Sue Yarmey Channels The Many
The Magick Closet – Portland, Maine
January 25, 2008

We are here. We have chosen to be a little more quiet in this small group since you have complained in the past that we are too loud. We will work on speaking more slowly – not because we think you are slow but because sometimes Kris complains we talk too fast!

We will first say thank you all for coming. It takes a certain amount of courage in your dimension to come and hear things that perhaps you are not ready or wanting to hear. In regard to this, we would like to give you some basic information about the area where you are living and what will be happening in the next few months for each of you collectively, not necessarily individually. We will give you individual information when you ask your questions.

We will tell you that the energy of the area you call Portland, Maine, and the state that you call Maine is changing. There will be a division in the state of Maine, energetically. You will find those people who need and want, and have to and insist, and you will find those people who are willing to give. Now they are tired of giving to those who have taken advantage so there will be a change, we will say, emotionally, in the state and the way it has been handled in the past. You are seeing this now with what you call your budget issues with your state government but it is far beyond that.

Each of you needs to be looking into your hearts to determine what it is you wish to have in your lives, not from a material level. It is not the material level that is most important as the time continues in your world, rather from the emotional state of what does happy mean to you. If you cannot define this feeling within yourself, how do you expect to create this for yourself? Many of you will use the term "happy" but then you do not know whether it relates to anything in your lives.

We will say to you, in the next two months, and since we are at the end of January, you are looking at the end of your first quarter of 08, at the end of these two months, you will find things have changed dramatically for each and every one of you because the energy is changing dramatically. Part of this has to do with your financial institutions. You will see shifts and changes there. We will say to all of you, there is no get caught up in the fear that goes with this. As the time continues, you will find that your filters, that you have built very strong against your own feelings, will be weakening. Your feelings will be more on the surface than they ever have before. This is actually a good thing even though you may not believe that in the moment you are feeling your feelings.

We will also say to you as this time increases, that if you can stay in your core, in your center, in your heart, you will find this to be a time of great manifestation, a time of creating wonderful things for self. This is not about other people. This is not about curing, fixing, changing the world. Right now, it is simply about the individual. It all must start within before the world can follow. So we will say to you to go into your heart, go into your core, and ask yourself what it is you are seeking, what it is you truly desire, where your emotions are taking you. If you are rewarded, no matter what the reward, know that you have created it.

Joyce, we were listening when you spoke with Sue about your predicament. We congratulate you. This is a wonderful opportunity for you. This is something that will be assisting you in finding your strength in a new and different way. The strength now for you, dear child, is to go in the direction of your own power. Does that not feel good when you think of it?

J: Yes.

Is it not a very special place to be, knowing you have created this in your own, we will say crazy way? And in this creation you have given yourself an opportunity to have several doors now open to you that would not have open before because you are, dear child, a creature of habit. It is always nice when we can change our habits, is it not?

J: Yes.

So we congratulate you on some of your changes and say to you that by the time the end of March is here you will be so much in demand on so many levels, and happier on so many other levels, and aware of what you are bringing in on so many other levels that you will look back on this time and say "hmm, I really was smart, wasn’t I?". (Laughter)

For others in this room, if you choose to ask, we will pick on Joyce because she knows Sue and Sue would do it. That’s why we feel we can do it also. We will say if you have questions we can answer them.

Know that the changes that are coming, the shifting of the energy that is happening within the state in which you are living, cannot help but affect you on some level. The more you are sure of your own feelings, the more you will be manifesting what you truly desire. If you are not sure of your own feelings, you will also be manifesting that. Keep that in mind if you are not happy with the outcome, to go back into your feeling level and ask "I wonder why I felt that way about that?". Ask that question instead of asking what went wrong. There is no wrong. There simply is in that moment what you have created. If you do not like it, you can take the next moment and change it. You are all quite powerful beings. Sometimes you do not know this for you have been structured in such a way that says you are not strong. We will say that even though we do not like the word ‘wrong’, it is a word you understand. So we will say that it is wrong to think of yourself as not powerful, as unable, as not being able to, because you have all the power you could possibly need at all times. You also have a great deal of assistance around you at all times. Our energy, and the energy of everyone who works on the plane that we dwell within is available to you at all times. Here is the trick, children, it is very easy – you must learn to ask!

We saw some of those cringes when we said that word! Asking is NOT a bad thing. Learning to ask for what you wish for is not a bad thing. You might wish to take some lessons from the children who will look at you and say "but I want this!". They do not think ‘can we afford it?’ ‘is that okay?’ because they feel already they are deserving of having whatever thing they have asked for. So if you do not believe you are deserving, perhaps that is why you are not manifesting what you say you desire. It is food for thought.

We could ramble much longer, but we will not. Rather, we will open, as they say, the floor to those who have questions for us. We are happy to answer your questions before we, as Sue says, take your minds and make them mush in meditation. (Laughter)

Who would like to ask of us, any questions. (Pause) Many of you speak with your brains, but we will not answer those questions. The question must past your lips before we will respond. Remember, we said you must learn to ask.

Q: What’s my next step?

We can say to you we feel that is a trick question. (Laughter) The reason we will say that to you is because you are asking for the map that you have already, in your own mind, devised.

The step as you call it, that is best for you to take next, is an understanding of what you have intellectually been talking to yourself about. The understanding must be on your emotional level. Think of this: If your head and your heart are not in alignment (and of course they are, they are in your body) it means if your intellect and your intuitive, or your intellect and your feeling are not in alignment, it is not possible to create what it is you start out believing you are creating. So your next step is always the alignment of this understanding. No matter where you are, that is always the next step. It allows you to create anything you wish to create. You can go in any direction you choose to in this creation.

We will say it is time for you to recognize the trust issue you have with self. You do not always believe the information that you receive. You often doubt your own abilities and capabilities, even though in your mind you are very proud of them when they happen. You have not yet gone into your feelings and said "Damn, I’m good!" This is something it would be lovely for you to learn. Do you understand what we say?

R: Yes.

And isn’t it wonderful how we did not answer your question? Instead, we gave you food for thought. (Laughter)

R: Right.

Is there more?

R: Later.

Perhaps in dreams. That is not a warning. That is a little tidbit, for you get much information in your dreams. It would be nice if you paid greater attention.

Is there anyone else who wishes to ask of us? Perhaps we will answer your question! (TM humor!) We don’t mind hanging out in this body! (Laughter)

We will pick on Kris if you have no questions. It has to do with your current business situation. We will say to you that you have received some recent information. This is information that you think is honest. It is not. This is information that is honest in the moment because it must be that way for things to function. We will ask you to look at the source of the information that you received just this evening. Ask yourself why they would have said the things they said and not acted accordingly. There is an opposite of words to actions. Do you understand? They have said one thing and done another.

K: Is this in relation to the morale?

Not just the morale. Also the job that you are doing. You have been told of your value but you have not been shown of your value. The information that they have given you is to use your abilities to help them do what they wish to do. You are a driving force in that group whether you understand that or not. You are one of the lights that work there. As such, they depend upon you to shine brightly. What we want to say to you is the only reason they will pull the chain to let your light shine is that they need your light.

We spoke earlier, when we opened, that there is greed involved right now. There is great greed in the organization in which you are working. The greed wishes to get as much as they can for as little as possible. You have been a victim of this in the past. It wasn’t until you threatened that you were rewarded. You must remember this. It is part of the pattern that they set up.

We will say to you, the information your received, although was said in most sincere ways, and is, in this moment, quite sincere, there is no gold to back the dollar. Do you understand when we say that?

K: Uh huh.

Because of that, you must be careful what you do and do not believe of what has been said. We are not asking you to become a negative thinker in regard to the place or people you work with. We are asking you to become conscious of what is really being done around you. In being conscious, you will be more able to stand in your own power. You will be more able to recognize what is being said, by what is being done. There is a line in a poem by Maya Angelou that says, when people show you who they are, believe them. People show you more often by their words and by their actions then they do by one or other alone. If they are doing one thing and saying another, or saying one thing and doing another, you then see those people in a different light. We are asking you to see both of these things so you will better understand where they are coming from.

There will be a great change for everyone in the structure of big business, of big government, of big banking. As the structure shifts and changes, it will be affecting everyone. No less you, Kris, for you are in a situation of big business.

K: How, through this change. . . What is your best suggestion for me to stay in a place of being genuine to myself in a place where other people are not?

We would say it is to honor what you are capable of and to not need the validation of another if you do a good job. You do not need someone to come in and say "Kris, you did a good job". You need, instead to say "Look, I did a good job!". If you wait for the validation of the outside source to come to you it will be coming from a place a manipulation and not a place of gifting. It will be coming form a place of control, and not a place of community. If, instead, you are in your place of knowing what you have accomplished and are able to celebrate with others around you the knowingness of what they also have accomplished, then your community will be strong and capable and able. If the others in your community choose to go in the direction of fear – which is I must act, say, do, be, this way or I will lose, I will not have, whatever it may be it will be their choice as long as you are sure of your own abilities. Do you understand?

K: I do.

This is good. Do you have questions on what we are saying?

K: I’m still trying to figure out if I’m getting a raise.

On a monetary level what they are promising you will eventually happen but it will happen for the wrong reasons instead of the right reasons. It will happen because they are fearful if it does not they will lose you instead of rewarding you for a job well done. Know that you have earned this. Watch that when this is presented, it is not used as a tool to make you feel you must now earn what they have given. It was not given, it was already earned. Does that make sense?

K: It does, thank you.

And you understand who is holding the whip here.

K: Yes.

Then this is good. See, we have picked Kris and she survived!

K: Now you have a better idea of the questions you can ask. . . like raises!

Q: My niece’s boyfriend is in Iraq. I have asked The Many to watch over him while he is there so I’m very confident that he’ll be coming back and okay. Is that something that you do for us? I’m pretty sure.

We like the fact that you are both sure and not sure at the same time. (Laughter)

R: I have already asked for you to watch over him.

We will tell you that, from an energetic point of view, our purpose is to guide, to assist, to offer our hands to all who are interested. If this is your interest, we will be there to offer our services to you. We will also tell you that the person in question here is not always smart about his own safety. We will tell you that he does not always think first. It is both a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing is that he can hear us in moments of stress. The bad thing is that he does not always listen. We can assist him only as much as he will allow us to assist him. But we will always assist you. You are open to hear what we have to say. Sometimes. Like you, we can both be sure and unsure. We can say we know you listen, but maybe you don’t.

Know that this energy does not work in any structured way. It rather works within a flow. The flow of energy we speak of all of you are feeling now in this temperature change (a small discussion was held regarding how the room was getting much warmer). We like when there can be proof of our presence.

We will say to you when you ask us we will do the best we can. The more energy you put into what you are asking for, the more likely you are to get what it is you are asking for. We will also say to you, the other side to this, is that you cannot insist that something be different than the choice of the individual you are asking for. That means that if you ask for one thing and the individual asks for another, we must honor the individual at all times.

R: Understood. Thank you.

Then this is good.

Q: A teacher of mine named Herman, and a teacher to many others left our realm in 1998 and it was said that he died from AIDS. Later, it was conjectured by many that he had been murdered. because of book which he published. Myself, and many of his students still live with a great deal of upset about not knowing the truth.

We can ask you now why you have not personally asked him for you have been in touch?

(Quiet) We like it when we can stump you! Do you understand what we mean?

R: Yes.

So we will stand by our question why you have not asked.

R: We have been scared to ask.

The information we will give you will come not so much from who we are but from who you are. We will say to all of you, the reason the alternate story was put out about his possibly being murdered was because it was controversial enough to have the fear attached to it. The disease itself had fear attached to it. So you had fear on top of fear that started creating and attracting and bringing to it information that was – we will not say incorrect – we will simply say information that was like the fear it was being attracted to. With this information coming in, in a distorted type of way, interpretation became fearful as well.

He was, indeed, a friend to many. He was, indeed, someone with a wonderful mind that was able to reach on occasion past his own fears to assist others. But his fear, in essence, we believe the expression is ‘did him in’. It was his fear of his disease that created the situation of his death. Whether it was by another’s hand does not really matter for it was the fear that was the root cause of his passing from this dimension that you live in to another. Are we making sense to you?

R: Yes.

If you will recognize that the fear aspect of this, and where this fear was centered, you can all better rest with the understanding that he learned the greatest lesson of all in his passing. That was the understanding of like attracting like. With his knowledge now, when he is in communication, you have all noticed, there is a change in his energy to the point that sometimes you are not sure it is him you are connecting to. The reason for this is that he has learned how to change the fear and leave it behind. Does this also make sense to you?

R: Yes.

So we will say to you in future, to have no fear in speaking to him. The one thing he needs to now teach all of you that he has left behind, is how to also leave the fear of asking in the moment, asking from the heart, asking for assistance without fear. When he appears to you again, you will in your own heart, have the ability to ask him not ‘how’ but rather ‘what do you wish to tell me about why’. Does this assist you?

R: Yes. Thank you.

Then we are happy. Is there more?

Q: How do I keep fear out of my current relationship?

We could say you could kick it out, but perhaps that is not what you meant! We will say instead, that the fear you have has more to do with you than the relationship itself. We will say that in your particular case it has to do with what you feel you are deserving of and how much you yet have to earn in order to have. We will ask you when you look in your mirror, to find reasons, to find wonderful things about self instead of reasons to find fault with self. We would say to work on your core, to look at yourself and know how much you are capable of, to know how strong you are without the need for any other. When you are in your strength, what you attract is more strength. Rather than kicking fear out, we will say embrace fear. Recognize what fear’s power is and then go beyond it to your own place of loving self. In loving self, all answers come. We do not mean this to sound like a parable. At the same time, we are not sorry that it does for that message is true for all and yet very specific to you in this moment. Do you understand?

R: Yes.

Does it make sense to you?

R: Yes.

Then this is good. Do you need us to clarify something else or the same thing in a different way?

R: No.

Then this is also good since we probably would tell you the same thing! (More TM humor). Is there more?

Q: I’m being told the direction I would like to head into is not possible because of my disability. I’m really not trusting anyone I deal with right now in my life so I’m at a loss of how to proceed. Could you give me a sign?

First we will say to you there is no such thing as a disability. An ability cannot be – we realize if we say "dissed" it has a different connotation. You have abilities that are different than other peoples abilities it does not make it a ‘dis’ ability. We will say if someone comes to you and wants to convince you that there is something wrong with you (a word we do not like) we would suggest to you that you point out to them those things that are right with you instead of those things that they feel are wrong with you. We will say to you that your heart is open very wide and gives quite a bit. It is time that it learns to receive and not just give. In the receiving, it is important for your heart to know that it is worth receiving, that you are entitled – a word that is difficult right now upon your planet for it means different things to different people.

You come in full and give things away as you mature. We are saying, in your particular case now, it is time for you to call back much that you have given out and say: "It is my turn now". "What is in it for me?" "What is it I can gain from?" These are things you do not really think of. When it is in your heart to desire and want and know something, then by all means child, go for it without anyone else’s opinion but your own to believe in – it only takes you.

We will give this tip to everyone here – it is your emotion that will make this work. It is your emotion that will manifest. It is the way you feel, truly, without conflict that will create what it is you say you wish. It will be altered to some extent but there is no reason for you to stop anything because someone says you cannot.

Find the emotion, child. Find the emotion that says, this makes me feel empowered, this makes me feel fulfilled. Find this even if you must make this emotion up. Find that emotion and hold it in your heart and say to yourself, this is how I feel about my life. You will be surprised by what you will manifest with that way of doing things. We will take you out of your head for you think much too much. You worry much too much. You analyze much too much. By shifting from one area, the analysis to another area, the feeling, you will be amazed at what you can create for self and prove everyone else to be incorrect in their original judgement of you. Does that explanation make sense?

R: Yes it does.

Does it assist you?

R: Yes.

We will also say, since you have asked for a sign, that when you are ready, when you know that your emotions have been working, not only ask for your sign, but ask also what you want your sign to be. When you see it, you will understand it and believe it. You can say, ‘if this is correct, if this is the right path for me in this moment, if this is the way that will be best for me in this moment, please show me a robin, or something that is unlikely yet likely at the same time. You do not want it to be impossible. But even the impossible, we would assist you with! Does this all help you?

R: Yes it does.

Then we are glad. Is there anything else?

Q: I do many different types of things to earn money to pay bills.

Can we stop you for one moment?

R: Yes.

Could we ask you to not give us a linear question?

R: No (with laughter!)

Then you may continue and we will take your linear question apart later.

R: Okay. I need to know if I’ll be continually doing many, many things or will it become a focus of one thing at some point?

We will say to you that you have what Sue calls short attention span theater. We will say to you that you are not easy to focus on one thing. You are lucky that you can focus on one thing at a time. We would say that if it would create boredom, why would you wish for it?

Because of the way you asked your linear question – I do this in order to get that in order to do that – we would like to point out to you that it need not be that you have to do this in order to get that in order to do this. We can say to you, that when there is joy, when there is fulfillment, when there is happiness in what it is you do, you no longer think of it in the linear way but have the expectation of the entitlement of always feeling that way about what you are doing.

Although Sue will complain – trust us, we hear her often – she will complain about certain things that must get done in her linear world. We point out to her that when she does what she enjoys, good things seem to happen. We are saying this to you, the person we know creates all the time, in very interesting ways, we might add. We find it very interesting that the only way you will create money is through effort. You never think you can just have it. You think you must earn it. That is part of your linear thinking. So when you create money, it is because you received a job, or someone planned a psychic party. It is not because someone is willing to come up to you and say ‘hey, I just won the lottery, would you like some?’

You limit, dear child, what you will allow yourself to receive because you feel you must earn everything that is happening. That kind of earning insists that you do one thing after another after another in order to earn it.

We will now say to you, what would happen if you contemplated what you feel, truly, you deserved? Can you go there? Can you allow yourself to understand that you deserve whatever you choose to have. In that allowing, will you then open and ask for it to manifest as such and not worry in your linear way that you must do this one, and this one, and this one, in order to get that, in order to pay this. Are we making sense to you? Did we hit you hard enough over the head?

R: Yes.

Then this is good.

Q: Could you talk a little bit about deservedness and a way we can manifest what we want and what we truly desire through feelings? I think it’s something we all struggle with.

If that, indeed, is the case and you are all in agreement, we can cover a piece of that in your mediation this evening. Let us also say this: Each of you has come in with a great deal. . . we will change that phrase. Each of you has come in with everything you could possibly need. There is nothing you are lacking. There is nothing wrong. There is nothing ‘not right’. There is nothing yet to be done. It is simply there waiting for you to manifest it through your understanding that it is already there. We do not say these words to be confusing. Rather, we say this to get you to notice. If you think of this in a sense of coming in. . .

You do not think when the couch arrives at your house it is not a couch. It has everything you could possibly need to be a couch – it has a back, it has arms, it has cushions, it has legs. You do not think as time goes on that the couch is less than a couch. You do not remove the cushions, take off the arms, remove the feet and say at the end, ‘I wonder why this is no longer a couch.’ This is what you do with yourselves. You come in complete as a person. Yet, through the years, you give away your arms, your legs, your cushions and then you wonder why you are no longer complete.

We will say to you in deservedness it has to do with the fact that you are, indeed, complete but you must, you must, if you wish to remain complete, know first that you are. This does not have to be a convoluted type way of thinking. Rather, it is a way of thinking that says of course I am entitled, of course I deserve because I already have. I am complete in who I am.

Listen to the words "I AM". You have read them in books. You have seen it often said, done, explained: I am complete in who I am. Think of that, children. You are able to do anything and everything. It is the limits of your dimension that stops you. It is the limits of your upbringing, of your government, of your community, of your religion, that stops you. You already have everything you could possibly need. With that understanding we will say to you, you deserve everything. You deserve anything and everything you could dream possible. If you then turn to me and say then why don’t I have, I will say it is because you not believe. You do not accept the words – perhaps intellectually but not emotionally. So your mind can say ‘yes, of course, I deserve that new dress’. Then, your mind turns around and says ‘well I won’t eat for the next week’. Your mind can turn around and say, ‘yes, indeed, I do deserve that wonderful person’. Then your mind turns around again and says ‘while it lasts’. Listen to how often you sabotage yourselves by using only your mind and not trusting your emotional self. We’re not talking about those of you who are very good at fooling your emotional self into believing something that is not really true. We are talking about true, sincere, core emotion. The core emotion is the emotion that tells you this is correct for you right now in this moment. It may change in the next moment. But right now, in this moment, this is absolutely correct. When you are in your core self, when you are working with your heart center is when you know you are correct. Is this all making sense? Do you need greater clarification?

R: Thank you for all of that.

We are happy you have questions for us. Is there more? Do you wish to do your meditation?

R: Now is a good time for meditation.


Find a comfortable position. Take in a deep, deep breath. Exhale. Follow your breathing in. . . and out. Allow your body to relax. Allow your self to relax. When you breathe in, breathe in light. When you breathe out, breathe out blocks. Relax your body.

Focus your attention on the center of the room. Here, in the center of the room, we bring in light. You see the light take on the form of a diamond. This light turns and spins and sparkles. This light then sends a shaft of light to you, to your heart center, in your heart cavity, in your physicality. That light enters through your heart center and it begins to fill your physicality spreading out from the heart, up, including the head and the neck, the shoulders and the arms. And from the heart down, including body and legs and feet. You are connected to this light, this diamond light.

With each breath you take in, you breathe in this diamond light. And with each breath you exhale you release those thing that block you from being one with the One. While you are doing this, your physicality is relaxing.

You can feel our energy behind you. You can feel our energy supporting you. As we stand behind you, we send our energy up and out and it meets with the energy of the diamond light. All of this connects you to the One. All of this connects you to the universe. Allow yourself to breathe this energy in and breathe this energy out.

Focus now your attention into your heart center. Focus now your attention into your heart center. Breathe into your heart center. Breathe in and expand. Become aware of your heartbeat. Become aware of the beating of your heart circulating blood throughout your physicality. In this moment, know your three dimensional self, know your humanness. Become aware of your physicality and check in with yourself on a molecular level.

Now, now allow this feeling, this physicality, allow it to stay behind as you drift above, bringing your spirit above your physical form, drifting above your physical form. Following the light grid, the pattern we created by standing behind you and the diamond light, traveling this grid out, out to the central meeting point of the diamond light and our light and your light.

At this point, you become one with this point, you merge with all things at this point – with us, with the diamond light, with each other. You become one. You realize, by looking around you, you are everything, you are nothing, you are all things. You are not separated from the whole. You are the whole.

The feeling expands and it sends you outward into the universe, floating, flowing, moving through the universe. The energy you have sent outward, and the energy that is flowing through the universe is the same energy yet separate. And you allow this energy to flow and float through the universe returning in a spiral pattern, going around and around the grid we created. Going back to your physicality and entering into your heart centers. Spiraling once it comes in going up as well as down, going up and out your crown and back to the central source. Going in and down into your feet and into the planet and back to the very center of the planet. Connecting you to all things.

As you allow yourself to drift and move in this energy, as you allow yourself to drift and move in this energy, you recognize there is no limit, there is no ‘wrong’, there is no stopping, there is no way to contain, for you are all things and all things are you.

Now, in your mind’s eye, we are going to ask you to see the light coming from the diamond in the center into your heart. See the light coming from the center of the universe down into your crown. See also the light from the center of the planet coming up through your feet. All of this energy meets at your heart center. It meets and expands at your heart center.

We ask you now, in your heart center, to resonate the word, LOVE. To resonate the words; I AM, To resonate the word; NOW. Allow these words into your heart center to vibrate on the energy from the universe, the earth and the diamond light.

Now the energy coming from the center of the universe comes back to us who are behind you, and through us, come into the back of your heart center, so in essence, you have formed a cross of energy – diamond light through to us and back again. Universal light through you into the planet and back again. And at the intersection, the meeting of these areas, these lights, these areas, these energies, these waves, is your heart center, your heart cavity. Breathe into your heart cavity this connectedness. Expand yourself to fill the room. Expand yourself to fill the building. Expand yourself to fill the town. Expand yourself to fill the planet. Allow yourself to see your connectedness to all. In this connectedness, to feel your deservedness, in this connectedness to feel your entitlement, in this connectedness to feel unconditional love.

You are one with the universe. You are one with the planet. You are one with self. Bring your attention now back to the diamond light in the center of the room. Allow the diamond light now to slowly stop spinning. Watch as it stays stationery in the center of the room. Even without its movement, you can feel its tug on your heart center and know you are still connected. Know that you are part of this diamond light. As you watch before you the diamond light breaks into millions of particles and disperses itself into all things. Part of where it disperses is into you. Feel it enter into your physicality and become one. We will now step away from behind you. As we do you can feel the change in temperature and energy and yet you are still part of us. We recommend in the future, when you wish to connect to all, breathe from the planet up through your feet and out through your crown. Breathe from the universe down through your crown and out through your feet. Know with each breath you are connected to All That Is, and you are All That Is.

Take a moment now and go into your heart cavity within your physicality and place there an emotional desire of happiness, empowerment, whatever you so choose, with the expectation of deservedness and having it manifest quickly and easily.

Now bring yourself back, bring yourself back into your physicality. When you have all returned, we will come back and speak to you.


Did you have a nice trip?

ALL: Yes.

Do you have questions on what was done? Do you have any questions at all? (Quiet)

We will chat at you for a few moments before we will open to questions again. We wish to tell you that one of the things we have done connecting you was to make you aware of your deservedness. All you need do to remember this little trip that we told you about is to breathe. Breathing is quite powerful in your physicality. Without that breath, you are without.

We will ask you that when you are panicked and panting, to breathe deeply. We will ask you that when you are worried and not breathing deeply, to breathe up through the planet and out through your crown, down from the universe and out through your feet. Through this connectedness you will recognize that you are, All That Is and All That Is is you. In this ‘allness’ you have all power, your have all knowing, you have all things. It’s a nice thought when you allow yourself to dwell upon it. Not in the sense of the material which all of you tend to think in, but more in the sense of the universal feeling which we are hoping you will open to.

If you will allow the wish that you placed within your hearts to be believed, we will tell you now you can manifest this idea within two weeks. If you do not manifest this idea, we will ask you to go back and why you feel, still, that you are not deserving of this. We will ask you also not to be linear that it cannot possibly happen in two weeks. That is linear thinking.

Q: How about in two days?

If you wish, you can do it in 2 minutes. Or, for that matter, now. Are there questions of us?

We are not used to such quiet people.

Q: What’s the feeling like a helmet?

Kris: Is that’s what’s going on in your body right now?

Q: It started in the meditation and it feels like a heavy helmet, it’s like a helmet and I can’t get it off.

Kris: Is that what you’ve done to get us out of our heads?

Is there not a phrase of ‘helmet head’? (Laughter)

We will say to you, one of the reasons it is feeling the way it is feeling is because you tend to resist. Your thinking pattern is very important to you. Your logic is very important to you. The helmet will assist you in blocking some of the have to, must, should thoughts that you always get. If you wish to remove the helmet, simply say "I wish to remove the helmet" and it will be gone. You have that power. Does that help you?

R: Okay.

We will say to you, however, when you are up against some very tough decisions, you might wish to wear your helmet so that you do not get so caught up in the mental you forget about how it makes you feel. Does that help you?

R: Okay.

We like that "okay" but she does not know if it is truly helpful or not.

R: Too soon to tell! (Laughter)

We will be around and you can let us know. Anything else?

Kris: Can you give this group some of the exercises that you’ve recently given us about assistance you can provide during the day that you suggested we do in the mornings that would help us through our day, teaching us, reminding us to ask.

We have spoken of asking. We will say to this particular group it has more to do with your understanding that you are a part of the whole than it has to do with asking questions. There is a different track that each of you will be walking, running, skipping and jumping on. Because of that, to give one exercise for a group that is as varied as this will not quite work. We will say to you, if you start each with your intention for what you wish for that day – not so much in the sense of I wish to find good parking, but more in the sense of I wish to have a healthful day, a happy day, a crystal clear day (meaning within your mind, not within the skies). Then what you will be doing is setting up your emotional self. You will once again be working through the emotions and in working through them, attracting them to you. It is as simple as making that intention first thing in the morning and then see what your day brings you. Should you not receive what you have asked for, it will once again be important for you to sit there and say "hmm, why did I not believe I deserved to have that?" "What am I blocking in regard to that particular emotion that I would really love to have and say I want, yet at the same time will not allow to come to my life?" Is that what you are speaking of, Kris?

Kris: That works for me, thank you.

If you are not careful, we will nap waiting for you to question us.

Kris; We do have plenty of time for questions if you guys would like to discuss more about what is going on in your lives.

Or not. It is always your choice to participate or not. We can continue to talk at you.

Kris: I have some things I would like you to go over is that’s okay? Since we have a lull. Can you talk a little bit more about peace. I say peace because last time I asked about war, you said why not peace? So I’m starting with peace this time.

We are happy that you have learned. We will say that all peace starts within the individual and has nothing to do with your planet and the groups upon it. We will say that until you have peace within self you cannot have peace upon the planet. We will say that until you understand what the term peace truly means, peace cannot follow through. Do not look outside yourself to say we must stop this, do this, go here, make that happen. Rather, look inside yourself and ask ‘what is important for me to find peace within self?’ The more who will find peace within self, the more likely you are to create peace upon your planet.

This year is about the individual. This year is about the person themselves. If you do not know who you are, how can you expect others to understand themselves? It is always interesting to see how quickly we judge someone else. If we are honest, we will discover that we are judging in them what we find lacking in ourselves. Yet, if you go within self and find that peace, there is no reason to judge another. Too often a religion says "this is the right and only way". Yet, if ten religions say that, which one do you choose? In those kinds of choices, what you are doing is creating conflict within self and not peace. In creating conflict within self, you will then create conflict around your planet. If you wish to send peace out, you must have it to send. If you wish to send the concept of peace to other parts of the world, how can you possibly do that when you are not content within yourself?

There is a woman Sue has done a reading for who says: "My life is blessed." And Sue’s question was "Then why are you not happy?" We will say the same to you. You must be looking within to find peace before peace can come to you.

If you are wondering why there is war, then you must look inside to see and own the conflict that is within. Conflict will breed more conflict. Peace will breed more peace.

There is much that rests on you as an individual and yet, at the same time, it does not belong to you at all. The only thing belonging to you is self. It is very important for you to understand that self, especially if you wish to help others, especially if you believe yourself to be a good person who is of service to others. You can be of no service to anyone if you are not of service to self. You can be of no help to anyone if you are not of help to self. That is why peace must be within. Does this make sense to everyone?

R: (a very quiet) yes.

Then this is good. We seem to have shut many of you up. That was not our goal. Our goal was to speak of what you want to know. Let us speak of the planet if you have no questions. Kris is very good at interrupting us. We will say you can do the same.

We wish to speak to you of planetary changes. You have been seeing, paying attention to certain web sites, or some of you have, where you have noticed through television, through radio, or through articles there are many earth happenings around the globe. Both the arctic and the antarctic are melting. Volcanoes are erupting more and more. New land forms are happening and old land forms may be going away as the water rises. All of these things are happening because the energy now is insisting on honesty. The energy now is insisting on feelings. The energy now is insisting on community and cooperation. Recognize if something is happening around you, in your town, in your state, in your world. There is a message for the area in that event. If there is a volcano in the area that has chosen to erupt, look and see if we are talking ash, which is air issues, or fire which is root issues. Look at the tornadoes and the hurricanes that are out of season. Look to those areas, and look at those air and earth issues that connect with them, for this is what is happening. When there is water involved, it is emotional issues that must be looked upon. When you look at your state, at the end of your winter, and the melting and the thawing starts and there is flooding, you might wish to look at those areas that will be flooded and ask: what emotional issues are they not dealing with in those particular areas. There is information the earth will always give you if you are willing to listen.

Kris: There was an air quality issue maybe a couple of weeks ago in Portland and all of Southern Maine. Could you elaborate a little bit on what information was attached to that?

When you speak of air, you speak of breathing. When you speak of breathing, you speak of joy. Your state is not a joyful state. Your state is feeling poor. Your state is feeling badgered. Your state is feeling as if it is not in control of itself any longer. There are arguments about how money is begin spent. When you breathe in, you are breathing in the controversy that is happening with who gets, who does not get; who has power or who does not have power. There have been more murders in your state in a very short period of time then you usually see in your state. Most of them have been happening in more private areas, we shall say, instead of the bigger cities. We are saying this is happening because the filter we talked about is being pushed away. The fact that the filter is leaving is not a ‘bad’ thing provided that you are willing to face your emotions in a healthy way. You will find for those people who cannot breathe in joy, for those people who cannot, for whatever reason accept within themselves the feelings that they have on their emotional levels, then these are the people who will be acting out. For the most part, they will be acting out on other people like themselves. If you will stay in contact with your heart centers, if you will recognize your own joy by changing your breathing patterns and working with your breath, if you will stay in touch with us and others and all the energy around you that is willing to offer this information, you will all be safe, you will all be sound, you will all be fine! If you choose to start to live in fear, if you choose fear over love, (for that is its opposite) if you choose fear and being a victim is more important to you then love and being the victor, it will be your choice and only your choice. No one can make you or change you except you.

We want to tell you and reiterate the fact that you are quite powerful. It is very important for all of you to understand this and work with it. The way you do is by staying as close as you can in your state of love, instead of your state of fear.

If you look at your state of Maine, it is now state of Maine fear because of the oil issues, and costs and money, because of the budget, because of your weather, because of what is happening to the economy – it has become a state of fear. It is very easy to fall into that particular vibration. It is a vibration all of you are very familiar with and used to working with. We are saying when you change your vibration and you breathe in joy, and you work with your heart centers, you can avoid this fear. Avoid is not the right word. We will say you can change this fear. You can allow yourself to feel it and then go past it. You will not need to dwell within it. That will not be necessary. In doing this, you will offer yourselves hope and love, and compassion and understanding – not to the point where you become doormats or you feel that you must give everything for the other because the other is more important than you are. We already explained to you that self is most important right now.

In finding self, you find community. In finding community, you find power. In finding power you then start changing those things that the other side of power, the fear, for there is power there as well, has been working with. You are all eminently capable of doing these things.

Were we preaching?

K: Not really.

Sue says we are on a soap box! We only wish to communicate that the power you have is the power of love and light. It is a great deal more powerful than that of fear and darkness. The trick is recognizing it as such.

Interesting. We hear many questions being asked, but we do not hear them being asked verbally.

Q: I have one. Earlier today, it was brought to my attention that there was an enormous number of crows circling a certain area of the city. The question was asked of me if there was any significance. I had no information. Do you have any information?

When we observe our animal life, our bird life, our life on any level, including human life on the planet, where there are gatherings, there is always something happening. Is that not true?

R: Yes.

So if we are to gather the birds – especially crows when they are talking about communication between levels and layers – if you were to go to that area and allow yourself to feel the energy in that area, you would notice there was a shifting of the energy lines there. Sue refers to it as slippage.

When you put something down and you know where you have placed it and you go back and it is gone. Then you look through your whole house and you come back to the place where you have placed it and it is there again. What it has done is change dimensions for a certain period of time. The birds have come in to help that transitional thing happen. Something had to change from level to level in the area you are speaking of. The birds assisted in that – either by, like the magician sleight of hand or by the energy they were adding. One or the other, they were assisting with this concept of dimension to dimension and change. Does that assist you, and do you understand?

R: Yes. Thank you.

Q: Can you talk a little bit more about us living in different dimensions all at the same time?

It is a tough concept to understand and grasp within your dimension. You are inter-dimensional beings. You do not exist in one place only. You are not just here, sitting in this chair, listening to us through Sue. You are existing at other layers and levels at the same time; in other forms, but still in existence. When you have lost time, there is a possibility that you went to one of the other dimensions to focus your energies there. Often, you will come back from that lost time, tired and wondering why. When you are in a situation where you wonder how you survived, you may have taken a step to the side in order to survive. You have that ability. When you are in a situation when. . . Another example we can give you is when you awake from a dream and you are not in your home. You blink, and you are. All of these things assist you in helping you to understand the concept of your dimensional lives – that is plural. It is difficult, however, because most of your concentration stays in this 3-D. However, as the ascension process continues, which is what you are all now doing, you are allowing yourself to ascend to another layer, level of being. As you do this, the energy points in your body will be changing. As you do this, your way of thinking will be changing. As you do this, your way of feeling will be changing. All of these things will be shifting and changing because you will no longer be focusing your energy the same way as you have in the past. What this means is you may become more aware of those other dimensions as they happen. Even though it may not make sense, and many will be saying ‘isn’t that crazy?’ ( a word Sue truly loves), even though that may be happening, you need to understand within yourself that you are already existing in these layers and levels. In these layers and levels, you have different abilities and capabilities. You eventually will be able to start merging some of them and using them in other dimensions as well and a type of interweaving one to the other. That time period is not yet here but you will find it progressing quite nicely, thank you, through the years 2008 and 2009. Your dimensional selves often will come in with other information for you. It is not always a guide or spirit whispering in your ear. On occasion, it could be your other self from that particular dimension. Does that make sense, or do you not understand at all?

R: Mumblings but mostly yes, it makes sense.

Then this is good.

Q: What do you do if there has been a person in your life who has done great damage throughout the years starting when you were young, and now entering it again? This person has let you know that he belongs in prison for what he’s done to you but there’s really no way you can control it. Can you help me see how I’m supposed to deal with this person who I can’t see. How does my spirit handle this kind of evil this person has manifested to me in my life?

We wish to say to you to understand something: When you open the door to a lighted room, the light spills out. You, dear child, are light! The evil, as you call it, is dark. When you open the door to a darkened room, the dark does not spill out. Your light is a thousand times more powerful than that dark. In recognizing what your power is rather than living in the fear of what you call evil has done, is your first step of recognition. Do not allow in, we will say it in a metaphysical way, to protect yourself energetically is your first step. That step is through the knowing of your own light. Are we making sense to you?

R: I think so.

You can think of it as continually putting on the light so the cockroaches will run from the room. That is what happens when you turn on light – anything that is not used to it has to go away. If you will continually, within your own spiritual self see yourself as light, and whenever the fear comes upon you with this person, to turn that light up, to recognize that light and what it is doing, you will find it will be much easier to deal.

To dwell in the past will not in any way assist you. It will in every way assist the evil for it gives it power. Does this make sense?

Q: Will the universe take care of the evil so I don’t have to worry about it?

It is not your job!

R: It is not my job.

Your job is to be light. Your job is to understand self. Your job is to remain within self and work for the individual and find your own personal peace. It is the job of the universe to deal with those who cannot, will not and choose not.

We will say this, also. Once there is enough light, the dark cannot survive.

R: I have found a way I can hurt this person, should I pursue it? Should I give my energy to that or should I just focus on the light? I can truly hurt him.

Your choice needs to be based on who you are and who you wish to be and what you feel will be accomplished. We will say when you need to work in this dimension toward a particular goal, it will be up to your heart center to affirm or turn you away from it. Ask in your heart if there can be any positive coming from your action. If your answer is ‘yes’, we would say to you, by all means proceed. Ask in your heart if there can be any positive coming from this and if answer is ‘no’ we would say by all means do not proceed.

Q: Positive for me?

It does not have to do with just you. It has to do with the concept of something that would add light, or something that would add dark. If we do an act, and that act is as same as the darkness we are trying to work with, what sense does that make? We are only giving power to that dark.

When we say positive, when we say that word, we are speaking from a light perspective. If there is good that can come from this, if there is more light that can shine upon this, then you must work in that direction if it makes your heart feel lighter in both physical form and enlightenment way. If only more darkness will come from this in doing it – more pain, more suffering, more anger – then why would you choose to? Does that make sense?

R: I’m seeing it as probably something my spirit’s supposed to learn in this lifetime, how to deal with this kind of evil. I’m seeing it as something I’m supposed to learn because I’ve had to deal with evil. So you’re saying. . .

Child, we are saying

R: focus on the positive

Not just the positive, on your light.

R: On my light.

We are saying when you focus on you the rest does not matter. You must be very cautious when you say ‘this is something I’m supposed to". Says who? It is your choice, child. Always. I know that it is not always easy to hear those words that it is your choice but that is, indeed, one of the facts of the universe. You all make choices coming in and therefore, you can change your mind. If you have dealt with this before, you can change your mind in how you wish to deal with it again. You have that power. Does this make sense?

R: I think so. Thank you.

You are most welcome.

Q: Is the energy that I feel from a person that’s past, and entity that I feel supports me, is that energy one and the same, or is it . . . ?

Shall we pluck from your brain?

R: It’s a hard question.

Actually we wish to answer that question with a question (which Sue says we are not allowed to do but will do anyway!). We will ask you why you are so caught up in dead people that you are not capable of seeing your own abilities. Why you will give credit to someone who has passed for doing something for you and not credit to self for doing it for self. We will ask you, and ask you to look at the fact that you are very powerful in very many ways and yet you are too afraid at this point in time to take credit for some of the power that you have.

Your question, in essence, is to find out about the entity and energy that is around you. We will say it is a matter of opinion whether it needs to be defined as minutely as you feel it needs to be defined. Energy is energy and what you do with it is, of course, up to you. We will say that then energy that surrounds you will always come to you in the form that you will accept, in the form that you have labeled correct and right in this moment. It is why you feel a need to label with both name as well as identity. This means that the name and the identity is not necessarily the same, but this name goes with this ability or power or compassion or whatever. We will say if you start looking at the energy around you and using this energy, use yourself as a conduit for this energy to be creating and making things happen within your own life, you soon will recognize it is not necessary to name it or to in anyway work with it other than through your own abilities and capabilities. Are we making sense to you?

R: Very.

Then this is good. We are hoping that you will embrace what you are capable of doing. Some of what you are capable of doing is seeing energy in a new and different way that you do not discuss with others because you do not want them to think you are crazy. Look at what Sue is doing. How crazy can you get? (Laughter)

We will say to you it is time for you to embrace what your abilities are and look at these energies in a new and different way and work with these energies without worrying about where it comes from or why it is there for you. Start honoring what you are actually seeing and hearing and are aware of. Does that also make sense to you?

R: Yes.

Then this is good. Is there anything else?

Q: I’m trying to figure out if I should stay in the place I’m at or move.

Again, a trick questions. The place you’re at could be emotional, or physical, or spiritual. We do know what you mean, but still a trick question. We get to choose which one we wish to answer because that is our choice, also.

What we will say, instead, is that the place you are at in the moment is feeling stuck. All of the choices you are making are not based on what you desire but based on what you think you have to do in order to do something else. So we are back to thinking in a linear way. As we pointed out before, you do not have to do this and this in order to get that. We will say the same thing to you. You do not have to give up this in order to have that. You do not need to do this and this and this in order to take care of that. That is a linear way of thinking and being. We are no longer going to be stuck in the linear unless we choose to be.

We will say, as far as your moving is concerned, the moving that needs to take place first, is the moving within yourself, with the understanding of – we will say it, we have said it often this evening – what do you deserve. Are you worthy to receive what you truly want? We hear in your mind, already, that you cannot afford that! It is not about the financial piece, but rather about the abundance piece. There is a great difference between those words.

You are not yet ready to physically move, because you would be moving for the wrong reasons. We will say that in the next 3 months there will be an opportunity coming to you where you could move for the right reasons. If you will allow yourself to accept assistance – because you are also very stubborn in accepting from others – you will discover that you can move forward instead of away from. Do you understand the difference there?

R: Yes.

Then this is good. Do you understand what we are saying?

R: Yes.

Do you have more questions on that?

R: No.