2012 Presentation
Joint presentation of 2012 channeled information with Sue Yarmey and Jackie Deasy

On July 16, 2009, we held a channel session and invited a guest channel to join The Many in a talk about the changes coming in the year 2012. Following is a transcription of this evening of channel. Please note that if something is in parenthesis and italicized, it is a comment or explanation and not part of the channel. Questions (Q) and Responses (R) are labeled as such and also italicized:

Vywamus through Jackie Deasy

Good evening my friends, this is Vywamus. I am very happy to be here. I am very honored that you're choosing to be present, and choosing to allow yourself to absorb some information that may well serve to address the transition period that we're in right now. Now, I had considered bringing in a bit of an entrance, I'll say.

Let me speak for a moment to introduce the concept of 2012 by bringing up the subject of what is unknown and the perfect place for the channel to be in at the moment so we'll take advantage of it. A great deal of the information and I'll say misinformation, that has been put out about 2012 is precisely because of patterns that many people are choosing to exercise at this point because what is going to happen is unknown on this level. It is not unknown at other levels. What I will say is that how the opportunities are going to be presented to you are in large part going to appear to you according to how you deal with the unknown. So, how's it going to look? What is it going to look like? What is going to appear? Alright?

So when individuals react to the unknown with fear, what often will happen is they will lay a negative interpretation on what comes up. In other words, how many times do you go into attitude. When you open up a closet, for example, say you are a young child, you open up a closet,and you have been given for years the story about how the Boogeyman lives in the closet. Alright? You open up that door, you layer your expectations upon whatever is going to happen. Alright? So let's say the child opens that closet door and all of a sudden things are jumping out of the closet. Probably the child is not going to label that a positive experience. It may well be that the child is going to interpret things in such a manner that for the rest of their life they will refuse to open a closet door which leads to some interesting loss of opportunities as they go along through that lifetime. What I will offer is that when you can allow yourself to open the closet door without expectation. As we move into 2012, if you can allow yourself to be without expectation and to simply take what it is as it comes you will have a very different experience.

Now I will share an incident with the channel. I am using this analogy of opening a door very consciously. You'll see, you'll begin to see in the next three months, if you can hold in your awareness of what it feels like to open the door when you are not sure what is on the other side, you will be recognizing that feeling repeatedly beginning in the next couple of months as a run up to 2012. Alright? Because what is happening is that in this, you know, we're starting to enter a fallow period when you go through a cycle. We are completing a cycle which is what 2012 is – it is completing a cycle of the long count of the Mayan calendar. So when you get to the end of a cycle, you don't suddenly have a straight, energy wise, a straight demarcation because here is the end of this and here is the beginning of that. There is not a point where slam, the energy all of a sudden changes directions very abruptly.

What a cycle implies is that there in the beginning it starts out at a level, builds up to a level and then the particular energy that is the purpose of that cycle begins to resolve, begins to conclude, it accomplishes its purpose and then at the tail end of every purpose because these things are cycles, there is always a layering in of the ground work to support the next cycle. Every cycle carries within it the framework, both for the cycle preceding it and the cycle following it.

If you think of the universe as a living being, alright, and you think of the natural cycles of living beings. There is respiration. You breathe in, you wind up with full lungs, you breathe out. Your breathing doesn't stop when you finish that exhale. In the body there is the, now the lungs are empty and now we support the next cycle of respiration. A calendar cycle is very much the same kind of flow but on a universal scale. The universe is a living entity and it does have what you would call biological cycles.

Certain calendars reflect this functioning and certain calendars do not. So as we are approaching the end of this particular cycle, that is noted by the Mayan long count calendar, we are experiencing the fulfillment of the purpose of this particular cycle that is wrapping up now so we will see certain things such as, I'm finished with this, I'm sitting here, I'm feeling this empty space. You recognize this, right? There is this empty space. I am neither ramped up, I am neither full of energy for what is concluding because we're not at that point in the cycle anymore. I am not yet at the point where something new is being energized. So we're getting to that period where most of what has been intended to be accomplished in this particular long count is accomplished. There are some things that have not yet reached the completely done. The energy is going that way. There still remains some loose ends to be tied.

What many people are experiencing now is the layering in of foundation for the cycle that is going to start up. I know you love time periods. I am speaking here of a time period. We are speaking of a layering in over the next five years. Not that everybody is going to be at loose ends for five years. But the patterning in will not be at an in-your-face recognition type of level. Do keep in mind this, when you open the door and you are not aware of what is on the other side.

The incident I want to share, because I have used this analogy of a child who has a preconceived notion of what is going to happen when they open a door and they don't know what's on the other side because they have been patterned in, they have been layered in, there is an expectation of (I'm going to keep returning to that word) of what they are going to encounter.

Jackie has a son and will share a story here and was not very connected to the day to day processing of the son's school work. Did notice, however, that the child's room got progressively more and more cluttered and cluttered and cluttered and she kept saying I'm going to clean it if you don't, I'm going to clean it if you don't, I'll throw all your stuff out if you don't clean it, etcetera. And, of course, as children do, alright, keep going and keep going but never cleaned it. So one weekend we helped. The child was given an opportunity to be absent for a weekend. At that point, nudge, nudge, we initiated enough irritation with the situation that we assisted the channel to: Alright, that's it, he hasn't cleaned his room in six weeks, mother's going down there with a trash can. As soon as she cleared a path into the room, we looked in the closet, opened the closet door. She opened the closet door just as with our illustration all kinds of things literally, with a little help, came flying out of the closet. Now, what was the expectation? Well, it was going to be a mess, was the expectation. We exceeded the expectation by several orders of magnitude. So we had, literally, all of this material flying out at the channel. What did she do with it? This one was completely stunned, alright? This is her pattern when the universe all of a sudden opens the door and goes “SUPRISE”. The equivalent of about 7 years here with some of the stuff that we have presented. Because that is the pattern that has been laid into the channel. We're working on breaking that up. We had fun with that one.

You know if spirit guides took up physical space we would have occupied the city of Lewiston with all the guides who wanted in on that one! It was fun. (laughter)

So, how does this relate to 2012? Well, it's the expectations. When you are aware of what your expectations are – and this is why I encourage you to keep in your awareness this 'if I opened a door . and I didn't know what was on the other side'. You know how that feels inside. As we move forward into 2012 and things begin to get layered in, I would encourage you to (and I'm going to give homework, Sue) as we go further into this and because you're not going to be doing this all the time and you're not going to remember to do this all the time. Do it when you can. Use the physical act of opening a door to remind you that this homework, this exercise is available to you if you wish, that when you open the door, for a split second imagine 'I don't know what's on the other side of this door and the universe has a surprise for me on the other side of it'. Allow yourself the experiencing of that reality. Because I guarantee you that the universe is layering in surprises that you will find on the other side of doors that you open. Alright? As you allow yourself to become familiar with this feeling because my purpose is that you recognize it when it happens, when you are not expecting it because this is very critical to staying in sync with what will be happening as 2012 layers in. Alright?

Once you are at the point where you are recognizing that feeling, I want you to take it one step further. Then, when you feel that feeling you will have an instant reaction because of your expectation, because of the patterns that have been layered into you and I would encourage you just to recognize, not to do anything with it, just to recognize what is your reaction upon being confronted with ' I am opening this door, the universe has put something on the other side for me and I don't know what it is'. Alright? The reason I say this is because your reaction to it, once you have that feeling in mind and you can recognize it, – you know, as you get used to feeling that, then you'll be able to take the next step and say 'what reaction does this bring up in me?'. Alright? When you recognize that feeling you are going to recognize how you will be reacting to the 2012 energy. Alright? So I offer that to you for some homework. It will be very interesting to see what you come up with.

Now with that, I'm going to move into the 2012 energy itself. The Mayan long count calendar – you have a number of calendars in your history that have been utilized. There are solar calendars, there are lunar calendars, there are ceremonial calendars, there are 'I think I'm the most important person in the world so I'm going to make my own calendar' which is basically what you are working with now. Your Julian and Gregorian calendars were basically 'I want everybody to count the years my way and they don't need to be related to anything in the universe except the way I want to run things'. Alright?

You get very interesting experiences when people are trying to arrange the cycle of their lives according to a calendar. Which is basically just laying structure on a calendar, laying a structure on reality. Alright? When the structure that you are laying in on reality has nothing to do with the functioning of the living, breathing reality, you wind up with some interesting disconnects. What you are seeing now coming to fruition is in large part a manifestation of the disconnects between the methods of cycle counting, the methods of synchronizing to cycle that have been being used. Alright? Now, what does this all mean?

Think of cycles. Interesting that every person attending here is female. You are all very familiar with cycles. Well, add a few more cycles here. Ask any gardener whether they would put live plants out in the ground before the full moon at the end of May and they will look at you like you have two heads. “Well, yes, I can do that if I want to lose every single plant I put out!”. Because they are familiar with the cycle of planting, the cycle of the earth and they are very familiar with the cycle of the Moon and the cycle of the seasons. So because of that awareness of those natural cycles, they are very aware that if they put live plants out before the last full Moon which signals the last possible freeze in the Spring, that they are likely to lose their plants. Other cycles: ask a fisherman why do they go out in the morning? Why don't they sleep in late and then head out in their boats around ten o'clock and then get out to the fishing grounds around noontime? Someone might say that they don't want to get back into port at ten o'clock at night. But the real purpose behind doing so is because the fish, (who have no idea what a calendar is, they're simply working on the sun and the moon, the daily cycle, the diurnal cycle). If a fisherman wantsto have fish to eat and fist to sell they need to work with the natural cycle of the sun and the moon and the tides. If you have a fisherman who docks his boat at high tide as far up as he can get because he wants the convenience of being able to get his boat as close in as he can because he doesn't want to walk too far, he's going to come back to his boat six hours later with the tidal cycle having executed, and he's going to find his boat aground, and possibly wrecked, given how many rocks might have possibly been under it where he happened to park it.

So, the current calendars in use, it's interesting when you look at it. Every four years of your current calendaring, four years and the calendar becomes so inaccurate that an entire day has to be added just to make up the difference. We're going to ignore this! If you have a birthday on February 29th, don't worry about your birthday, 3 years out of every 4. Pick a day, call it good. If you want, you can call yourself 2 years old, 4 years after you were born. The reason being, this particular calendar is not synchronized to any life cycle of the universe. It's not synchronized to even the solar cycle or the lunar cycle. It's arbitrary.

The Mayan long count calendar is the farthest thing from arbitrary compared to your current calendar. I've made references to it several times, the long count calendar. It is like the solar cycle, like the lunar cycle like the living, breathing cycle of the universe. Alright? It is synchronized. It is making aware an expression of cycles that the universe itself goes through.

Now you have, once a year your earth goes around your sun and your sun goes around the core of the galaxy as well. There are cycles both of shorter duration as you understand time, there are cycles of longer duration. What is happening with the long count calendar is that as you understand time, because all of this is working within time, (it's fun when you don't work with time, it's fun when you can say let's just throw things) so what is happening is that a certain period of time is concluding and a great deal of propaganda has gotten out. “Well, when the last long count calendar concluded, the world ended”. And you know what? The time before that, when the long count concluded, the world ended. Anyone see a problem with that? Well, you know, if the world had ended as many times as people have been afraid it would and as many have said it would, it would be kind of and extra concentrated ghost at this point.

Those who love to rule by fear are, shall we say, milking this for all it's worth. Allow me to let you in on a secret – those who are happy, cannot be ruled by fear! If you find yourself, in any way, shape or form in a fearful state, you are open to being controlled. That is a statement I would commend to your very careful consideration especially as we begin to layer in patterns for the ending of this cycle and beginning to layer in patterns for the new long count. Fear is driven by expectations. Alright? There will be, as we approach 2012 and the cycle beginning again, there will be individuals who manage to use these expectations and their patterns of fear to ignite and conclude lessons they are working on.

There are a couple of interesting ways that you might choose to deal with energy. If you have a huge ball of energy built up – let's use a liquid as an example. If it is, say, gasoline, and you ignite it, you can come up with quite a spectacular fireworks show. That is the way some people will allow their expectations and their fears to wrap up the energy that the planet and the universe has been working with for this past cycle. You can also -- and this is depending upon your awareness of what your expectations are and how you react – you can also deal with this ball of energy as if it was water. When you have a great deal of water and the cycle shifts, it's called a tide. The earth gives wonderful examples of going from a high tide to a low tide without having any difficulty with the transition between the two.

I would commend to your consideration this exercise of 'I open the door, I don't know what's on the other side'. Something is on the other side. Become aware of what that state feels like within yourself and when you are comfortable with that, take the next step: How do I usually react when I am in that situation? With the new cycle, you are going to be given many, many, many opportunities to open closed doors.

The Many through Sue Yarmey

Are we ready now for phase two? We are here. We will agree with much of what Vywamus has said. But Vywamus is looking outside of self. We are looking inside of self for this evening. We are looking at 2012 as a landmark for each of you to be recognizing what your core actually is. Where is it you bring your strength from? What is it you do that gives you strength? It is your core. It is your connectedness to all the many dimensions that are around you that you are in already but do not yet comprehend or understand. T

he coming of 2012 is about the coming together of the various layers, one upon the other without the exact structure that Vywamus mentioned must be placed upon things like your calendars. Because what has happened in the past is you have tried to control what goes on around you based on a lack of knowledge rather than knowledge. It is sometimes amusing to watch. You have, in the past, tried to say that you understand your unconscious self while not ever having a conversation with same. You have tried to say in the past that you understand how you feel but your society and religions and governments and energies around you have all disconnected you from those feelings. So often what you say is not really what you are feeling but what is the expectation, to repeat that word, that you are supposed to feel.

So the concept of 2012 was brought into the galaxy, the living being of the galaxy and you are an appendage, and nothing more than, you are not the whole thing. Yet, because of your species, the human race, you always center things around you but then you say you have no ego! You might want to consider that! (laughter)

We will also say to you, since you are an appendage to this change that it will affect you in different ways than it will the entire galaxy. Part of the energy that is coming in for this particular time period has to do with the alignment of planets in a new and different way than you are used to seeing. In a way, since we are in this particular place (reference to the fact that the channel was held at Chiropractic Healing Arts Center), we can say it is like a chiropractic adjustment. There are things that must be shifted and moved. As “S” (person in the group who is an energy healer) will tell you, even when they're shifted and moved, you have a tendency to go back to your comfort area.

So the planets must also align themselves in such a way that you cannot push them back to their comfort area before things are completed. Completed they will be just not necessarily in the ways that your prophecies are telling you. The prophecies, of course, are based on fear. The prophecies are based on control. The prophecies are based on being able to turn to each of you and find within you the fear that will keep you from being who you truly are. Who benefits from that? Certainly not you.

So our message to you about 2012 is about going inside yourself and recognizing dimension to dimension to dimension that you are multi-layered, you are multi-leveled, you have more than one thing going on at a time. So when they talk about opening to your writing (addressing someone who had asked Vywamus a question) it might be a fun exercise to see who do you open to. For the flow of energy is exactly that, it is in flow at all times. How much you allow the flow through you is an entirely different matter. Some of you will allow a little bit through. Others will allow so much they have no concept that they are even doing it so they can stay hidden in their little corner while the energy goes around them.

When you place something in a stream it can either float or it can part the water itself. You make these choices each time energy comes to you. You make these choices each time the energy shifts and changes within the very air around you. You make these choices at all times, and usually with an unconscious concept of what you truly desire. You do not really all know your desires.

So if you wish to understand 2012 it means you must also understand self. We love to give puzzles like this, it makes you crazy! (laughter) For you all want the ultimate answer that says put tab A into slot B and you can make what you desire. Actually it is that simple. It's the problem in finding slot B for all of you.

So we can tell you about tab A. Tab A is you. It is self. It is that piece that goes with the living, breathing galaxy. It is that piece that flows with the energy. Sometimes you block it and sometimes you receive it. If you can imagine yourselves, lets say as the arm for that is an interesting part of the body. We could do stranger parts of the body but then we would anger Sue and her humor. So we will say that we will see you all the arm in this particular case. Here is the fun part: each molecule in your arm operates individually until needed to operate cooperatively. That is the lesson. Each of you must understand your individuality before you can work cooperatively with all the others.

This is like going to a playground and saying to the children you all must line up and march in this way. The children will not do it. They will be all over the place. They will do what they choose to do until there is a reason for them to line up. Like ice cream! Or something equally fun. To go on the swings, or to play in a particular way.

Each of you needs to know what you wish to be cooperative about or you will not cooperate. Each of you must understand first, however, how you work in that individual way that you have before you can cooperate with others. So as the arm, you must be in connection even though you are just the arm, you must be in connection with the rest of the body. What if there is an itch somewhere? The arm must be able to be in communication with that place that itches. What if there is a pain somewhere? Then the arm must be in communication to understand what pain actually means and what to do about it. This is a good image for each of you to be looking at. But it will not do you any good as long as you keep it outside of self. You must bring it inside of self. Once it is inside then you must be looking at it if you choose to.

We use the word “must” but it is not true. There will be many, many who will do nothing. That is fine. There will be many who will not care. That is also fine. We speak to each of you for you would not be here if you did not care. The question becomes, do you care enough about self to allow change to happen. Is that not an interesting question? Change is not something any of you really embrace. You say you don't mind. You lie (a little TM humor!). You say it is not a big deal. We are saying “Oh, but that is how you act!”.

We are saying to you to go inside yourselves to understand 2012. What we will offer you in an understanding of energetic exchanges is for you to start, we will say, determining within yourself your joy. Do you remember joy? Most of you do not operate on that level. Do you remember what it was like to simply feel when the sun came up and surprised you?

There is a commercial in Sue's head (as there are many) it is the one where the sun is setting in a lifesaver commercial. The child turns to her father and says “do it again, daddy!”. Because she is joyful over what daddy was able to do by making the sun set. That is joy. There are other forms of joy. When you are playing with your animals –“J” can attest to that. And after the experience that “W” had, she can attest to it half the time. There is joy in working with people who actually listen. There is more joy in working with people and not caring if they listen for it is not about the other person validating what it is you are doing but rather you, within yourself finding validation by what you do.

So we will say to you, finding joy is the answer to going through the energetic exchanges that will be happening between now and your 2012. Please keep in mind, also, that much has already been happening. We are amazed. We, collectively, from the 'away team' are amazed at what you have done. You have set things in motion sooner than we expected you would. This makes the catastrophes that you are all secretly looking forward to not quite the catastrophes they could have been. But it does make money for your Hollywood.

We will say that since you have started some of these energetic changes that what will be happening on the planet will still be big events but not necessarily the catastrophic ones you were expecting. We will say that what is happening inside of you will change also. Let us address that for a moment for some of you have had been noticing the insides of your body feeling different, feeling like we are going in, moving this organ over here and that organ over there. We are playing chess with your organs (laughter), but we are not doing it! Rather, it is the energy, again, that is coming into your physicalities when you are allowing the flow. The best thing you can do is say “oh, that feels good” instead of “oh my God, what was that?”. The best thing you could do for yourself is “oh, could you move it just a little more to the right!” (more laughter) instead of worrying what is happening within you.

We will say once you go inside yourselves and accept these energetic changes that these movements of your internal organs, the movements underneath your skin that creeps Sue out, will not be quite the same, nor will they be quite as traumatic as you can make them. Most of you feel this difference and your first thought is 'doctor'. Your first thought is find out what is 'wrong' with me when there is nothing at all wrong. In fact, the people who are not aware of these things have more 'wrong' with them than those people who are aware of these things. For they are the people not allowing any energetic flow and you all understand how things atrophy. The people who cannot allow this energetic flow will atrophy. You are seeing it now in some of the deaths around you. You are seeing it not just in the deaths of your famous people but also in the deaths of people around you that you may not even know. . . of young children being shot or in some other way dying. . . In older people, who are not “that” old dying of heart failure. You are seeing it now.

We ask you now to go within yourselves, to go into your heart center each and every time you feel something 'unusual' and ask – it is not a difficult question. It can be a simple, 'what's that all about.' Or, 'do I need to do anything about this?', instead of immediately going into “I most do something, something is 'wrong', how do I handle?”. If the root of all of this is fear, then you cannot allow yourself to respond to these changes with fear. In responding with fear, you will only be giving your power to another and that is not fun at all.

As 2012 gets closer to you, you will find more and more changes happening. Sue mentioned to you already, the idea of putting something down and having it disappear. No, it is not a-g-e as you nicely said (laughter) rather, we will tell you that it is an energetic change and it is not so much the item that may be leaving as it is you. Think on that for a moment. One might be creepier than the other! For what is happening to each and every one of you in this room is you are changing your vibration. In changing your vibration you change the area around you. As you change the area around you, you change your perception. As you change your perception you change your perspective. As each and every one of these things change, why would you expect the things around you to stay the same? They cannot. You are stepping in and out of energy, some of which is allowing you to see into the third dimension, some of which is not. There are people who will be running into you. We hope not with a vehicle bigger than you. But they may be running into you and then be very surprised that you are standing there right in front of them. When you vibrate at these different levels you are not always perceived as you were before. You are not always seeing as you were before. For some of you, that would be very good.

We will say to you as your 2012 approaches, that the purpose of this is truly a spiritual change which will, of course, affect the physical. It is not the physical you need worry about. If you are working within yourself, if you are within your spirituality. . .Make sure you do not fall under the false prophets that will be out there using the term spirituality and trying to make it fit the words of your planet at the time. The person, “A J” has created her spiritual army. Does this make sense to anyone? For an army is not spiritual. Spirituality does not necessarily include armies. Again, we will discuss the individual, the one molecule that then works together to form the arm. So do not allow yourself to fall under these false prophets. They will be trying to do what religion tried to do, tell you that there is one way, there is only one way, if you do not believe this, do not pass go, do not collect $200 dollars. (Laughter)

We are saying to you that there is one way for you, which is your way. Do not allow others to in any way tell you your way is not the right way. If you wish to add or subtract, bring more things in, or push more things away, it will always be your choice. But it should not, would not, could not be the choice of someone else when you are aware that that is what they are doing. So children, just go to your hearts and ask that question: What do I need to know? What is it that's best for me and my knowledge right now? There will always be answers. That is the point of asking, is it not? We would like you all to shut up long enough to hear us. (laughter) Not always an easy thing for your minds run and run and run. Every now and then, we manage to slip between your thoughts. Then you think that you had a false thought. We do not know how we feel about being the 'false' thought within all those thoughts. We will tell you that you will always know if it is right or wrong for you by going to your heart, by going into that place that is connected to all the various layers and levels on which you operate. That is your heart center, your heart cavity. There is not just one heart in there! Although, in your dimension you believe that to be true. Yet, think about the four chambers of your heart. Why would one heart need four chambers? It is something for you to contemplate for your future edification.

We will also say to you that your 2012 purpose is to awaken you to your power. Is that not a nice thought? However, you must take into consideration that it is not just your power they are awakening. It is also the power of all the nut cases that are out there. The difference is those nut cases will self destruct. When you start working with power coming in a particular direction working first with the molecule and then with the arm, the arm recognizes the need to be cooperative so if you have a scratch somewhere on your body you can actually scratch it. The nut cases don't care about the itchiness anywhere else. Those are the ones who cannot work cooperatively. When they cannot work cooperatively, they will not be welcome in the co-op. When they are not welcomed in the co-op, they will have no place else to go but out. So do not be surprised because that is some of the things happening within the Earth as well.

She is getting rid of those things that no longer assist her. The other nut cases that the nut cases have put inside her, the poisons, the toxins, the imbalances, the vibrations that no longer appeal or things that she can handle in a perfect way. So you will see as you get closer to your 2012, it will be the flight of birds changing, it will be the swimming of migrating fish changing, it will be anything and everything that works in a pattern changing the pattern for the pattern is changing. That pattern we are speaking of is the pattern that the earth has created. So just as you tried to push things on your calendar to fit – that extra day every now and then – you cannot push this. You cannot add an extra day every now and then to what is happening to the planet. It will not be allowed. The planet has choices, too. Some of her choices will be revolving around the cleansing of the toxins that she has been dealing with.

Sue went to visit somewhere and could not get the smell of sewage out of her nostrils. Yet where she was, was a place that she always enjoyed. She was partly right when she believed that this area needed to cleanse itself, but it is more than that. It is the planet herself recognizing the things that need to be cleansed. She will do what needs to be done. You can support her in your support of her, but that is it. Do not think to tell her what to do, what is best. Simply go to any area, work with her as best you can. But please, always allow her, her choices as she will allow you yours.

She will warn you if she is going to do something. You will have the choice to listen or not. If you choose not to listen, then you must suffer the consequences of not listening. So for those people who live on the side of an active volcano, we can say a great big 'duh' to them! (laughter) For those people who do not recognize when there has been rainfall for 23 of 30 days that the riverbeds might overflow we will give a great big 'duh' to them, also. The planet is a living, breathing, being. She has decided what is best for her. Going along and putting up sand bags is not the answer. Going along and saying, we do not believe that the mountain is going to erupt, is not the answer. Turning around and saying this is not the season for tornadoes or we do not have them in this state, is not the answer. The answer rather comes to you when you are listening with your totality. By that we mean each of your senses must be open to receive the information that will be coming to you.

Will there be earth changes? Oh yes. Do you need to worry about them? That, of course, is up to you and always up to you. So as 2012 approaches we will say each of you need to be working with first joy, with self first and then recognizing how you as the molecule work within the arm itself. How you then as the arm must be communicating with the rest of the body just in case. There is nothing worse than that itchy nose when someone is speaking and you don't want to embarrass yourself. But if you do not scratch your nose it gets worse. It is like the mosquito in bed with you. Very annoying and yet exceptionally powerful.
We will say the power will be there for each and every one of you to utilize. But you must know how to utilize it which means you must be in self.

We will say to start paying attention to the concept of inter-dimensionality, to start paying attention to seeing things that maybe other people do not see. Start paying attention to the concept of E.T.'s, to start paying attention to the concepts of seeing something that may not be there to someone else. All these things are already happening it is just a matter of who is talking about them and who is not. What are you capturing on your cameras that you are not seeing with your naked eye? Unless, of course, you are paying attention. There will be some people who will not need the camera to see and other people who will not be able to see without it. That is about your sight.

Then there is the sense of smell as Sue was picking up the odor in this land. Other people around her were not. So what are you willing to open, to take into your system to get information from through your sense of smell? That of course will also be up to you. There will be the gentle smells of grandma baking bread. There will also be the smells of 'oh, who let one loose in here?'. (Laughter) We will say to you on top of your sense of smell there is also your sense of hearing. You will be hearing much more than you have before. Again,we will point out that the a-g-e has nothing to do with these abilities. What is happening now is that the vibration is changing.

“S” we will say to you that you work with vibration all the time. Yet you are not really working with vibration except when you allow it to flow completely from one source through and back again. Do you understand when we say that to you?

R: Yeah, I do.

That is what we are asking you to do. That will take you far, far away. Yet it will be a lovely trip. To work with vibration means you are working with your hearing, also. You will be hearing on different levels. Like the dog and the whistle, you will hear differently. Each person will be different with this so someone may hear something the other person does not hear. That happens now. Some of that is on purpose. I do not wish to hear that noise. I do not wish to think there is someone walking in my kitchen therefore I will not hear the footsteps. And it is more then dead people who may be there.

So the hearing will be altered. The sensitivities will be insane. If you have always had allergies do not expect them to be the same this time. For the sensitivity won't be so much about increasing the discomfort as making you aware of what creates the discomfort and then allowing you to avoid. We do not mean that if you go outside and you are allergic to pollen that the pollen will simply go away. We mean that you will go outside, you will note through your sensitivities that you are allergic to pollen and you have the power to not allow it to bother you. We should have said that part first.

What we are saying to you is that each of your senses as they are opening will give you more and more information if you are conscious enough to receive it. So your sensitivities will be increased. This is a good thing, not a bad thing. All of these things will be happening around you which is a good thing and not a bad thing unless, of course, you choose to make it one. We have no control over what you wish to perceive it as. We can only tell you some of the information that is happening.

So when you sit to write (addressing person in room) we will say to you, if you allow the flow to come in, and recognize that it is nothing more than a vibration of information; and all your information travels on the vibration for it is voice, it is sound, it is sensitivity. All of it travels on a wave. The amount of information that you allow in will determine what it is you will be writing about. If you wish to write the 'great American novel', you must tune into the wave that says this is the kind of great American novel that people are expecting, so therefore, open to receive this information. If you would rather go into a 'baser' energy and write about porn, that energy can also come to you but also on a slower level. Do we make sense?

R: Yes.

Then this is good. As this time period approaches, each of you will be empowered and not have anything taken away unless you give it away. We wonder how many of you will be 'Indian givers'? First you give and then take back, then you give and then take back . We will say to you, the more you stay in that center of self, the less you will have to worry about where you are going -- you, personally, for the year 2012.

How interesting to look at this year 2012 and do to it as the Human race has done to so many dates in the past make it bigger, better, greater and scarier because that's more fun. We can talk about those bad things but a nice sunny day? People are already complaining. It's sunny, but look, it's going to rain tonight. Or we have sun, but it hasn't hit 80 degrees yet. You are not a species who are content with anything. A lot of your 2012 is learning to live in your now moment, learning to take each piece of energy as it comes to you on a wave and decide how you wish to utilize it that will make it best for you as the molecule within the arm that is communicating to the rest of the body.

We have many ways we can go now. We will open to questions, or we can do a meditation. What would you like us to do?

R: I think we have time to open to some questions.

Q: Am I correct in interpreting what you said about the flow of energy: that the flow comes in but I'm not fully cooperating with the outflow of my core to meet the energy that comes in . . .is the the gist of what you were saying?

Is that a convoluted way to say, ride the wave?

R: YES! (Laughter) Thank you.

You are most welcome.

Q: When I'm experiencing and am in tune with the energy and not trying to do anything with it but just to be with it, I also have, that is. . . . if I make that connection

Not 'if', 'when'

Q: (continued) When I make that connection, and you were talking about the senses, I'm thinking about my sense of sight which in this world is fading, and maybe that's a reality I shouldn't, or it's not helpful for me to dwell upon. Is it correct, just tuning myself in will help these molecules to right themselves?

We would ask you first why do you think it is fated? Why have you programmed yourself to believe this? Because of the a-g-e factor of the person sitting next to you? (Laughter) Or is it because of your connecting of 'you believe this must because that happened first'? Do you understand us? There is no such thing as heredity. There is no such thing as something being passed to you from someone else unless you choose to embrace and accept it. We would say where your sight is concerned it has nothing to do with seeing and everything to do with sight. When your sight is clear, so is your seeing. Do you understand?

R: Yes I do.

So we would say your sight is much clearer than your seeing and the purpose is for you to be able to see better but in order to see better you must embrace your sight. One will follow the other. We feel like it is that 'who's on first' routine. Does that answer your question?

R Yes it does.

You had more within your description of things. You yearn for something new, but you do not go to the something new based on passion but rather based on 'not that'.

R: Yes, that's very true.

That is backward.

R: I know.

So we will say, if you wish to have a new path, then turn around and walk it instead of waiting for it to be presented before you. No one is going to have a rolled up red carpet that they are going to put before you and push out so that you can follow it. Except you.

R: Okay.

We see that you have great talents and abilities that you give yourself credit for to a point. Then you must pull in your praise because, of course, what would people think of you. It would be too much. It would be too brazen. It would be too impolite. It would be too egotistical. We would say a fact is a fact, especially in your third dimension. If you light a match to paper it will burn. We would say that is factual and not ego oriented. We would say to you if you sing, you have a lovely voice and then that is a fact and not ego oriented. You must determine the difference between where you are afraid of being good at what you do and where others have made you afraid of being good at what you do. When you see that, then everything else will also shift. Does that make sense?


R: It does, except that I've already received recognition for what I do

In some places, yes. In some areas, yes. We are talking to you about your heart desires that you have not always communicated well to others.

R: I totally agree with that.

It is because you are one thing on the outside and another thing on the inside. Is that not an M&M? (laughter) We would say to you that it is important for you to go into your heart center and come from your heart center outward and not from outward into your heart center. Does that suffice?

R: Yes. Thank you.

You are most welcome.

Q: My allergies have definitely increased a lot this summer.

Yes, they have.

R: They're out of control.

They are not out of control.

R: I'm out of control.

You are out of control is a correct statement. Part of you being out of control has to do with your sense of joy. Did we not say that that is the thing that must be discovered now?

R: Yes.

What is your joy? Your joy are those things that you can do in your 'other' time, with that other person in the other life. There is no joy in mudville and the mudville is where you work. The mudville is the people around you that you allow to make you be something you are not. The mudville is the influence so many have on you for you feel often that you must follow rather than lead. We will say the mudville is the …

R: That's a lot of mudville.

Yes, there is a lot of mud here and you are wrestling in it without the fun. And you are wrestling with it because you are still believing that there is a way you must/should be instead of going into your heart and coming from the heart out instead of the out in. That seems like a theme, does it not this evening?

R: I think the class this past weekend has changed a lot for me.

It has changed the way you are feeling it has not changed the way you are thinking. You still believe yourself to be not able to do certain things until. . . you can fill in the blank. You have many 'untils'.

R: Yes.

You will be able to do this after you have done that. And once you have done that maybe you'll be able to do this. Instead of starting from your heart center and saying 'I am deserving of this' and then allowing the flow to come to you. Instead, the flow comes to you and you say 'I am not ready yet, for I must do this for that is my penance before I can have my joy'. Do you understand?

R: Very much so.

What would you like to do about it?

R: I need to change. I have really been thinking a lot about what I want to do and trying to not put the money factor as a restriction on it.

We would like you to look at the word 'need' and try to'.

R: Right.

We would like you to be able to go in and know that you are deserving. Can you say that?

R: Yes.

Are you deserving?

R: Yes.

Of what?

R: I'm working on that one, too. I'm deserving of happiness.

What does that mean?

R; Not having to rely on others.

Ah, she is giving it by the 'not' definition instead of the forward definition. I will be happy if I do not have this, versus if I have this. (silence) We love doing this! (Laughter) We can keep this up all day. We can poke you until you hear exactly what your words are.

R: Right.

So we would say if you are going to use phrases like happiness, you need to know what that means. if you are going to use words like fulfillment, you need to know what that means. Each of those words stem from inside not outside. Happiness isn't when this is not happening. Happiness is when this is happening. Fulfillment is not when it is not going to be in this way, it is always when it is done in this particular way.

You can be fulfilled doing what you are doing. We know that is shocking to you. You can do that by changing your attitude. Right now, you believe you cannot change your attitude for 'I work with this crazy person and I must deal with this maniac and I must tolerate and put up with this insanity'. Why? We are saying that is an outside in. When you are strong enough inside, the outside does not influence. That is what we are talking about by each molecule having its strength within the arm. Just because they are next to you does not mean you have to like them, you just need to work together to make the arm go over and scratch the itch. You do not have to like them. But you need to acknowledge them for what they are and you are then contained in who you are. You can be happier. You can be more fulfilled. But you cannot be any of those things until you know what those things mean. Does this make sense?

R: Very much so.

Do we need to poke you more? (laughter)

R: No.

We would be happy to do so. We have not heard from “J”, nor have we picked on her. Are there more questions? And a 'hush' falls on the group. Would you like to end this by doing a meditation with us?

All: Yes.

We think that would be lovely. So we will say to all of you to find your comfortable positions.



Listen for a moment to this music. Feel. Feel it enter into your bodies. Part of this music is the beating of the clock similar to the beating of your heart.

Breathe in. Allow your body to relax. Recognize your body functioning. Recognize how you are constantly in motion. Recognize that this motion creates heat, action, movement. Recognize your own physicality and know that it is not as solid as you believe.

Breathe in. Breathe in the light of the universe and allow this light to fill your physicality from head to toe and toe to head. When you breathe out, release all the blocks, the fears, the contemplations, the excuses.

Be light. Allow yourself to be light. Vibrating, moving changing constantly. And within the light, within the light itself is that the heart, is at the heart this wonderful, golden, reddish glow. This is the heart of the matter. And this light expands itself , expands to fill the physical form. Then expands outside the physical form and then expands within the room itself, expands within the building, expands within the town, within the state, within the country, within the world. And you connect your light on a vibrational level with all other lights. You are connected to All That Is and All That Is is connected to you.

And your physicality, that what you call your body, is up to you to change, alter, adjust for you have that power. While you are in the state of light, while you are in this place of connectedness to all things, imagine your physicality, imagine what you look like on a physical level, and if you choose now, change whatever you wish to change – your lungs, your sinuses, your pains – change whatever you wish to change. Build a new physicality while you are light. Build a new physicality that is the ultimate of physicalities. Design the body that you choose to have. When you have designed your body, as light, send more light into this physicality. Send more light into this physicality and do a check, starting at the feet, bringing your concept of energy upward through the feet and the ankles and the calves and the knees and the thighs and determining how you want them to act and work. Then bring your consciousness into the torso, into the organs within the torso, and see perfection. Then bring your light into neck and head, releasing tension, releasing thought patterns that do not assist. Then allow the energy to flow down shoulders and arms into hands and fingers and see your new physicality as the perfection it is, as the masterpiece that you are. And all the while you are creating your masterpiece, you are light, you are always vibrating to light. You are always connected to All That Is and All That Is is connected to you.

With the next breath that you take in, you take it into this new, perfect body and you energize this new, perfect body. You see your connectedness from this perfect body to All That Is.

And allow yourself to drift. Allow yourself to see light, to feel light, to be sensitive to light. Open your senses for all things – sight and sound and taste and feeling. Open your sensitivities to your masterpiece. If you are cold, increase your vibration for heat. If you are warm, decrease your vibration for cold. You have that ability and power. If there is pain, breathe into the pain so it dissipates. If there is discomfort, breathe into the discomfort so it goes away. Recognize that your sight is more than your two eyes, but also your third eye. Give yourself permission to remove the film that covers your third eye so you can see more clearly. As the film is removed from your third eye, your hearing shifts. You are more acute in your hearing abilities. Now you can see and you can hear in a new way. You can feel those around you in this room, and you can feel those around you in this building, and you can feel those around you in this town.

Because your sensitivities have increased, you are able to use these abilities for your highest and best. You connect yourself with Gaia. You listen to the information of the wind. You receive information from the rain. You feel the heartbeat come up into your feet. It matches your heartbeat. You open to find passion, to find joy, and know that this is right and good for you. While you are All Things, you are also just you – a molecule working within a bigger organism.

Make yourself conscious again of your physical body in the chair where you are sitting. Allow yourself to lean back and feel yourself being held – being held by the love of the Mother, being held by the love of the self, being held by the love of All That Is. In this love you see yourself anew. You see the shining that comes through who you are. You have no doubt of your masterpiece.

Now is the time to create within your mind your intention for the next three months, to prove to yourself your connectedness, your understanding, your abilities that are now new. And with your intention, to recognize you do not walk this path alone. You are never without assistance. You are never without guidance. You always have help. You always have love. You always have support. Open your heart and know this to be true. Open your heart and know that you are loving, loveable. And with your heart open, with your heart open, ask for love and receive it. Be grateful knowing you deserve it. As the love fills you and fills this room and fills this building and fills this town and fills this world, it is always available to you. All you need do is ask and open and receive.

Bring your concentration now into the center of the room. In the center of the room we are asking you to see a column of light, moving in your DNA pattern. Each of you will see this in your own way and know that this is a new patterning for you. As the time period of 2012 approaches, you will have the choice to alter your DNA, to change whatever you choose to change that you have started this evening, to shape shift, if that be your desire. To recognize power as an individual. To recognize the power of those emotions that you try often to hide. And in that recognition, in that ability to see with your new sensitivity, you will have the choice to step into this column, to feel your connectedness with this new DNA, and to allow yourself then to be communicating dimension to dimension to dimension and layer to layer to layer. And when you agree to this merging, this conscious change of attention, is when you will be opening to all of your abilities, all of your capabilities, all of your understandings of how things work. It is your choice and always your choice.

When you allow yourself to connect, you will find yourself working now within the various dimensions, all at the same time (voice changes to “electronic”). When you are working in these dimensions you will find yourself functioning on more than one level at the same time. When you are functioning on more than one level at the same time, your perceptions and perspectives will be changing and altering. All of them will be correct and right for who you are choosing to become, who you are placing yourself forward with. Never will you need to look back except when you choose to.

Breathe in. Breathe into your physical body. Feel your lungs expand. Feel the oxygen go into your bloodstream and circulate. As you breathe into your physicality, know that you are back to this time,this space, this room, this place. In coming back, you need give up nothing. You need not change energy to make it lower. You need not, not be all that you are. All of these things will now be a conscious choice. Breathe in now and anchor this understanding. Breathe into your heart and recognize your receiving. Breathe into your root and recognize your connectedness. Breathe into your crown and feel your place in the universe.

When you are ready, come back to this time, this place. Move your bodies, open your eyes. We will again return with you.


It is like your brushless car washes. We go in and we gently remove the crap that does not work. It will now be up to each of you to make an occasional trip, we will say, to keep yourself shiny and new.

Do you have any questions on what we have done?

R: Thanks from all.

You are most welcome. Are there any more questions before we leave you for this evening?

R: No.

We will say to each of you to look forward to 2012 by standing in your power. To look forward to change by recognizing that you are the one creating the change. To look forward, not behind. To look forward to the moments you have, one at a time. To be in your now as much as possible with the understanding that that is what is taking you forward. You are all phenomenal human beings. You would not have gone as far as you have gone without the understanding of how some of this works. You have been put on fast forward, however, with the changes that are coming. On your position of fast forward there will be occasion when you will be doubting or questioning or wondering. Your answers are always within. Your answers are always within your heart. You must learn, if you choose to have answers that are true for you, to go there, to both ask and listen and wait for the answer in that same place. When you see that it is not just in your physicality but in all of your biology and all the places that you dwell how can you not find the answer. You are in tune with all things. It is an interesting world that you are creating. Enjoy it as you can, children. Know, that if any of you wish to be in touch with us, we are always available. We answer to most any name – some of them more polite than others! We are always there for you. We will, for now, leave you this evening and hope that you will be calling on us again, soon.