this and really want to be a part of helping the Earth, support the animals and so forth, when you look at the population and the fear out there. How do you see hope in that, that the Earth will survive and the goodness will survive in peopleís hearts when thereís so few?


Perhaps because we see so many and not so few. Perhaps because we look, and we see into the hearts differently than you see into the hearts. Perhaps because we have dealt with the Earth for millions of years and recognize it would take a lot to destroy her. She has great power. For you to think, because you are living upon her, that you can influence that greatly, you are not correct. She knows how to save herself. Yet, at the same time, it is the lessons you all must learn that she is assisting you in learning.


So the hope that you are asking for already exists. The hope that you are speaking of is already there, in that heart place. If you open that door that we have assisted in placing there, and ask for the hope to come in, it will be with you, also. Does that assist you?


R: Yes.


Then this is good. We will say to all of you that there is no greater power than self. However, that "selfís" power must be understood. If you do not understand the power that you have within yourself, then you will not act upon it. So the mother who thinks, ĎI cannot lift a carí and then the car falls on the child, will be unable to save the child. The mother who thinks Ďmy child is preciousí and then the car falls upon the child will not hesitate to lift that car. Science can come along and tell you anything Science chooses to tell you. But we will say it is the opening of the heart to receive that creates what you term miracles. Is that not something to think about?


If you are asking for a miracle, you must open that door we speak of in order to allow it to come in. If you ask for a miracle, we will also mention to you to not say what shape and form you wish it to take, but rather, like finding home, to go to the feeling center and allow the miracle to come to you in that way.


So your miracle can be that "I wish to be happy and content in my life" and then open the door with the expectation of what happy and content means and allow the miracle to come to you. A large part of miracle making is receiving, is it not? It is why many miracles happen unconsciously for your brains get in the way.


We have comments about your brains but we are being kind! (Laughter)


R: Oh, donít hold back.


Perhaps not a good statement to give to us! (LAUGHTER) We will say if you only choose to work with your heads, then the time in your history when they were using the guillotine in the other countries perhaps made more sense to us than to you (Laughter). The only thing however it managed to convey was that the heart would no longer function without the head. We are asking you to use both. But the head is an exceptionally stubborn vehicle to get through. Speak to any scientist and you will discover this. Although even science is coming around, we will say.


Are there more questions?


Q: I have another question. Speaking of hands, I have a great desire to put my hands on people in a therapeutic sense.


Sue is laughing.


R: Sue knows why. To me, her legs called to me during one of our groups and I just needed to go tend to them so I get distracted by that. Like Shea in the hospital. Even though the mother didnít know what it was I wanted to do, she let me do it. I had to do it. I donít know if itís self serving. It calls to me. So my question is, is that something I should be doing? You talk about the power in healing...


Does it matter if you do something for the good if it is self serving?


R: Iím not sure I understand that.


You said perhaps you only did what you did because it was self serving.


R: Well, itís just that itís my need. I have to do it.


Was anyone harmed in your need?


R: No.


Then why does it matter? What we will say, again, is if you are working from the heart it does not matter. If the person on the receiving end of what it is you term your need to do, does not wish it, they will simply not take it. For it is not all in your control even though you would like it to be. So those we try to save and hold onto because we think it is best, if the person we are holding onto and trying to save does not wish to be saved, they simply will say Ďsorry, we are not interested in what you have to offerí. The trick for you will be accepting that Ė accepting the fact that you can offer, but they have the choice to say no.


Each and every one of you, within your own power and within your own right, have the ability to do anything. BUT, the one thing you cannot do is infringe on the other person if they do not want it. When people say Ďthey made me do ití, that is not correct. There was choice involved. Even when you are working energetically with others it is their choice to accept or reject the energy that you are offering. If it is your need to offer the energy, why not do it? It harms none. And at some point, through your desire, we would hope it would help one. If it does not help the one you are working on helping, it is still positive energy that has been released into the energetic atmosphere and becomes part of the field. As part of the field, this energy can then be used by others with the open door in their hearts to let it in.


Never is it a bad thing to send energy in a positive way with the intention of healing and good health. But it must be sent in a positive way, and not in a dictatorial Ďthis will do this because I am doing thatí. That is too much of your allopathic medicine and not enough of the spirituality that comes from the actual healer, which all of you are.


All of you have played the Ďkiss it make it betterí role in one way or another which makes all of you healers. It just depends on what level you believe you can heal. Jailene does it with great, large horses. Others might do it with tiny children, even grandchildren. But the bottom line is that all of you heal. Does that answer the question that you never really asked? (Laughter)


R: Yes.


Then this is good.


Q: Thereís so much. But maybe Iíve come to a place in my life where I already know the answer to the question and it would just be validation. I donít want to come across leading myself as arenít you smart, and havenít you come a long way when Iím no where near there.


But arenít you smart? And havenít you come a long way?


Q: For the first time tonight, I have a very hard time with meditation, I have a very hard time calming enough to receive, and tonight was just so calming. The memory is so real. And because itís so real and so comforting, it would always bring me to tears because itís gone, and who gave me that memory. For the first time tonight, (canít hear)


Then we would say it has been a success. We would also say, even though you have not asked directly the question as others have done this evening, we will also say to you when you made your comment about having tools and props, what you are forgetting is how much power we put into our tools and props that make up who we are as individuals on many an occasion. So the woman who puts on the right outfit suddenly feels pretty even though she may not really feel pretty. So the purpose of your tools and props are to get you into that emotional place, to use the power of that emotion to create what it is you say you wish to create. Do you understand?


R: I do.


So if you will hold on to that information you will find there need not be pain with any memory except the pain we choose to put into it.


R: Thank you.


You are welcome. Is there any more before Kris gets out the whip?


Kris: Thereís power in that outfit, too! (Laughter)


(Lotís of talk, laughing and mumblings)


What we will say since Kris has politely requested a wrap-up, is that we will ask you now to go back to the first 4 statements that we made in regard to self. Understand that each and every one of you in a position of being who you are need to understand self first before all other things can flow into place. On that note, we have Gaia here, waiting to come through, but first we would like to say to each and every one of you since Kris has volunteered to send you a link to this particular meditation, we suggest that you use it again. We suggest that you use it until you no longer need to use it because the feeling can be called up in you quickly and easily simply by breathing. We suggest that you use it so that you can get in touch once again with the feelings that you have chosen to put aside because it was not appropriate, or you did not fit, or you did not feel comfortable. We give you this with a hope that you will continue to walk the path you have chosen which is the path of light. Each time you take a step, it is like turning on a light somewhere else. When you asked about hope, that is how hope is spread. Each of you gets to turn the light on, not necessarily turn the light out. It does not matter how others choose to view you. What matters is how you choose to view self. It is the self we started with, and it is the self we will end with which is why Gaia feels a need to speak with you, also.


If there are no more questions for us, we will leave you for now. Anything before we go? (Met with quiet) We will leave you.


R: Thank you




There is pain here tonight. I am concerned that when you allow the essence of the pain to be greater than the essence of the love, then your concentration cannot shift toward what it is you say you desire. As women, it is important to recognize the power that women have. As women, it is important to see how you, I will say how you convey the information to others. For too many years, it has been conveyed through apology. For too many years, it has been conveyed through subservience. And even though in modern times, woman has learned to be more forceful, more direct, more understanding of her own power, there is, I will call it a line of training that has been a part of you that is difficult sometimes to break. I could tell you the chronology of when things happened, but that is not the point. The point is to understand your own chronology of when you allow your power to come through and when you must, for whatever reason, back away from your power. The sad part is it usually comes through only in defense of another and not in defense of self. So I will ask all of you to take a moment tonight before you tuck yourselves in and allow yourself to feel your pain. It is real. It is a part of you. But in feeling it this time, allow yourself to feel it for the last time. Recognize that in accepting the pain that is there, there is no need, now that you know, now that you understand, now that you recognize, there is no need to keep it forever. There is no need to allow it to rule you. Rather, recognize that through love, through your heart, through your understanding of love of self, that that is what will bring you to where you desire and where you truly wish to be.


Children, it is so important that each of you, each of you go deep into yourselves, deep into your cells, the very make up of your bodies, go into them and recognize that each and every one has had a different experience. Each and every one still works together to function, to assist you, to lead you in new and different directions and hopefully on your path of power. Go into your cells, and recognize because of this, that you can re-train, re-group, and turn them all to a position that will make you joyful in the choices that you make.


There is so much joy in the world but it is difficult sometimes to get to because there are so many people clamoring in your head. It is difficult sometimes to get to because you are in a place of being stuck in your pain. I am not saying there is no pain in the world. It is a great piece of suffering right now. Yet, at the same time, it is changing. It is changing because each person is changing. That is, indeed, what true power is. . . not from the group, not from the community and not from the country but from the individual heart. Once one heart changes, just one, all others can then begin to follow.


Look at the leaders who have chosen their heart. Look at Mother Theresa. Look at Gandhi. Look at those who have come before, who have offered their hearts, some of them better than others. Some of them with, we will call agendas because they want others to act as they act. And others who can recognize that just by being who they are, all things will change.


So I will say to each of you, when you allow your pain to be released, and no longer feel the need to identify with it, to see yourself as woman and pain as one, then you will be truly on a new path and oh, what a lovely path this will be for each of you. It will light below you, before you and behind you as you walk it. It will be the light of you going in every direction, recognizing every piece of your strength, seeing within the abilities of compassion, the abilities of passion, and how to use each and every cell, to come together to create the peace that you say you desire. You have that power as women. You have that power as an individual.


Do you have any questions for me? (Silence)


I hear so much and yet you say so little.


R: I found it very helpful to hear you tonight and hope that you can come through again.


It is not a matter of needing my voice. It is a matter of you looking in the mirror and seeing me there, for I live in you. I live in each of you. I live in your heart. I am always there to hold you, to guide you if you ask for assistance. So the next time you look, perhaps you will see me looking back.


R: Thank you.


You are most welcome. Is there any more?


Thank you. I thank you. Your hearts were open enough to allow me to come in and speak. I also thank you for recognizing that this light that you have chosen to follow is yours and yours alone. Please remember you are never on this path alone. If you want me or need me for any reason, I walk beside you. Good night.


Thank youís all around.