October 22, 2009

Following is a group channel conducted on October 22,2009 at the Old Orchard Beach High School Adult Education.  All questions are italicized (Q) and responses are marked with (R).  You will also see reference to Kris, the session moderator.

We are here and we find it entertaining that each of you feel the need that you must control your questions so you get what you want. That gives us a sense of power that we do not need that you need to claim for yourself. Even as you ask us questions you have the answers. We simply hold up the mirror for you to see so that you understand better what your power truly is. Each of you is quite phenomenally powerful you just don’t always know this.

We will say to all of you that there have been changes happening upon your planet now the whole year of your 2009. As this year comes to a close, there will be more changes than you can remember seeing in your lifetime. This is because everything is shifting. Nothing is staying as it has been before. All structure has had to change to accommodate the new energy that is coming to your planet. The biggest energy change is the planet herself. She has decided that it is time to move beyond where she has been to a new vibrational level. Therefore you will either come along for the ride or not.

We say to all of you who are here that the steps necessary to travel with her are quite simple. They are letting go. They are giving up control. They are recognizing that your need for being right isn’t necessarily the best way to go. We probably need to say that again but we will let you think about that need to be right for a moment. Your species has the habit of always wanting to be right and yet you are wrong often. There is nothing wrong with that for that is part of your life experiences is it not. You have the chance to try things on and if you do not like them, to take them off. You have the opportunity to, we will say, give yourself permission to play but most of you have forgotten how. It is time to learn again what that means.

Laughter is a higher vibration than tears. To be able to laugh at things because you have no choice is healthful for all of you. You have heard it said before, but we will tell you why it really works. It has to do with vibration. Sue spoke briefly of vibration before we came in. When she speaks of this you all see it in a certain way, feel it in a certain way comprehend it in your own way. That is fine as long as you can get the picture in your head that helps you to understand what it truly means.

There is a toy in Sue’s head that sits on a small wooden block with a pole and it is in the shape of a bird and you take it at the top and it pecks its way down to the bottom. It is the opposite for what we are speaking. It would have to peck its way to the top now because it would show you the rising of the vibration. Yet there is no top or bottom. It does not really work that way. It is the only example we can give you in the world in which you live for the three dimensions are what we are stuck with explaining to you.

Regardless of your understanding of your vibration you will be feeling it in your emotional selves. You will be feeling it in your physical selves. You will be feeling it with the people around you especially the ones you do not like. The ones you do not like who make you angry, who are stupid, who are not smart in what they do, who are mean -- all of those people are part of the vibrational change that you are all experiencing. We hate to break it to you but you are also all of those people for you have your moments also to be mean and to be stupid for that is part of the energy that is out there. You are seeing these mirrors coming to you showing you these things. Sometimes you will like what you see -- sometimes you will not. If you do not like what you see, you can change it. If you like what you see, you can do more of it. We do not understand why you haven’t yet caught on to this simple rule. For many of you continue to keep beating yourselves up over things that you cannot change so you remain mired in this lower vibrational place because you think you – Sue’s favorite word – should.

So we will say there are fun things coming your way. We will say that as you become more aware of your vibrational self, you will also become more aware of what your power truly is. So it is about discovering self -- it is about understanding your core self -- that place that connects you to all things around you. You have learned of this in various ways through the years through your science through your religions. Those who like to rule with fear have tried to tell you it does not work. They are wrong. It does.

So if you are choosing to raise your vibration for a change, if you are choosing to follow the planet into this next dimension, if you are choosing to have more laughter in your life, we will say bravo. If you are choosing not to we will say bravo. It is your choice. We only wish what you wish. We will assist those who ask us for assistance. It has come up -- how do you get in touch with us -- and we will, in our meditation should you join us this evening, will show you ways you can be in touch with us. But before we go to something like that we know, because we have been listening, we eavesdrop when we can, that there are many questions. We will say is it time now to turn it over to questions. Are you ready or do you want more general information?

Kris: I think we’re probably ready for questions at this point, okay?

So shall we look at “J” and ask do you want to go first or does that scare you. (laughter )

Q: What can I do for fulfillment for myself where my marriage is concerned? Will I go to Jimmy?

We will say to you that you asking two different questions.

Q: Will I go to Jimmy?

We do not mean it in that way. We mean it when you are asking about fulfillment where your marriage is concerned you have forgotten that you already know about your sense of fulfillment where your marriage is concerned. It is why you are asking the question. Do you understand when we say it in that way?

R: No.

You are asking about fulfillment because you are not feeling fulfilled.

R: Right.

So we would say to you if you are not feeling fulfilled because of the person you are with the logical explanation to that according to your way of thinking on your planet is to not be with that person. And yet at the same time your responsibility is to say -- but I must -- I should -- I have to -- why don’t I. However if I look at it from this direction, I have these other things to look at and perhaps fulfill me, but then I must live with what you call on your planet ‘guilt.’ We love that. We love the guilt that you all choose to live with. When you want to look at this truly from your heart center and say we will ask you to ask your heart how does this make me feel. And when you answer honestly, you have the answer to your fulfillment. The answer to your fulfillment is neither staying nor going. The answer to your fulfillment is neither doing what you are responsible for nor feeling guilty what you like to do, but rather the answer to your fulfillment is to go within yourself and say ‘what is it I truly deserve -- do I deserve happiness?’ You answer that question for yourself and you have the answer for all the rest. Does that make sense?

R: I guess so.

Mmm, we have resistance in your response.

R: Well because everybody deserves to be happy.

Do they?

R: Yes.

Do they believe it however?

R: No.

And is it not the point we are trying to make to you?

R: Yes.

Your deservedness often comes from other people. Your deservedness often comes from the way you were raised or the places you have been or the responsibilities you have chosen to carry. Deservedness is something that is not truly understood upon your planet for it is based with all the negative emotions instead of all the positive emotions. A child knows that they deserve that ice cream before dinner. It does not matter how many times you tell them they do not, they believe that they do. But the adults who tell them they do not for such a long time period grow up to not believe they deserve. So part of this is the indoctrination you have gone through through your life of believing what you do and do not deserve. Part of that revolves around what we call guilt. If you will understand the guilt aspect of this you will understand the deservedness aspect. When you understand the deservedness aspect all the rest comes along. Does that make more sense?

R: Yes.

And yet we hear in your response you are still not happy with your answer.

R: Because I don’t know if I’m just being selfish because my life is changing and how do you know if you’re just being selfish and you just want a new toy?

The bottom line to that again is in your heart. We said about emotion being a driving force for you. The way you are feeling makes a difference with what happens on the planet. The way the planet is feeling makes a difference in what happens to you. The concept of selfishness is something we do not fully understand. The concept of selfishness has to do with the one and there is no such thing. One is always connected to 'all' and since 'all' come together, you cannot in essence be selfish. The more fulfilled you are within your heart the more you have to give to 'all'. The more you give to one, the less you have to give to all. So we will say to you that if you believe that you are being a selfish being then you are correct and there is nothing we can say that will change that. But if you believe you are being a loving being and deserving of being loved and loving and recognize that in that fulfillment of love and loving, you will have that much more to offer – how can you define that as selfish? Does that make sense to you?

R: Yes.

Does it answer your question?

R: Sort of.

She wants to say no. (Laughter) We will say to you that the best advice we can offer for we are not Dear Abby. The best advice we can offer you is to go within self to find out how these things make you feel -- to get connected again with your emotional self. When you find yourself feeling sad about something take it back far enough to ask if it is your sadness or if it is the influence of someone saying to you ‘you should be sad because’. Knowing that difference will assist you in your decision. We are not going to ask again if you understand for we know there is still some – ‘no you did not answer my question’ within you and that is all right.

R: No there isn’t. I just need to work.


It is amazing how all of you consider this work where all we do is look at it from an energetic point of view and say ‘does this not make sense.’ We will say once you learn to do it this way, it will not be work. But for now because you are breaking old patterns to form new patterns, there is probably work involved. It will be interesting when you look in the mirror and see yourself differently than you do now. That time is coming -- just not in this instant. Is there more?

Q: Unrelated. Is Domino guiding me? Is Domino around me?

Always. If not in a real sense, then in a sense within self so always is your answer. Does that assist?

R: Yes.

Then this is good. Something she could actually agree with us on. (Laughter)

R: I don’t disagree.

We will say that where we are placed the energy says one thing when your lips say another. (Laughter) Are there more questions?

R: No . . . later.

Perhaps. Who else wishes to ask?

Q: Shall I go?

Dare you go?

R: I shall.

Then we would say, of course.

Q: Last time we were together, we were talking about difficulty physically, emotionally with what was and what will be. So my question for you is can you help us with a kind of bridge between the two to make the transition a little bit more comfortable a little bit easier to process?

We knew that this question was coming (laughter) and we do not have for you exactly what you seek. We will say there is the mental image of something floating upon water and that is indeed your bridge. You must come above those things. If the water is your emotional self, sinking to the bottom means that you are so tied up in the emotional self that you cannot truly feel the feelings. If you are capable of bringing yourself up to the surface to float upon these waves, then you will be capable of flowing with your emotions, feeling them as they come, not trying to change them, but going through them. When you try to change them what happens is they become more powerful than when you just go with the floating upon the water. So one of the things you love to say is the Dory line of ‘just keep swimming.’ We will say that that is exactly what we speak of just from a different surface place.

We are going to say to all of you who have the difficulty in the changing of energies from one place to another, one vibration to another to allow yourself to rise to the surface of those emotions and allow yourself to own them, to embrace them, to allow them. In doing that find that your floating will be much more pleasant than your sinking to the bottom. In embracing them, you will not sink as you are afraid that you might for that is fear speaking, but rather in embracing them you will lighten the load for you have accepted that it is okay to feel that way that the judgment is no longer the same as it would have been if you had resisted. Does this make sense?

R: Yes.

Does it answer your question or do you wish to argue like others? (Laughter)

R: No. You answered my question. Thank you.


You are most welcome.

R: So you are saying that if we feel the feeling and we embrace that then we won’t be stuck in the feeling as long.

Have you ever watched a child have a temper tantrum? How much nicer is that child when they are through? They do not carry that anger with them. They get it out of their system in that given tantrum and they are done. They will not even remember often after the fact what they were having a tantrum about. The same is true of all of you who hold on to your tantrums because you were told it was incorrect. We are going to play the role of parent and tell you have a tantrum and enjoy it – enjoy the feeling you get when you are releasing those things that you feel have been wronged to you, and in doing that you will find yourself floating to the surface and not sinking to the bottom. Is that understandable?

R: Thank you.

Then this is good. Do we have others?

Q: Do you want to go since you have a list? (Laughter)

Shall we tell you first you are too close? (Laughter)

Q: Oh. Tell me anything (Laughing) I have too many questions here.

You have only one. Perhaps you can figure it out.

Q: I just want to grow spiritually, have a high frequency vibration, I want to be fulfilled, and I want to pass it on to others. How do I do this?


We are going to say to you that the first step for self is about self. It is good to pass on to others, but first you must have something to pass on. Once you have it, it will be so unconscious you won’t be thinking about passing it on. So we will say truly what you need for self is to stop comparing self to others. You have a tendency to do that. You have a tendency to say if they are like that then do I need to also be like that. And we will say to you that that is not true of any one being. Each being is its magnificent singular self. In that magnificence you hold power that is greater than most of you can comprehend. Once you start recognizing that power, not from the sense of how you can use it against someone, but rather from the position of how you use it within for self that will also answer some of the selfish questions. Then what you start to recognize is that you are building from the inside out instead of the outside in. What you are building is quite powerful. So we will say to you in your development of self to always ask yourself if you are doing this, that or that other thing because it is within your heart your desire to do, or are you doing it because you have seen others or thought maybe or are comparing on some level. Once you are capable of your focus, the focus being within your heart center, once you start focusing in this way, the other things start to fall away from. As they fall away, your light is able to shine through in new and different ways. So we will say to you because you can understand from this position, that if you can imagine within your imagination and see yourself as a light and surrounding you is a woven basket. In some places it is exceptionally tight and no light can come out and in other places it is a little more open and light leaks out in tiny ways. If you can imagine that your light is so great, it will go through the woven basket, then you understand what we are telling you about self instead of comparing self with others. Are we making ourselves clear?

R: Yes.

She says with hesitation.

Q: I need some concrete know-hows on how to do this. I can picture the light coming through and is that a meditation that I should do? How should I meditate? What should I do? I take an hour a day for myself . In that one hour should I . . .

We are going to ask you how many times you use the word ‘should’ to us.

R: Oh.

Because that also gives your power away. For someone says it should be like this, the question must be who says it must be like this. So we will say if you are looking for concrete things to do, we will say the greatest way to your heart center is to do those things that fulfill you on an emotional level. So if it is important for you to see the sun rise, it would be good for you to awaken so you can. If there is a sense of fulfillment when you are at the beach then by all means go to the beach. If you feel that you must suffer to gain this information -- if you must sit in meditation and ‘ohm’ if you must circle the room three times and genuflect -- if you must do anything, then we are saying that the path you have chosen is outward and not inward. The inward path is about your passion and your heart. The inward path is the way you travel when you bring yourself joy. When you ask what it is you 'should' be doing even though it is not up to us to determine that ‘should’ we will say the thing that can be and is most fulfilling for most is the following of joy. It is the recognition that if I do not know what joy is let me go out and try new things in order to find it. It’s the recognition of how your heart lifts – just as we spoke of dragging things to the bottom or allowing them to float to the surface. As your joy lifts you up all the other answers are within you to see. It is to find those things. If you wish to spend your one hour a day and you wish something concrete, then find your own bricks themselves that you can take one at a time. The ones that give you joy, you hold on and build your foundation. The ones that do not, you give them back to the ones that suggested them to you. Do you understand better now?

R: Yes. Thank you very much.

You are most welcome. Is there more? We hear a lot of static.

Q: Yes. I would like to know if I will be living in a place where I can express my art more comfortably.

We wish to address your question a little differently. The expression of passions in your society has become something of a difficulty for the majority of you. The difficulty is that it is felt by those with talent that it is not acceptable to have talent. It does not have value unless it is done in a particular way. It does not have recognition unless it is recognized in a particular way. We would say just as we were speaking earlier about being within your heart that when you are there your physical space does not matter. We know this is hard to understand because you are still in the dimension that you live within. But as the energy comes in to start changing some of this, you will find that it will take you probably about six months before you can feel the comfort we are mentioning to you. The sooner you go into your heart and do these things strictly from that area, the sooner you will be able to feel the comfort that you are looking for without the need to look outside of self first. For everything must start as the pebble being dropped into the pond, \from that center point outward. It is most important for you now to go to that center point within self– your heart place – and to ask yourself the question of does this represent the internal who that I truly am and in that representation will I not then attract the energy that I am giving out threefold for that is the rule of the universe. Do you understand us?

R: Yes.

But. We hear the but.

Q: But do I need to go to a specific place?

First, within self and then the place will come to you.

R: I understand.

So your three to six months will be your ‘ah ha’ time. So you will know by the beginning of next year the place that is physical because you are first going to find the place that is within. Does that make sense?

R: Yes, it does.

Then this is good. Is there more?

Q: What can I do for fulfillment for myself where my business is concerned?

We are laughing inside – not at what has happened, but at your fear in the way you have asked your question so quickly. We will say you have lost sight of your talent. We will say that you are not at this point in your life able to stand there and feel what you say. You only say what you say. So you know on an intellectual level what you are capable of doing. You do not know on an emotional level how much you have actually done. So we would say to you it is time to look at your accomplishments before you start determining whether you are going backward, forward or staying the same. For you do not look at the things you have accomplished as such. You look at the things you have accomplished and by the time you get there you are so quickly moving on to the next step you have no time to try on that feeling of accomplishment because it is never quite enough on that level that you need your fulfillment on. So what we will say to you is to look at your life in a more fulfilling way means to look at your life and determine what you have accomplished. And even though those things you have accomplished may not have been exactly what you wanted them to be, they are still accomplishments -- both good and ill. Every accomplishment that we create is an energetic, we will call it an energetic block, to build upon. But if we do not know they are there we do not know we can build upon them. So your fulfillment needs to come first from the understanding of what in the past that you have done that was fulfilling. Yes, there are things there as you think maybe not. In looking at it from that direction to allow yourself and listen to the word we use – allow yourself—give yourself the permission that is needed to finally recognize how much it took for you to accomplish that – again – either good or ill. See the power that you have because you have done it. Your difficulty will be in marrying, marrying the feeling with the knowledge and the feeling needs to come out in you. You have great faith, but you do not use your faith in a way that is helpful. You use your faith in a way that is after the fact. It is ‘please help me with’ instead of while you are going along recognizing how you have already been helped. Your business is changing – there is a new idea you have had for a while which you have not been able to let happen because you have been overburdened with ‘keeping your head above water’ as they say. So we will say to you when you let in your ideas when you see your ideas as the big ideas that they are without immediately putting the restriction upon them of why they can or cannot work, and when you allow those ideas to sing within your heart is when you will find your fulfillment. Music will be one of the ways to help you get there. You do sing even though many people do not know this. When you are singing you are outside of self. When you are outside of self, believe it or not, you are more inside of self for you come away from that intellectual clutter. You get to go in within the gooey center, we will say, for you since you are a baker, and we like your gooey center. So when you can commune with that gooey center and when you can allow it to sing, and again to use the phrase uplifting, you will understand your fulfillment. Do we make sense to you?

R: Yes, very much so. Thank you.

You are most welcome. She says thank you now but we know when she does the exercise she will not quite feel the same. You can call on us should you need our assistance.

R: Thank you.

You are welcome. Are there others?

Q: Do you have guidance for me in making the right decision in a professional change or position?

Our guidance for you is simple, but you will say it is hard. We will say step away from your fear. Your fear tells you – should, could, would, have to, must. Your fear says but. Your fear recognizes things like age, experience, background. We are asking you to recognize self – not the same. For the self that we see within you needs to be expressed in more passionate ways than you have allowed it in the past. You are tired of the . . . we will call it bureaucracy that you deal with on a regular basis. Both with people around you and your profession. So we would say to you that when you open to your own we will call them secret passions for you have not discussed them in a long time for there is a part of you that thinks that you do not know them and that is not true, you have always known them. Your passions when they are allowed to be expressed will lead you on the right path for self. But as long as you stay in this place of fear, because of the economy, because of the situation, because of the people who depend upon you, then you will not make your choice from heart. Do you understand?

R: mm. mm.

Does it assist you?

R: Yes. Thank you.

You are most welcome.

Q: Is there a way I can help my daughter through her issue?

Can you not see how you already have? The energy that you offer whenever she is near you is helpful. The ability that you have to take things on like a sponge has been helpful. The area that you are missing in your understanding of this is what belongs to her and what she must learn on her own and how you cannot change that. Just as when she began to walk, you could not protect her from falling down. So your love – and all of you must understand that love is the highest vibration there is when it is out there in an unconditional way – your love will assist her in many, many ways. As long as you, when you speak with her, speak with her through your heart center, you will be helping her. What you must learn the difference is that you cannot change what she has chosen to experience. Does this make sense to you?


R: Yes.

Then we will say to you to continue if you choose to practice in the ways that you have been practicing to assist her, but to also recognize it is not your responsibility, although you are her parent, to in any way change her experience. It is a choice she has made regardless of how you feel about that choice. So when you get to that point when you feel you must, you should, you have to, assist or change or make happen in a different way, we will ask you only to go into your heart and know that that is the best you can do for her and love her. But do not try to change. Do you understand?

R: Yes.

Then this is good.

Q: I have a question about what you just said to this gentleman. You said ‘speak through heart center.’ Now, what does that mean? Does it mean to do things and to say things and put your focus on your heart as you are speaking and doing? Do you put your focus on your heart as you go through the day?

Shall we say to you that you think too much. (Laughter)

R: Yes I do. (laughter)

Shall we say to you that you want us to have a puppet that will show you how you speak through your heart center.

R: Yes I do. (laughing)

And we can use this as a visual aid like in a classroom.

R: Okay (laughing)

When we say speak through your heart, we mean that it is most important to know how you feel at any given time. It does not mean you have to express those feelings, but you do have to acknowledge them. So in his case, he will have sadness. He can acknowledge them but not necessarily to his daughter, but his heart will tell him that he has loved her. In that moment he has given her the energy of love and he has done the best he could do in the moment he was in. When he speaks through his mind, the first thing he would want to do is change what is happening – to take care of this or that or the other thing on the third dimensional level of your physicality and that is a control freak thing that all of you do including you as you are trying to understand speaking from the heart.

Allow your control to be not about what you are doing, allow your control to recognize that flow is the answer. So when you are feeling good to please express self. When you are feeling bad to please express self. When you are feeling in between to please express self. If you feel you cannot express self to those around you then find someone else to express to. So if you must leave your desk in your office and go scream outside, then please do so. If you must then turn around to someone and say I need a hug right now, please do so. For you are all very hesitant to ask of another the support of an emotional connection because you feel it is inappropriate. Your society has allowed you to believe that touching is no longer an acceptable way of interacting with one another because a minority have abused that privilege. They have forgotten that no one is a victim unless they choose to be. So we will say expressing self is what we mean by going through the heart center. Does that help you?

R: Yes.

And in the interim you can get yourself a puppet.

R: (Laughter) Thank you.

You are welcome. Is there more?

Q: I have a question for you.


Q: Can you tell me more about the vibration that I step into on my land and if its meaning is to let me know that the birthing of the vortex is complete or not?

When you said the vibration you stepped into Sue had in her head you stepping into your horse manure. (Laughing)

R: That, too.

That is part of the vibration is it not? When we step into something that is different than what we are expecting, we have a reaction to it sometimes to immediately step away as in the horse manure. Other times to put both feet in because it feels good. The vibration on your land is assisting the planet with her changes. The vibration on your land is assisting, we will say, some of the E.T. energy with things that they are working on as well. The vibration that you pick up on is a combination of electrical and magnetic energy, and when you step in there because your energy is not quite, of the same vibration. You still feel it, but if you go into it often enough, you will feel it less and less for you will start adopting, adapting self to that vibration. And it has to do with your land -- yes. It has to do with your vortex – yes, but it also has to do with you. You have already proven this to be true by what you are seeing and hearing. Does that suffice?

R: Yes, it does. Thank you.

You are welcome. (Pause) We know that there are some who are being shy.

Kris: We’ve got one in the back.

Q: I’d like to understand what happened to my daughter.

This is not to side-step, as Sue says we do, but, unfortunately, it is not, your place to understand for you have set yourself up in a certain way to take on too much responsibility for things. If you were to fully understand what had happened, the responsibility that you would carry, the load that you would carry would be too great for you to do so. Therefore, you need to look at this as something that your daughter chose and not something that you could have, would have, should have done anything about. And rather than worrying, because you do believe that if you understood then you could handle that better. We will say to you what we have said to others to go from your heart center. Send the love out about who you are and not who she is and let go the need to know. Do you understand when we say it to you in that way?

R: Yes, I do.

We know that you want more and we will not apologize for it is an energetic thing that we can look at, but we will say if you want to have greater comfort, you must first give yourself comfort and not judgment. Do you understand that also?

R: Yes.

When you can give yourself comfort, you perhaps will have different answers than the one we have just given you. Does that suffice?

Q: Is there any way, through channeling, that I could speak to her?

Because your heart is where it is in the moment, still in a place of fear and grief, we will say that yes you can do this at any time, and do do this, but what blocks your understanding of it is your fear that you have done something incorrect or wrong. When the time is right, you will better understand, but we will say to you that when you see or smell the pink roses, you will find that your connection is stronger. Do you understand when we say that also?

R: Yes.

Then this is good. To hold in your heart that concept of what those pink roses really mean, and you will find comfort there as well. Does that assist you?

R: Yes.

We would also say to you to your unusual kind of faith to use that to go to where you wish to go. If you wish to have an intermediary for yourself and her, to seek it again not through your intellect, but rather through your heart so that you connect appropriately. Does that help?

R: Yes.

Do you need more?

R: No. Thank you.

You are most welcome.

Kris: I think we are at a place where we can do a meditation if people are amenable or we can take more questions.

That, of course, is up to all of you. We do not care.

Q: I have a question.


Q: I just don’t know how to say this.

We know. They’ve scared everyone. It takes some of our fun away.

Q: I’m going on a job interview tomorrow for a part-time position because I already have a part-time position already. I’m kind of on the fence as to whether or not this is the best place for me to be or maybe you could give me some advice on how to get through the interview tomorrow?

Breathing is always good. We will say to you where this is concerned some of your reasoning behind going in this direction is not exactly from a heart center. Some of the reasoning you have put in doing this has to do with some fears that you are facing on a regular basis. We will say that is nothing to worry about for just as we were saying, all emotions need to be embraced. There is no reason you cannot embrace your fear as long as you recognize it for what it is. Then, within yourself, agree, accept,embrace the concept of the other side of fear that 'won’t it be fun for a time period'. 'Won’t I have a good time meeting new people' – 'won’t this be something that can be wonderful for me and even if I do not do what I am being interviewed to do, perhaps I will meet someone who will be new and different and lead me to someone else.' You must again see your connectedness for you do that for others and you forget to do it for self. Does this make sense to you?

R: Yes.

So in your connectedness and how you help others to connect, if you wish to get through this with flying colors, you must connect to self first. You must recognize that as you are discussing things what you are discussing is the magnificence of self. If you cannot brag when you are on an interview, when can you. For all of you seem to get rather shy about abilities and there is no reason to do this. When you recognize that you are magnificent, you can then communicate that magnificence to others. When you communicate that magnificence to others, other opportunities come your way that may have nothing to do with where you are. And this is what we are hoping for you. To go in the direction to be in this place at this time does not feel comfortable for you right now. It is like you are sitting in a wet bathing suit saying ‘why have I chosen to do this?’ So really what we are saying is when you open yourself to get used to dealing with speaking of self, being proud of self, giving off that light that is your magnificence, it is then you will be attracting what will assist you better than what you have chosen through your intellect. Does this all make sense to you?

R: Yes. Yes.

Do you need more? From the way you are saying your yes, we believe that you do.

Q: The way that you said that to me allows my intellect to feel like – this job is not going to be, something that is going to happen.


If you go into it without an expectation in either direction, how bad would that be?

R: It would be . . . it would be not a good thing because I should go into it, there is that word again. (Laughter) If I really want the job, I need to go into it bragging.

We are saying whether you want the job or not, you must go in being magnificent for you are. It does not matter if they can notice your magnificence. What matters is that you can notice your magnificence. For that is what has been missing for you. Even in your bodywork, when you have done things that people have said ‘wow’ to, your response has been. ‘it was nothing.’ You must understand how to communicate your magnificence to others. So there is no failure in this job interview unless you do not speak of self in that way. Do you understand?

R: Yes. I do. Thank you.

So, we will tell your ego to ‘stuff it’ (laughter) and to go into this not from a place of ego of ‘I am better than,’ but from a place of heart that says ‘wow aren’t I wonderful’ and here are all the reasons why. I know this to be true because of the experiences I have had. Would it not be wonderful for you to recognize this and to work together? If you cannot see that – ‘oh well.’ Does this assist?

R: Yes, very much. Thank you.

Then this is good. You are most welcome.

Q: Would you go over some of the stuff that you talked to us in the last channel about money and happiness and the end goal being happiness not the end goal being money because I think that that was really important piece that a lot of people, like myself, struggle with.

What we wish to say is that you have something going on now around you on your planet that is the worshiping of the dollar. This worshiping has been around for a very long time. You have chosen to value and devalue based on amounts of those dollars. So if someone is one foot high and has one foot worth of dollars, they are not worth the same as someone two foot high with two feet worth of dollars. Rather, to look at the one foot person and two-foot person to find out which of those two people have found their happiness and their fulfillment within themselves. For the one that can do that will easily manifest other things. It may not be another foot high worth of dollars, but it will be more rewarding than that foot of dollars for it will come from a position of being open to receive, we will use the word, magnificent, again. Opening to receive the magnificence that you are and that others have to offer to you. Too often, upon your planet your value is ascribed to you based on the amount of money that you make based on how productive you are for the company that you work within. You do not go in and ask for your raise based on the fact that you are a phenomenal being. You go in and base it on the fact that “I have worked hard.”

We are saying as long as you allow the dollar to be the value piece, you will never find what is happy. You will never correct the economy the way it stands now. You will never find yourself in a place of happiness, abundance and fulfillment as long as the dollar is the focal point. So instead we will say from an economical point of view to start looking at things differently. You might consider the concept of barter, you might consider the concept of trade in another way. You might consider the concept of community. You might consider how you can work together versus how you work separately. For when you are a part of the whole, you lack nothing. When you are only a part from the whole, you lack the whole.

The concept of money has been put into your brains in an egotistical and mental way only. It, however, has affected your emotionality. You have allowed the idea of your value to determine how you feel about yourself. As long as your feelings about self are connected to a monetary tag such as a dollar, you will never feel good about yourself. It does not matter if you are giving the dollars out or bringing the dollars in as long as that is the determination of your value, you will never be happy.

The new economy that is coming to your planet will be based upon the energy that you all work within. It will be based on the fact that you work as a whole and not apart from it. It will be based on the fact that your value has to do with the fact that you indeed are spirit and you are experiencing your life in a new and different way in a dimension that is shifting and moving forward. As you move forward within this dimension to go to your next dimension, the values that you had before will, we will say, fall away from you like the leaves are falling now from your trees. A little at a time, but eventually, your trees will be bare and eventually you will no longer need your monetary system to determine the value of yourself as a being. Does this all make sense and is this what you requested?

R: Yes, thank you.

Is there anything more?

Q: How can I talk to you personally.

You need to find your comfort. We will, regardless of time, do a short meditation to connect to your heart. We will, in that connection, give you an opportunity to know our vibration. The voices in your head must come to you in ways that are comfortable. The easiest way with us is to simply ask your question, but we must ask you to shut up long enough to hear our answer. For if you are going to continually ask your question and ask it and then rearrange it and change it and then move it aside again and look for something else, you will never hear what we say back. So it is very important that when you ask your question, you shut up. And then if we do not come in, if you do not hear a response either through your various senses or through signs around you, you can then be more specific for it is difficult to tell if it is us not communicating with you or you not communicating with us. So if you do not get an answer, we will ask you to phrase your question differently and ask for an answer in a particular way that you will recognize and understand so you know we are communicating with you. It can be something as simple as seeing something or feeling something or being aware of something for it is sometimes easier for us to manipulate the energy around you than to get into you for you are all pretty thick about allowing. Does that assist you?

R: Yes, thank you.

and ask it and then rearrange and then change it and then move it aside again and look for something else, you will never hear what we say back.  So it is very important that when you ask your question, you shut up.  And then if we do not come in, if you do not hear a response either through your various senses or through signs around you, you can then be more specific for it is difficult to tell if it is us not communicating with you or you not communicating with us.  So if you do not get an answer, we will ask you to phrase your question differently and ask for an answer in a particular way that you will recognize and understand so you know we are communicating with you.  It can be something as simple as seeing something or feeling something or being aware of something for it is sometimes easier for us to manipulate the energy around you than to get into you for you are all pretty thick about allowing.  Does that assist you? 

 Yes, thank you. 

You are welcome.  So are we ready now to do a meditation? 

 All: Yes. 

 For those of you who have never meditated, do not worry.  We will not do anything strange to you.  We will say in this meditation what we are going to do so you will understand it is to connect to your heart center, to open your center, to receive the love of the universe for it is always available to you and in receiving that love to connect yourself again with your feelings so that you can do work for yourself.  Do we have any questions before we take you to meditation? 

Kris: I don’t think so. 


Then we will ask you to find your comfortable positions.  Breathe in.  Breathe in light.  Allow the light to flow through your body head to toe and toe to head.  With each breath in, you fill yourself with light. With each breath out, you eliminate all of your fears, your darkness, your unhappiness.  Breathe in and breathe out allowing your physicality to feel lighter.  Feel enlightened and as you continue to relax, as you establish your rhythm of  breathing in and breathing out, your body continues to relax. You see ,within yourself, within your heart center, you can see a flame, a candle flame, a fire flame. You can name this flame passion and you can name this flame light.  And as it burns within you, you can feel the heat.  You feel yourself caressed by the warmth of this flame. As you breathe in light you feed the flame with oxygen. As you breathe out gray, you release the carbon monoxide. As you continue to breathe in and breathe out, your flame continues to grow within your physicality. You find yourself feeling like you are drifting.  You find yourself feeling light and your body is relaxed. 

Concentrate your energy now in your heart center where you see the flame and all the light you have been breathing in. Watch as this energy expands to the sides of your physicality and with every breath in, it expands more outside of your physicality. Then it expands to meet and mingle with the other people within your area. It expands again to meet and mingle with other people within the building. It expands once again to meet and mingle with other people within the town. As you continue to expand your heart center, you feel yourself connected to all things. 

You feel the soft touch of a mother’s love.  You feel the strong hug of a father’s arms.  You feel the joy of accomplishment.  You feel the light of your spirituality, and in this knowing in this feeling in this being, you find us.  We are with you.  You can feel at the back of your heart chakra, you can feel our energy for as you say ‘we have your back.’  We support you.  All you need do is open – open to receive our energy and we will step in to your heart chakra and we will work with you at any time for any reason.  So feel our energy now behind you growing, mimicking your size your shape your being your vibration and feel the attachment we have to who and what you are.  Allow yourself to drift with our energy.  Allow yourself to flow with our energy.  Allow yourself to float with our energy and recognize our connectedness one to the other to the other to the other to the other and on and on and on. 

Feel the support you have of others of the universe.  Know that you are never alone.  Fill yourself with the energy of All That Is.  As you fill yourself with this energy, allow it to go again into your heart center.  And make your statement now in this place of ‘I am fulfilled.’  Feel what that feels like. 

And draw your energies slowly back to your physicality, back from the universe, back from the planet, back from the town.  And as you draw this energy back to you, you feel yourself filling and filling and filling with all you need.  And when you are finally back and contained again by your physicality, take in a deep breath and anchor the energy that you have brought back into your heart chakra and connect your understanding to all that is and know we are simply a question away.   So bring your energy back, bring your energy back to your physicality. Allow yourself to align. In your alignment feel your connectedness to the planet, and feel your connectedness to the universe and feel the flow of energy planet to universe and universe to planet. Know that we are part of that energy. 


Allow yourself now allow yourself to come back to this time this place this room this chair, slightly moving your body returning to the here and now, remembering the trip that you have taken and the feeling that comes with it. When you are ready, we will come back again and speak with you. 



Do you have any questions on what we have done?  Has everyone returned okay?  We didn’t lose any of you, did we?  That is our humor.  (laughter


Kris: I think we are ready for your recap. 


We wish to thank all of you for having the courage to come, to ask your questions, to sit within our energy, to recognize that you are now on a new path that you chose a very long time ago.  We will say to each of you to go within yourself and recognize your magnificence. In that recognition you will start to discover more and more things than you have ever known before.  You will be able to understand why guilt does not assist – understand why the word ‘selfish’ is not appropriate – understand why hatred does not truly serve anyone.  By going into your core self, you will be preparing yourself for the new alignment that is coming to your planet as well as all the rest of the planets within the galaxy.  Each of you will trod the path that is best for who and what you are dependent upon who you have determined that self to be for your power is that great.  You will be able to manifest in new and different ways. We will tell you that if you find yourself in fear, to embrace that fear so that you will be able to float to the surface and not allow it to hold you down because when you are in that place breathing is not easy. Breathing will be something that each of you will be learning anew. Too many of you have become shallow breathers.  And as you learn to fill the lungs in your physicality,  you will find the vibration of  your physicality will be utilizing that oxygen in different ways.  So when you leave here this evening, we hope that many of you, if not all, will be in touch with us at some time.  We will say to each of you if you call upon us, we will respond.  We just ask that you learn to listen.  And if there is nothing more, we will leave you for this evening.  Anything more? 


Kris: I think that’s it.  Thank you's all around. 


You are most welcome.