Information on 2012

As Channeled from The Many through Sue Yarmey

July 7, 2008


We are here. Your inquiry is in regard to 2012. There are levels and layers to this particular time period. We will and are willing to discuss pieces but not all. We will tell you first, that the race’s calendar you are speaking of, the Mayans, were advanced in many ways. The greatest advancement for these particular peoples was their spirituality. If you choose to look upon what you call their calendar, you will discover that it is much more than what you term a calendar.


The Universe is Alive

These particular peoples understood that the universe is indeed alive. They understood that in the life of the universe there would be ebb and flow of all things. There would be breath and heartbeat. There would be circulation. They understood that in this living being, the galaxy, the universe, that there would be continual movement. They understood both scientifically (or what you would term scientifically) and spiritually, a section that most are not able to grasp on that level. What we will discuss with you in regard to the prophecies of 2012, is a different interpretation of the calendar that began to bring you to this time period. Much as been interpreted by those who did not know or understand as the years have gone by.



First, we will address the concept of spirituality for that is the point and purpose of the time period you are calling 2012. The planet overall, and all beings upon it – not just the human race... Even in this, you are most arrogant believing that this is only for those with 2 legs called the human species, without recognition that this information is about all living beings, creatures, things upon the planet herself. Perhaps in a way, it is a celebration of the earth’s big “O” as you call your landmark birthdays. With that in mind, understand that what has been happening is a gradual understand of the spirituality of all living upon the planet. Much of this cannot take place without the earth’s cooperation, without the earth as catalyst to some of these changes. It is why you have seen over the last 20 years or so, changes in population in all things upon your planet. Not just the human species, but also the concept of your bees, the concept of your bird flu, the concept of your mad cow, the concept of inappropriate – or what is deemed inappropriate – migratory issues within your bird life. All of these things point to the changes that are coming in regard to the evolution of you as a species and the evolution of your planet in totality.


This evolution is a gift presented to all who understand on a spiritual level their connectedness to the One. It is not an easy concept. The concept itself does not dwell within the third dimension, but rather in all the other dimensions. Yet, there are minor things that are pointing to the understanding of this event within the history of your planet.


There is no need for catastrophe. Yet, there are those who believe it is the only way that you can evolve. There is no need for loss of species or lives, yet it is the only way that many believe this can evolve.


We will tell you in regard to the concept of 2012, what each of you are doing, is discovering within self – going down to your DNA patterning – you are discovering within self your own spirituality. This spirituality is connected to all other beings upon your planet.



Pole Reversal

The pole reversal has nothing to do with the physicality of the planet and everything to do with the dimensionality of those people who are and will be aware of their own spirituality as time continues. It will not suddenly be ‘there you are’, ‘there you are not’ for that is not technically how it works. Yet, for many, it may appear that way. When you go back to find someone or something, it may no longer be where it once dwelled for you are no longer in the same energy pattern as when you started.


If you go back to the concept of creating a calendar, the calendar in essence is about the maturing entity of the galaxy. It is about looking at the galaxy as a living, breathing being. All of these pieces, including the earth, are a part of that galaxy. It is the galaxy itself that is shifting. In its shifting it will of course affect the planets that are in its energy field. As always, you are not the focal point, nor if you put yourself there will you find all of the answers.


In this particular instance, it is the galaxy that is the focal point. As each of you changes, the energy that is your core self, as each of you becomes more conscious of the DNA signature that is within self that is shifting into dimensional work, as each of you becomes more aware of the concept of wave, the pattern of wave through light and color and sound, you are all progressing towards this change in dimensionality. The change of dimensionality, as we said, does not necessarily affect the physicality of where you are living but will indeed, as you get there, affect your physicality.


As your energy changes, your physicality must shift in order to handle the changes of your energy. It is like putting something into a jar. You cannot put more into the jar than the jar is able to hold. Your physicality must shift in order to hold all the new energies that are coming in. It has nothing to do with size, and yet a great deal to do with vibration.




You will note that you have been on this path for quite some time. You have progressed quicker than was expected to happen. The 2012 date was the date given that if this progression could not happen gradually, it would indeed happen in that time period. You have surprised many of the seed race by the progress you have all made individually – both your species, the human being, as well as many of the other living entities and beings upon your planet that have all chosen new and different paths in different ways. Therefore, much that would need to be adjusted in 2012, has already been or is in the process of being adjusted even as we speak these words to you. This adjustment therefore will not be quite the shock that was expected in this time period.



Turning Points/Birthdays

This calendar, as you call it, is more a physical examination of a being telling you that this is what happens at the various phases of development, the various ages. It is looking at the galaxy as a living entity, and the calendar itself marks the turning points within the entity just as your birthdays mark turning points in your lives, when you go from infant to toddler to teen. The same is true of this particular calendar marking the events of the entity of the galaxy. These things have been marked according to the movement of the physical things that you are able to see. Much that has not been interpreted within the calendar itself that is still not understood is the underlying intuitiveness breathing entity. These things mark a different way of perceiving what you are simply putting into a third dimensional understanding. There are other dimensions at work as well.


Rather than expecting within your year 2012 the catastrophes that some have prophesized, or those who are saying there is nothing to come, we will say instead, to go inside your living self. Look at the calendar of the Mayans from a perspective of how would your physicality fit if you shifted the understanding. Seeing that as you age what happens to you, looking at the calendar as it has aged from it’s beginning, then where is it now in your understanding in your 3-D world. You will see that you are all at a turning point – we have sent this energy outward, we have done these things outside of self, we have turned around and created and manifested, and now it is time to go back within the energies of self to manifest in new and different ways.


There is a parallel between the calendar and the years of your lives. There is a parallel between the calendar and the years of your planet. What is coming to you in the year you requested information on is a change in your energetic self that will go from outside interests to inside knowing. These particular changes will be made manifest through the changes in your physicality as well.


Your need for quiet will be increased. Your need for separation from those you are not compatible with, will increase. Your need to be a part of community and yet have privacy from that community will increase. All of these things are reflective to what is happening with the movement of the galaxy herself. All of these energies are pointing toward a change that allows those who have been stuck in one dimensional living and being, an opportunity to be multi dimensional.


We do not say these things lightly. We recognize that many will be unable to comprehend or accept this information. Even when you get to your year of 2012, you can have the option to remain in your single dimension for nothing is forced under these circumstances. We are simply saying that if you have put in the time, if you have put in the understanding of your spirituality, of your connectedness to all things, of your recognition within self, your multi-dimensional DNA, you will be rewarded and not punished for this information.



The reward is the understanding that you exist on more than one plane of understanding at a given time. There will be much made of this before and during and after your 2012 year, much of what will be made from this will be seen as negative or inappropriate because it will not be understood. It will be seen as if there is something wrong with some people. We will say to you that is your standard response when you start working within the dimensions, that you all feel it is too complicated to work within more than one dimension at a time. Yet, many of you do it unconsciously in your sleep and unconsciously in your daydreams on a regular basis. We will say when we speak to you the way we speak to you, you will become more aware of those pieces of self that have always been available to you that can offer assistance and information at any given time. We will say that you will be coming away from the logical and linear that has kept you trapped in your single dimension for as long as it has kept you trapped.


If you choose to stay in what we consider the trap, it is your right and privilege to do so. We only will be helping and assisting those who are asking for our assistance. The deeper inside you go within self, the more you will be understanding that 2012 is a gift to hold close to self, is a gift for you to become more aware of what and who and how self actually works. It is a gift and understanding that many of the changes that will appear on the surface in only the 3-D world as negative is only negative because it is appearing only in the 3D world and not understood on any other level.


We do not know if we can make this clearer. There are no technical words that will fit with what is happening. That is the general idea of where you are heading in this particular year.


As much as you want to explain to these people (this was channeled because I was doing a presentation to an astronomy group), it is not necessary to give them our interpretation. We simply and only can give you the way we see it, perceive it, and have worked with it.


We are saying to you, there were certain things expected to NOT happen rather than to happen. There were certain things that we did not, collectively, expect your species to be able to work on and get to this level of accomplishment. So the concept of 2012 was more a surprise of change being forced upon you instead of gradual change awakening you to. At this point in time, because you have all done the work that is necessary for change, there is no need to startle you all in 2012 for you have already begun the work. But as far as where you are at, it doesn’t have to do so much with what is coming, but rather what would have had to have happened to get you unstuck from the direction that you had originally chosen.


Q: I see. So part of the gift is that we don’t need the jolt that we thought we may have needed.


You do not need the jolt that WE thought you may have needed. You do not need to be slapped in your hysteria. You do not need to be corrected in your path in a way that would startle you to change. That does not mean there will not be things that will startle. It simply means they will not be of the magnitude we thought they would have to be if certain things did not develop by this time period.


So look at it as an opportunity now to be relaxing on the beach instead of needing to be cleaning the beach. If you had not had the ability to go within, to lie upon the beach, to accept in the energy of your Sun, to recognize within self the power you have while being on the beach of being both swimming underwater with those creatures as well as being on the shore itself. If you did not have any of those abilities, we would have had to come along on your wonderful idyllic beach location that you would have just been sitting in the sand complaining that things were not going correctly. We would have had to shock you through our tsunami to get your attention to say ‘but look what you have’. Does that, perhaps, make more sense?


We are saying the gift is something you have in essence given yourselves by the work that you have done to this time period. By the time you see the year 2012, although there will still be earth changes, they will not be of the magnitude that would have had to happen provided you all continue in the path that you have to date chosen. Do not forget that you can still change. You can still veer off this path. You can go backward if you choose to. We are delighted at this point to say, that more of you have come forward than we ever expected would. Does that all make sense?


R: Yes.


So again, we will ask you if there are questions in regard to this.


Q: I just wanted clarification on the fact that there have been, not only from the Mayans but from other different cultures, pointers to the date of 12-20-2012 as a significant date – both in Chinese culture and Egyptian culture I can say offhand. Does that have to do with the seeding that was done? You talked before about the seeding of the planet.


We will say to you again it is a birthday. We will say to you that it is a milestone in the life of the galaxy. We will say to you again that with this understanding as the humanoid has milestones in certain birthdays, this is a milestone in the birthday of the galaxy. Since it is not a separation, you speak of these various predictions as if they were all separate. You are all one. You have always been one. It has always come from the One. It could not be otherwise that all will see this date appropriately because it is the date of the milestone of the celebration of birthday. Does that answer you question?


R: Yes and no. So there’s the birthday that you’re referring to has to do with the intention that includes the totality of the galaxy?


That is correct.


R: Okay. I think I get it.


Q: I was going to say, can you talk about the difference in living among people who choose to stay in 3D versus those who choose to go inter-dimensional? Are they going to be aware of each other? How will that work, exactly? Is that too speculative?


We will say to you not speculative but linear. We will say to you that it will be dependent upon the people involved and not the issues themselves. It will be dependent upon who is where, when, choosing to do what to whom. It will not be the same experience for two people but rather a different experience for each person.


Q: But it would be possible to have multi-dimensional creatures of all sorts interact with 3D because we do it now?


If you are, by definition multi-dimensional, the third dimension would be one of those dimensions, would it not?


R: Right.


So to interact with those in the third dimension would be common. What you are asking is different than what you are saying.


So we will say to you, you want to know what patience, what attitudes, what peculiar happenings can happen when one is in one dimension and the other is not.


R: Correct.


What we will say to you is that it is dependent upon the person doing the observing.


R: (laughing) Okay.


So if the person who is observing the third dimension likes what they are seeing, they have the right to go into that dimension and enjoy what is there. If they choose not to enjoy that dimension, they can leave just as readily. The question is whether that is possible. We will tell you until you experience, you will not believe one way or the other. We will simply say to you between now and this 2012 to open yourself up to new experiences and you might be surprised on how you personally will handle it. It will not be the same as others will handle it.


R: Okay. Cool. Thank you.


There is a part of us who want to say, ‘you asked’. To be surprised by the information puts you very solidly in your third dimension where you are looking for a linear understanding of something that is not at all linear.


When you are looking at a calendar, you recognize that it is cyclic. It is a cycle that runs one to the other and begins all over again. If you can see this birth date we speak of, this 2012, as part of the cycle and a recognition of a rebirth, a recognition that it is the time for the cycle to start all over again, perhaps that will be easier for all of you to comprehend. The rebirth does not need to have destruction to be rebirthed. But many believe it to be so and therefore their experience will be about that. Others feel that with any rebirthing, it is nothing but a joyous path. They therefore will have a most joyous change for themselves. What we are saying is that each of these paths will be as individual as the entities and energies that live upon the planet.




The planet is in her rebirthing stage. She is in her rebirthing stage because the galaxy is in its rebirthing stage as it hits this milestone, this birth date that is coming up on 2012. As you make your way toward that particular date and you think of these things as rebirth and not destruction, and you think of these things as opportunities and not problems, and you think of these things as change and not negativity because you don’t wish to change, then all things will be made more clear to you.


Until that time, we would suggest to all of you that you stay in touch with your heart self. It is your heart self that will be helping you understand this rebirthing process that will be taking place. Does that perhaps assist you more with the explanation?


Q: It just seems to me that there is a lot of stuff happening and I guess I just want a few words of encouragement, nothing more than that.


What we will say to you, is you cannot be fulfilled with things that do not fulfill you. You cannot allow yourself to believe that you can be different than what you truly are. You cannot allow yourself to think you can be like everyone else and that will make you happy when you know that you are unique in who you are and what you do. It is those things that fulfill and make you happy. The move that you had made to go there was a move against your own individuality. The move that you have made to leave there is a move toward your own individuality. You can figure this on your own which is better for you.


We will say and applaud you for finally recognizing the need to honor yourself again in ways that say you are right and correct for who you are in this given moment. We will not use the word trust, but it is a word that is important to you, and you find it within yourself first if you expect those of us who work with you to assist you with it. Does that all make sense, and does that answer your question?


R: Yes and thank you very much for that.


You are most welcome. Is there anything else?


Q: What can I do to make this particular transition easier on myself because I just feel weird right now?


We know that you do not think that you are trying to control it, but we will say to you give up your control. We will say to you, to begin everything you begin with a different mentality, not one of “how much may I get done?”, but one of “what can I do that will fulfill me?” We are using that word a lot tonight. Rather than think of the things you must do, you have to do, you have to get done, you must take care of and then see all the things that block your way, we will say to begin each day with the understanding of: “I am in control of what is most important, and all other things I can let go of”. Start finding your inward path, the path that goes to your own heart so that you are not so busy trying to fix for everyone else and you simply work on what is best and right for you. Honor that part of you that is different than the rest, without the need to judge anyone in getting there. Does that assist you?


R: Yes. Thank you.


We will leave you with the understanding that it will be better for you work with our energy more often than less often, alone or as a group. It will be better for you now to stay connected to the many energies that are out there because it brings you to a kind of anchor and keeps you from being too frustrated by what is happening outside of self. It will be better for you to be in touch more often instead of less for the same reason. Speak to one another. Recognize the importance of being in touch however often you choose but more often than not.


We will leave you now for the evening. We will say to all of you to pay attention to your feeling levels, to recognize where these feelings are coming from, and to know that you are being changed on a molecular level within your very structure and to greet those changes with joy and not trepidation. We will see you again.